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Welcome back to another episode of Behind the Shadows. I'm your host, Harvey Guillen, AKA Guillermo de la Cruz, the show where we talk to the cast and crew and celebrity friends, all things Shadows. Today's guest is our favorite next-door neighbor, Seany. It's Anthony Atamanuik. Also, a good old buddy of mine, Sal Vocona, joins us as he makes one last attempt to get his favorite gorgeous actor on his comedy show. Find out who that actor is today on Behind the Shadows.From Straw Hut Media

Behind the Shadows w/ Harvey Guillen
The place where we talk all things What We Do in the Shadows! Hosted by Guillermo himself, Harvey Guillen!

Episode transcripts

Straw hot media. Welcome back toanother episode of behind the shadows. I'm
your host, Harvegie and a KA GERMO La Cruz. The show we
talked to the cast and crew andcelebrity friends, all things shadows. Today's
guest is our favorite next door neighbor, shinny. It's Anthony at Tominick and
we find out what the Brois.Bro Drink at nauseas would be bro.
Also a good old buddy of mine. South Volcano joins us as he makes
one last attempt to get his favoritegorgeous actor on his comedy show. Find
out who that actor is. TodayI'm behind the shadows. Were even it's
so overwhelming. Hot Bizzar has totell me. Why would anyone want to
be like deaf? My hair areputation before she trust me. We have
we have first up. Here's Anthony. I don't remember what the plot of
this is at all. Welcome tothe show, Shanny, our favorite heror
Anthony. Welcome to behind the shadows, the show where we try to recall
what that thing was that we shotand which what storyline was, and that,
Um, you know, that's funny. That's not the first time that
we've had this conversation because we peoplemay not know this, but we cross
shoot, uh, the episode.So that means that one day you've been
on set when this happens, likein the morning we're shooting like, you
know, three Oh six, andthen by lunchtime we're we're shooting three O
two. So we're going backwards andforwards and backwards. How do you like,
how do you deal with that?Like how how's your thought process when
you when you do a cross shootingepisod? You know, uh, I
think that that. I mean,I've only had to it's funny. I've
probably have to deal with it morethan than most because I come up for
these weird sections. I think theytry to also schedule me so they can
save money, you know, forhow long I'm there. Right. So,
so I would say that one seanhas a level, a level of
consistency as a character, so it'snot particularly hard to go. Well,
which emotional state is Sean and ishe confused or is he sort of aggressive?
Uh, the sort of two basicmodes he's in. Um. But
you know, my thing is thisand I'm the worst, because I'm the
worst for a long time at learninglines, like really getting lines until I
realized that that's how I actually wouldhave to make a living. So,
Um, I in the immortal wordsof Um of a person whose name I'm
now going to forget. Uh what, sir? WHO's the actress from,
uh, Romancing the stone, KathleenTurner. She said this to me.
She went learned the words, learnthe words. She said it like that
really ominously when I was like awaiter, and I was like, what
do you think is the best advicefor acting, and she went, just
learn the goddamn script. So,Um, I just know it backwards and
forwards. That's the thing and that'swhat allows me to improvise. I think
is like with not so much fear, is that I know I can always
go back into the script, youknow what I mean. I'M NOT AFRAID
THAT I'll lose my spot. SoI'd say that's the best advice for block
shooting, is just know everything backwardsand forwards so that when you go in
you're not trying to catch up.That's true, because once you have that,
like that's set like in stone,like you know the story in your
head, like you know exactly whereyou are in the map. So then
you're like no, no, no, no, because we just talked about
in this and then we're gonna gotoo, so that you can kind of
do the whole storyline really quickly inyour head and someday. It's hard to
think when it's crossing Um, especiallywhen you improvise, because when you add
Lib a little bit here and there, you're like, wait, did that
happen? Did we was that partof the story or did we add that?
Because then does that makes sense tobring it back in this episode?
We Are we going to use thatin the episode? Because if we don't
use it in the episode, itwill make sense that I bring it back
in this episode, you know whatI mean, so that it's a throwback
to something. Yes, that's sotrue, that what you just said is
so true, which is the twofears I have is that I'm going to
improvise something that's going to be acharacter defining thing that the writers are gonna
like and I'm not gonna like itand it was just like a toss away
right. So that's one. Isa fear that I will say something that
will like reframe or kill my characteroff, which is my deepest fear Um.
And the other one is I guessI also have the thing of like,
as much as I want to believethat everything off the top of my
dome is like a new thing,the truth is we sort of run in
like a golden ratio in our mind, like we run over the same sort
of Um spiral, but we keepmoving out from the center. So you'll
end up kind of passing the samesort of jokes or concepts as you keep
moving outward mentally. So if youdo that sort of block shoot and you've
been somewhere in the morning and thenyou show up in the afternoon and you
find yourself sort of maybe still comingfrom the mornings sort of context of jokes
and energy and then bringing that intothe other one and it's like that's not
at all the energy here, orthis contradicts completely. The only thing I
trust is that they cut out probablynine of my Improv so I don't have
to worry that much about it.But yes, it's good Improv. Thank
you, Janna, and thank youJanna. Thank you JA. But I
mean the thing about you know,the cool thing about Na is that she
does give us, and so doesKyle, like they give us that freedom
to do so many takes, butit's so heartbreaking because you know that,
like you said, it's never gonnamake it, but you like I really
hope they go with that take thatbut the good thing is that we have,
you know, especially with you,like I like, there's so many
takes. We're on set and Ijust recall like being with you on set
and and you throw so many goodthings and I'm like any of these,
any of these, would be gold, and it's just like killing your darlings,
you know what I mean, likeit's it's just so good and you're
like any of these would work anybut I my my favorite is this one
and then someone else's favorite is anotherone. So it comes it comes down
to the show at all where it'slike, let's just pick what moves the
story along and fits with that inthat character, in that moment. So
sometimes, you know, your favoriteparts are like no one's ever going to
see that, or will they?I wonder if we'll ever. Have we
talked about bloopers or having like outtakes or something that could come out,
but we don't know. We shouldhave a blooper reel. You know,
when I worked for Suzanne Summers ago, you couldn't let twenty seconds go by
with letting dropping name Harvey. Iwill name drop all day over this thing,
and I'll tell you I stole theseason four, step by step blooper
reel from her storage corot at homeand got high and watched it. Can
I say that on this yeah,and uh, okay, good and UH.
I wish we had like a reallygood but there's nothing is better than
a good blooper. Real well,we have tons of it. I think
they're saving it for like a biganniverse or something, which is like just
let them out now, like aswe go along. You know, my
theory is that, we just saidwe have so much. I got to
see the bloopers from season two.Uh. We were gonna maybe, you
know, display a little bit ofit and then at the last minute they're
like no, let's save it,let's save it. Uh. And so
we kind of like put in theback burner, but I got to see
some of it really yeah, andso I think whenever it does come out,
it's gonna be like all at onceand it's get ready. You'RE gonna
have to put a side like awhole weekend or something, because it's gonna
be good. Well, I alsolike you're like this. I feel like
is that you're someone who I,at least this is my outside observation with
in terms of Improv and doing scenesover and over is I find, like
I see you work in the wayof sort of like each time is this
sort of new improvement on the laston the last take what you know,
plus adjustments or whatever people make,but sort of really find finding the comedic
sort of balance between the material andmaking sure that it's funny and natural and,
uh, watching that you sort ofgrow a little piece of a move
each take. I'll watch you sortof grow a move until it finds it's
will like sort of come up fromthe soil and you go, oh,
there it is, and then youand then you see you move in that.
But so much of it, tome at least, I don't know
how much of it. I presumeit's it's improvised and I thought that in
the wedding. I always keep talkingabout this and it's like it's probably not
even in there, but just doingthe like figuring out the physical comedy with
you and that very brief bit wherewe intersect with each other and each time
it's sort of changing and shifting was. Those things are so much fun to
me. Sometimes it's not even sayingsomething, sometimes it's just realize an incidental
move says so much, you know, a hand movement, of Body Movement,
and I think people forget that improvisationis not just of the mind,
it's of the body and behavior aswell. As an Improv teacher, uh,
former I should say, Um andso, I mean everyone. So
you know, it's it's a prettygreat it's a pretty amazing thing to have
such an all star and I wouldsay not since thirty rock, and of
course I was nobody, you know, I was just a little extra there,
but the same level of play.Like thirty rock had so many improvisers
that you would just see things goin different directions. Is some of that
vibe on on on shadows of thatenergy of just everyone can go anywhere.
And Yeah, I mean Kyle andAyanna just you know, they'll let you
go until you know, sometimes kylecome in and tap me on the back
and go, okay, we needto get a little bit of the script
out of this. We got wegot a day to make no, but
it's true. The yeah, Ithink with me it's like because the getimost
you know, the straight man inthe show, which is like to play
with all these characters that are biggerthan life and and and so wonderful and
and almost like a forst. Youknow. It's almost like it's so great
to be around the energy, butit's so hard to contain the Yetimo,
to keep him into like he hasto be grounded, but he has to
be funny, but he can't betoo broad and too big. So it's
like, like you said exactly thatit's like I plant the seed and it's
like we do a take and Iwater it and it's just like slowly,
because then I have to see whatthey're interaction with him is going to be
and I have to see what they'regonna give him, because if they're if
everyone's screaming at the top of theirno lungs, it's not gonna it's not
gonna compliment the scene. It's gonnabe like if they're up here, then
he him has to stay steady andlike compliment them from down here into like
leveled up. Otherwise it's just tootoo much friction. It's just two parents,
you know, going back and forth. Uh, and so I feel
for me. It's like I planted. I yeah, you're exactly right.
The seed sprout there, it isthere, and then are we comfortable with
that level? And then we landit and then it's like okay, great,
and now we can like take itanywhere we want. Are Do adjustments
and stuff, which I think,uh, is good for the scene.
I think it's that. That's whatkeeps the rhythm of the going. I
think that's what the dynamic of thecharacters meshed so well with each other because
of that. Yeah, well,and I mean, yeah, of course
you need balance. What is ityou need? You know, you need
acid to balance out uh, bases, right, you need, you know,
in cooking, you need all thesedifferent things to sort of make the
flavor balance. And the thing tome that's funny, though, is that,
even though Garmo is a straight man, it's so funny because it's like
in this show it's like Gama isthe straight man and you're like he's hilariously
funny and and and, in inequal parts, sort of subtle moment where
it's just a look right and otherthings where you are like kicking ass and
then also like exploding on someone andlike so to me it's so funny that
even our baseline for what straight manis still like funnier and and engage right,
and it's like to me that's sucha quality of the show as like
even our standards are totally different,you know, because you think of straight
man too and like so many thingsthat are sort of run of the mill
comedy or maybe even like Rom comsand things, and so much of it
is more this generally, especially inthe twenty one century, a sort of
like someone put it like a littleship under their nose and they're just always
like, like, they're just likealways sort of just like not having it,
and you're like, I don't thinkstraight man meant disappointed, I don't
disgusted it. I don't know whenthat, when that became the standard of
the definition of the straight man.Yeah, under your nose. Yeah,
I'm so excited because, you know, I only and this weirdly ties back,
which is not to be like I'mso method but like I sort of
figure Sean does not know anything thatgoes on in this world except for what
he encounters. So I don't actuallyparticularly read the rest of the script.
I only read the things where I'mshowing up or anything that would contextualize something
that I would need to know,because I feel like why would I want
to maintain ignorance? And I findif I know more, I might improvise
and I might accidentally say something right. Um. So it's interesting to me
because I watched the show. I'vealways said people like you know, because
I talk about the show to friendor something and they're like, Jesus,
you're like plugging your own show.I'm like no, I'm like, I
would watch this show if I wasn'ton it. I would be dedicated Lee
watching the show like any other greatthing. I like like Jack Reacher,
Harvey. Um, I would watch, dedicate. That's that's true. Yes,
my dad. Well, yes,my father really loves Jack Reach to
a disturbing obsessive degree. But thatuh, that I'm excited to see what's
happened gonna come of heart of ofGearmo this season, because there are all
these things, some of them doknow, that are coming, that I
am like truly excited about because Ithink also just some of them have to
do just with how representation of theworld and things like that I think are
really important and that this show hasalways so tapped so hilariously and smartly woven
that thread for a show that's notreferential really right, like there's really little
reference, although they did do areference, right didn't they do one?
In like three or four of thisseason? They referred to something that happened
in the last year and they likejustified in the vampire ward and I can't
remember what it is. Maybe Ishould have written notes before I came on
to do oh well, in thebeginning of this season we had like things
that happened around the world that kindof like may have been that's what it
was like we have been attached toby accident, to Nandor's travels around the
world. It might have caused likechaos or something. That's what it was,
something like that. We also hadlike a season two, I think
it was, or was it three, where Colin Robinson Um Parks Cadillac sideways
or horizontal on the on the whatis it? The freeway? What's that?
The Brooklyn to Manhattan? Yes,what do you call it? Yes,
the beak, the not the Brooklynin Manhattan. It's the not the
Brooklyn Bridge, the very is itthe Queensboro? Bo Queensborough. I think
it was a Queensboro locking all traffic. Just like, Oh, it would
be the Arizona, because it's theArizona because it's from Staten Island to Brooklyn.
But I know now what it is. It wasn't. It was it
was the tanker. It was yourshipping tanker getting caught in the Gulf.
Yeah, that's what it was.Oh my God, when you came out
of the box, I just justso it's probably like the lamest interview you've
ever done because I'm because I'm like, let me tell you, but when
you came out of the box,and the first in the premiere, and
I was sitting there going he's gottabe in that box, he's in that
Goddamn box. You know, Ikind of listen there going he's in that
box, and I was like Nah, I'm like, he's not in the
box, and he came out that. I don't know why, but it
really, really delighted me because itwas so absurd. You'd just be covered
in waste and Oreo cookies and it'sUh yeah, twice. They did it
twice and when I read that scriptI was just like are you kidding?
Like they're like when we say weleft off, we're picking up where we
left off. We weren't kidding.So we when we gave those hints and
clues and we're like we're picking upright where we're left off. And it's
like, but a year's gone by, a whole year's gone by, but
we're picking up right when we leftoff, and people are like, okay,
whatever that means. It's like,no, we're picking up where we
left off. We literally last sawthem He create, and we pick up
in a crate when we come back. That wasn't really fun. And,
weirdly, folks, that's how Harveydoes arrive to the show every year.
Yeah, so it's a little weird. It was just a little bit from
his life. That's how I travelover to Canada from L A and put
me in a cre just come upwith me with like luggage and stuff,
and that's how usually travel. Uh. You know, that was also the
first scene we shot at the season. The actual opener of the season was
the first scene, which rare,rarely happens. Usually in the past couple
of seasons we the first day onsets like the third episode. You know,
I think last season the first dayon set was like, uh,
me in a cage or something,and it was like that was like the
third episode or something. and Um, so there's always like, well,
this doesn't feel it doesn't feel likethat an order of the story. But
for the first time this year itdid feel like. I was like,
Oh, the first day on setis the first day back, you know,
to school. Like that was kindof cool. Um, this episode,
this week's episode we just saw,is actually when we're trying to get
baby calling into a really a reallygood school. Getting getting having kids is
already hard in general, but worriedabout their education and like their academia and
and getting them to school. AndI mean Shawnee tries to help out in
the way that he can't. Oneof my favorite lines is, uh,
what is it that? What thatthing? You know? I always thought
you guys were that. What's thatword I'm looking for? And we're like
poly, polyous, no, dirtyhippies. I remember that was on.
It was on the script or wasthat you improvising that, because we did
a couple of times. Don't Idon't remember. I feel like it was
a hybrid because I feel like theyhad something, but it might have been
in the script. I'd have tolook it up. Um, although it
does feel like that might have beenaccessing the trump data bank in my head
of like, like, of likewhat's an insult? That's sort of like
a like a like a working guyinsult that like he thinks it lands really
hard and it's like basically a parody, like saying someone's a dirty hippie.
Maybe, like in nineteen sixty eightwould have been like an interview that Joan
Crawford game in to good housekeep.Oh my God, Oh my God,
what was that? Well, yeah, people may not know this, Anthony,
but I mean they might be livingunder a rocket. They don't know
this, but you do a really, really good he who should not be
named, and I think you shoulddo just the impression of how do you
recommend getting my child into a school? What kind of school do they need
to go to? If I wasasking this person, how do you you?
Well, the first thing you haveto do is you have to have
two incredibly stupid children, and Ido. I've got Eric and Don Jr,
and you pay off, you payoff the headmaster, you threaten him
and you go listen, if you'renot careful, I'll bury your wife on
my golf course. And who one? The whole number one's already taken.
Um. Yes, if you haven'tguessed, ladies and gentleman, Anthony does
a great, great Lizam and Ellieand yes, that's the best. Uh
No, it's so good, isit? Your mother was actually a teacher
herself, right at Emerson College,College and teacher of the arts, that
you grew up with the arts likeat a at a young age. Like
how does that mold you? Know, this year with Colin we're seeing that
what's so, you know, what'snurture versus nature or vice versa? And
would you say that, like beingaround artistic people, being around the campus
and and and and these students whothrive in the arts, did that mold
you in a different way? Itwould have. You grew up, obviously
in a different environment. How soit totally changed I mean it totally changed
my life. Two things changed mylife. One was the arts, both
my parents being in the arts,and my stepfather is a biologist and scientists,
and that was also a good balancingout of this person who was all
about reason and logic. But tooparents. My father is a drummer,
has been drumming since the lates,you know, mid sixties or or late
fifties. I think he's toured witha bunch of people and uh done all
that and he's also a visual artist. And my mom, uh is a
musical theater dancer and singer and wasa choreographer did avant garde work and she
taught Emerson. so that that thatexposure to one going to the college I
went to basically since I was six. So I like was around Emerson my
entire life. So going to collegethere was like not a shock at all,
um. But yeah, being arounddance, particularly dancers who are Um,
you know, the language is theirbody and the way that they move
and communicate. But also, let'sface it, I mean, you know,
I was sitting with college. Thisis probably inappropriate now, but,
like, you know, I'd belike ten years old hanging out as the
they were changing and talking and yellingand swearing and you know, I grew
up pretty fast too, like inthe sense that was around a lot of
you know, my father would takeme to these art openings. His friend
David Kelly, who's a large muralartist, now resides in Uh Texas,
and he does, you know,thirty foot tall murals. Right. So
my life bounced between going to loftart parties when I was like eight,
nine and ten and going to Emersonand watching like uh, you know,
rope dances and like people like doinglike cutting edge choreography. This was sort
of like my my and I wantedand I sort of went well, I
want to be funny, that's kindof what I want to do. Um.
And the second one was moving toChelsea, Massachusetts, which is a
little not akin to Staten Island,maybe a little bit more like the Bronx
meets Queens. But I think growingand going and living in a sort of
economically depressed area in the eighties thatwas very multicultural, uh and took plucked
me out of a sort of veryum suburban, uh rural existence with sort
of all the same people around mewhen I was six. I think was
the best thing that happened to mein my life. I can't, I
think about what would have happened ifI had just lived in sort of lily
white tops field until high school andhad, you know, my mom taught
and I didn't. I think Iwould have been kind of a boring person.
And if you're someone listening to thisand you're like, Oh my God,
that's me don't worry about it.You can change your life right now.
Just go pick the arts, picksomething and outside of your comfort zone
and explore it, because what isworth life is not worth living without the
arts. In my view, Idon't even understand the point of it.
And that in housewives. I wasgonna say that's such a great way to
say that message across the world,Anthony, to tell those young artists out
there and housewives and housewives, you'vegot to celebrate. You got to celebrate
what we might be having. Wemight we may or may not be having
a guest. Uh You know,we also interview celebrities who are fans of
the show and who like what wedo. The shadows. So we may
or may not be, uh youknow, meeting some of one of your
favorite or some of your favorite housewives. Who Knows Lu Anne? Bring Lunn
on, she's a blast. LUANELA SEP is a wonderful human being.
I've been to a Christmas party atour apartment. She's she's wonderful. There's
another name drop for you. AreFull of Susanne, Summers, Luentellas,
Countess, Countess Luanne, although she'sretired that name, and I also want
to say that the thing that struckme in this episode was initially I read
it and I had this thing whereI was like, Sean went to a
private school. That's bizarre like that. I like that that we were like
see what what comes out of aprivate education could be anything, you know.
Well, yeah, well, theother thing that I found funny was
I then went but I sort ofcome from his economic circumstances and my grandparents
saved and scrimped to send me toGlenn Orkhart School, which was a private
school. So it was interesting becausesort of was like, why am I,
why am I todging this? Thisis exactly what happened to me.
And then I was like, youknow, I was like, oh no,
well, I think it worked outpretty well for everyone and we're lucky
that we get to have you onthe show. Uh, we got picked
up for season five and six,which is super exciting. It's so incredible.
I can't believe we've been doing thisfor four season. I feel like
just yesterday we're like in Toronto andthe first couple of seasons and we're like
we'll see you know, and thennow we're now we're in the middle of
the season four airing and about tostart production on season five and we're really
excited. And this year we haveNaja's UM nightclub, which we've been asking
our guests if you were a drinkat Naja's and a human drink, not
a vampire drink, but a humandrink based on your character, what would
that drink be called and what wouldit be made of? Oh, I
feel like for here's the thing.I feel like if Sean was drinking Sean
would probably I forget what they callit, but where they dropped the shot
into the beer, is it calleda boiler maker, I think, or
a yeager bomb, but I thinkit's when it's woice whiskey, it might
be called a boiler maker. Idon't know, but that's what I think
he would have if he had hisdruthers. But I personally think he would
order a Tom Collins because I thinkthat his grandparents probably drank that and thought
that was a classy drink and that'shis understanding of a classy drink. And
it's a male name, so it'slike I think for Shan it would be
like I want a Tom Collins becauseit's like a man's name and it sounds
like a drink and I think hethinks the oceans twelve people would drink another
even though there's a big cherry,even though it's a big cherry in the
town Colin, even the obvious.But that's the thing about Sean, that's
the thing about shot, is thatthat that his eye, through slight improvisations,
have forced Sean to not be aclosed minded home a phobic biggot,
and that's been one of my greatachievements and what and what a treasure he
has to has for for being that. If only any everyone in the world
could learn San's ways, I thinkwe'd be better right. Well, Anthony,
I want to thank you so muchfor coming on the show. We
love having you, uh, andI'm so excited for this season and everyone
to see the rest of the season. So keep watching the show. Is
Anything you wanna tell the fans whohave become a total sean stand this season
and the past seasons? Anything youwant to tell the fans you just love
Shannie? Well, for all fiveof you listening, I I want but
you know what, I'll say this. I I uh, I think that
you're gonna continue to be surprised bythe Shawn's Um emotional complexity and even though
it's slight, and thank you,I mean I love the Fan Art,
so I'm always down for any fanart. I don't care if it's not
suitable for work viewing, I don'tcare, like you could do whatever you
want. I want to in onthat party, whatever it is, so
feel free to fan arn't me out. And also, if you really,
if you do love the Improv partthings, here's my plug. I do
a podcast called the phony and colligeshow with my friend John Gambling, and
we improvise. I mean we doa lot of talking and sort of stuff,
and you know it's about a phonecall with two friends, but we
improvise to and we always do aunique interesting stuff. So check that out
wherever podcasts are and I love workingwith Harvey and I'm Hoping Harvey's and Jack
Reach Your too, but I bethe can't say. And that's all the
time we have for today. Thankyou so much, anthony, for joining
us. But actually, yeah,make sure you follow Anthony on all socials.
Where can they find you, Anthony? On twitter and on Oh yeah,
you just look up my name,Tony a Tamanik a t a m
a n Ui k or just justfollow the phony and college show. Just
do that. There you go.We'll see you next time. We'll see
you. Okay, we welcome back. I'm really excited for our next guest.
It's the one, the only,salve volcano. All right, welcome
to behind the shadows are dear goodfriend, Sal Volcano. Hello, how
are you, buddy? Good,how are you? I I was go,
go. I'm so excited when thingstalking about go. Do you go
first? No, same. Iwas like I was, I was putting
I have a t shirt on andI was wondering if I was underdressed because
I've seen old episodes and I hadto tell you, your outfits on these
are amazing. I've loved everything.I mean it's just like it looks like
you're going to an awards show sometimesand I'm like, Oh my God,
I should have put on a buttondown. I you know, this season
we're more laid back and Lucy Goosey. I mean I'm wearing a mess shirt,
but still, you know, it'sa caller. It's still dressed up,
but it's uh yeah, we stillhave fun with you know, dress
up like the event or whatnot,which is fun, and every season we
switched it up. But yeah,that's the funny because someone else said the
same thing and I was like maybeyou shouldn't have to dress up, because
come as you are, you know, just like I like dressing up sometimes.
So and today I'm wearing Mesh sojust for you, summertime. But
I'm so excited to have you onthe show. First of all, we're
so excited that you're in this week'sepisode. UH, as excited as I
am sure wait would tell us.So, so, are you a fan
of what we're doing the shadows?Oh, yeah, yeah, I mean
I just for me and went backto I had seen the movie when it
came out, like I mean atthis point has to be like what eight
years ago or something like that.And then when the show came out,
q was the one who told me, like you better get on this show
now, like I knew it wascoming out and I was like, Um,
I totally want to watch it,and then Brian Quinn, I should
say, my buddy who was onthe show that I do, he was
like you have to like the bestthing ever, and then I went over
his place and he rewatched with meand we just binge the whole thing I've
been hooked ever since. You guysare the funniest thing out there. Really.
I love the show because you're allso so funny but also so likable
and lovable. Um, I don'tknow, I just the show is that
your show is the show that makesme laugh out loud the most. Oh
Wow, that's that's that's a bigcomment coming from I mean you guys the
show. I have to say mymom, my whole family is such a
fan of the show that it wasso funny to tell them like it gets
to me in the show and mymom was like, you know, Spanish
speaking, she's Oh, she's likeso excited. Uh. So, the
idea that, like you know,Brian got you hooked on the show,
which both of you I've been lookenough to meet and and are so lovely
and so wonderful and so talented andfund of Yourself. Like, I mean,
who is the bigger fan that Briangot you onto the show? What
do you say? You surpassed himas a fan, or is still the
number one fan, because he wason the show last time, last season,
he was on our after show.Yes, he don't. Yeah,
I knew that. I think thatI probably took the lead now because I've
appeared on the show. So justsaying I am now in the universe of
the show. I was thinking aboutthis today, but I this is not
giving anything away because it aired twodays ago. Right, yeah, yeah,
but Um, I got my nap, my neck snapped by last love,
you know, and like I wasand I didn't know I was definitely
gonna do that. Went into it. For sure. It's like an honor
to get murdered. But then I'mlike, Oh my God, like I
want to be able to come backif they ever need me. But I
guess maybe, like the writers canget creative and like someone snaps their fingers
and I can come back. Right, no one dies, no one truly
ever dies. That's what I wassaying, like it's always like no one
ever really dies. I mean,yeah, you know, it's just it's
just a mamount of time. Andwe have witches, we have warlocks,
we have fairies this season we havegnomes, we have necromancers. Anything is
possible in this world, which iscool, because anything you needed a spell
or need is like an old legendthat comes to life and your spell book,
you know, whatever, it's possible. So the idea that you came
and played with us. It's sucha cool episode. We're trying to get
baby Colin into a really good school, which I don't have kids, but
I can't even imagine just raising childrenperiod of trying to get them through academia
and like trying to get them tothe Nice School, and baby collins growing
an alarming rate and we have togo through this private school and and in
the episode, Um laslow brings youover and introduces it. This is my
friend from and he what does hecall your show? It was so funny.
He said something different every time that. But I think it's like impossible,
the impossible prankster and impossible gess.Oh my God, I had the
whole time I was I was like, please, don't be the one to
laugh because, like they, youknow, I only have a few lines
and stuff and I so wanted toimprovise with everybody. I got lucky enough
to be. Well, you know, obviously Um Colin Robinson wasn't there in
the scene, but I lucked outin the fact that I got to be
in a scene with all of you, which was so rasane. I know.
I guess in the episode they're tryingto get him into a prestigious charter
school, what have you. Andso they have Um, I guess,
the Dean or whatever from the school. They want to impress them by knowing
some Staten Island celebrity. So Iplayed myself as the last minute pull for
us that island, which is prettyaccurate. I Guess Colin Joson and Pete
Davidson weren't available, or anyone,anyone in the wood. False to me,
which is people. People mean,I know this, but you were
born in Staten Island. You arefrom Staten Island. Yeah, now,
right now, because we talk.Another cool thing about the show is just
like I love that it takes placein Stan Island, but it's not even
like, you know, for themost part, lean into any like stand
island tropes too much. It's likea toy thing. But yeah, unless
except your neighbors at the guys,that couple went to Anthony, yeah,
which we just had. So,uh, it's great that you guys are
both in this episode because it's soit's rare that you get us all together
in the same room. And Ijust remember you when you walked on set.
You had the smile on your faceof just like like literally. I
mean tell me walk me through theexperience. Why don't you? The beginning
of like finding out that you gotthe part and and and being asked and
all that. How how did thatfeel? How did that come to be?
So whomever reached out, someone thereeven even like just I was just
so lucky that they asked me versuseven any of the other guys right and
they were like, Oh, whatwe do in the shodows want you to
do like a small walk on role, and I was like immediately, like
are you kidding me, like itwas like a bucket list thing, you
know, because and so I'm likeabsolutely. And then I'm like nerves,
because I love the show so muchand I respect like you guys are so
good it, at what you doand everything. So I'm coming into your
world. So there's nerves. Butthe best part was like when I arrived,
like you know, it's just likeanything else, like you, you
you put into the universe on thestage, like on the set. And
actually it was so like cool becausethe house is built, like it's fully,
like it's not like it's once likealmost like you would think of Sitcom,
where it's like one thing is hereand the next set is to the
right and it's just all on onelevel, like you know, you guys
down the hallways like it actually wasthe house built out like on the sound
stage, and it was like soit was so immersive, m H.
and it's just walking and I'm like, oh, that's where this happened,
that's what, that's what, andit is so detailed that it is.
It's it's unbelievable being there in inperson. If you just close your eyes
and open them inside that place,you would think you were there. Yeah,
it's so cool. The I meanour set designers, Um, you
know, I've gone of them andbeyond for the last like four seasons and
it's just like you know, frombunch to everyone who's worked on it.
It's just like when you walk aroundthe set. I've there for all these
years and I still find things onthe set that are brandy to me,
like I still find things like whatis this and like pull it out of
the shelf or or something, somelittle detail that you would have passed by
a million times and then you juststopped for a second because for some reason
I've seen has you in that cornerholding still for a second and you look
like, is that a woodcarving ofa GNOME spinning like what? Like it's
like you know, just like youlook at me like what is this?
And it's like the craziest set,the most immersive set. It's so creative
and wonderful, and you were sonice enough to like you, like you
just said. I think you sawit on my face and I'm sure you
have things to do all day longand you guys are they're filming in another
room and they like keep it down, and this is that, and I
know you have stuff to do,but Youre so generous with your time and
you took me to my through thewhole thing, like my own personal tour,
and like you, I mean youreally, like, really like we're
generous with your time. I reallyappreciate that. I mean it's like I
always feel like maybe it's the hospitalityof being Mexican. How tell you to
me that it's like when you cometo someone's home, you welcome them,
you, you know, give themtour. You asked them if they want
anything, and you hungry, doanything to eat, which we have,
like you know, obviously we havea crew and p a s to do
that. But usually, like whenyou get there. It's like that's what
I do, even if you havestuff to do, I feel like I
take it upon myself just because Iknow what it's like to be on set
and be the first you know,uh, coming into a train already in
motion, or coming into a newschool and being the new kid at school,
and the last thing you need iseveryone having there already clicks and already
like, you know, making thelunch table seem like it's not inclusive.
And so what I tried to doin our set is everyone's included, and
everyone's included. So the second youwalk into set, we welcome you,
you know, or at least Iwelcome you, and like I'm just like,
you know, to the part whereit's annoying. It's like if it's
a cold day, it's like doyou want hot chocolate? You like,
it was great. You actually,you know, it made me so much
more comfortable because then, like momentslater that like I'm in the scene with
everyone and it was just so coolto be amongst them all. Like again,
huge trend. It was great toon like breaks, when we're like
had a few minute break, wego into like another room, like a
regular room, like like a notin the hall, like a just like
a room with a couch and likeand like a coffee machine, and there
everyone's in costume and I'm just notbecause I'm playing myself and we're just like
shooting this ship about real stuff,but they're all dresses, stampas. It's
it's so surreal. It's so funnybecause I always think of those conversations when
we're in the green room, rightwhere in the green like the waiting room,
and like there's coffee and it wassitting around like a regular couch and
it's hot, but they're in costume. You know. I mean like at
the end Wal you get a littlebit of away with it because he's kind
of dressed like Oh, you canbump into this guy in the street,
you know, in New York orstat nten or something in these coasts,
but in this world you would neverbump into someone with the long gorgeous cap
or a petticoat dress or and soit's funny to be talking about like,
you know, their latest episode of, you know, watching love island or
something like like Oh, you knowwhat, and it's just like they're talking
just like, you know, shootingthe ship and there's. It always blows
my minds here. The conversation iswhile they're in those offers and they go
okay, back and they go backinto character and they're like these you know,
bigger than life. It's just it'sfun. It's fun and I'm glad
that you know. How is it? The whole experience, like when you
got the part? Did you calldid you call Brian or did you call
anyone else and tell them? Hey, I told everybody, as soon as
everyone, everyone I know that lovesthe show. I was like, I
guess what, I did that wholething with everyone. I kept having the
experience over and over and over.I'm like, I'm going and I was
actually in Um, I forgot thiswas. This was when do we film
this? Like last winter? Yeah, I'm not sure. I think I
was also filming and because you havelike what like a window opportunity, like
two days or whatever, and Imade sure. I was like you,
guys, I have to. I'mdoing this. I'm not saying no,
so figure it out, like onmy own my own show, like figure
it out, because I'm doing Ilove that. You left your show,
a highly successful show. That's that'sdoing wonderful and has movies and whatnot,
and then you're like, figure itout, I'm gonna go do the show.
Have to go do this show.You figure it out and it's like,
you know, but what a whata what a luxury to be able
to do that, you know,and just like, just like, I
would say, Um, well,if you were to make the characters some
shadows and it could be a practicaljokers which, by the way, my
mom loves. Who Do you thinkthe characters and shadows? How would they
how would they do? Who wouldbe like the biggest prankster? UH,
out of those guys, I meanI would assume laslow. Yeah, I
came. I think Nandor is isis not too hip, you know.
Yeah, and I don't know whatthat again. Maybe to Colin would be
horrible. He would he ruined theruined. It's a comedy. Colin Robinson,
like he'd just be like there wouldbe like people on the street just
like looking at him, like who. Well, if they weren't in character,
though, who of the actors doyou think would be really great at
it? I think cavon would beso great too. Yeah, character voices
and stuff. Yeah, I Imean I would oh my God, you're
talking about dreams now. Actually,this is kind of apropos and I'm I'm
hoping that, I mean, thisis on our end. This is a
done deal, and I relayed thateverything to you, know, to my
crew, but we're hoping to haveyou on our show. Oh, okay,
yes, absolutely, going with that. Okay, well, we could
actually make it, you know,a reality. I spoke to you a
few weeks ago and I hope youcome on the fall and I think that
if the window is good, thenyou're gonna you're gonna come on. I
hope we're all home and I'm I'mif the windows are allowed and the windows
open, then I'll fly like PeterPan through it. So that would be
great. I mean, yeah,well, speaking your favorite characters, because
obviously you know there's so many onthe show, who from the show itself,
like from all the characters and whatwe do in the shadows your what's
your favorite character? Whoever, likewhatever, I mean this God that you
have such a huge rotating cast ofof like recurring characters and go between Nick
Roll and Christine Shawl. She's atthe Guide and I was just I was
just trying to catch up on thisseason and I started episode three where the
nightclub finally opens, and I'm waitingto see if I see if, if,
if Richie sucks shows up or not, but because it made me laugh
so hard, like Richie suck,it was the funniest thing, and so,
like, I didn't get ahead enoughto really to see if, like
who's playing it? But I'm likeit's so excited for that character. Or
does it gonna know it is gonnaHappen and it's gonna be Great. And
also that's the episode with Fred ArmisonGuest Stars, Yi, familiar. Yeah,
yeah, so that's a great one. I love Naja nightclub. It's
so cool. This year her openingthe nightclub is a great idea because everything
changes, even the even the Guide'sstyle changes, like her outfit or hair
and her everything, and and Naja'swardrop changes as well to accommodate. But
the club itself is really, reallycool. Um and everything. Yeah,
well, yeah, well, itused to be the the inside of the
Chamber of curiosities in the library.So it's a giant, beautiful, beautiful.
It took six months to build.It was like crazy, Um,
and so it's stunning and now it'sturned into a nightclub for this season,
which is so perfect, because whatdo you do with such beautiful space?
We can't demolish that and, likeyou know, it's like for last season.
That's like we should utilize it.Um, it's it's stunnying. It's
like one of my favorite sets I'veever been on. But this season we
have the nightclub and we've been askingour guests if you, uh, he'sa
or a drink, what would youdrink be called and what would it be
made out of at the nightclub?And does that brand partice me for humans,
human human consumption alcohol? Well,I was, I mean, if
I was there, I feel likeI'd have to do something like a bloody
Mary, right, yeah, Imean that that makes the most sense,
right. I would just, Iwould, I would a bloody Mary and
then I'd probably put like, justto reference my own my own heritage,
I'll probably put some garlic in therefrom my Italian side and maybe like a
plantain from my from my Hispanic side, as a Garnish, just a huge
plantaine on the side of a cupand over balancing everything. You don't know
if it's gonna Teeter to one side. It's a giant plantain, just a
huge plantaine, just like don't evenexplain it. What would the name of
it be? Has To have aname, like if I went to Brunch
on Nagas. What would I askfor? Yeah, really right? Um
M Hmmm, I don't know.I'd find him that to myself or not,
like something for her. Maybe maybethe Gregor, because, uh,
that's her, that's the person thatshe's been in love with roll those years.
Right, isn't Jeff Jeff JF right, isn't it? Isn't it?
Yeah, so, I mean Iknow she, like you know, that's
who she wants to get our teethon. So probably it's closed to be spelled
out like in, like right inthe plantain. Is that that's good?
Spelled that right there. I lovethat. I'm so excited for everyone to
just see this season and hopefully wecan make that work out this fall,
because we do know it. Yeah, it's so it's so exciting. We've
got season five and six. Congratulationsfive and six s the way. So
you have to kind of just walkby the writer's room at some point and
just be like now, wouldn't itbe fun to bring him back from the
dead and just like just lofted outthere and see what happens for me,
you know, and then keep tellingme, like Harvey, you do this
every time, like keep walking,like keep wants so weird. I was
just walking to you, guys.What do you guys Doud in here anyways?
You know, how are you justtalking to sell I was just talking
to Salla other day. We're saying, like shooting the ship, and then
I was like, wouldn't it makesense for him to like, you know,
like doesn't it make sense? Guys, doesn't make get your hands off
of me. No, but wereally, we really. I mean everything
is possible in this world. Welove having you on the show. You
were so wonderful and I'll never forgetyour face and that it was a kid
in a candy store. Um,it's quick, really, it's quick.
I don't we have like four handfulof lines. But yeah, but you
know, we have a Rollo dexof like of celebrity friends and guests who
want to be on the show.You know, we want to be on
the show and we just can't makeit work because it wouldn't make sense that
we put everybody wants to do inthe show. It would be like it
doesn't make sense what for sure,it's just so the fact that it worked
out. It's just like it is, like you said, like it's just
like that nice sight will you Wankaticket where it's just like come on board,
and I felt like it was Iwas taking you down the down the
chocolate river. Yeah, that's whatI felt like. I felt like you
were taking me through like something likea Wanka factory. You know. It's
like we even went upstairs and everythingwas so cool and we rarely shoot upstairs
because it's just for decor and forvisual but I don't give you a half
ass tour tour, and I getit. When you sign up for a
Harvey tour, you get a fulltour. Alright, I looked out in
so many ways. Right you gaveme the tour. I was in the
scene with all of you guys.I got killed, which is so cool.
You know, my neck is snap. But then there was just like
scene right aft, and I'm notsure if it made the edit, but
like where I forget who was snapping. It might have been Nandor and uh,
and like everything was getting kind ofmessed up, and I think it
was. It was hypnotizing. Sowe were just every time we messed up,
I think it was I think itmight have been Laslo or cave on
one of them snap and then itwould be like like nothing happened and would
be doing a different scene. Andthen laslow, Nandor would be lovers and
their partners raising a child and gaycouple, and then they would mess that
up and they would snap again andit would be like Naja and laslar a
couple who adopted a child and orwhatever it was. You know, it
was like that whole like, youknow, Oh my God, Danny,
mix up. Kind of fun.And then one of those snaps, I'm
there alone with my corps still onthe couch where I was killed, and
and and I guess Um not.I think Naja is at to get turned
into a skunk. She was sittingnext to me and so I actually got
to there was a live, realskunk that they put right on top of
me while I played dead, whichwas also absolutely terrifying, like a trooper.
And you were like a go likeI remember when they asked you this
would be like yeah, yeah,you seem like you had done it before,
but it's so funny to hear thatthat you just went along, you're
like yeah, yeah, it's fine, I wouldn't do anything. There's nothing.
I would say. I'm scared ofcats. To put in respective skunk,
it was like a little bit likeless domesticated there. It's always so
funny because it's like a handler,but I'm like, it's a skunk and
the skunk wants to do what theskunk wants to do. Isn't this skunk
going to do what the skunk wantsto do? Yeah, YOU'RE NOT gonna
do handlers here about like I don'tdo that, don't do that. And
we literally have animals on the showall the time and I think it's so
funny that they always uh. Thewranglers are always like yeah, yeah,
no, they'll do it, andit's like he can't really make an animal
do. They're gonna do what theywant to do, you know. I
mean it was one year we hada goat that's supposed to run down the
hallway and during rehearsal I did itperfectly over and over and as soon as
the camera was rolling, that gowould not leave down the hallway. Who
just look down? It just looksstraight down. Yeah, and they just
go and they just leave into theother room and would not go down the
hallway and then the trainer was justlike with the Clicker, come on,
come on, and then it wasjust like kind of teasea walking towards the
clicker and then it just go way. Can't make them do anything they don't
want to do. But they takereally good care of the animals on the
show. So I'm just like,I feel like the animals get treated better
than anyone else because it's an animaland you Gott you can't. You gotta
show you know. It's like no, put them in Nice, you know,
trailer and all that. Yeah,but it's so you were such a
trooper. I mean I couldn't believeyou would you would have told me you
couldn't stand animal or a cat ora scunt. What's scary, I wouldn't
believe you because you were so downand you were such a trooper. And
now, looking back, now Iwas like, wow, can't we leave?
You did that, but it's justI was just playing dead at the
time, so I would just likejust not moving. So I was like
that helped because I was like Iwon't move a muscle, pretend it's not
happening out of the whole set.I mean you saw the tour. Is
there something that you were like,Oh man, I wish I could just
take that, or I wish ifI could take one, if you could
pick one piece from the set it'sso that you could take with you.
What would it be? Yeah,the room we filled in filmed and was
really, really cool. I rememberthey had all the candles that day,
like tons of them. Um,but when you took me into something like
the library room, I was like, like that was tempting because it's it's
so densely it's so densely filled withobjects and you know, you get that
little thing that goes to your headlike will anyone ever know? Will anyone?
But then you think about it's likehow mortifying it it would have been
to decide to do that and getcalled right at the end. We have
we have security guard goes to yourback and what's this and just like,
you know, volume one of MobyDick or something, because some of those
props are really, really old,like there's books in there that are from
like the eight hundreds. Like this'slike and that's why I'm like, I
rarely want to touch anything, butif I do, like I always tell
this story. I think it's likeseveral supper times. But my favorite thing
I ever found was an antique mapfrom Disneyland and the shelves of like a
bookshelf from nine one, like itwas like a map on set and I
was decided what and I was like, this is so great, this is
a story. At some point thesevampires went to Disneyland and they have the
man and it's here or something happened. But I love a little details.
I tell my backstories and that allthe time. But I mean, yeah,
you're right, they would probably painta painting or something. Yeah,
the paintings are cool. I likeI like Nandor's paintings. Like they it's
last episode we saw all of Nandor'swives and husbands and if you look closely,
because I was having made to caterto the episode, one of the
original piece of him with all thehusbands and yeah, that's made from an
actual artist who was commissioned to doit. And then, if you look
closely, one of the wives isYana, our director, Yanakaya. Her
face isn't one of the wives,and we always do a little like Easter
eggs like that, just like inthe in the in the curiosity chamber,
when you look at the big muralof the truth, the original three,
which is Tayka Jermaine, that thevampires from within the show of the movie.
If you look that one underneath itin the in the in the what
do you call it? The banisteror the fireplace, there's a little portrait
and it's Cape Kpe Bunch and she'sthe one who designed the set. Oh
Yeah, I saw her episode actually, I think. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, so so cool. So there's little e strings all over
the set that maybe you'll never evenhear of, but we know that they're
there. But I'm so glad youcan't play with us because it made an
episode so much better and uh,and everyone can actually watch it now on
Hulu streaming and uh, we can'twait to hopefully have you back from the
dead. That would be just thebest buddy. But I'm thankful for the
experience I have and everyone can watchyour show. We're gonna be watch your
show. Yeah, absolutely, theshows on Thursday night at ten o'clock on
true, we're just finishing up seasonnine now, but I think you watch
the episodes on like HBO, Maxand then we're filming season ten now,
which I hope to return the favoriteto you and you're a part of it.
Yeah, here's, here's how inthe fall I'll be there. All
right. Thanks so much, youguys, for tuning in, and make
sure you catch up on all ourother episodes behind the shadows and watch next
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See you next week.