EPISODE 2: Reunited w/ Kristen Schaal

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We sent 500 ravens AND this new episode. Listen as Kristen Schaal (@k.schaal) joins us on the podcast. Can you guess Kristen's blood type? And what is the special talent The Guide has that nobody knows? We talk about all things shadows and even sing a particular little song for you!

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Straw media. M Hello, welcome
to behind the shadows. I'm your host,

Harveygie. In the show we talk
all things shadows, from the celebrities

who love the show to the actors
who are in it to all the production

team that makes it come to live. Today our guest is Kristin Shaw,

and we ask major questions like,
Kristen, what's your blood time? And

also, for the first time ever, Kristen will announce the special talent that

the guide has that no one has
known for centuries, where even it's so

overwhelming heart bizzar has so tell me
why would anyone want to be alive?

Deaf Ma hair a reputation before she
arrives, but trust me, we have

way more fun in the after life. We have way more fun line.

Welcome to our first episode. Um, Kristen, thanks so much for being,

uh, my first guest of season
four of talking about what we do

in the shadows. Uh, you
have become such a fan favorite, like

it's my favorite thing. Like,
have you seen the art that's done for

the guide? You know what?
I have seen a little bit of it.

It's really beautiful. It's gorgeous,
like I've seen, like, like

you know, some of the storylines
that people make is absolutely beautyful. So

now you're stuck with well, I
just sort to get it up a little

bit. Just keep talking. It's
good, don't worry about it, Um.

So we start off with season four
and we left off where everything is

in chaos. Uh, there in
crates going overseas, Guillermo Naja, Naja.

We all come back to the opening
of this season and everyone has a

new goal. So we have except
the guide has been sitting in place for

a whole year. So she's been
sitting down quietly waiting for her next adventure

and orders. So we see guero
come back and he may or may have

not found someone in London and he
is determined to put himself first. We

see Naja wanting to open a nightclub. Colin Robinson is reborn because energy vampires

die after a hundred years and they're
reborn. So we see baby Colin and

Lazlow has to promotion. They sent, yeah, Stephanie gouts on too.

Yeah, these are pressed, pressed, yeah, and they're doing this thing

for um where you can get what
we do in the shadows juices. That

press has apple, lemon, ginger
and beet juice and I will say it's

it's heavy on the ginger, so
it'll it's got a kick. Mind you,

we weren't asked to promote this,
but we are because we love the

show and now we like pressed.
I like pressed. I've had the drinks

before. If you send me something
free, I will. You heard her

first, senator, Kristen. She's
going to promote it. Um. So,

working on the show this season we
got to work with a lot of

child actors. Uh. Did you
get to do any scenes with them?

No, but I got to hang
out with them in the hair and makeup

trailer when they were getting especially the
hair trailer, when they only the hair

trailers, they were getting their wigs. Well, sometimes the makeup trailer when

they would put the dots over their
faces to reimpose mark space. Um.

And what was their name? Violet. Right, was violet WHO's on?

She's the the star of Sesame Street. She's one of the main kid actors

on ssame street. When I saw
violet come in Oh to get covid tested,

we were masked, but I just
knew who she was instantly and we've

been watching sesame street with me and
Ruby, my little girl, and it

was like I was so star Struck. Um, I could I could barely

speak. You and kyle are director. Remember Kyl nowitzcheck because he he has

babies as well, and they were
like, Oh, I knew who she

was. It was like it was
so funny because I haven't seen suthme street

in a while, but so talented. Remember the tap scene and the dancing.

She's really good. She's she's firing
on all cylinders. Speaking of star

Struck, my family is now stars
struck with someone named Harvey Giad, who

plays the fun house. It's a
fun house for the club. It's a

fun house, Fun House. It
was funny, funny, the Fun House,

the Fun House on Disney. Um. Plus, if you have a

Chad, after you done watching shadows, go over and watch harvey because he's

still good and he sing a lot. Harvey is a very good singer.

La La, LA, LA,
LA, la La. Oh, yes,

yes, well, we sing.
We actually we're gonna have a duet

and drop an album together. But
that kind of got in the back burner

because in the first season we met, we were, I remember this so

vividly. We were at lunch and
for some reason it got around that was

for lunch today and it was like, Oh, it's build your own poutine

because we're in Canada and uh,
and I was so excited and I think

we're in line to build our own
poutine and we just started singing. Do

you remember the song that we started
singing? Yes, I mean, we

did sing it together on this show
for season three and it was cut.

No, it wasn't. You don't
cut anything. It was cut and building

the teen it was. That was
it. That's as far as we got

and we just kept singing it.
I don't think we ever had another poutine

date on set after that. I'm
sorry, I'm derailing this because I just

realized this is for the fans to
talk about the show. It's okay,

I know it's actually talking about the
show, but we'll talk about life and

everything and what you're liking at the
moment, what you're working on, all

that stuff, because it's gonna be
people who love what we do in the

shadows and we'll talk about it.
But we also love the people who are

on it, so we'll talk to
them about anything. How many followers do

you have? What's the numbers here? We don't know. We don't look

at numbers here. We look,
let's talk about let's talk about the guide.

So, Um, the trajectory of
the guide. Are you loving the

story and the art that it's having, or how did season four play out

for you? Well, I'm not. It's good. We can't about episode

two. Yeah, right, even, yeah, we had our big moment

together. The guide is got the
hots for Giamo because he's a van healthy

and she loves living on the edge
with the ultimate bad boys. So that

was really fun to get to work
with you on that. That was a

dance, it was a little tango, it was a dance and you were

slipping away and it was fun,
so fun to work with you because you're

so you're so good. I know
you kind of a straight man, and

this aren't too hard be like SMA
is, the straight man, and playing

the straight man well is it's really
hard to do and you do it,

and you do it, I mean
really well. Not Well enough to be

nominated for an Emmy Butt, like
at all. No, not at all.

Uh No, but every but no, it's fine. It's fine.

But everything else got it's fine because, you know, we did get nominated

for costume and first stunt and we
did not only for Costume Laura Montgomery,

we got a tig and the team
got eminy first stunts. We got nominated

for two episode scripts, Sarah Def
Talas and Stephanie Robinson, Um and and

uh and two more categories. So
like it's we did nominated for the shows

general and we got nominated for comedy
as ensemble. So we nominated. Congratulations.

I just had to undercut my compliment
to you. I don't know I

do that. You're because you're so, so good as as Gamo on the

show. Thank you. It was
fun to get to it was fun to

get to play off of you.
Went on when in that moment we have

way more fun. Mh I just
love when you're on set because you bring

such an energy that I know it's
gonna be a good day. Like it's

just because you know, our hours
are long, our days are long,

you know, and so sometimes you
need that extra boost of someone just you

know that energy really makes a difference
and and you always bring it. You

always bring that energy to set and
I get excited when you're in seat and

it's hard to actually, I didn't
realize this, but it's hard to perform

opposite you as a straight man in
the show because I just want to laugh

and I can't. It's so hard
to like I'm the only one who doesn't

get to like really, you know, all the other characters, I feel

like a soon as I look at
them, like, oh, that's so

cool, they're so bigger than life
and and farcical and and and, Um,

you know all of that, which
is usually what I play. I

usually play that like, you know, another stuff, and this is life,

real life. I just go around. I'm very big in real life,

and that's true because when people come
up to me and they meet me,

they're like, Oh, you're not
like year. Most like well,

I I mean there's elements of him, and they're like no, no,

I like, I like. It's
okay. Thanks mom. How do you

know that, whenever someone comes up
to me Um to say, oh my

gosh, I love Blah, Blah
Blah or whatever it is, it's wonderful.

It's I realized it's a wonderful moment
because it's actually not about me at

all. It's about them sharing something
that they like, Um to a stranger,

and it's like this one moment in
time that you get to like connect

with someone that you normally would never
talk to Um and as soon as I

realized that it had, it wasn't
about me and it was about them.

I find those interactions when people comped
me, really delightful. Um. But

going back to guerremo, I think
that he is sort of grounds the show.

He's our way into the show.
and Um, and you play the

funny dead Pands so good that you
still get lapsed. True. Yeah,

it's I love playing him. And
and he's evolving too. This season he

comes back and he's not taking,
you know, crap from anyone and Um,

and he's decigned to leave. But
he stopped for two reasons, and

those are because there's a child now
in the House, which is baby Colin,

and Um that that's bad news.
I don't think these vampires, Um,

are have perfected parenting. UH,
and neither has Guillermo. You know,

maybe he's helped out with nieces and
nephews and whatnot, but we don't

know a lot of his backstory.
But he's definitely not gonna leave a child

in the hands of these vampires.
But now nandor wants him to be his

best man and and stay around and
and and help him with that, Um,

which I'm excited about. But also
why do you think it was?

Going back to the guide? Why
do you think it was so tough for

the guy to let go of the
Chamber of curiosities? Well, I well,

she was in charge of it for
hundreds and hundreds of years. It

was like her identity sort of.
You know, if you become your whatever

you do for a living becomes who
you are through and through. And she

has no social life. I mean
I think she used to and that was

getting with those vampire slayers, uh, and she god punished for it and

now this is her punishment and I
think she just got so lost in it

for all this time that, yeah, that she couldn't, she couldn't go

in it. She would. It
is very important. It's very important to

her. The vampiret council, which
is which was a funny thing to playoff

of, because it doesn't matter and
the vampires in her world could care less.

Uh. I love that seed in
and where an attaches or not,

just in the Vampirett Council in London, and she's got her like little boom

box that she's like, and the
way it shot she looks so sad like

those. Those meetings are Um anyways. Yeah, so I forgot your question.

You answered it. I say,
why do you think it was so

hard for the guy to let go
of the Chamber of curiosity? So,

I mean that's what she's known for
centuries and also who she was. She's

also in charge of the raiths,
though, Um, and they listened to

her, uh, and so they
have to kind of be won over,

right to turn the space into a
club. So what do you think it

would take for someone to convince you
to as as the guide, to completely

give up that world of like writing
the races and everything? Yeah, like,

if that, what would it take
to be like runaway with me and

leave all this behind? Oh my
gosh, I don't think it would take

much. Said literally anyone. She
is so lonely. I really feel her

loneliness when I play her. Like
she's so awkward and, Um, weird,

like weirder than them in a way, and she cannot make connections.

I think with Naja, she's over
the course of the season. She she

gets to be a little like band
girls, a little bit like in her

shadow, and uh, it just
doesn't doesn't. Yeah, though, I

mean I liked those scenes with ladslow
too, because it was sort of the

first time one of the like the
vampires don't care about anyone, but it

was nice that he was taking some
attention. So, you know, taking

her on as her pet project was
was fun for her men probably the most

anyone's ever looked into her life ever. But she's exciting and the idea that

this season you get to work with
Naja, Natasha's character a lot and you

kind of become this really cool and
I would love seeing you guys do the

scenes. You come like this duo
at the club, which is really fun,

and your outfits are so extravent.
How is how is that? How

is working more this season closely with
Natasha? It was great. It was

so fun. Um, I love
watching her work. She's just like just

full of like every line delivery is
just got like all of the energy and

all of the power and she's always
never had a bad take. She is

just got that character on lock and
and she works her butt off. You

know, works the butt off.
Yeah, I would say so. I

think that all these characters are perfectly
cast. I've always said that that every

I can't imagine the show with anyone
else playing the roles that we're playing.

Like I just can't when you say
who would play, I just can't.

I just can't because it's so one
of the few like casts, you know,

when you get to get set and
sometimes like Oh, I can see

them why they're playing this. As
soon as you get to say you're like,

oh, that's interesting. Oh,
I didn't see Oh, yeah,

okay, you know. But like
this is the first time that I was

like wow, everyone, everyone tends
across the board, just fantastic. Ted.

What about the costumes? Oh,
the costumes were delicious. They were

so fun. Um, I get
the name of Lauren's costume assistant, I

want to say barbed, barbed Barbara. Oh, forgive me, as soon

as I get there, I'll remember. She does have a couple. I'm

thinking of the one that goes shopping
a lot. She was sort of like

going back to where she used to
go shopping because she was in a God

pags when she was in her,
you know, teens and probably twenties.

So a lot of the things it
was I think it was easy for her

to access that sort of club,
got world and and it was yeah,

it was so fun to get out
of the Nune, the Monk Nunnery like

outfit into this, these looks that
are coming up. It's so good.

We got some looks coming up,
honey, they're so good. One of

the looks that you have coming up
is so I don't know. I just

feel like when I when I saw
you for the first time, it was

so weird to see you from like
the first time. We saw you floating

and flying with the blonde hair,
and you've got to different like um evolution

of hair design too, like the
hair has changed as well. Yeah,

tomorrow the hair stylists that she wanted
to now that the guy just doesn't kept

coming back. I think you gotta
work out the WIG a little more and

we all had you was going away. They put the WIG in a box

in the back and they're like,
oh, that's the guy, check it

out, dusted off and it's and
then just bats fly out of it.

But I really do love the looks
that you have coming up the season.

I'm excited for people to watch them
and you'RE gonna inspire people at comic cons

and cosplays. I've seen, you
know, because I've done a couple of

comic cons and I've seen so many
guides that come up in groups and it's

so cool because it's like it's pretty
like spot on, like from your hats

to like your gown, to your
hair, to the makeup, because you

also have kind of look for your
makeup. So someone took the time and

like analyze all of this from like
the show and and stopped and played and

stopped and played or saw steals of
you and it's so cool because this new

version of you is going to inspire
a new cosplay generation of guides. Speaking

of Comic Con, and and are
meeting our fans of the show. Are

you going? Yeah, going to
comic con this weekend? Yeah, yeah,

we're going this weekend. So well, when this in this airs,

it will be next this weekend,
so it'll be our next Thursday. So

it'll be this weekend. This weekend
starting. We have a panel. So

if you want to come see us
out this weekend at Comic Con, come

on down San Diego Comic con the
panel. It's it's Sunday afternoon. They

put us in Hall H, I
think hall H, which is the biggest

hall. So Um, we need
you, guys. So it's gonna feel

really empty because it's so big.
I don't know. I've heard that they

were already like the numbers were pretty
good and high. So you should try

to get a ticket now. If
you can't because it's it's so hot,

you're lucky if you get a ticket
to it right now. What what are

you going to wear the comic conry, because you're known for you're becoming,

I mean I hope people know that
you are very good at a fashion in

your real I'm I'm gonna wear a
couple office because I'm gonna be there for

a couple of things, Friday,
Saturday and Sunday. Um. So,

Friday, I think we have Um, was what we do in the shadows

party. I think it's Friday right. No, I think it is.

I mean Friday, Saturday too,
because I'm gonna be burgers. Are You

doing your funhouse? Uh No,
but there's a screening of Harley Quinn,

Harley Quinn on Thursday night. If
you get a chance to check it out,

you should check out the first two
episodes where they introduce Um night wing,

which is my character on Harley Quinn. Uh, Dick Grayson, I

played nightwing on that. Are You
congrats? Are you gonna be there for

your for Your Blue Beetles show?
No, Bluebido doesn't come out until next

year and they're still finishing the last
part of the film in Puerto Rico Right

now, so I think it will
be hard to get some of the cast

to go. So I think this
time next year we will be probably a

comic con, or at one some
comic cons, to promote blue beetle,

the live action feature coming out,
which is amazing. It's the first Mexican

I don't understand why you're going to
be at comic con. I gotta go.

I gotta go because I love it
and and obviously for shadows. We

gotta go and, like you know, say hi to all the fans to

come down. But are you going
to bed? Yes, I'm always your

friend anywhere we go. That's true. We did have, we do have

some adventures in Toronto we're filming.
Um, a lot of you may not

know this, but Christ is a
wonderful mother to the most amazing little girl.

Um, she's so smart and so
like quick, like you know she

is, and she's a fan of, Um, you know, Mickey Mouse

Fun House. So she's my favorite. Like literally, that's all it did.

Yeah, come come by before eleven, before to Leve PM, midnight.

Right, right, right, right. I know last time I was

across the street from Christens and I
was visiting Stephanie, who's the EP on

our shown writer and uh, and
we're like Oh, Christmas, across the

street was just go overstly high and
we text her. I was like hey,

and she's a harvey. It's eleven, it's in bed and we're like

Oh, I didn't regret it a
little bit, but every cell in my

body was like no, no,
and you send me a picture of you,

you, you in bed with your
husband and just like we're in bed,

Harvey, and it was like the
funniest picture and I was like to

Stephanie and she started laughing because Stephanie's
birthday was a birthday party. And I

was like Ah, and I was
like well, I'll catch you next time

and of course I think you left. It never happened. It never happened.

But did you already start shooting?
Because you might not know this,

but Christians in a million shows,
so obviously isn't. What do the shadows

and a fan favorite. She's obviously
in Bob's Burger's. If you didn't recognize

her iconic voice, you've been under
did your character voice right now? Is

that Aday. There, there it
is, and if you don't recognize that

character, then I feel sorry for
you. I'm gonna do my night wing

voice for you for the first time
ever before you're released here. This's ready.

Yeah, yeah, where's Batman?
Is Scary. We have way more

fun. Oh, you know what
I do? What you guys to come

over too or didn't want to see
you, is because I think I had

two weeks left of filming the mysterious
but addic society when I was yeah,

I don't want to be like you
get tested, like I didn't want to

deal with that at night, and
I was like, and I always think

if I do something fun like see
people I love, then I will be

punished for it. I will get
the COD. That's her mentality. We're

going to get punished for this.
That's a Christian Um. What tell us

about that? Show a little bit
of the society. Oh, the mysterious

benetic society. You don't know it. Well, it's Um, it's good

to see. Plus, it's gonna
be filmed season two. Um, you,

and you play number two and I
play number two. Yeah, we

have to tooth. I love this
is another character that doesn't have a name.

She's number two, like the guy. Tell us about that character a

little bit. What's up with number
two? Well, number two is Um.

She's a real brainiact. She's trying
to sort of save the world.

You know what? She's great.
She has red hair. Um. So

I did dye my hair red,
as you can see, as my real

color, and I'm going to be
dying it back to the very luxurious platinum.

For Comic Con. It'll be mass
brown again, because I cannot before,

I can't sit in a chair and
die my hair. It takes forever,

takes a long time. Let me
get back to about but then I

was thinking, Harvey, we're Comic
Con, but for me like maybe taking

like a chunk of bangs and making
it like some fun colors, just like

one little chunk. What do you
think? I like that, like a

like a streak or something. Yeah, and it's like it's my bank,

so that it'll as it grows,
I'll, you know, I'll cut it

and it'll grow out eventually. I
like that. What color do you think

I want to see? So you're
gonna be what did you say? Mousey

browns? Yeah, it's gonna be
this back to natural Nazi Brown that no

hairstylists and La has ever seen this
color, like my color guys their hair.

And then I was going to take
a chunk, a chunk. Oh

my God, this is so boring. But the color. Is it blonde

or like a blonde? Or we
could do like Um, like different colors,

like a rainbow. Oh, would
be nice. I mean, you

know, pride is all year long, so's not just June. So you

could be you know, I would
love to. I would love thank you

for thank you for your part.
I appreciate but you know, there is

gonna be because we have a lot
of you know, comic con is full

of events and panels and parties,
and there's gonna be a party in what

we do in the shadows theme.
Um. And also, I was thinking,

because you know it's obviously with Naja's
bar and nightclub. That's very on

brand, I was gonna ask you
if the if the guide, had a

drink named after her, what would
it be and what would be the ingredients

of it? Wow, that's okay, and now you're asking me with a

witty drink on the spot, like
a wit. Actually, no, well,

you could go with you go to
cocktail or. Well, I mean

it would. Yeah, it would. What it would be is it would

be Um, it would be oh
negative blood, because that's the rarest blood

and you would have to have a
negative sifter because you know it's hard to

get. I'm actually I'm Oh negative. Are Real life and I did give

blood last a few months ago through
the Red Cross, and now they know

that I vote negative and they will
not leave me alone. Oh my God.

Yeah, I get call and an
email like every other day from them.

They need my blood again because your
your blood, is the most compatible

with everyone's right. It actually take
negative. But the problem, but it's

universal. So it's beautiful. It's
beautiful, but I can let's get oh

negative blood. I can't get any
other blood type transfused into that's not fair

to you, any of us.
So it's like, I know, can

you? Can you take your blood
and put it aside for later? I

have done that. I had to
get a surgery when I was a teenager

in Colorado where there wasn't a lot
of blood, and before my surgery they

made me give my own blood.
Well, that's that's smart, because you

know, you don't want to be
in a sticky situation where the doctors like

do we have the blood? And
they're like, oh, there's no one

around him has own negative. But
it's like well, yeah, then I

just like, what about that Cherry
Jello Pack? I have Jello running through

my veins. Okay, so one
we're being really open today. Um,

I don't remember if I'm gonna say
this right, because I hate, I

hate the side of blood really so
I do. I hate side of blood.

Uh, it makes me squeamish whenever
I have to Um. You know,

even when I gave blood, it
was I regretted it the second I

put the needle in, but I
was like, I'm doing it, he's

gonna save a life. You CANNA
save a life and and it was just

Um, I don't blood is like
maybe it's just I don't know. It's

funny that I'm on the show that's
constantly surrounded blood. So I think half

of the time when you see me
gagging and character, it's just me.

It's just I wonder. I wonder. Do you know what? What why

you got that phobia? I think
I just since I was little, the

idea of blood looks so um traumatizing. I also remember when I was little

and it's gonna be okay, I'm
gonna be honest with you. See this

right here, the scar over my
eyebrow. It's a line. I can't

really see it. I can see
it. It's very sad. It looks

like it's very it looks like it's
part of my it looks like it's part

of my art. So when I
touched it, there's a dent right here.

Uh So, when I was little, Um and we went to into

my ground Mexico, there's a couple
of kids who were bullies and, uh

and they threw rocks at me and
they hit me and I was gushing with

blood all over my face and I
was running back home and it was like

I fell on the floor and I
got covered in dirt. So I was

covered in blood and dirt. So
since that day, I just remember the

side of blood, since I covered
my face. I was just like traumatized

by blood. That is so sad, Harvey. I'm so upset you're bringing

that up. Where are those bullies
now? Where are they hopefully getting their

come uppings? Um, but yeah, that's I had to get stitched right

here. Also, when I was
little. This is all. You know.

What my trips to Mexico don't end
well, because it was little and

I went to Mexico and I just
loved animals and I'm so used to like

maybe in America, where people have
their dogs on a leash, and that

I saw an animal on the street
and I was like, Oh, look

the dog, and like I literally
went to pet it and put my hand

and it literally ripped my hand open. You see the scar right there,

and let me see it. It's
a little bit. But so I haven't.

Maybe it's because I've had the traumatizing
blood events I was little Um and

this is really triggering this juice.
You haven't really I'm almost done with mine.

You can't do it. It's I
can't, I can't. I get

mother. I was like, I
can't hear myself to drink. Mother looked

over. It's really good, she
said it's really good. A mother,

try it like it like this,
like this, she's waving her head.

Isn't the apple, the women,
the Ginger, the beat that she doesn't

like? For me, I was
just like it looks like blood. So

then that was enough. I didn't
look at the ingredients. I'm sure it's

delicious. It sounds really good.
I'm gonna drink it. I'm gonna do

it, I'm gonna do it,
I'm gonna drink it. Yeah, I'M

gonna I'M gonna conquer my fears and
I'm want to drink it. So,

well, you didn't, did you
finished? Okay, what would be the

ingredients to your drink? It's just
gonna be oh negative, like when you

get a very, very good whiskey. Um, like I wouldn't mix it

with anything, I would just put
it in my yes, so it's just

oh negative blood. If if the
the guide had their own drink. So

now, if you had a human
drink named after the guide, what would

that human cocktail be? Wow,
well, okay. So for the guide,

Um, it would have to be
great. Question, like but I

think it was like because the guide
was just not fun. So they could

find drinks, I think. But
like, I guess you would. She's

at the club, she's been dancing. Yeah, she would have what are

those drinks? Um, I think
she would be in the Browni. I

think she's in the growning. I
think she's it's feminine, but it still

has like a Mescal Tequila. So
there's a smoky, smokey. She's smoky.

She's very smoke everywhere smokes around.
Yeah, yeah, that's a good

one. I didn't even think about
that's actually so perfect for the guide.

UH, wow, I haven't thought
about now that I asked you the question,

I didn't think about Ganimos. I
feel like it would be a safe

drink, but not not anymore.
I feel like now he's more adventurous.

What would you recommend? Christen?
where? We think you said that,

like when you said he's a little
more adventurous. Now I'm like, yeah,

he's in the GELATTO. Oh's like
a nice kind but it's a beer.

It's now there's a little spicy tachine. There's a little clam juice in

the well, I think clamb juice
is what they used in Caesar's right,

and I love tomato. Yeah,
sorry, it's a clamato either. Yeah,

but I do love I actually will
take a Caesar over bloody maret.

I will. I do. I
did take a Caesar. I will.

We you know you've you've lived in
Vancouver filming your show. Have you had

a Caesar up there? I think
so. They're delicious. You know,

I did not go out in Vancouver, remember. That's right. Well,

no, for this last round.
Oh you, Oh, wait, you're

shooting for the second season, which
is great. That's actually great. So

you missed our opportunity to have an
actually really lovely Caesar. It's a Canadian

drink and it's delicious and I think, uh, I'll make I'll make that.

Guillermo's drink will be at Michel,
Michelada Caesar. Can you do that?

Can we do that? I think
it's the CRAMADO. I think it's

like Clomado. Um, okay,
so let's up. We're wrapping up the

what happened the first two episodes here. How many listeners? It says,

stop listening, when about my blood? As soon as you start talking about

your blood, time and says I
owe you. The ratings are giffing.

Listen, why are you asking me
to do? These? Are No stars,

like, can't you get the British? The British? Will they ever

do it? Have they done it? Yeah, Kebon has done like several

of them. Natasha didn't. It's
also hard because they're in the UK.

So right now it's like, what
time is it there? Midnight. So

it's hard to get ahead. Eight, I thought it was more. It's

only eight. It's only well,
that's still a lot yeah, so it's

like nine p M. Yeah,
late. So, yeah, no,

we're gonna have a lot of people
come from the show, a lot of

the actors were having, a lot
of the new newvies to join our show,

and we're also going to have celebrity
guest stars who love the show,

who are fans of the show.
We're gonna come and talk. I know

I'm really excited. I'm really excited. I'm not gonna say yet because I'm

super excited. Um, but you
have to tune in because you're gonna YOU'RE

gonna. Also, you're Christian,
you're gonna love the guests. I already

I'll tell you. I'll tell you
off there because it's a surprise for the

guests who are gonna do but before
we go, I want to ask you

if you had your own group of
raiths in life, what would you like

have them do? Like I feel
like that's kind of like having like several

assistance. Why? Like, what
would they do? What would what would

their jobs be? Oh my God, Wow, I would love that.

Okay, cool, okay, first
of all, one of them, because

we don't would be be rubies and
Danny. We don't really have one anymore.

And I was loved to have a
couple more hours. Goes three school

and pretty early. So just started. Wait, what happened? You had

the best. She's fantastic. And
but Ruby's just goes to school. You

know, she needs a full time
job. It happens at this age.

It gets a little bit so we
actually well, I got her a job,

a couple in the neighborhood. I'll
tell you later. So, UM,

okay. So I have raith of
be our babysitter whenever we wedded.

Off what a comfortable babysitter. That's
scary at all. For Ruby be our

babysitter. Um, I would love
a chef. Um, I mean,

you know what, sometimes I would
just like a friend. Really got only

a friend race, I mean,
but I have lots of friends, but

they're all busy. Um, they're
all busy. That's true. Well,

that's like a sign that you hang
out with really cool friends, that they're

so cool and and and and talented
that they don't have time to hang out.

And then meanwhile I just get older
and older. I'm gonna die todd.

But they got my friends were so
talented and busy. Um, well,

you know what, when a friend
texts you at eleven pm, you

get out of bed and you come. You're right. You are still right.

Are you know what you learned?
You learned. I thought I would

get you back. I will.
I will, San Diego, I will

get you back. And San Um
you wonder. Can we get a manny

petty there? Should we book one? Yeah, I need a Mannie Petty,

for sure. I've been keeping nails
long. Usually I keep my nose

on. For Gye, I don't
know, because I give this idea.

My backstory with him is that like
he doesn't have anything, that he feels

protected or that he uses a weapon
because he's so insecure in his power and

he only cut his nails in the
last two seasons because he realized how powerful

he was the event help. So
when he was just like year, the

most season one, he had really
long nails and I keep them long for

this movie I'm doing right now.
UH, it's coming out later, but

I'm going to cut them next.
I need to cut them after I wrapped,

and I wrapped the movie Thursday before
Comic Con. So yeah, I'm

gonna we should definitely got to I
don't know what. Yeah, we'll find

out a time. Yeah, well, we're working too the schedule. We

could do it while we're doing the
panel, so we could be doing the

can question. Next question. I'll
watch out for the cuticles. Thank you.

Thank you. What color? What
color are you gonna get, Kristin?

I just, I just while I
was doing this, I did this

color as the purple. Oh,
that's pretty. Yeah, it's good.

So I like this, but I
it's gonna but I need, like someone

to cut my cuticles and get it
like. I need professional hands on hands

Um, but I like just too
peak because I don't like to like my

hair. I don't like to upkeep. So if it's peaking and chip,

it's not gonna Bother me as much. That's a nice color, because the

aesthetic of that goes with this year's, doesn't it does. That's a good

pulture. I'm not on it,
but you are. You did come to

the photo shoot and there's this at
the photo shoot. That's what makes it

even sadder. Do you want?
Do you want me to? I could

cut that picture that I love about
you and then I can put it right

here. I do guided her place, especially for the few fans that they

were like, Oh, we hate
the guy. It's okay, it's Okaya.

Look like yeah, I know,
the people love the guide. Actually,

Um, it's people. I remember
I went out to the CON.

Someone asked if, if you do
cons, do you ever do the consent?

And you'RE gonna call a con San
Diego this weekend, but do you

ever do other cons or I'm sure
you're busy. I mean you have Ruby,

your wife Mom uh an art like
so I'm sure your schedule is like

you barely have time to hang out
with your friends. So I can understand.

But would you ever do cons to
do meet and greets for like the

bomb's Burger fans? So I think
it's yeah, once Ruby is a little,

a little more like not into me, I'm gonna yeah, I'm out.

I got to just enjoy that.
She thinks I'm cool right now because

it shifts. I hear it will
shift. It was shift. Yeah,

I don't know. Your cool mom. I've seen you with Ruby. You're

cool. I was like, she's
remember we went to we went to dinner

at that castle and that was so
fun and to see someone with a child

to take the kid to a castle. I remember it was like this would

have been so cool. I remember
if I was little and I went to

a castle. WHO GETS TO GO
TO CASTLE? Like that's so cool.

And Boma and she was like just
skipping around in all the rooms. Fun,

we're gonna have fun, we're gonna
go back, we're gonna do it

all. And we had dinner.
We had dinner with with Fred, Fred

armison. We had dinner with him. And, yeah, and that's already

be announced. Yeah, that's where
he announced that he's coming and joining the

season. Wait, yeah, I
think that Fred has been announced as coming

to be in a future episode of
what we did in the shadows for,

sorry, season four. Yeah,
okay, I thought that you were telling

me that it's announced that he's coming
for a season five. No, no,

but we'll double check this fact and
see, because I saw an interview

where Paul had mentioned, talking about
it like crazy at that for your consideration.

So I think it's fine. Yeah, so I think. I think

it's fine. We're so cautious about
releasing whose guest starring this season until the

right time because you know, we
want to keep it a surprised. I

can't look just like we're gonna can't
remember. I can't remember who's on the

show. Actually, you had dinner
with us. We were into a restaurant.

Yeah, right, you don't.
You don't remember. We were at

Casteloma having dinner. Fred was there, you were there, husband there,

he was there. We were in
that we were in that room where one

side of the room had prince like
a big mural defense, and then the

other side of the room had Um
Queen Elizabeth. Well, right, no,

but I can't remember who. Remember
that dinner. I can't remember who

the other guests act. See them
for well, proadcast some of them.

We didn't have scenes with guest stars
that we didn't interact with, like we

knew that. And it's really good. It is. And Uh, and

and you'll have to tune in to
find out, because there might be a

guest on this show. Um,
but before we go, Christian, what

do you want for the wraith?
I wait for the raith. What do

you want for the Guide and the
raiths going forward? What would be a

storyline that you would love, maybe
in the future, of our future,

near future, but that you would
love to see? Who I think I

mean? It would be fun to
see the UM, the guide, get

revenge on someone who's done her wrong
and to use the wraiths Um to do

that to get revenge and justice.
Um, that might be fun, but

I'll and then she gets she gets
a spinoff where she fights crime with her

raids. Yeah, that'd be good. Um, it would be fun maybe

to see her like try to be
a movie star, you know, because

she's still barely understand her like it
would be fun to see her like audition

and be like I'm going to I'm
going to go for my dream. But

like in her whole deal. I
like that. I like it. Did

she did she dabbing that, like
in the forties, she went up against

like Veronica Lake, like I could
see the guy with her finger wave like

Veronica Lake and going out for auditions
against her and then dabbing and acting and

then going back into it. Like
she's like, I tried it in the

forties. She like auditioned for the
notebook. Yeahs auditions. She's like why

is that? Wait, wait,
wait, wait, you have a call

back and it's with Ryan Goslin and
it's that scene and and you and this

is your final callback. And and
and he just goes, what do you

want? Huh? What is it? What do you want? And the

guy? What would they respond?
I don't remember the lines for the what

did she say? But it would
they say what they would say. Feel

free to improvise. What do you
want? How do you want me?

Do you want to be with me? What do you want? I don't

that was too good. That's you. You booked Chris under the actor play.

I think that'd be great. I
love it. Well, Kristen,

thank you so much for joining us. It's always so fun. I'm excited

for everyone to see your trajectory this
season with your costumes, the character and

like I'm just excited for I want
to see it. So I'm glad that

you're my first guest of the rest
of the season when we talk about what

we do in the shadows Um and
we love the fans for tune in.

Make sure you tune in every week
to see a new guest and make sure

thank you. It was more when
we started and then you said the whole.

So well, what do you want
to tell the fans as a goodbye?

Christian anything? Any message you want
to tell those fans who are dressing

up like the guy, who are
loving your character, who are loving the

show? See You. I'll see
you in San Diego Um and if you're

not there. I will see you
in my heart and thank you. Thank

you for loving the show. This
show is an absolute pleasure, Um,

to be associated with. I I
think this every day that I get to

work on the show. Is that
being on a show that's working, that's

funny, that's creative, that's the
real that's got everybody bringing their gifts.

Um, mostly working on a show
that's actually funny. Um, doesn't happen

very often. Um, it really
is rare. So it feels, Um,

I feel very fortunate. Ah,
well, we feel very fortunate to

have you, and you know that. You light up my day every time

I see you on set and I
can't wait to hang out with you at

comic con this weekend. We're gonna
be there, come say hi and we're

gonna be getting our nails done.
So come on down and we'll sing you

a little ditty that goes like this. I'm building my own, I'm building

my own, my own, I'm, I'm I'm building my own. PUTINE,

the building definitely more. Goodbye,
behind the shadows. It's a production

of Straw hut media, hosted by
Harvey Gian, produced by Ryan Tillotson,

Amda Sanchez and Tyler Nielsen, original
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Even it's so overwhelming heart bizarre has
to tell me why would anyone want to

be alive deaf might have a reputation
before she arrives, but trust me,

we have way more fun in the
air line. We have way more fun

the fate line. See you next
Behind the Shadows w/ Harvey Guillen
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