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Brandy Knight, the Esoteric Exorcist is the CEO of her healing arts company, Inner Caulling LLC. She is a dedicated mother, Accountability Coach, Emotional Release Specialist, Kundalini Yogic Alchemist and an international best selling author with her contributions to Legacy Speaks. Her no bullshit approach attracts those who are ready to walk through the shadow and shift things for themselves in big ways. The driving force fueling Brandy’s work is to provide the guidance people might need in order to remember why they chose this life so they may fulfill their mission and transcend.

In this conversation, Brandy and Lisane discuss walking a path of self expression, the importance of emotional release and some practices for it, as well as the benefits of addressing things in the moment. Paramount to self expression is the time we take daily to tune in and listen to ourselves, to quiet down enough to be able to learn who we truly are. When we walk the planet taking in only external stimuli and reacting to what people are doing and saying and the circumstances that befall us, we can literally carve ourselves out of the equation. The practice of sitting down a couple of times a day, getting quiet, and connecting are ways to help us to witness who we really are, and how we're really behaving on this planet so that we can course correct where we need to or bring out of us the things that we really want to bring out.

Connect with Brandy at or on Instagram @innercaulling 

Shaping Freedom With Lisane Basquiat
Welcome to Shaping Freedom where we teach you how to create the change you want so you are empowered to author a life story you love to read. I am your host, Lisane Basquiat. Each week I'll speak with inspirational leaders and we'll explore and share practical ways to create extraordinary life experiences!

Episode transcripts

This is lasan boss, yeah,the host of the shaping freedom podcast.
Thank you so much for joining.I am really excited to be having a
conversation this week with a friend,Brandy Knight. Brandy is the founder of
inner calling, she is an overallhealer, she's a Kundalini teacher, she
does energy work and she is awoman who is part of a community of
people that I know who are focusedon doing that deep work and walking this
path of self expression and understanding whothey are and why they're here. And
I just want to share with yousomething she said to me at the end
of the interview, which was isn'tit cool to have a sole family?
And she said that to me becausewe were chatting about other people that we
know within different communities and chatting abouthow it can feel and be to walk
this planet or walk through a childhood, a young adulthood or even an adulthood
where you are it's kind of theother or you don't necessarily have people around
you that understand the kind of soulfamily connection kind of thing, and so
that's one of the real reasons whyI really wanted to have this conversation with
brandy today, because I really wantedit to be. I want this conversation
to be a a confirmation and comfortfor those who might be walking around knowing
that there's something else and really wantingto understand what that's something else is.
So I encourage you, if that'swho you are, find your tribe,
if you are the parent of someonewho may just kind of be that person
who you know just kind of hasthat extra sense or sight or intuition,
encourage that person to find their tribebecause it's really, really important for everything
that we do it. Whether you'rean entrepreneur or a spiritual worker, a
healer, a creative in author,whatever it is that you're up to on
this planet, do not do italone. Find Your tribe without further ado.
This is my conversation with Brandy Knight. Hi everyone, thank you,
thank you, hey, girls,say some I low. You know,
it's such an honor to be herefor a lot of reasons because we,
you know, our introduction was sojuicy and so deep and so personal,
and to witness each other grow andto share in our skill set and to
support each other over the years hasbeen really, really cool and and I
feel I feel like you've witnessed mekind of like turning to a woman.
I feel like a wow, whichis just it's just a really it's it's
so cool, it's so powerful andjust like a little a little nugget on
the book situation is. You know, legacy speaks was my first like official
publication, and that multi authored bookwas a collection of women coming to the
table telling or really powerful stories.It was like what's what was the turning
point? What was the thing?That was the awakener? So it was
like the the beginning, kind oflike the shit show prior and then you
know what happens to wake up andthen what happened after the wake up.
So that was really, really powerful. And then to be published and to
have people read it. Yeah,yeah, a big deal. And so
lineage speaks, which is coming outin January, it's a little bit of
a continuation for that. And whatI brought to the table was a little
bit different this time, where Iwent into a bit a bit of a
bigger picture, more of a planetarypicture, as opposed to what was happening
in my world. And now Itook it to like, okay, this
is what's happening in my world,this is what I'm applying in my world
and this is the impact. Iintend to create planets, on a plant,
on a planetary level, and then, uncensored, on tamed and unleashed.
Coming out this December is meant tobe another collaboration book and it's intended
to be a guide, like alike a book of tools for anyone who
feels like they need a little extrasupport, maybe new to the awakening experience,
not really knowing what to do.Here's the book, take it,
run with it. Something's going toclick. So that's more of like a,
you know, a guide, soto so you talked about awakening and
you also talked about feeling today likeyou're a woman, which surprises me because
you've always been, from my perspective, you know, the epitome of feminine,
Powerful Woman Energy. Tell me aboutthis awakening piece, like what does
that mean and what has that meantfor you? Thank you. First off,
I'm like Ray man, you know, I've had like a few awakenings
throughout my life, but like thebig one, like awakening for me looks
like wool pulled, you know,no more wold the eyes and there's no
turning back. Right like I canin Abraham talks about this. You know,
you know too much. There's noturn back. One of those where
it's like, Oh, I'm ahundred percent committed and dedicated to whatever I
need to do on a daily basisto step into my destiny, to achieve
my goal, to create the legacyof why I came here in the first
place. And by Abraham you meanAbraham Picks, Abraham Hicks, right,
so I okay. She was oneof my first introductions to kind of like
the you know, like the wholethe world of Alchemy. HMM. And
so for me a lot of itwas being becoming a mother. was like
Whoa, I have two choices here. Get my shit together or not,
and the other way, the child'sgoing to walk the planet either with a
parent who decided to awaken or thechild of a parent who decided not to
Ye. So pulling. Let's talkabout the wool over the eyes, like
what is that? What does thatlook like? And because, as you
know, like lineage, for me, everything that I do and part of
my purpose for walking this planet isto help, is to help to uncover
what we can do in order tostrengthen our legacy and to be aware of
the fact that we are investing intolegacy every single day, which is really
investing into our lineage every single day, and whether we're aware of it or
not, whether we are aware ofthe impact that we're having or not,
and the fact that some decisions thatI make today are going to have some
kind of an imprint upon the lifeof my grandchildren and their children and so
on and so on, just asthe life that you and I are living
today, you know, is theresult and consequence of decisions that that people
made a couple of generations ago aswell, you know. So it is
one of the most important things,I think, that we can be woke
to during our journey yere, youknow. Yeah, so tell me about
that wool coming up over your eyes, like like, what's up with that?
What did it look like? Let'stalk about some of the hard decisions
you had to make and how youhave evolved yourself to this point that you're
at today. So you know thatthat can be a really simple yet powerful
conversation. And you know, becauseI came to the planet with some extra
bits and pieces, let's say,around my connection to nature, to be
able to you know, I hadsome abilities right, which is very you
know a lot of a lot ofkids do. A lot of kids do,
and so then it's like, okay, you have a little extra.
How are you utilizing it? Howare you dealing with the how are you
handling it? You know what's goingon there and I had a really challenging
time with it, and so Inumbed it out in a lot of ways
from a very early age, evenbefore I got into like, you know,
drugs and Party and alcohol, youall the things that we do so
or that some of us do anyways. You know, I like and a
lot of that wildness came from Iwant I I almost deliberately put the rules
over my eye myself. I wantto just to clarify things. So what
one of the things that brandy issharing is that she is an incredibly powerful
healer, incredibly powerful, incredibly tunedin, and the reason why I want
to stop here for a minute toaddress this is because you know, some
there are some people that enter thisplanet knowing that they have sight beyond what's
happening in their everyday world, andthat can be really challenging sometimes and it
can be really challenging to have thatkind of wisdom in the body of a
ten year old, a twelve yearold, fourteen or fifteen year old,
eighteen year old, and so Ilove for you, just for those folks
who are either in that place intheir life or the parents of people who
are in that place in their life, let's talk a little bit about what
that looks like and how you wereable to navigate that. Yeah, communications,
key, I mean communication. Soanything you can do as a person
who is experiencing that those gifts,those abilities, and it's a lot or
someone who's a parent of a childwho is, you know, showing these
signs, opening up the the throatChakra, using the voice in any healthy
capacity for like just some like brasstacks, you know. As an example
would be, you know, graba pillow and everybody scream or just making
noise into the pillow. The pillowcan help muffle and so it's a little
bit safer. Or you don't meanthe pillow, and then you can kind
of just like start punching, likea punching the pillow while you're making noise.
So what's happening is you're moving theenergy through the body, you're moving
your sound currents to your system,which then gives you not only more supportant
stability to the nervous system, butyou get more comfortable with your own voice
and when you're comfortable in your ownvoice, you become more comfortable with the
ability that might be attached to thevoice or you know. So, so
that could be a really it isa really, really helpful tool to have
on board. Yeah, I thinkanything, just being aware that that is
like there are ways to manage theway that you feel around having extra ability,
even when you're navigating and understanding whatit actually is, you know.
Yeah, all right, so's howme keep your story going, keep the
story go, let's keep this partis your story go and let's hear your
story. Yes, so, youknow, the laws pulled over the eyes.
You know, I was doing alot of avoidance work. Wouldn't work
because I was holding everything in.Yeah, I witnessed a lot of people
holding stuff in. So not onlywas it like a learned behavior, but
because I didn't have a vocabulary attachedto what my experiences were, it just
was weird and just being know,for lack of a better, you know,
more graceful way to put it.So, you know, there was
this wave of like, you know, health stuff and the ability. Just
it doesn't go away. Even ifI, you know, was kind of
blacking out, shit was coming throughand dreams, you it just doesn't go
away. Doesn't go away. Andyou know, it was really when I
got pregnant that I really decided tocommit a hundred percent to the process of
awakening, which looks like why hasmy behavior been this way? What am
I doing? Who Am I surroundingmyself with? Am I teaking accountability?
What is accountability? Am I releasingmy emotions in a healthy way? If
not, how can I? Andthen I'm going to do it every day.
How am I communicating and the mosthighest vibe way I can? You
know, all all of that,and it became very diligent. It was
a job. It was, youknow, purposeful, it was conscious,
it was something I even had toset work timers for and alarms for because
I was setting a new pattern.That takes time write. Those patterns take
time to so you have to youknow, I'm an alarm setter. Like
what's on the calendar? I'm screaming. Today's screaming from fifteen to eight forty
five. So so what tell meabout some of these practices, like what
do you actually do? What areyour high vibe practices? Hi, my
hot so, for for my mypersonal work and my professional work are the
exact same thing. My current kindof title is accountability coach, emotional release
specialist in Kundalini, alchemist, andunder that are all of you, these
different modalities, like the data,like the NLP, like you know,
like like the hypnosis, all allthose things. So what I'm bringing to
the table is what I brought tothe planet, which are my unique abilities
to be able to go in seewhat's going on or help a person eradicate
it. And that's what I doto myself. So my daily practices look
like every single day I wake upearly in the morning and I do Kundalini
Yoga, I chant my true Imeditate for at least an hour, hour
and a half. I oftentimes Ido it twice, for am thirty am,
and that's diligent. I mean that. And there's a lot of magic
that's happening on a planetary level withinthose times, at that time of day,
and those times of day it's called. It's often called the golden hour,
the armor Vela, the witching hour. You know, where everything these
times have been celebrated, you know, since the beginning of times. So
that is the commitment that I've madefor myself. I see mega, mega
results. This is real, realstuff we're working with. It's a technology,
these are sciences and technologies, andso that's how I start my day.
Every day, all day, I'mplaying mantra, whether it's in my
purse or in my home. I'mworking with, you know, Crystal Allies,
I'm working with nature, I'm communicatingand I'm taking full accountability, which
looks like I don't have to likeeverything, but I understand that I chose
to come here with a mission andeverything that I am experiencing I have called
in in order to fulfill my mission. And it doesn't mean I have to
like it, but it does meanI have to take responsibility for it.
Even even in this is crazy,but even when we experience like trauma,
right, even Abu, even ithas a child, and this is really
wild to consider it. It takesa lot to consider this sometimes, but
I don't know what I might havebeen doing in some past life stuff or
some quantum life stuff. Who knows? Right? So then it's like I'm
coming here, I'm coming here toexperience whatever I need to experience move or
whatever I need to experience and TomSometimes that looks like trauma. Sometimes that
might look like abuse. In orderto fill that that soul mission, to
leave the legacy to, as youwere talking about the lineage, I might
have gone through that in order tomove through it to heal the lineage,
the ancestry, the future generations.So so all of that looks like screaming,
crying, moving, breathing, mantra, speaking, creating the doing.
You're talking about doing doing. Howwhat am I? What am I doing?
What am I drawing? Hint andcreating all of that. So in
talking about you talked about accountability andyou know, for those folks, you
know, if you're talking to folkswho have done a lot of work and
who understand the language of things likeaccountability, or the language that includes things
like a cantability of responsibility for theperson who is saying, well, wait
a minute, what are you talkingabout? Like I've had these horrible things
happen, they're not my fault.What does that mean? Can you unpack
that a little bit more, brandy, just like what does that look like?
What is accountability look like? Yeah, absolutely, and that's a really
really good question and a really goodpoints of anyone's listening to this and watching
this and going like what in theare you talking about? If, like
that was fult right, right.So let's get down to that. Ye,
get down to it. Okay.So we're going to take this conversation
to a few different areas. One, what's happening in the cosh or the
subconscious landscape. Then we're going togo into like the vibrational frequency. Right.
So going back to kind of Abrahampicks, you know, a law
of attraction teaches us that thoughts turnedtwo things, and so essentially what that
also means is whatever is happening inwithin my sound, the sound of my
system. I wrote vibrational frequency,which could have been put into place in
this lat lifetime, prior lifetimes orthe genetic lineage. I'm going to be
a tracting whatever is a going asa match to my sound, and oftentimes
that sound or those imprints are containedwithin the subconscious landscape. So, yes,
shit sucks and it's not your faulton a conscious kind of d level.
But when we get into this biggerexperience of what it is to be
God, force energy or a soulcontinued and inside a human body. We
are not just here to enjoy theplanet, were it. Were here to
contribute to a bigger purpose. Asfar as far as what what I know,
you know, you don't know.One else has to agree with that.
But as far as what I know, so when when I say take
accountability and responsibility, it doesn't looklike, Oh shit, I caused that,
it looks like, okay, okay, that happened. What do I
do with it? How can Ilearn? How can I grow? How
can I use this to help others? What do I do with this?
And so I bring into to mymy work the fuck you. Thank you.
Fuck you. That sucks. Idon't want that. I'm very clear
that. That's that's my know.You know it. Thank you for this
opportunity to go deeper with why I'mhere and contributing to my lineage, contributing
to my legacy. How do youdo that? And how do you do
that? Okay, so it's acombon. It's multifaceted for each and every
person, depending on where they arewith their communication and their relationship to emotional
release. There are so many beautifultools out there where the practitioner does stuff
for you, and I'm in aplace now with my work on myself and
for my clients is I want toprovide the tools of clients are doing the
work for themselves. So this lookslike you know that for a practice,
that that eight to eight hundred andforty five of screaming and crying and really
getting it out of your system.There has to be a physical expression of
emotional release to me, which Ifeel as first before you can even really
grasp accountability, before you can reallystep there and learn the lessons and provide,
you know, for others from whatyou've been through. And a lot
of people might think that, likeyou, I'm an exercise right a's like,
oh, I got you know,I exercise, I exercisement emotions out.
It's like that's cool, but that'snot doing shit for your throat Chakra.
Right, exercise. It's supportive.Get the massage, it's supportive.
You know, do the breath work, do everything, but you have to
have a really beautiful relationship with youremotional expression. So I say would be
first. Yeah, I think partof it also is, like I'll go
back to some examples that I've sharedin the past around things like let's say
something happens. You know, youhave a an interaction with another human being
that is a less than ideal one. Someone does something to Piss you off,
and I was like to talk likestraight up language. Right, somebody
does something to Piss you off andit's a rotten thing that this person is
done. You fill in the blanks. But ever, that looks like for
you and there are a couple ofoptions there for you. What is to
say, Oh, that person sucks, right, and that could very well
be true, and we heal andwe grow and we evolve when we take
accountability in those situations. So optionone is that person sucks, and then
what you have drawn attention to isan experience that happened to you and then
you continue on your life to haveyour experiences. A second way of looking
at it could be, wow,this person did these things, and then
turning the attention back on yourself tosay, wow, someone did something,
someone overstepped, someone did something tooffend me, and what I did was
I said a boundary or someone didsomething to offend me and they clearly blew
through a boundary that I had setand I didn't do anything about that.
That's where the learning is or someonedid something and now I'm going to take
accountability for the situation by letting themknow what they did and lovingly letting them
know that, you know, thisis not a person that I want in
my world or in my life,and so I'm not speaking. You know,
sometimes things do happen and I don'twant to imply that things don't just
happen. Sometimes. We live onthis planet with a lot of other people
and some people are just you know, sometimes things happen and ninety percent of
ninety five percent of the things thathappen in our world are things that give
us a very direct opportunity to learnand to grow, you know, but
you got to look at yourself,you know, like yeah, look at
the other person, but that's notdoing a whole lot for you. What's
going to help is when you lookat yourself in the situation. Yes,
yeah, there's a it's in thespiritual community. There's a whole you know,
there's a lot about the universal mirrorand the mirrors reflection and all that
kind of stuff, and I thinkthat that is true and I think a
lot of times that if you're metwith some undesirable behavior from another person.
It's not necessarily that you are treatinganother you're treating others in that way that
they are mirroring to you. It'softentimes that you're treating yourself the way that
this person is treating you. Andso with that that's like where the fuck
you? Thank you comes Mrs justlike, Oh my God. And and
I've been in this place recently aroundit like, you know, unapologetic living,
where I no longer require people toapologize for what they've done because I'm
able to learn from it all andsee how I've created that experience for myself.
It doesn't mean that I might wantthat behavior in my life again.
Very comlicative, I I, youknow, but it's like okay, that
that's not a match for me.That's not a match for me. That's
okay. If that isn't not true, that's totally cool, but it's no
longer kind of like this, andI'm getting other people on board, like
I just cancel culture shit where it'sjust like let's heard everybody in chance.
I was like yeah, there's kindof attention to something else, right.
It's like yeah, and so that'swhat I do is like wow, that
is not a match for me.But okay, let's so you know's a
whole. There's a lot of differentways we could go about this, but
I you know, you know thatwhere it? Where am I choosing to
focus? Where's the boundary? Where'sthe Chink in the armor of the boundary?
Where can I develop a deeper relationshipwith myself? Absolutely, and what
do you do about those situations whenyou're confronted with them? Yeah, and
here, if you're I I amnot a big fan of holding things in
in a moment where shit hits thefan, because it creates so much toxicity
in your body. So other peoplemight not agree with this, but if
some things in your field and youdon't like it, say it, HMM,
and there's a responsible way to dothat. And if you're have that
daily practice, you know that whenShit hits the thing, you're going to
come to the table in a veryresponsible way. HMM. So I'd be
messy at first, right my like, I'm from New York, like there's
we don't y hole rights and wejust say it. There's a lot of
fifth Chakra release in the northeast.Do you notice that after you release that
like you're not carrying it around withyou for the rest of the day in
the week and the dreams and everything'sjust like I get it out and then
Ye, yeah, and I thinkalso it's really a lesson and being able
to setting yourself up for success andprocessing what's going on, because what happens
is that something happens and it's likefeedback, right. The best time to
give feedback is when the thing happens, when you walk away and you kind
of go off and think about otherthings and then other thoughts come into the
situation, you are then carrying arounddouble what actually happened. It's kind of
like when you're training a new puppy, when you're house training a puppy,
right, and the puppy does theoffense, you know, on your carpet,
you know whatever. If you goback to that puppy three days later
to talk about what they did,they are just like, what are you
talking I don't even know what you'resaying. They've gone on to a million
other things, and so it reallyis, yeah, most beneficial to address
what needs to be addressed in themoment that something happens. Even if,
and this is for the folks whosay, Oh, I just need to
give it some time so I can, you know, process and all that.
That's fine if that's what's if that'swhat works for you, and it's
really important to understand how important itis to process the thing, deal with
it so that you can move on. You know, and sometimes when we
go to do what we call process, we're actually finding out ways, looking
for ways to edit and to filterand to come up with, you know,
the right thing to say to theperson, versus saying, you know,
even if you don't have the fullanswer. Sometimes it could be as
simple as that. Really hurt.I feel hurt by what you said and
I don't want to go off onyou right now or I don't really know
exactly what I'm feeling and I willcome back to you, you know,
but I'm feeling hurt by what happened. You know, versus pretending perfect,
fucking around with it, you know, it's just not it's not it's not
the most productive thing to do.Yeah, I want to talk a little
bit about you've done a lot oftalking about creating your imprint on the planet
and I know that you're a largepart of what you're doing during this lifetime
is focused on ensuring your accountability forthe imprint that you're making on this planet.
Can you talk a little bit aboutthat? Yeah, thank you absolutely.
You know, I'm I am nostranger to fucking shit up, and
I would say, you know,the thing that my personal journey is required
the most in order to leave theimprint that I want is to strengthen my
nervous system, because I am sosensitive and in such a powerful way that
when you, and you I'm sureyou know this right, it's like when
you when your aura is expanded toa place where you are front facing and
people are listening and people are looking, one third of the people are one
of the people are going to getand then one through the people are real
really not going to be into yourshit and they're going to be vocal about
it. So that has been,you know, especially in this past like
year and a half, two yearsof how can I upgrade my nervous system
in a way where that's okay,that's part of it, because I'm here
to be a leader in a certaincapacity where I'm walking the talk of this
work and people are going to loveit or they're not. So so that's
been a big one. And sowhat I do is I dive into like
massive amounts of coodeling, Yoga,massive amounts of emotional release work, massive
amounts of speaking. And you know, as far as that unapologeticness goes and
accountability goes, is I'm not.I'm I am really working on not apologizing
for the things that I've done andthe things that I do, because I
know I'm clear with my intention andI know I'm not here to get it
perfect. I'm here to do mybest. And so I do something that
someone doesn't like and that's part ofmeeting a legacy. That's part of it.
M I know I'm doing my best. Previous, previous, could I
say that I was doing my best? There's a lot. There's times when
I work, but when I wasat so what I've really done, what
other people could do, is like, okay, break it down. What
are your daily tasks look like?Okay, and go six months into the
future. Or what after you transitionof the planet? What is left behind?
It I died tomorrow, what's left? And if I'm focused on paying
my bills and if I'm focused onwhatever else, and and while I'm focus
on those things, I am nothappy surviving passionate, then my legacy is
going to disappear, my in isgoing to disappear. I'm not saying paying
the bills and all the things aren'timportant, but you have to add,
we have to ask why am Ihere and why am I doing this and
how I focused while I'm doing this, because what I want, if there's
not a piece of the essence ofwhat I want continued with an each and
everything that I do throughout my day, I'm not going to leave the legacy
that I came here to meet.And what is that? My legacy is
to guide others into waking up.I'm here now, I'm here now,
and I'm here now. Oh myGod, I'm here now. There are
so many we're continued right now withinlike a one could say a war on
consciousness. It's so how can Ibe sure that I'm tapped into my consciousness?
These are my my transmissions, andI'm choosing to tap into these are
my transmissions. They're truly serving myhighest and best. These are my transmissions
that are really serving my highest andbest, my path and purpose, instead
of just kind of infiltrated by fearand distraction and the best house and the
body and the fashion and whatever else. I don't. I'm as saying don't,
don't pay attention to those things.But where are you? Oh,
how are you aligned? Where's what'syour sound doing? How can you make
sure? You can just from yourposture, that you're focused on those things
in a way that is for you. So that is my legacy to encourage
people to wake up and be asmost of them as they can while they're
here. The most of who youare. That comes from eliminating the parts
of you that or the the behaviorsthat truly are not you like that.
I like that. How do youstay in the now when things are bad,
shit crazy around you? We knowdo to stay in the now.
Koud any, Yoga, mantra,meditation, key, key, key,
key. You. Your brain isa tool. It's like, you know,
it's a radio, right, andso it's like, am I going
to have hazardly to my radio?And so, you know, songs on
repeat that I don't like. Right, it's so or not. Right,
I have to manually turn the knobof my own tuner in order to stay
in the now. So I'm continuouslychanting mantra, I'm continuously doing some breathwork
throughout the day. I'm continuously.We can now, now, I'll even
say now and now, and I'mhere now and your now. So for
me, mantra is the name ofthe game. And when you practice meditation
of Mantra and couldn't' something like aCoodlini Yoga or Chee Gong or something like
that, you have the it's ayou strengthened, right strengthened. You become
kind of like an athlete, youknow, master practitioner of your own you
know mechanism. That's key, andyou have to believe the mantras that you're
saying. So I mean I chant. You know these ain't I can't an
a mantras right. Couldn't feel kickmantras, but you can even do like
an affirmation, but an affirmation thatyou step and believe, not an affirmation
that you don't write. It's likeif you have not going to chant your
way into believing something right, butit's like an example could be I really
want, really want, to getto a place where I love myself,
I know that I really I wantto believe that. I want, you
know, something like that. Youactually can like genuinely vibrate like in residence
with so for me, how Iget into my now mantra. SOTING.
I'm sotting. I'm sotting on whyyou'd like it, to write, driving
downs your while you write, youto why you Rita and then look up
the window of nature. Hands Right. So almost a lucive gene technique.
But while you're awake, my hands, you know, just like coming into
like very tactile experience with your ownjust form. Those are some really good
tools. How about you? Whatdo you do? What do you do?
What do I do to stay inthe now? Yes, May I
my morning practice is really important andthat is, you know, those first
few minutes of the day and theirdays where it's an hour or there are
days where it's fifteen minutes, thereare days where it's, you know,
an hour and a half. Itdepends on what's going on and it's my
day. Most of the time.My intention is for my day to start
with clear intention, like what doI have going on today and what do
I what do I want out ofthis day? What do I want for
myself out of this day? Whatdo I want for the people with whom
I interact? What do I wantwant from myself and from the people with
whom I interact and from God andfrom whatever support is around me, both
the support that I'm acutely aware ofand conscious of and the support that's outside
of the realm of what I cansee on a day to day and minute
to minute practice. So that isa vital part of the way that I
start my moments every day. Andthen it's really remembering who I am and
that I'm not alone in the momentsthroughout my day. So, for example,
right now you and I are talkingand I'm here, and I'm not
going to say that there aren't timeswhere I'm in a conversation, I'm thinking
about other things, but really Imake a concerted effort to be in the
thing that I'm actually doing. Soif I'm washing dishes, I'm washing dishes,
if I'm washing dishes and listening tomusic, I'm washing dishes and listening
to music. And if I'm washingdishes, listening to music and ranting about
something that someone did to Piss meoff or something that I'm doing or not
doing, then I'm consciously aware thatthat's what I'm actually spending my time doing,
because what that helps me with isensuring that I am giving the proper
energy, or the appropriate energy tothe appropriate situation right because if not,
I can get up and it'll belike two hours later and I've spent two
hours cursing somebody out Huh in myhead or cursing some situation out in my
head and not and, you know, just having it be time that just
leaked away from me, versus saying, you know what, no, I'm
going to sit here for five minutesand that Blah Blah Blah did such and
such, and I'm gonna like dothis so that there's an end to it
for me, you know, andso it's really you know, what I
have found is that I have thebest days when I'm clear and when I've
taken the time to take care ofmyself and when I've taken the time to
check in with myself and to ensurethat the relationship with myself is intact,
loving and of high quality, becauseonce my relationship with myself is tended to,
I find that everything else kind oflays out and happens, you know,
in a pretty good way. Andit doesn't mean that I don't have
situations where that are more challenging thanothers or challenging conversation stations that I have
to have. I want to havethose conversations having been in love with myself,
so that I can exude that toother people, you know, because
when I don't Li Sawn as awhole different character. We saw on I'm
impatience. I am I will cushyour ass out. I will. It's
all about like it's all about blockingand protection and my space versus your space
or, you know, seeing whatyou do as the collective, you as
something you're doing against me, versusme having this experience and witnessing different things
and choosing how I'm going to interactand with those situations that occur. A
spicy I know. That's what Ido. That's my thank and lots of
walks. You know, taken awalk is and I think that's part of
the movement that you talked about.You know, when you know, being
aware of my energy. Sometimes,you know, when there's a lot going
on, I can feel like thisex I could feel, you know,
tension. You know what's what's definedas tension, or lay Abo this tension,
and I can either sit with thatand just experience myself having tension,
or what works for me is getup and move, and so sometimes it's
a walk around the block, right. It doesn't have to be like this
whole you know thing. Sometimes it'ssimply walking around the block. And what
I find is that as I startto move, that energy starts to move
as well and kind of even out, and then I feel better and my
thoughts are a little clearer and Irealize that the thing that happened is not
the end of the world. Youknow, it has not. My entire
apple card is not overturned. It'sjust a thing that goes from being like
this huge thing to like being aten minute blip. You know that I
can move on from. Yeah,yeah, it's what. Go ahead,
I was gonna say. Yeah,when you develop this relationship with yourself where
you can understand your patterns and yourbehaviors and and what's going on, then
you can give yourself the time andspace and the tools that you need so
you can show up, like youwere saying, when I can show up
all with all that is me andI can show up with like a dial
relationship with myself. And, youknow, because I have access to so
much information and all of these inall the information could potentially serve my highest
and best. But I know withme, you know, as as I
as I learned what kind of likemy human design astrology, which is a
whole other ballpark, but it's it'sbeen so helpful for me as like Oh,
okay, so you know, mymy pattern is, you know,
I have access to the information,I go all over the place because I
have the reas energetic resource to beable to pull off every option that I'm
downloading. But then I do notdo that and let the let the client
come and and then there's a path. Yeah, I love that you said
that, because I think people there, you know, there are people for
whom meditation, journaling, that kindof thing comes naturally, and there are
other people that really maybe don't feelthe same way. And I'm really happy
that you just said that, becausewhen it reminds me of is that this
work that we do, all ofthis work, is really so that you
can quiet down enough to be ableto learn who you truly are. And
when you walk the planet, takingin only external stimulus and respond, walking
around, kind of reacting to whatpeople are doing and saying and the circumstances
that befall you, you can literallycarve yourself out of the equation. And
so these practices of sitting down foran hour and a half, as you
do to a couple of times aday, and just like getting quiet and
connecting and mantra and prayer, whateverit is that you're doing, those are
ways to really help you to witnesswho you really are and how you're really
behaving on this planet so that youcan course correct where you need to or
bring out of you the things thatyou really want to bring out of you.
And that happens when you give yourselfthe time and the relationship with yourself
it's just like a relationship with anyoneelse. Right. So try having a
relationship and not being willing to givean hour a day to that relationship.
You know that relationship is going tostall, it's going to be stagnant,
it's not going to grow. Andso when we're willing to look at the
relationship that we're in with ourselves withthat same intention, excuse me, that
same intention, that same juiciness,that same curiosity, like, oh,
how interesting is it that people justdog you out and you seem to smile
about it and not say anything.But you know, when you know that
you don't really want that and thatthere's something that you have to say but
you're not expressing that. How interestingis that? What are we going to
do about that? Right, youcan't. It's hard to get there unless
you've given it the time and energyand attention. I love that. And
it's not easy, right, likenone of this is easy, but you
develop the muscle and the resilience thatyou in, the stamina that you need
so that you're ready to show upand you have the courage behind it.
So you do it. You know, becomes your new your new normal.
I love that comparison with the relationshipand anyone who might be doing like reparenting
with themselves. HMM, that's whatit is. We write like how much
time are you going to give yourown child? Yeah, you have to
give yourself at least are some sortof fraction of that time when you're doing
this work if you want it tomake a dent. Yeah, yeah,
Brandy, tell me about a couple. I have two questions for you.
One is what, and you talkedearlier about like your legacy, like Brandy
Knight, what do you want peopleto know about you after you have left
this lifetime wild courageous hilarity, deeplyloving and passionate, ultra creative and talented
and a Mama. Yeah, yeah, and what would you say to the
younger woman who was doing a wholelot of avoidance work many years ago?
What would you say to her today? It's okay to cry, it's okay,
it's okay to feel. You canfeel. It's Great Express. It's
okay to speak, it's okay,okay, okay to know. It's okay
to know, it's okay to bewrong. It's okay to be an accurate
and it's okay to be accurate.That it's okay. I think that's what
people want to know, that it'sokay. Yeah, yeah, brandy,
thank you so much this, son. Thank you that love so much.
I love you two and we haven'tthis is we haven't spoken in a really
long time, so it's really niceto have a chance to talk and to
share, even if we're doing itin front of a whole bunch of people.
I'm really happy that we did alittle tango today. This fills really
good I know that you are tellthe audience where they can get in contact
with you and what you can helpthem with. You can hop on my
website intercalling. I NARCA, youlngcom all of my informations there. We
can even contact me all my youknow, instagram. All that's there.
What I am bringing to the tableis a personalized prescriptive the yogic emotional release
experience. It's a guided personal experiencewhere you are applying tools every day to
your life, where you can stepinto your destiny, remember why you came
to the planet and so still yourmission and leave your legacy for your lineage.
Randy, thank you so much forstopping by. I appreciate you.
Thank you. I appreciate you toI really hope that you enjoyed listening to
my conversation with Brandy Knight as muchas I enjoyed having it. I hadn't
spoken to brandy in a really longtime, and so it was really nice
to just sit down and vibe withher for a bit and and catch up,
and to also share with all ofyou some of her incredible practices and
insights into the way that she's walkingthis planet and how she wants to show
up. Thank you, as always, for listening to the shaping freedom podcast.
Please continue to listen. Let meknow what you want to hear me
talking about with people, and pleasealso take the time to rate and review
the podcast and this episode, whereveryou hear your podcasts. And until next
time, Take Care, love andpeace,