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After a brief hiatus, Lisane is excited to be back with this week’s guest, Cynthia Delaney, founder of Equilibrium By Cynthia. Cynthia is a yoga teacher, a lightworker, and a healer who emanates joy, happiness, and centeredness. This episode is a conversation about diving into your soul, confronting the things that stand in the way of our joy, and what you do when you find yourself in that dark night of the soul place, those times that send you into the fetal position on your floor, where you are wondering what you're going to do and how you're going to move forward. There are so many things that are beautiful about this life experience and so many ways that we can tap into the solutions for the things that may not feel as good.

About Cynthia:

I believe we arrive on this planet with, ultimately, one goal: to spark a revolution within our souls. Because each one of us has been graced with a song in our hearts—an anthem thatʼs been written in the stars—that is meant to guide us to our fullest potential and purpose, and that purpose is to uplift each other and the world. As an entrepreneur, certified yogi, spiritual healer, and soul teacher, itʼs my joy to curate magical experiences for others to spark their empowerment journey. Equilibrium offers yoga, meditation, divine light healing, soul journey retreats, and astrology for your soul.

Connect with Cynthia at or on Instagram @equilibriumbycynthia.

Shaping Freedom With Lisane Basquiat
Welcome to Shaping Freedom where we teach you how to create the change you want so you are empowered to author a life story you love to read. I am your host, Lisane Basquiat. Each week I'll speak with inspirational leaders and we'll explore and share practical ways to create extraordinary life experiences!

Episode transcripts

Hey, there you all. Thisis Lisan Boskia, the founder of shaping
freedom, and first of all Iam going to welcome myself back. It
has been a little bit since Irecorded a podcast episode. I have been
knee deep in a bunch of otherreally exciting projects, but I really missed
this that I missed you all,and some really excited to be back and
particularly excited to introduce to you mynext guest. She is the founder of
equilibrium by Cynthia. This woman emanatesjoy and happiness and centeredness and I met
her over instagram. Actually, she'slocal to San Diego as well, but
somehow another, we found each otheron instagram. Cynthia is a yoga teacher,
she's a light worker and a healer, and the conversation that we had
was a conversation really about diving intoyour soul, taking a look at your
soul, confronting the things that standin the way of our joy, and
also what you do when you findyourself self in a place of being,
in that dark night of the soul, those times that send you into the
fetal position on your floor where youare wondering what you're going to do and
how you're going to move forward,and Cynthia and I had a chat about
that, during which she shared herown journey. There's so much to get
out of this interview and I amreally excited for you to be able to
experience it, and so, withoutfurther ADO, here is my conversation with
Cynthia. So, good morning,Cynthia. I am so excited to share
a few minutes here this morning withCynthia Delaney. Cynthia and I do not
know each other or this is thefirst conversation that we're having, and we
are also instagram buddies, and soit's funny how you can have conversation with
people on social media and connect andfeel as if you know each other or
that at least you've started the conversation. Some really excited to put a face
to the name and anyway, yeah, and a voice to the words.
Cynthia and I were chat being acouple of moments ago about the fact that
she is just back from her annualyoga retreat. Soul Song, is that
the name of it? Yeah,Soul Song, you treat that's right.
Yeah, so maybe why don't youintroduce yourself to the audience and let them
know a little bit about what happensduring some yeah, love to thank you,
lissn. It's such a pleasure tobe here. Thank you for inviting
me. You're welcome US speak withyou and to meet you. And Yeah,
I said in our pre recorded conversationthat I just love what you're doing
and your work is very much kindof like the same thing that I'm doing,
from a different perspective, I think, because we both begin with that.
The minute you stop being the victimof your life and you take charge
of your life, that's when thingsare going to change, right. So
absolutely. Yeah. So I reallyappreciate what you're doing and love to talk
to you and love to talk ingeneral about just the journey of the soul,
right. I mean that is whywe're all here. We're here it's
it's not a dress, that's rehearsalright, we're here to really learn and
grow. And so my work asan entrepreneur and, you know, Yoga
teacher, spiritual healer, I domeditation and I teach and talk about the
soul, the journey of the soul. So, anyway, I lead extended
retreat in Colorado, which is fourdays and it's a small, exclusive one
that takes place usually every September.It's a beautiful time there and it's about
transition time, and so we justgot back and it was a weekend of
everybody coming there was looking for somefresh perspective, you know, because we're
all just changing. Things are changing, and also it seems like everybody's at
a transition point right now, Imean after covid and everything. So just
to allow that time to get outof your usual groove and to get everybody
there on eighty five acres of beautifulsage brush snuggled right against the Old San
Juan Mountains, and there's nothing.I go wow, the music in those
mountains gets you singing your song,let me tell you. So we had
an adventure and you know, it'sa good balance between activities and meditation,
and that's why I named my businessequilibrium, because it is about balance,
right, I mean. So that'sbasically my joy, to just help us,
you know, help women find thatwholeness and that balance within themselves through
the spiritual practices. Really that's mainlymy focus. So yeah, I love
that you're leading that and, asyou know, I am a huge supporter
of helping people to really stand intheir skin, to stand fully in their
lives and to do that from aplace of empowerment and from a place of
full receptivity of the person that wethat you are, the person that you're
created to be. So I lovelike you are certainly singing my song,
my sins right here, you know, because you know life is it's a
challenge and it is this beautiful journeythat ebbs and flows and their dips and
you know that happened along the way. And the importance of finding time to
resonate with your soul, the SelfK you know, you're really the true
selfcare, which is ensuring that you'reconnecting in spiritually, is the thing that
helps the rest of the year godifferently, you know, and lighter.
So I really am happy to hearthat you're doing that work. Thank you.
Yeah, and you know it takescourt, it takes courage and it
does take just self inquiry, right. I mean you have to be willing
to go there. I know forthe longest time I wasn't willing to go
there. I was just living thatautopilot life, you know, easy,
breezy, and really in some waysthat works for you, because then you
don't put any pressure on yourself andthings just sort of come you know,
and it's like yeah, I know, I think you're feeling it, but
it's like, you know, youwind up pushing everything into a closet and
living like in one percent, ifyou were capacitory that stuff down in that
pat door's box, until one dayit busts out on you. Yeah,
I know, that was my experience. So, at any rate, I
I do find that when I takethat time and I go inward really and
connecting with that. And you know, the place that I found that first
was on my Yoga Mat and,of course, you know, through church
and everything. I mean I've alwaysbeen a soul seeker and, you know,
trying to find meaning, a greatermeaning. So as it turned out,
you know, I had a blowback. Oh and when this all
began, this spiritual awakening for me, which you know, is a journey,
when you look back, you've reallybeen doing it all your life.
You've been accepting and seeing different aspectsof yourself. But the big turning point
for me was in what year wasthat? Two Thousand and fourteen, our
daughter, my husband and I haveone child, and she went off to
college and she wanted to go tocollege in England because she wanted to be
an English professor and you know,when you have one kid you want them
to have it all right. Soshe went off to England and it was
just really devastating having her that faraway. And also, you know,
just that you realize that when you'remarried to someone, just when that other
person isn't around and what's left betweenyou two? Right? So yeah,
me and my husband, we endedup deciding to split up. We were
apart for about eighteen months with theintention of divorce, you know, just
letting it settle, trying to justcreate our new lives wherever we were at
that point. And it was justthe first time that I was ever alone,
really alone in my with myself,because, you know, I'm I'm
kind of out there. I'm aoutgoing person. I have an extroverse,
extrovert personality, but being alone wasscary for me. So that is when
I was so lonely, so afraid, and I just started doing yoga all
the time, like every day,and stay just once a week, you
know, and I started taking thisbeautiful class with this woman named Marie and
she just opened me up to somuch more the depth of my own being
that it was only found when Iwas being quiet and silent and breathing.
And then, of course, prayingwas always important. I started meditating and
finding that comfort and just the spaciousnessthat it brought me, and the mm
just as well, of my ownwisdom that I had all along that I
didn't know it, you know,because sometimes we can let others take care
of things for us, right,and whether or not we agree with it,
we just it's easier that way notto take charge. So so,
anyway, that was the unfolding ofit all, and the blessing of it
was I started the yoga training.I didn't even want to or think about
teaching or doing anything. Up untilthat point I'd been the professional mother and
volunteer and you know, in mychurch I was very active as a euchroustic
minister and leader of Youth Group andprayer partners and all kinds of stuff.
So anyway, I was busy.But anyway I started with this idea,
well, I'm going to do thisyoga training just for personal transformation, and
I found out, guess what,I'm a good teacher, I'm methodical,
I'm a virgo, so I knowhow to get times day to yeah,
Burgers, we're in that, thevergobotment. It's beautiful. The high expression
of Virgo is good. So sometimesI got a tame down that lower but
wow, get out. Yeah.So, anyway, get into the long
story. Short. Started that path. Realize, Oh my God, this
is so damn good I have toshare this. So in my home I
have a big, beautiful backyard.I said, let's do yoga. We
put in a yoga studio just inan old play room that's got this open
loft area. So anyway, Iinvited, you know, just some of
my friends to come and that's howequilibrium by Cynthia was born, because the
balance that it brought me, thosespiritual practices was just a life changing and
through that transformation, this one thingled to another, as it does,
you know, and Lo and behold, my husband and I we got back
together. We are happier than we'veever been and we needed that time apart
to grow, each one of usindividually, and now it's just been the
mission for my soul to continue thatgrowth and also just share. That what
I understand about it now, justlike you're doing this son. Yeah,
I love that story. And sowhat were what were the major things that
you learned while on that Matt,during that those eighteen months? Such a
great question. I learned how reactiveI was to the external I learned how
the compass was actually from within,not what I was seeing outside of myself,
and I also learned that I dolove my husband. I did love
him, even though I was somad at him I could just taken his
little beautiful neck and just done somethingbad. Yeah, might have. With
the point is, when you havethat time to figure things out and that
space and that just moment to closeyour eyes and drop in there, and
you know what stuff comes up andyou got to deal with it. The
fact that I'm not proud of alot of the ways and the things I
used to do, you know.But what are you going to do about
it? You're going to rectify,you're going to make those apologies, you're
going to go out and try to, you know, make good on that,
and then you're gonna teach others hownot to do the stupid things that
you did by just taking time forthemselves. Right. So did you find?
Did you find that the was thekey for you, spending time with
yourself so that you could explore wasthat the the catalyst to write the relationship
with yourself and the relationship that youwere able to refuel, I guess,
with your husband. Yeah, thatis a beautiful way of putting it.
Empowering Myself, and you know,I'm naturally a happy person. I know
sometimes people don't like to hear that, but I just I always was that
way. I just I don't haveyou know, I have not been depressed,
thank God. I've never been likejust in that except for that.
During that time I was in thatplace of despair and I thought for the
first time, oh my God,how do people wake up every day like
this? I mean I grew mycompassion when I myself was knocked off of
my usual you know, joy trainor whatever you want to call it,
which, yeah, included a lotof avoidance probably, and things like that.
But I've really been just like thatdolphin, just going with the flow.
Whatever was expected of me, whateverwas going to happen, I let
it happen and I shaped it alittle bit here and there. Went to
college, got a job as aflight attendant. Loved that job, love
flying, traveling, meeting people andbut all, at the end of the
day, all I was doing washaving fun. I wasn't doing anything meaningful,
and then when I became a mother, that was a whole nother thing.
You're in that mode, as youknow you have children, of just
taking care of business right, takingcare of business, trying to do there
the right thing, the best thingfor everybody, and then when they go
bye bye, it's like wow,what am I working with here? Who
Am I and what have I beendoing? So I think it was that
awareness of taking responsibility. I remember, I remember it clearly. I was
on the bottom of a hose onthe floor and my closet, my husband
had just come I was away andmy parents house and he had just come
back and taken all of his clothesout of our closet that we share and
it was empty and I went inthere and was something. I'm still kind
of emotional about it. It wasthe first time I was like, oh
my he's really gone, this isreally happening. I went down on my
knees crying and I just put myhead down and I just said I can't,
I can't be alone, I justcan't be alone. And I swear
a voice inside me said yes,you can and you will and you're going
to do this, and that waswhen I was just like, yeah,
I've got to learn how to bealone, and that's what I do.
So it's takes some kinds of crisis, of Little Dark Knight of the soul
right to spur us into action.But what I found out is that I
absolutely had everything I needed all along, and I'm so glad. You know,
two things that you said that Iwant to point out. One is
I to have, for the mostpart throughout my life, been a pretty
I'm a pretty optimistic person. Yeah, and I try really actively to see
the positive in things, because Icome from a belief system that says you
get to choose what you're going totake from a situation, and so you
can either take the story that paintsyou as a victim or as someone to
whom horrible things happen and that tenpeople are terrible doing the horrible things,
or you can look at it andsee a what are you learning from that
situation? Who are you in thatsituation? Because that's really the thing,
like that's the thing, like aperson can do anything or we encounter unpleasant
things, or potentially unpleasant things allthe time, and the real question and
the question that matters and where wehave influence is who we are in that
situation and what we do. Andso I'm sorry, I'm kind of like
digressing because I have like fiftyzero thoughtsat one time. Point I'm making is
that sometimes, when, and Ithink a lot of folks are today feeling
anxious or depressed or feeling sadder thanthey are accustomed to feeling, and sometimes
it's not this horrible pit that you'rein. You're actually on your journey to
something else and that journey sometimes feelsuncomfortable. It's just like learning a new
pose in Yoga. where, yeah, where you you know? I'll tell
you for myself. I throughout thepandemic. I was one of those put
on covid weight people and I didnot do a lot of work and I
did a lot of working. Andso when I first got back on my
that I went to do as simpleoppose as downward facing dog, and I
got to tell you, my armswere like, what the actual heck are
you just? You can't do andyou did it, but I did it
right. And so you can takethose moments, those few seconds, are
those few minutes of your day andcall those the make that the star of
your story, or you can understandthat it's actually taking you someplace else,
because had you not experienced that discomfort, had you not felt the way that
you felt and had the thoughts thatyou had, you it would have been
very difficult for you to get towhere you are today, having gotten to
the other side of this. AndI said absolutely truth. And you know
what, I recognize that and andI'm so, so blessed by and with,
you know, all of the helpthat I've had, I mean my
teachers. I attend a metaphysical schoolthat has just totally transformed the way that
I view life itself and anyway,I'm so grateful for all the support and
the help that I've had. Andreally we cannot do it alone. We
just can't see because we need thosementors and those people who, in that
moment when you're down on your knees, they have that little ladder and you
can just see it up there andyou're need to grab onto that run you
know they're waiting for you up thereright absolutely, and I totally resonate with
what you said about it being likejust taken at one step at a day
at a time, and absolutely dailypractices transform you. That is my mantra.
Absolutely, it is the total transformation. You have to do a little
bit, not a lot, justa little bit every day and you're going
to stay in your group. Ibelieve that's true. That's true every for
you. Yeah, thank you.That's true of everything in life. It's
true even of growing a plant.You know, you get a plan,
you don't douse it with a littlebit of water and walk in the next
day and have the thing you knowtowering over you. So long to learn
that and I killed everything I everhad when I was younger. It takes
time. It takes time and Ithink that sometimes we are we see people
who are smiling and who have gonethrough the journey and who have established,
you know, their entrepreneurial endeavors orwhatever the things are that we do on
our during our journey, and Ithink sometimes people miss the fact that it
is a journey and it takes timeand you don't learn all the things in
one second. No, and youknow what it takes, perseverance and discipline
and to attain anything, especially tomaster your lower self, your ego.
You're the parts of you that areso ingrained that you believe that they're you.
But then you realize, man,that's not really cool that I do
that or I think that way orI mean and and during this past oh
man, covid for everybody, whatan eye open her into our own the
wallpaper of our minds. Right,absolutely totally crazy stuff came up. For
me, yeah, like wow,I never even felt that I saw things
that way. I've been just reallydoing some deep soul searching with along with
the rest of the planet. Afterwhat two thousand and twenty, that's January,
two thousand and twenty some yeah,turning point? Well, yes,
and I think it absolutely has feltlike and seemed like a huge turning point.
And I don't I think that forthose of us who are in the
service, in the work of service, I think it's also very important that
we recognize that it's not over.No, it's not over. Are Of
this. This is a and whatI what I meet, just to clarify
what I mean by that statement thatit's not over, is that's so so
many of us were, I thinkthings are changing today, and so many
of us were ways to just kindof pick ourselves up by a bootstraps and
keep it going and to walk throughsometimes really challenging situations. Just shake it
off, put on a little bitof lipstick or, you know, put
your tie on or whatever the thingsare that you do in the persona of
your daytoday life, to just dothose things and keep it trucking. And
what I'm observing is more and morepeople who are struggling to get back on
their feet, whatever that looks like, but to get back to their center,
because the truth of the matter isis that no matter what side of
the political fence of personal is on, it doesn't matter. No matter what
side of the, you know,racism fence a person is on does not
really matter in this conversation or thepublic health situation, whatever side of the
fence VACs not fat whatever. Yeah, the truth of the matter is that
every single one of us have experiencedsomething happening in our world that is so
different from anything that we've ever experiencedbefore, and we may be a little
better prepared should something like this happenagain at some point in some other way,
but this we've never experienced and it'sreally important, especially, I believe,
for us as people who are inservice to the soul and to the
spirit, that we recognize that andhelp people to understand that what you're feeling
doesn't mean that your life is shitty. It means that we are getting to
a point in this process where thesurvival mechanisms are starting to maybe dissipate a
little bit and once you get tothe other side of a survival point,
you have to turn or your calledto now face some of the other things
that we're going on that perhaps youcould not deal with at the time.
Very similar, if you don't mindme saying, share the experience that you
had where it's like you're raising kidsand you don't have, I mean you
have some time to think about thingsthat are going on. I had a
similar experience where I was raising childrenwith my ex husband and that takes a
lot of energy in time and youknow, working home and children and all
of that, and then there comesa point when some of that gets pulled
away. You know, they getolder or whatever, and they got a
high school, but they go tohigh school whatever, and then they got
high so they don't want to talkto you exactly, and then said they're
not talking to me. I guess, Hey, who are you? Who
Am I? Who are you that? So I just I'm saying that and
sharing that, just to say forfolks who are maybe feeling a little off
their axel right now. So it'sperfectly understandable, it is and we all
have our role. Right like me, I'm let's just say, you know,
I resonate with all of the activismpeople on the streets. My daughter
is in Brooklyn, New York,big time out there for all of the
causes that means something to her,the things that were awakened, the racism,
the inequality, all the issues ofequity. I guess what. I
value that so much and she's goodat that, but I'm not good at
being loud and getting out there withthat voice, you know. But I
feel like I can help spread thatcompassion, that love through other ways,
you know, with writing. Ido newsletter where it's inspirational, you know
what we're going through at the time. I Post a lot on Instagram,
just daily things that will bring mejoy. Joy as kind of like my
pulse point, because you've got tofind it. If you don't have that,
and you can find it even inthat dark place. There's something in
there that you can be grateful forand and celebrate. So anyway, I
feel like, you know, forme. Anyway, I see people doing
their part and it's just working,I think. To get us all on
that, you know, we arenot staying the same or not going back
and it's time to shift things.What can I do to heal myself further
that I can heal others? It'sand also just be part of the the
transition into this new, better place, and we are getting there, we
are going. It's just, yeah, it takes time. First everything has
to break down, right, it'son. It's like everything has to break
down in order to build it backup. As evidence of my life,
basically. So, but that's justI mean, that's just another analogy for
what happens in the world and Ithink if you take any experience that's happening,
you can apply it to either thebroader context, the collective, or
you can apply it to yourself.You know, if you seglect to plant,
it's going to die. If youoverwater it, if you hover,
if you you know, don't allowthe plant to grow and do go through
the process that it's meant to gothrough, you're going to to Turre its
growth or even smother it. Youknow, you know, and every situation
is really the same. It comesdown to those same very basic principles of
the way that life begins, theway that it grows, you know,
and then the way that completes atthe end. And so goodnuation that the
world is in same thing, youknow, and it needs as much light
and sun and Water and air andspace as it can possibly get, you
know. And I think the joy. Hell, yeah, joy. And
I hear a lot of people thatare like, I don't know, you
can't just be happy all the time. Really, why is it so much
better to be miserable all the time? You know, a lot of people
ask me that, like do youwake up like this? And I must
talk about that. Yeah, Ikind of do, because I set that
intention for myself, because I knowthat my ability to rise above all of
the hard struggles, I mean justeven the thing that's been weighing on my
heart heavily is those fires up inthe sequoias. Those trees are millions of
years old, I think thousands atleast, and you know, when you
think about just how a fire canjust so quickly distruct but then you think,
okay, this is a cycle.Yet we burn and we're reborn and
we learn how to not you know, take unnecessary risks and just do it
better next time. But anyway,what I was going to say was a
point about just this healing that takesplace for all of us. It doesn't
mean there's anything really that wrong withyou, it's just you want to be
closer to your real self. Andguess what, when you come in without
attitude, without judgment and everything,you have so much to be grateful for
every day. That's why I'm happy. The other day, I just look
at it like, you know what, I get to do this today,
I and even if it's something terrible, like I get to, you know,
be exhausted or I get to bewhatever I'm feeling. I don't know
what I'm trying to say there,but basically, happy is a choice that
you make every single day, andI know you do it too, and
it's easier for some people, andI think a lot of it too for
me was that I was always thatkind of sense, a sensitive person who
is observant, and when you're observingyou're in the moment, you're in that
present moment awareness where that's where everythingis happening, that's where the joy lives.
Basically, right you're not thinking abouttomorrow. You're not looking in the
past. So it's easier to behappy when you're in that present moment.
Yeah, and I think it's inand I know, I don't think,
I know for sure, that it'salso that the decision to be happens in
our minds. And so we livein a society that is learning that being
in a state of anger and repressionand frustration is actually not a healthy way
for us to move forward. AndI come from the East Coast, where
sometimes people can be here like alittle, you know, fiery. Me
Too. I'm pay where are you? Yeah, from Brooklyn. I'm a
really good playing yes, yes,love it over there. And I recognize
that there are some people who sayagain, like the world is terrible,
how could you be happier, youknow, as if being miserable helps or
as if being joyful means that youare out of touch with reality. And
when you really do take a lookat what happens in your body and in
your mind, when you're living inthe date of misery and the damage that
it does to every part of you, it is all about energy. You
hit it right there. You hitit. Make a different choice, make
a different choice, try a differentchoice and you can still do all the
things you know and respond to thethings that are going on around you that
perhaps you want to shift. Butanger and being in a combative relationship with
the world around you is just aboutas disappowering a position as you can possibly
put yourself in. disempowering and itis in a state of dissonance. Instead
of being in that staff consonance whereyou're joined with others, you're separating yourself.
It's your ego acting, yes,but you know you're talking about just
another thing that is just so amazing, and it is the the spiritual light
that forms our auric field. AreChakras filled constantly with everything that we think.
We take in all information, whatwe read, who we speak with.
We've been taking other people's energies,you know, even us, you
and me, where we're creating anagree absolutely even though we're not together.
And it yeah, so the bottomline is when you learn to master your
energy, then guess what it's like. It's like when you have in the
bottom of a little, say abowl, it's dirty water. If you
keep pouring that good, clean waterin, eventually those little sediments they get
rinsed out. But it takes timeand it's like you don't just get rid
of it all at once, youknow. So that's the practice of just
being in touch and connecting to thathigher power. I can't not talk about
that. It's on because it's veryimportant in my life. And, you
know, whatever you want to callit, God source, the higher anything.
God. Yes, God is thereand guess what, God is good
and we are given opportunities to eitherflow with God or resists. Right,
and most of our journey is spentresisting a lot and we're going to continue
to do that, I think.But we're human, but we do have
the that eternal spark, that spirit, and that's our guiding light. Absolutely.
I have two questions before we gothat I'd like to Oh great,
so say around with it way Iknow open. Okay, question number one
is we talked about. You justmentioned the fact that we do share energy,
whether we're on the phone even,you know, through social media.
You know, if I think aboutthe number of energetic connections that you make
every single day, and you're connectingto ads that are there, the movies
that you watch, the conversations thatyou engage in, everything is energy and
everything is about the connection of energy. That's you know, and it's all
the energy of love. Like thatis the journey, is to get on
the love band wagon, because themore of those that the bigger totally total
lands. I know quite a fewpeople who are in the work of nervous
and especially spiritual service, who referto themselves as m paths and who speak
quite a bit about taking on otherpeople's Energy and the heaviness of that.
And so long we winded way ofasking getting to my question, which is,
what do you do to keep yourenergy clean, like how do you
maintain your energy on a day today basis? Cynthia, that is such
a beautiful question and something that Iteach, and of course I've learned this
from my own experiences at the spiritualarts institute. It's a metaphysical school,
which is just simply about the journeyof your soul. So we work with
divine light and it's the energy thatrules the universe. I mean it's it's
I mean we're stardust right, Imean we're part of the molecules, the
particles of every living thing around us, and I believe, and what I
have been studying with is that energythat you take in must be cleared.
So I meditate with divine light everyday. I ask for what I need.
There's a spiritual color in everybody's orfor every emotion, every attribute.
You want strength, you call onthe gold light. You want love,
you call on the pink. Youwant you want to be cleansed and purified,
there's this beautiful it's an orange redflame, like a just a clearing
energy to take away those old things. So every day I start my morning
I meditate, I clear, Icleansed, I rejuvenate. Asked for that
life force energy and my bones andmy atoms and cells, and then I
ask for whatever I need, liketoday, actually, I I meditated with
a turquoise ray of abundance. Abundancenot just in prosperity, but just abundance
in all things that bring joy tothis world. Let it flow to me,
from me, through me, whateveryou're going to do, take me
through there. And Yeah, mymantra this year. On my birthdays,
when I'm flowing with the universe,I am limitless. So I wanted to
get in that wealth consciousness of my, you know, just my reality is
limitless, you know. So,anyway, I do that and then it's
very important. I actually have avideo on instagram. It's called meditation,
my Meditation Video, and it tellsyou my step, five steps every night
I take to cleanse and clear energythat you've taken in. So you come
into your bed, put away yourdevices, if you need them later,
just set them aside right and thenyou close your eyes and take a deep
inhale and as you exhale, youhopps. First you ask for the Golden
Bubble of protection to be sealed aroundyou. Now, this sounds like,
Oh wow, what's that going todo, but I just want you to
try it now. Just close youreyes and just imagine now this beautiful golden
lights circling around you and seven clockwiseflows in this energy is your safety,
that between you and anything that isnot for your good or the greater good
of all and just you are nowin this bubble, protected. And then
I take a deep inhale every nightand I ask for those energies that I
have taken in that are now completed, to be released, and you just
feel it washed down through your bodyand out through the soles of your feet.
And then, when you're done withthat, take a few deep breaths
relax, center in and then openyour eyes and you're going to be cleansed.
Yeah, golden bubble, golden bubble, and then just as for that
water shed, that release of allenergies of your day, I love and
if it's going to work, yeah, I have a similar one. It's
funny because there is so many differentways to do that, to cleanse ourselves,
and the importance is to cleanse yourselflike, find the one that feels
good and that feels right and thatresonates with you and do that. But
you can, you know something,even going into a big venue, now
that we're, you know, backin groups together stuff, when, before
you walk in that door, justclose your eyes, seal yourself in that
Golden Light, asking you know,I want to be protected now from any
outside energies that are not for mygood or for the greater good of all,
and that just gives you that currentjust to walk through that door knowing
that people can do whatever they're doingand it's not going to get in your
energy field. So I do usethat divine light a lot. I really
recommended. It's really transform my life, just giving me that personal power of
what I need calling on it andtake a little and it's this thing that
we say about, you know,we're not alone or not wanting to be
alone, and the truth is thatbeing alone, we're never really alone.
First of all, right, andsecond of all, the alone is really
where that when you recognize that thereis a conversation and communication happening. So
being alone is really just getting yourselfgrounded enough and cleans enough to recognize that
there's a communication happening. Anyway.That's said. It perfects what alone is.
Alone is not isolation. Isolation iswhen we, you know, go
and shut ourselves off from the world, excuse me, and put ourselves into
a position of feeling like there's nobodythere for us, which is pretty that's
isolation. That's different to recognize toand I hear, you know, with
my clients and you know we have, you know, it's personal when we
do the spiritual healings and they sharewith me what their feeling, you know,
trying to Transmitt that energy, anda lot of people do feel just
like they don't fit in, likethey're there's this a loness, no matter
who's with them, around them.And you know, working with your own
spiritual energy, working with that lightwithin you and developing it and growing it.
It just opens you up to,like you said, that portal of
knowing that you're not actually alone,you're you're you're connected to everything and with
everyone around you. Really, whenyou believe that in your heart and soul,
and you know, I don't thinkyou could feel as a loness as
he struggles of some people are.So anyway, we could go on and
on about this good way and Ithink we could later think I think we
should come back, but I dobecause I'm I'm really focused on relationships right
now and and the audience is,hopefully, and so a lot of,
as you know, a lot ofwhat I believe is around the relationship that
we're in with ourselves, and that'sreally just, you know, to prep
us to be in better relationships withother people. So sent to you and
your husband. If you don't mind, three tips or three things that you
learned about relationship or something about reallyokay, would be fantastic. Here is
a fabulous impetus for anyone who's strugglingwith do and in a relationship. Number
One, I believe in past livesand I believe in future lives and I
believe that you are here with thepeople in your life that you have those
close one on ones, with twobeing Karma, being union with them to
solve it. There are many peoplein your life that you don't have anything
to resolve. So those are thoseharmonious flows. When you come like this,
was someone knowing that if you don'tsolve it in this lifetime, you're
going to have to face it againin the next. That number one for
me was an impetus because I thoughtthis is down and dirty right now.
If I cut the ties, ifhe cuts the ties, we're going to
be screwed for that next time.We have to work it out. Yeah,
and number two, when I startedrealizing that it wasn't him, it
was me. I also took partin this relationship for how many years at
that point? Twenty five years.And you know, when you start like
you, you speak a lot ofyou know, just not being the victim,
just taking that responsibility. When Irealized that, everything I was thinking
about what he had done or wasdoing. When I put that back on,
well, what did I do?What did I say? How did
I react? And you know,I remember, just for the for helping
me through, I had just thislittle sign up on my mirror. There
was that soccrate sign, which isthe unexamined life is not worth living.
Right. So every time I thoughtlike, Oh man, he's the one
that did everything, and I justthought, you know, I keep Digginson,
you got to keep going in there. Why? Why? And so
that's number two. And number threewas when you love somebody, I don't
know, there's just some soul connectionand you gotta you might not even be
able to live with them, butyou got to honor that love and we
had that love. So we werelucky, I think. And it's not
for everybody to go back to yourhusband and, you know, work it
out or anything. It's not goingto work all the time and that's just
the way it's meant to be.But for us, thankfully, it did
work out. So little bit ofcounseling along the way, it doesn't hurt,
and just the effort knowing that nowour Karma has been totally solved.
We are like two best friends,two kids in a candy store. So
I can't even imagine if we hadbroken up what it would have felt like,
how different my life would be now, even you know, just so
that's the answer. Just yeah,figure it out. Figure it out,
do you, and how can youcome to some resolution to leave this in
a good place by the time yourtime is up? That's all. Doesn't
maybe have to begin back together.And I think Karma, you know,
is an interesting metaphysical concept and Ithink even for the life that you're in
right now, you know, ifyou cut things with that truly examining the
relationship and examining who you are inthe relationship in addition to who that other
person is, what you wind updoing, or what many people wind up
doing, is bouncing from that situationand then you wind up going to find
a person with the same exact thing, different face, different name, and
until you resolve a thing, it'sgoing to keep presenting itself to you.
How all the other times that's aman or a woman. Sometimes that's a
relationship, some other relationship, afriendship, a job, totally manager or
people that work for you, likeyou. What we choose not to resolve
continues to come back, because Godand the universe is always wanting to help
us to heal and present his opportunitiesto heal and they give us those opportunities
to rectify and to fix it andto try to learn and go on.
And you know what, it's funnywhen you talk about just this thing about
healing, and I and I rememberback two years ago, I just,
you know, I just gotten moreintuitive, and I think we all have
during two thousand and twenty and everythingthat we went through, being alone and
all that in our home. ButAnyway, I got this message about healing
and I remember posting something about that. I thought two thousand and twenty was
going to be the year of healing, and I received a lot of feedback
from people are saying like what we'redoing, great, we don't need healing
because, guess what, we're kickingass whatever. But the bottom line is
healing is what we're all doing,whether you don't, absolutely don't want to
call it that, it's our responsibilityand just and I'm so happy and proud
for people and I see you andwhat you're doing and and just how you
just are making a difference, reachingout to others because, guess what,
we all meet each other and absolutelyand it is a healing journey to be
our true selves. It's not thatwe're broken. Were shattered, although,
you know, we got some cracksalong. Yeah, yeah, but anyway,
I just am so I just everyday I wake up and I see
the goodness in the world that Isee and you're one of them. I
tune into your thank you some podcastyou and I see your beautiful face smiling
when you know you could be outthere, just like everybody else, finding
something to complain about. You know, and I all Ague you that.
Yeah, yeah, I value you. Thank you so very much. Thank
You, cure. Your time isvaluable and I really appreciate you wanting a
feeling to spend an hour with me. Thank you so much. I can't
believe it's been an hour already.I know and I know. Thank you.
I hope that you all enjoyed theconversation that Cynthia and I had as
much as we enjoyed sharing it withyou again. There are so many things
that are beautiful about this life experiencethat we're having and so many ways that
we can tap into the solutions forthe things that maybe don't feel as good.
So I encourage you to listen tothis episode, listen to it again
and really take down some notes,and I hope that they're within this conversation.
Are Things that you took from itthat will help you in moving forward.
With grace and connected to your soul. Please do rate and review this
episode wherever it is that you listento your podcasts, and also be sure
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join the facebook shaping freedom group,or I'm on Youtube also, and that's
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until the next time that we meet, and thank you so much again for
listening. I really do appreciate it.