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EPISODE 29: Big Ass Bird

Show Notes

This week Kelsey and Mike dive into a trifecta of mythology, prophecy, and trivia with podcasts that explore life's toughest questions. Does exercising actually help you lose weight? What are allergies anyway? Is the Mothman flying behind your car? Don't look, it's dangerous. It's all enough to give even our true crime hardened host, Kelsey, the crane bumps (they're like goosebumps but spookier).

Show References:
- Part-Time Genius “What are Allergies and How Close Are We to a Cure?”
  “What’s the Science Behind Introverts?” “Is Exercising to Lose Weight a Myth?” (iHeartRadio)

- My Favorite Murder “183 – Here We Back Are” (Exactly Right)

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