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EPISODE 43: Going Back to Bitch Sesh

Show Notes

What's better than a bitch sesh with your main bitch? Listening to Mike and Kelsey bitch about a Bitch Sesh between two other (hilariously amazing) bitches! Buckle up for a dramatic re-reading of a of a re-read email chain, then buckle up AGAIN for a brief discussion on the dangers of vaping. Note: apologies for all the "bitch"es. Show References: Bitch Sesh “Episode 23: Tipsying Point” (Earworlf) Science Vs. “Vaping: What the Hell is Going On?!” (Gimlet) For more info or to send Mike and Kelsey your thoughts on new pods you've heard, visit or @sihtipandlisten on Instagram Learn more about your ad choices. Visit