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EPISODE 25: I Tell Ya What, They All Jump

Show Notes

As promised (or at least casually mentioned a few weeks ago), Kelsey is finally here to talk about Man in the Window, the most recent podcast to tackle the infamous Golden State Killer. Then, toss out your timer, folks, because Mike is here to give a not-so-electric lightning round of the three podcast series that accompanied him on his recent European vacation.

Show References:
- Man in the Window (Wondery) - FBI Retired Case File Review - "Episode 083: Gary Noesner -
Crisis /Hostage Negotiations"
- Stalling for Time (Stitcher) - Armchair Expert - "Dan Savage" -
The Shrink Next Door (Wondery) - Hostage (Parcast Network) - "Munich Massacre parts 1&2" -
"Waco Texas parts 1&2" - "John McCain parts 1&2"
- Noble Blood (iHeart Radio) - "The Butcher Baronet"
- "The Desperate  Young King Charles II"- "The Second Death of Marie Antoinette" - Heavyweight (Gimlet)

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