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EPISODE 68: Rebroadcast: Baby's Got Sacs

Show Notes

Kelsey and Mike are off this week due to some big news in both their lives. In honor of that news we’re bringing you an old favorite that might just be right on theme. Tune in next week for some big announcements! (neither of them is pregnant - settle down) ... Mike Amico and Kelsey Hallerman are exploring the burred lines of birth, life and death. From an INCREDIBLE story of a baby's declaration to live, to a man's refusal to die, learn about this thing we might refer to as...the Halfway House between Life and Death. This Week's pods are: Radio Lab's "Update: 23 Weeks, 6 Days" (From WNYC Studios) Undiscovered's "The Magic Machine" (From Science Fridays) Planet Money, "The One Page Plan to Fix Global Warming" Dax Shepard's "Armchair Experiment" with Amy Schumer "Every Little Thing" from Gimlet Media For more info or to send Mike and Kelsey your thoughts on new pods you've heard, visit Follow Mike and Kelsey on Instagram at @sihtipandlisten Find more great shows on Learn more about your ad choices. Visit




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