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EPISODE 15: The Repercussionist

Show Notes

In a world... where podcasts are more prevalent than dissatisfied Game of Thrones fans, a new type of pod emerges. So I Heard This Interesting Podcast. This week, join Hollywood heartthrob Mike Amico as he tantalizes listeners with a shocking sneak preview of To Live and Die in LA. Then, buckle up for a wile- albeit minor adventure with this summer's favorite action star, Kelsey Hallerman. 

Show references:
To Live and Die in LA (Tenderfoot TV / Cadence 13)
Minor Adventures with Topher Grace 
"Wilmer Valderama narrates movie trailers!" (Unqualified Media)
99% Invisible "Norman Doors: Don't Know Whether 
to Push or Pull? Blame Design" (Roman Mars)

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