EPISODE 97: DMT Ceremonies

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Show Notes

Richard and Daisy recently talked to their friends who gave them a compelling argument for trying DMT. However, due to a few moral issues, they are struggling with finding the right way to try it out. Is it worth it?

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Straw hut media. So my love
salute. All right, welcome to Tequila

Tak Miami. addition. Yes,
what a strange week, what a sad

and strange week. Yeah, I
mean we're really at at we're in this

precarious situation where we don't know how
much this war between Russian and Ukraine is

going to escalate to the point where
it involves the world. Yeah, I

mean, we've all been watching the
footage and we're all a kind of shocked

and disgusted by what's happening, something
that should not be happening. No,

there's no real reason, not that
there's ever real reason for sending children to

kill each other and killing us in
people, in the fact that we as

a species have not evolved past the
last you know, for any at any

point in any way when it comes
to that. Yeah, it's so.

What you do is you focus on
you try to keep up with what's going

on. The other thing that's really
frustrating is I have really gotten to the

point where there is no trustworthy source
of news. In my opinion, there's

no place that I trust to give
me the right story. You know,

and I don't want to sound like
an old man, but like when I

was growing up, the news organizations
had such a responsibility to get it right,

and then sometime in my late teens
and t s with, there was

this shift in the s where it
really became about just getting it first.

If it's not right, will correct
it later. Right. We just want

to be the first to deliver the
news. And and that slippery slope is

where is why we're at a place
where, at least in America, but

I'm sure this is true around the
world. But yeah, in America we

don't. People generally don't trust their
new sources because you can't know, and

there are a lot of people who
just trust like their facebook. And Yeah,

exactly. And there's no the private
part of the problems that there have

been no repercussions for news organizations getting
it wrong. That's that's the problem.

My point is, you know,
at a time when we don't trust our

news sources, we have to just
go with what we're seeing in a given

moment, in a sound bite.
So, yeah, you have Zelenski,

who is a rock star, WHO's, you know, a hero, a

hero, but not just as a
lansca means. Lasky is just remarkable.

Yeah, but the people, the
People Ukraine, who are saying no,

no. I mean look, let's
not forget thousands and thousands and thousands of

them are fleeing or trying to flee. Yeah, and there's the whole other

problems, a whole other shit show
with that, because there are all sorts

of problems. When people just get
desperate and you've got children and you've got

the elderly and you've got sick people, it gets very you know me first

and and screw you kind of attitude, even though they are all joined together

and they are all just trying to
survive. There's, you know, from

what I understand, a whole other
series of fuckery going on with that,

as you can imagine, because more
human after all, and we haven't evolved

much, and that's why we're in
this situation and we're forced to watch,

you know, young soldiers going to
going somewhere and just bombing and killing innocent

people because some crazy man's need for
power. You know, these these innocent

soldiers, don't don't even know what
they're fighting for. Now. That was

in the first couple of days of
of the Russian invasion. Again, this

is just what I got from several
new sources. There were Russian soldiers who

were captured who said we didn't even
know that this was a quote, war.

We were we were told to come, I'm here for exercises. Yeah,

so they're, you know, surprise
of that is true, but it

would not surprise surprise me dealing with, first of all, Madman, a

complete madman, and Putin, he's
in. He's a psychopath, like Hitler

esque psychopathy. He's just insane and
and evil and cruel and just there's nobody

deeming quality about this man. No, and the real scary thing is,

you know, my son Lucas is
visiting us. We were talking about it

because he's really interested and involved in
state of affairs, and I said,

you know, part of the problem
is that the story we're being given,

at least here in America, is
just this sort of Bruce Willis movie,

like the Ukrainians are just fighting back
and they're taking it there, take they're

holding their ground and the okay,
I hope so, but it's also a

possibility that it's a lot more dire
over there than we owe. It absolutely

is. Yeah, and it can
shift in any moment, let alone any

day. And I said, you
know, we're at a point now where

the scary thing is the Putin is
so insane there's no way he's going to

back down now. He will not. He has to be taken down.

Well, that's for sure. But
he said he's cross he's crossed this line

with the world. You know,
Look Master Card, and these are are

now cut cut off their association with
Russian banks. He's the sanctions not just

from America but throughout the world.
Slowly but surely, are going to be

crushing. Yeah, absolutely, and
it really affects the Russian people. But

but they're also going after Putin's personal
shit, right. Yeah, and instead

of being killing him, I must
be just eating him up alive. When

the when you keep poking a bet
that? Yeah, he's so crazy that

he's he's the kind of person that
would just to not back down, blow

up the world if he could.
Yeah, that's the real danger. The

ultimate sociopath like he's going to be. You know, well, if I

can't write live, then nobody can. So if you corner him and you

push him to the to the brink, you somebody who's that insane. Yeah,

that much power sure is very dangerous. Well, to see the world

kind of turning on him, and
his own people now are turning on him

because he has turned his country into, you know, and isolated, unspeakable

area of the of the world.
And you know, so Lensky has becoming,

has been becoming, a global hero, right. Yeah, just that

he survives. Yeah, I hope
so too, that, you know,

he's kind of got this moral worth
and people look up to him and he

never he never thought that that would
happen. No, and so now that

must be making it worse for him. And you're right, the psychological the

psychological messing of his mind like this, I think, is even worse.

Yeah, for those of you who
didn't hear about it, I think it

was day to, maybe day three, but I'm going to say day two

of the invasion. Last week America, American envoys or whatever you call them,

like people who got into Russia too, I mean to Ukraine to extricate

him if he wanted. They went
to basically say we'll get you to safety,

so len see you out here.
Right. He turned to them and

said I need an ammunition, I
don't need a ride. Yeah, that

was great. This is such a
powerful quote of war. Yeah, and

a guy who's like I'm not leaving
my people. He's not to crews,

yeah, you know, he's like
Tad. Crews packed up and went to

the fucking caymans because he was like
right, or can coon, because he

abandoned his people. What's happening now, storm, that's amazing, is that

average Ukrainians, you know, with
no combat experience, most of them from

across Europe, are returning to their
country to fight the Russians. So people

who are from Ukraine, yeah,
who are in other places of the world

and around Europe, are now returning
home to fight. Yeah, that's and

even non Ukrainians are starting to join. From what I've been reading and seeing,

people from across the globe have been
protesting the war, which is which

is I've been standing ran. That's
what like when you saw demonstrations and protesting

Iran, saying fuck Russia, right, that's like what, wow, okay,

and you're talking about a country who
is just used to war for yeah,

and also just the entire years generally
been supporters of Russia, but now

there have been unpresidented western sanctions that
are just really crushing the Russian economy and

crushing the ego of pouting. The
problem is that now it'll be Boutin's turn

to turn around and say, okay, so here's what I'm going to do

to you, and whether that's a
military, nuclear, well response, I'm

hoping, I'm I don't even want
to think about that, because I know

that there have been talks and they
are trying to end this MMM peacefully.

Yeah, but as of this recording, it's bad. Yeah, and they're

closing in on Kiev and that's it's
just really bad. And you reminded me

of this quote and I want to
get it right. You can probably if

I'm miss quoting it, but old
men start wars, young men must fight,

or something like that. That remind
me is like yeah, yeah,

it's like really gets every wars,
you know, some old man's quest for

power, and they send in the
young people to die and to kill other

people. And all because we use
this our we as a species cannot achieve

diplomacy. You can't diplomatically resolve and
and I get it. It's like I

see it. There's something going on
and we've been talking about this for a

long time, you know, in
different episodes of this podcast, but Lucas

and I were talking about it again
yesterday, just people have become so awful

and so almost conditioned to be anything
but diplomatic or courteous or understanding. I've

never in my lifetime seen people so
not just steeped in their own ideology but

cult like yeah, you know,
like, and I know it's easy for

me to say because I have my
own ideologies, in my own point of

view, but, you know,
not to pat myself in the back of

one of the things I pride myself
in is I don't look at hardly anything

just one way. Yeah, pedophilia, maybe, you know, there are

certain things are it's like there's no
wiggle room, there's no else. I

can see that side of it.
Yep, but when it comes to politics,

when it comes to social sociological issues, societal issues, for the most

part, they all have nuance and
they all have layers. Yeah, it's

not. It's just so lazy to
say, Oh, well, I I'm

a hundred percent with whatever Tucker Carlson
told me to think. Ink, yeah,

there's no critical thinking, there's no
yeah, well, look, there's

this is true, and I agree
with this side of the political viewpoint and

I also believe in the other side. And everything has to be one way

with everyone. That's away as faster
that let me write. That's what conversations

with people have become, like talking
to a Zombie. It's true, and

I just think, especially when it
comes to war, we have not evolved

one bit. We should be past
this barbaric, cruel practice that just doesn't

solve anything in the end. When
it comes to war, it's not about

who wins, it's about who's left. Yeah, nobody wins. No,

no, nobody ever wins. So
I just can't believe that we are,

you know, here we are,
two thousand and twenty two and still dealing

with things in the same way,
yeah, that we did in the beginning

of time when we didn't know any
better. Yeah, you know. And

also, you know, I I
really like to see people across the globe

protesting this war. That's important,
but we have to start acting like human

beings and joined together as humanity,
because as long as we start making lines

in the sand and building walls and
putting up fences and saying this area is

mine and that's yours, I understand
that we do need laws, that we

need to control, you know,
migration to from country to country. That

all needs to be controlled or or
I don't I don't know. There need

to be laws when it comes to
that. But we have to start living

as if we are all living on
the same planet. This is a planet

that, and I just said,
we got invaded from another planet. What

are we all gonna be like?
Oh, I'm gonna, you know,

protect the United States of America,
fuck everybody else. No, we're all

going to join as a global community. Right, right. So, why

don't we start thinking of that which
we are all together on this planet.

We have to protect ourselves and our
home is this planet. That's what we

need to be focusing on the environment. That what the fact that we may

not have, you know, Russia, Ukraine or any country to live in

if we don't take care of the
planet and each other. We're doing these

ridiculous little wars where millions of people
are being killed and it solves nothing.

It's about some man's ego. Yeah, always has been. How can we,

as humanity, still in this day
and age, be okay with that?

The last time we I've mentioned this
before, but the last time I

recall people really coming together was twenty
years ago, in nine hundred and eleven,

when not just not just us as
Americans, where that was the last

time I remember politics just being suspended, where it was only for a few

weeks. Yeah, but people just
were there for each other because we were

all attacked. Yeah, we as
Americans were attacked and the and the ninety

seven percent of the world rallied around
us. Yeah, it's the last time

that that feeling has been in the
air and I don't know that. I

don't I don't even know if a
being attacked by another planet would I think

we're past that point now. I've
become so pessimistic about humanity and the way

people have become that I don't know
what it would possibly take for people to

really band together and come together on
a on a mass level, the way

that happened twice. I feel like
like we're doing that right now. I

feel like the the world is on
the right side of history in supporting Ukraine,

salinity and their people. Yeah,
so, but then, you know,

because of this cult like you know, sort of indoctrination in doctrinization and

and doctrinization. Wow, how many
tequilas have I had? I don't know.

You've got countless Americans who call themselves
patriots. Yeah, sharing on Putin

in this situation because that's what Fox
News is telling them to do. That

cannot be right. It's true.
You have to that cannot be right.

It and they might. These are
people who might even say, yeah,

I'm, I'm I hope that Ukraine
survives or but they they want to.

What's become is that in this situation
is that the far right shows supporting and

praising Putin, because that's what Donald
Trump did, so that's what they do.

Not just still it, just not
still doing that, Donald Pozzi.

It cannot still leave you. I'll
show you when we when we're done,

you won't believe it, how many
people, from Tucker Carlson to just average

people who watched heucker Carlson, who
are truly praising Putin as being brave and

yes, yes, that's how people
have lost their fucking minds in this kind.

I can't believe that. You know, I uee. Ultimate traitor.

I usually tune into Fox to just
get there, you know, whatever bullshit

there's spreading, just to know what's
being said, and I haven't in the

last couple of days. But that's
shocking to me. That is shocking.

I'll show you. I mean everything
that is happening right now is shocking and

surprising and disappointing. I'm disappointed in
humanity. Yeah, shows a shitty and

I don't I think people are starting
to talk about this right now. The

racism within the Ukraine. There's a
lot of racism in that. You know,

there's, I think, a big
Nigerian community in Ukraine and the black

community was being pushed out of the
trains that were leaving Ukraine for the border.

They were being pushed out with baby
women, with little newborns and left

out in the cold. And that's
racism, you know, at its core,

and it's alive and well today,
even in the middle of such a

horrible situation, when you would think
that people are helping each other. That's

why I was saying that there was
a lot of fuck are we going on

once you get to the borders and
if you're lucky enough to get there with

your family, to get on a
train, you know that's the whole point.

But once you get there there are
thousands and thousands of people trying to

do the same. So there's going
to be a lot of me first mentality.

But there's that and then there's all
the racism of saying, well,

the whites first. So it got
so bad that the Nigerian consulate got involved

to help. How did they help? How can they help? Well,

because I don't know. They're they're
finding refuge for the Nigerian people who are

being discriminated against, their their finding
them shelter and they're helping. And now,

I guess, you know, they're
basically shamed people into helping, right,

you know, the black families that
are trying to get out. Yeah,

which is you know, it's surprising
and not surprising, because racism is

alive and well all over the way
in a situation like yeah, all over

the world. Anyway, it's depressing. Yeah, really just concerning it's you

know, we're all walking around going
is, how and when is this going

to escalate to the point where we're
really involved? Yeah, where we all

just you know, know that we
have a matter of time, because we've

been hit by nuclear yeah, by
a nuclear missile. Yeah, I mean

that. I don't even want to
think about that. But yeah, at

the end of the day, we
have that's I'm sorry to be that guy,

but whether it's this time or a
future time, it's going to happen.

I mean that's that's going to be
the end of us. I really

hope that we get more people in
power and that we let people that are

much more peace driven, that are
more evolved, that can solve problems people,

because we need leaders who are tough, but leaders who are also evolved

enough to not continue the killing and
the wars in the world. We need

people who have evolved past that.
We need to become those people who will

not tolerate war any longer. There
is no reason for it. So also,

you know, one of those fine
lines, that that we these sort

of crises of conscience where you go, we can't get involved in everybody else's

fights. As Americans, we have
to we have to take care of ourselves

and we have to protect our own. But then you see, you see

situation just like this invasion of Ukraine. Were Justice you have any French?

Yeah, I mean it, but
at what point and at work cost?

Right, very tricky. Glad I'm
not in charge of yeah, we can't

even support and help each other.
Now, can we be expected help other

countries and other other problems? I
just every war has been started because of

religion, because of territory, yeah, or because like this, in this

instance, which is rare, just
some crazy man's quest for power. It's

more complex than that with Putin in
this invasion. But yes, generally speaking,

and you know, look, I
think ninety percent of wars have been

about religion. Yeah, like,
my God is better than your God,

let's kill everyone. Yeah, that's
just the dumbest, most ignorant, backwards,

bullshit thing. Ever, how people
don't. Don't believe that. I

believe, so I'm going to kill
you right. That's really what it boils

down to. Yes, my God
says that if you don't believe in my

God, that you must die.
Yeah, or it's just so ignorant.

I have all this land, but
I want your land. Yeah, they

go, well, you can't have
our like, okay, well, I'm

going to kill you right. Take
it. And the fact that we're still

we're this is the way we are
still going about business. Yeah, in

politics, yeah, in world politics
today, is just unacceptable to me.

Yeah, that we, as humanity
in a society, haven't you know?

Anyway, the all this craziness,
I feel, is leading people to want

to escape, and then you feel
a little guilty when you are having a

good time in your escaping something,
when something so horrible is going on in

another part of the world, but
I think it's really important for us to

take a break from the news because
it can be very mentally draining. will

be right back after the short break. I want to talk a little bit

about something that an experience that a
couple of friends of ours had and it's

something that we've been an idea that
we've been toying with for quite a while.

I think we might have talked about
some of this a little bit in

the podcast. I don't remember,
but so anyway, it's about DMT and

people who are undergoing these ceremonies,
dmt ceremonies, to connect to the universe,

a higher power, to find meaning
within their lives. So are a

couple of friends of ours had a
shaman and with another couple they did a

buffo ceremony, and so let me
kind of talk a little bit about what

these are. So DMT is this
chemical that they say occurs naturally within our

pineal gland and it's something that is
released, they believe, when we dream

sometimes, and they call it the
God molecule. Excuse me, and it

and DMT also naturally occurs in many
plans which have been used in religious ceremonies

in some South American countries for centuries, and it can also be made in

a laboratory. So there's also a
manmade version of it, which is a

little scary. There's IOWASCA, there's
that podi. Yeah, it's Iowaka Payoti

doing it Buffa. I might be
missing some other ones, but they're different

ways of achieving this high, this
hallucinogenic high, which is very limited.

And what happens is all your neurons
kind of connect and fire the same fire

up. So we're not using all
of our brain and all of our neurons.

So when you're on this, it
released some even more than others.

Yes, so others believe that this
is a chemical that is released during birth

and death, and some say that
this release of DMT at death may be

responsible for those, you know,
kind of mystical near death experiences that we

all have heard about, like near
near death experiences, and it affects people

in very different ways. Most people
really truly enjoy the experience and come out

of it feeling like there's something resolved
in their lives. What I found really

interesting about this, and again this
we've been really thinking about doing Awashka,

going to Peru, and Iowaska comes
from a plant. A lot of indigenous

people in South America use drinks for
food that contain DMT as part of their

culture. And and IOWAKA ceremony goes
back and it's traditionally prepared using two plants

and this trip last two to six
hours. The BUFFO, which is what

our friends did, is some it's
a smoke and it used words. IOWAKA

is a drink. UN It's a
tea, two plants. This buffo comes

from toad venom. It's a particular
species of toad that lives in Mexico and

some parts of the US and now, of course, they've exported it to

other parts of South America. The
extract the venom. They either extract or

scratch the Venom off, which you
know, they say that these Shamans and

ceremonies, part of the ceremony is
making sure that the extraction of some of

this venom is ethical and that the
frogs, the toads, are not being

harmed. But it does cost distress
to the frogs. Sure want and this

is becoming such a huge business that
you can see how you know, before

we know it we may even have
these buffo toad farms where they're just being

used as a commodity because there is
money to be made in this, and

to me that completely counteracts the spirituality
part of it. Fo just bullfrog,

if I think that, that's probably
where, the way, the word bullfrog

came from, but it's this particular
toad, that toad that's called Buffo,

right, so that's that's probably where
bullfrog came from. But yeah, so

I'm against the extraction of this.
Obviously. You know, the way we

feel about using animals for human gain
or human entertainment is isn't is wrong.

I obviously, if I were to
try something like this, I would not

opt for the BUFFO. I think
that there are many other ways of achieving

it. It is its own least
based upon our friends experience. It's a

really short period of time, relatively
thirty minutes. Thirty minutes where you're in

that state. Yeah, as opposed
to Iwak, which can be three four

hours. Yeah, I Waka,
I think, last two to six hours,

usually closer to the you know,
four to six hours, yeah,

which is like if you're having an
amazing trip the that's great. If you're

having a shitty trip. You're like, Oh my God, make it stop.

Well, I don't know of anybody
who's had a shitty trip on this.

Everybody comes out of it on Iowaska, on Iowaska, and not boof

of, because I've heard contrary.
So that's why do your own research.

Yeah, said in this kind of
thing, but I've heard some pretty horrific

stories. So the whole point of
it is that yours and some amazing stories

is what mostly amazing friends had.
Yes, amazing sendant yes experiences, and

I think it's really important. So
you must. There's a whole ceremony that

goes along with it. You have
to start preparing for this, I think

a week ahead of time, right
where you abstain from, you know,

coffee, alcohol, sex, you
really clean your system, you dtalks from

every sensory overload you know that we
have in our lives, and you start

preparing yourself emotionally and spiritually for this
experience and you they ask you to have

a particular intention going into that's what
I found fascinating. Yeah, so my

friends one of them, and the
intention was to come to terms with death.

So she loves her life so much, she's so happy with her life

and her day to day life that
she is she has a little anxiety around,

you know, dying, not actually
death, but not being around anymore.

She thinks that you know, you
die, everything is over and people

forget about you and she has so
many people that she loves in her life

that she doesn't want to miss out
on it. So she wanted to come

to terms with dying and he wanted
to come to terms with purpose in his

life. So his intention was to
how to find purpose in regular everyday things

and just living, because she was
really struggling with that, which I understand.

I totally understood both intentions. I
feel like I can relate to exactly

both of those situations because I feel, you know, at my age I

lived a wonderful life. I've had
a wonderful career. I still feel young,

but I'm kind of moving on in
life. I am in the middle

of my life where that part of
my life is done and now I have

to find joy in something other than
work or something that I do or something

that I contribute to. I have
to find joy in just being and living

and I'm having a hard time with
that. I think many people do.

Yeah, so I really I thought. You know from those two intentions.

They were both wonderful. What would
your intention be in a situation like this?

Oh Shit, you're asking me now
in front of everyone. I think

the first thing that comes to mind
when we were having this conversation with our

friends. It's not it's not a
real clear my attention would be blah,

but I think that it would be
based upon some other different kinds of experiences

that I've had. I think I
have a couple of times started to tap

into a deeper sense of grace and
gratitude that like really stuck with me for

days or that I still want to
think about being in that state and I

think of how facetoface with deep gratitude
I became in those situations. And I'm

talking about like beyond talking the talk
everybody consider and go I'm so grateful for

my life or I'm so grave.
I'm yes, it doesn't mean you're lying,

but there's a much deeper sense of
living in a state of grace and

living in a state of gratitude where
that's your default position. That's not my

default position. I want it to
be. I want it to be more.

I want to be just more grateful
in my soul and less, have

less edge, less anger about whatever, whether it's in jail. I mean

I feel like it's healthy to be
angry about injustice, which is my primary

source of anger, but I feel
like at this point, I'm fifty eight

years old, I want to have
peaceful, beautiful days and I think that

the key to that is just to
be completely in step with gratitude. So

my thing would be to go in
and say I want the deepest I want

to experience and tap into the deepest
sense of gratitude I've ever known. Yeah,

that's beautiful. It's a practice.
I think it's very hard to do

and I think most of us can
relate to that. You know, some

of US walk through life a bit
more gracefully than others, and I think

most of us, like you said
when we were when we're faced with that

question, we all have things that
we can be grateful for, that we

are grateful for. But yeah,
I think it's something that is a practice

and it's not you know, when
you think of the Buddhist monks, who

are the the most, I think, connected type of people that I can

think of, because they practice,
as they live this every single day.

Yeah, just about living in a
state of gratitude and doing for others and

minimalism, and that's hard to do, and even for them. They're human.

It's a practice. It's a practice. It's something that we need to

practice every day. It's also harder, and I'm not making any excuse,

I'm just stating what is it's it's
also harder for Western people. Yeah,

especially when you have means and when
you're in especially us. We're in we

live in La yeah, we're surrounded
by the entertain of reality and superficiality and

we know that, we're conscious of
it, but we play along. We

play along to the to the degree
that we do. You know, we're

not going to be hypocrites about it, and I think that there's a place

for it. I think there's a
healthy place for a lot of that stuff.

Yeah, but it's really easy to
get caught up in that and lose

sight of and what with the word
practice, is so important, because I

think sometimes people who do these kind
of ceremonies or they get a shaman and

they do this thing, they feel
it's almost like going in to get a

facelift, like Oh, I'm good
now for twenty five years or whatever.

I know it doesn't work that way. Yeah, they should just be the

ignition, yeah, to set you
into a deeper practice and a more consistent

practice, and I could really benefit
from that. Whether it's you know,

I've talked about we both talked about
meditation on this podcast. I have been

so lame about meditating for almost a
year now. I know how beneficial it

is to me and yet I don't
do it consistently and I think that they

are just things that you can do
sometimes, actions you can take to kind

of get you back on the right
path. Well, you say that,

but you know, we hike in
nature. We're in nature almost every day

and that is a form of meditation, of connecting with nature. So,

even though you know the days that
I don't sit there for twenty minutes and

meditate, I am out for an
hour in nature connecting with what I'm seeing

and it's the same benefit to me, if not more. Yeah, I

benefit more from a walking meditation in
nature then I do sometimes from just sitting

in meditation. But yeah, this
DMT trip, because that's what it is,

that's what it's got you. You
go on this trip in your in

your mind and your head. It's
not like you are high and drug and

drugged up for the time that you
are and you black out. You have

a great time doing that. The
whole point of it is that you remember

everything. Yeah, you're in your
mind, you're connecting your the things that

you are seeing and experiencing stay with
you. And last and it makes a

huge different in people's lives, people, especially people who have struggled with addiction,

who have troubled with who have trouble
with with the depression anxiety. It

has helped many of these people.
So there is some science behind it where

psychiatrists are now using micro dosing of
Psilocybin, which is a form of it,

which is a hallucinogen. Yeah,
right, but you know everything,

this whole DMT, the synthetic form, the Buffo, Diawaska, they are

all considered a class a drug,
which means it's illegal to have for yourself

or to give away or sell.
So that's why it's always done in a

ceremony with a Shaman or through,
you know, a medical expert. It's

something that I think is so interesting. We're going to be hearing a lot

more about it, I think,
from the medical community, because there is

so much science being gathered and I
don't know, I think it's there's a

lot of the there's a lot about
it on Youtube, so you can actually

see these ceremonies taking place. Yeah, you can see what some people it

might eyes attract you or repel you
to it. Yeah, I mean I've

seen a little bit of everything.
I've seen some that are like, Oh,

I would definitely not do it under
those circumstances or with those Shamans,

and there are some where you're like, oh, yeah, that's a beautiful

experience. It's private, it's a
spiritual is thoughtful and yeah, you see

and you also see people having slightly
different experience, as you see some people,

very few of them, who like
scream during their process, but they

all end up with a peaceful smile
laying there just you can tell that they

are almost in a dream state.
Even in a dream state, sometimes you're

fidgeting and you're moving around because you're
seeing and some things are too harsh and

sometimes it's so beautiful that it shows
on your face. Yeah, but everyone

who comes out of this has come
out with a positive experience and they call

it an ego death. So it's
the one time where you're completely get rid

of your ego and that's how you
the the core of what you are.

Who you are, connects to everything. HMM. Anyway, I I'm fascinated

by it. I'm definitely with you
on the buffo thing. Is Not for

us because of our particular rules.
Well, they're not rules, they are

it's our particular ideology. And Yeah, I don't. I don't believe in

hurting animals for my benefit. Yeah, right, and you know, sure

if you have one shaman who extracts
this venom ethically and doesn't harm the frog

and puts the frog back. And
that's not how it's working. Let's face

it, this has become so commercialized
that these frogs are now commodities and they

are things that you need for your
business. Yeah, you know, whether

you are the most spiritual shaman or
not, it's so. But IOWAH GAY

is really intriguing to me. Yeah, because that vomiting part, well,

I hate to vomit. Not everyone
vomit's almost everyone does, but it's just

the very beginning, and you get
rid of that part of the of the

drink, that is that your body
rejects, and then you stay with what

works. We were talking with our
friends, this same couple, the other

night and in the aftermath of they're
telling us that their experience with Buffo.

We started talking about Iowashka and vomiting, and the wife and you were like

the both like, oh no,
I would I prefer to vomit just that

and I feel so much better if
I don't feel what I want to vomit.

And right and the guy and I
look teach because will do anything not

to vomit. I don't understand that. That is such a guy that would

laughing because he's look, Dude,
I'm so with you, like I'll do

anything to not vomit. It doesn't
make you a better person, it just

it's going to make you. So
I get it. I get that and

when I have which is rare and
my adult life, you do feel better.

If yes, later, but it's
the doing it. I don't want

to. Nobody wants to vomit.
It is not a fun thing, but

anytime you get the urge, it's
because your body is rejecting something. It

wants to get something out and you
will feel much better immediately. So you

know, I tend to get nauseous
in cars. Yeah, if I'm sitting

in the back or you know.
So I have multiple times had to pull

over and be like stop, I
need to yeah, and I open the

door and immediately I vomit because you
have a certain level of motion sickness.

Yeah, but trying to I can't
imagine trying to hold that in and being

in a car ride where your nauseous, you need to vomit and you're trying

to keep it. Who Does that? A Guy, a man? Yeah,

because I just don't, just don't
want to vomit. Oh my goodness.

Well, it's all about you know, we're at a time where we

all, I think, want to
connect to something that has meaning. We

want to be a part of this
universe, we want to make things better.

I think that's why, you know
this whole Iowask a MT buful is

is an as on a rise.
It's people are more interested in it.

I wonder if world leaders were forced
to do something like that, if there

would be if that would be the
end of war, or would it just

hmm, good question. You know. Yeah, I think in order to

lead that nation, you have to
have gone through this DMT experience to tap

into your fucking humanity or you know, something needs to happen, because we

have, you know, our leaders
are very disconnected, very antiquated and still

using methods that we should have learned
to evolve from. Yeah, so something

needs to happen and I think,
you know, it starts every like it

with everything else, it starts with
you, it starts with me. So

I can only work on my own
mind, on becoming peaceful myself, and

if we all do that, then
maybe it'll be, you know, a

trickle down effect. And because right
now I can sense the collective energy,

that the the world energy is just
hard and sad and it's war and we're

all living it. We're all experiencing
it somehow, because we're seeing it where

we are. It's a threat to
all of us. It's a threat to

humanity. Yeah, and it's also
a huge injustice. There's no reason for

this war. So, yeah,
I think that we all, as individuals,

need to take that step to become
more peaceful. Yeah, and you

know, you guys listening, you
know, I'm sure a lot of you

are going through the same thing and
like how can I tap into a deeper

sense of myself and by purpose and
peace and look into it like we like

we do. We're always looking into
things that people are doing to bring them

closer to that stuff. Yeah,
and we will see you next week.

Thanks for listening as always, and
stay safe out there. Bye. Thanks

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