EPISODE 37: Let's Talk About Greed

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Daisy and Richard discuss the new Bee Gees documentary, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, and their disgust with Steve Dahl and the "Disco Sucks" movement. THEN the two chat about unattractive and disgusting behaviors. AND some new airline rules and regulations that are really burning Daisy's ass this week! LASTLY, Happy Holidays, don't be a dick!

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Straw media. Cheers, my love, cheers, Richard Marx. Hmmm,

MMM, it's delicious. That's delicious. That's always delicious. Welcome to Tequila

Talk. Here we are, another
Tequila Talk. Oh, what will we

discuss today? What's on your mind? Richard Marks? Huh, for yourself

a glass of your finest Tequila or
whatever you drink from Straw hut media.

This is Tequila Talk. The daisy
points and Richard Marx one totally ill prepared

for this podcast. How so?
How can you be ill preparative? All

we do is just talk about things
we want to talk about. I know

usually I have a kind of topics
in my mind that I want to talk

to you about. So you have
no topics on your my have nothing not

to do want to talk to me
about? There's everything I want to talk

to you about, but there's nothing
particularly pressing. Start then. Yeah,

I was hoping that you would.
Let me start with the movie that we

watched, the documentary that's we loved, I because I feel like a lot

of people are talking about it.
People really loved it. Yeah, of

course, I'm talking about the BEG's
documentary. Yeah, I'm sure you have

seen lots of can heart. Yet
it was at the name of it.

Yeah, how can you mend a
broken heart? I didn't know that.

I thought it was just the beats
document and I love that they didn't call

it staying alive of or, you
know, well fever. Couldn't really call

it that, because they're not right. Boy, really too soon. I'm

sure they thought of it and they
were like yeah, we can use that.

That's not a good idea. Yeah. So, yeah, I really

like the documentary. People love it
and you said that you didn't really love

it because there wasn't enough inside scoop
on them. That's not exactly maybe I

if I said that, I I
am going to rephrase it. Yeah,

I do want of it. I
loved it. Did I loved it.

I really loved it too. I
haven't been I haven't been so excited to

watch a documentary in a long time. Yeah, and I'm a huge beg's

fan my entire life and I'm one
of those people who, I would say,

every at least every three or four
months, I'll put on I'll I'll

put on a created a really great
beg's playlist and I'll just listen to it

in the car and it's yeah,
I love the hits, but they're all

there are also these deeper cuts that
were never singles. And the thing to

me about the whereas most people,
I think, Love the Beg's music because

it was fun and and it represents
a time in their lives and all that,

I from a songwriting standpoint and I've
always felt this. Their songs are

so complex. X on the DL
they're like you key complex. Yeah,

you have like if you're not a
songwriter or a musician, you do mean

the lyrics, are you mean melodies
music, especially the chord changes, and

the songwriters out there or musicians who
are listening you, you'll you know exactly

what I'm talking about. If you
look at the Chord structure of beg songs,

they hardly any of them go where
you think they're going to go or

are just sort of like simple core
structures. They're always throwing in these like

crazy surprise chord changes and they're very
sophisticated songs that are somehow also so catchy

and commercial that you don't realize that
they're sophisticated and they're also so unique to

them yeah, so original. Yeah, I mean around the time I think

there were a lot of in that. A lot of musicians, a lot

of people inspired by the BEG's,
but definitely there were the original ones of

this sound. Yeah, so,
you know, you got to give credit

where credit is. Do I think
that that Song Catalog, which is predominantly

all three of the brothers, Barry, robin and Morris, but there are

a few, like people don't know
that. You know, the theme from

Greece. Greece is the wood,
is the wood that you it's kind of

group. It's got a meaning by
Frankie Valley was written by Barry Gibb.

I didn't know that. Yeah,
I can try here. Also, for

those of you who don't know that. The BEG's, that the brothers,

when their career sort of started to
fade a little bit on the from the

radio, which we'll talk about a
minute, that they jumped into, and

I can relate to this. They
jumped into writing for other people and producing

other people. So they did barber
streisand's guilty album and it was so successful.

They did Dion Warwick's heartbreaker, great
album. They did islands in the

Stream Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton was
that was written by the beg's and produced

just amazing. So it is.
It's it's a stunning I'll use that word

a lot. It's a stunning fucking
song catalog. It's really impressive, really

impressive, and I think that you
know, you've mentioned that you wanted to

learn a little bit more about them. You know, I guess personally,

you wanted to hear from their waters
about that was criticism between you and me

on the couch. I love this
documentary. Yeah, absolutely loved it.

I was hoping to get to know
them, glimpse into their personalities a little

bit more, which which I didn't
get. Yeah, so that's my only

criticism. I think that back in
the day we're talking about the s and

the S. there's only so much
footage. People just didn't save the footage,

you know. So I don't think
that there was a lot of footage

and the only one left is Barry. Yeah, all the others have path

passed. YEA, so tragic.
It's so tragic. But I think that

we got as much as we can
get give and that the others are not

here and that there is limited footage
because you have people talking about them and

their music. But I think that
that also speaks of the respect for them,

because any issues that they had with
substance abuse and depression, or any

disagreements that they had between the brothers, you know, the Times that they

drifted apart, which they were.
Did talk about you right, and,

by the way, I wasn't looking
for I'm never looking for something that's like

the silacious. Know you wanted to
just get to know them better. You

know, they had a they all
had issues with substance of being. They

yeah, and I think it was
well documentary. Wasn't that? They've talked

like. I just didn't feel like
I got to know them. Yeah,

ticularly. Yeah, but I think
that that's, you know, everyone who

talked in the documentary about them.
I think that that shows me how much

respect people have for them, because
anything, anything negative that could be said

about them, I mean nobody went
there and maybe there isn't anything negative to

say other than they had their own
demons to fight. Yeah, but I

think professionally they really are respected,
and that's so. That was my takeaway.

Yeah, but there was something else
about that, the documentary that really

stayed with me in that really pissed
me. Off. Yeah, it really

upset me. Yeah, and it
was back around the time of disco when

disco was really taking off in in
a large part due to the BEG's.

They kind of really spearheaded that whole
movement right. They I wouldn't say they

spearheaded it, but they made it. They made it crossover. It went

from being sort of a culture.
Yeah, there was related to the gay

clubs. Yeah, but there was
disco before the BEG's. The Beg's absolutely,

you know, I think the movement
started it like in the underground gay

clubs of New York City, but
then the beaches came along and definitely took

it to the next level. Yeah, and they made it so mainstreatwide thing.

So and it was a wonderful time
for a lot of people who think

back to that time. It was
just such a happy time in their lives,

filled with music and dancing and clubs, and it was around the time

where I think that also the gay
movement was gaining momentum and coming out of

the underground. People were feeling,
you know, the freedom of being who

they are and it was just a
good time for a lot of people.

Great Memories and it didn't last very
long, largely mostly due to Steve Dal

and I didn't realize this. I
was too young and I kind of forgot

about that. I remember the news
around it, yeah, but I kind

of forgot about it. You know. So they you know, like with

anything else, there's a little bit
of goofiness that sets in. So there

was a lot of great music and
then, you know, you have like

disco duck, which was, yeah, a little cheesy, very cheesy,

and there were a couple of other
songs that were just not great. They

were both, for the most wart, to be parodies. Absolutely for the

most part the disco movement had great
music and really a lot of fun around

it. And then this guy,
Steve Dal doll, doll, whatever the

fuck. Yeah, he's a fucking
piece of shit. He was a DJ

in Chicago, yeah, at the
loop, which is the which was a

rock station. If he was a
DJ, and I guess, you know,

remained Dj for very long time and
he was already a known personality and

he decided that he didn't like disco. Disco was becoming so successful that he

needed to shut it down. Okay, he didn't need to just, you

know, ignore it and and play
what he liked. He needed to destroy

disco and make you feel like Shit
for liking it. Yeah, so he

spearheaded this movement of disco sacks,
yeah, and nominating with an event at

Chmiskey Park. So he orchestrated this
marketing event for himself at Kaminsky Park.

Okay, filled it and told everybody
to bring in a disco record that they

were going to burn in the middle
of the field and destroy. And it

was a huge event because disco was
so awful that they needed to destroy the

whole movement as if it was threatening
rock and roll. Well, yeah,

exactly. So this was a very
selfish, self promoting bullshit marketing stunt that

really only benefited him and the station. Yeah, and the station, because

he became really popular. This movement, this this event, this this marketing

ploy ploy bullshit stunt that he decided
he wanted to do really tainted disco and

it got a lot of people saying
yeah, yeah, because people, you

know how they are. There's so
easily brainwashst sure, and it's like,

okay, yeah, this goes dead
disc socks, fuck that. And and

it kind of went downhill. Yeah, rather than letting it exist as a

movement, it became this bad,
cheesyme, the thing to hate. It

became the thing to hate. But
thanks to him, one of the things,

and he became hugely popular for this. Yeah, for for got a

raise, you got a promotion.
He became known all over the world.

Yeah, and my question is,
why would you want to be the person

to hate on something so bad just
to get attention to yet well, you

have to destroy something good just to
get attention for yourself, like, couldn't

you just as well highlight rock and
roll and talk about the things that you

love without destroying something else? He
could not do that. You can't.

You're not going to get attention for
it. But in that way he wasn't

able to do that. But I'm
saying look there, there, there's a

lot to unpack here. It is
I'll get to my foot right on his

face. I'll get to Steve Doll
in a second. But the event itself,

you know, one of the things
that that's mentioned in the Begi's documentary

because it really did. It started
to sort of crucify them, particularly right

Jee's. They were really targeted.
They were and it it directly and horrifically

affected their career. Yes, but
in the bring a disco record to blow

up at this event, at this
stunt, what they found where we're people

bringing in records by Stevie wonder and
earth when and fire and just any black

artists. That's what it's. So
it really became this bigoted, yeah,

racist stunt. It was against,
you know, black artist and the game

movement, and that's really what was
beneath it. was a hate filled yes,

it was sure was van based strictly
on hate and it turned into a

huge attention getter for him, for
Steve Dahal. You know, look for

me. The thing that I want
to say to people who because there was

a lot of outrage once the Beagi's
documentary came out and it was like who

the fuck was this guy? Like? I think the takeaway is that there

was a documentary about the Begi's.
There's never been and never will be a

documentary about Steve Dahal and those of
us, especially in Chicago, who know

about him, and I did his
show years ago, he's a really,

really miserable guy. Miserable Guy.
So you know, we all know people

who take their misery out on other
people. He's he's wanting. He ever

pathetic? Yeah, but I wonder
if he ever looks back, because he's

still out there. So I'm a
were doing this. I think he's capable

of it. From what I know, he looks back and thinks to himself,

wow, I was such a Dick, but my greed and selfishness prompted

me to destroy I think that's his
maw to happy. That's his proudest moment.

So that tells you everything you need
to know about Steve Doll wows.

He's a Cretan. Yeah, I
mean greed, gross greed is, I

think, one of those things that
is so ugly. I think it's one

of the ugliest personality traity. Yes, and so many people have at a

different levels. I think we all
have a little bit of it, but

I think most of US catch ourselves
like not to be greedy. I know

I'm not greedy at all in any
way. How how is he greedy in

this? How is it greed?
Because he already had a successful show,

he was already a known personality and
it wasn't enough for him. He needed

more, he needed more attention.
Well, but almost everyone has any kind

of platform wants more, but it's
not to the point where you have to

destroy someone else. Right. But
I adds a different I disagree selfishness.

That is. Yes. Is greed
a factor in that? Yes, but

it's a it's a secondary factor that. The primary factor is just in being

hateful. Yes, like that.
You're right, sire, to be hateful.

You're right. You're right, you
know, and those are two traits

that I think are the ugliest and
people. You can be the sexiest motherfucker

on earth, but if you're hateful, yeah, and greedy and jealous,

that just you might as well just
have, you know, turds on your

face, because the ugliest, yeah, trait, those are all ugly traits

for people and they will instantly make
you ugly it inside and out. Yep,

I have this lifelong, maybe not
lifelong but career long, pattern,

which is look, I'm his opinionated
to anybody can be. I hadn't noticed.

Yeah, and if I'm close to
you or if I'm if I trust

you with with a conversation, I
will if I don't like an artist or

if I don't like a movie or
if I don't like a book or whatever,

I'm happy to go. Yeah,
it was such a piece of shit.

I'll fuck I hate that guy singing
or whatever. But when it when

it's public, I'm proud of the
fact that I am generally known to be

mute on those topics. Absolutely,
I'm asked sometimes about artists or work that

I absolutely hate, but you'll you
won't catch me touch saying that. I

saying that truth publicly because it's just
gross. It's like it's just so inelegant.

It really is an elegant, you
know an elegant, you knowlegant.

It's so not elegant. It's so
without elegance. You know, the only

I feel like. I feel the
same way. You don't ever have to

dim somebody's light. Shot and brighter. Absolutely the only people who I will

speak ill of, and definitely I
have some selected names for them. You

know, it's people who are causing
harm. People, yeah, doing something

you know right before what they do. I'm not draging for who they are,

I'm rigging on them for what they're
doing or saying. Like if their

speech is full of Hay and discrimination
and you know they're putting an entire group

down or they're abusive, I will
say something right. But the person,

if there's a there are a hunter
girl on TV, that's a TV host

thing, I think is like I
totally don't get it with her. Yeah,

I would never say that. Probably
would never say that. I would

never say that it's really only people
who are, you know, killing animals,

hurting other people, speaking, you
know, hate against an entire group,

discrimination or, yeah, racism,
though, all those things I will

have something to say about, but
also not not I will. You know,

I'm not going to shut someone down
and hurt their career for them just

from yeah, because they're may be
taking one or two jobs away from me,

right, you know what I mean? It's like that is the most

ridiculous, then the lass a Harrison
anyway. But just to be clear,

I think the one are arena where
I feel like that doesn't apply for at

least for me, or politicians they're
probing be fair game, because what they

do all time we want fair game. Well, yeah, not only that,

but they they chose to be public
officials and they work for me.

Yeah, they work for the people, so work. Yeah, I think

to me they're fair game for criticism
across solutely and what they do and what

they say affects everyone. Yeah,
so obviously it's fair to talk about politicians,

what they're doing, what they're saying, what they believe in. That's

fair game. Yeah, you're you
know, and if what you have to

do is shut someone down and keep
them from being in politics because they are

not good people, then so be
it. Yeah, you can find another

job, but not when someone what
someone is doing is just fun and so

many people love it and you know
they're being successful, just being talented,

and then you try to shut that
down because what you need more attention.

Well, there's that, but there's
also, let's not forget, whether the

targets of public criticism who get the
most of it, whether it's Taylor swift

or nickelback or you know, people
who seem to get like this crazy level

of hate, much like Steve Dal
did with disco. You can't do that

without something that's massively successful, right, right. You know, if you

mean you're not going to read horrible
comments about some artist that only put out

a couple of singles, there that's
true. After Taylor swith, because she's

massively successful and they want some of
that. They want to little bit of

that light. I want that,
but they also resent it absolutely. And

Steve Dalls a great example of someone
who he just he seems to be someone

who is so threatened by anybody else
doing well. Well, put his success

depends on him shutting down other people
and making other people sound, you know,

just putting other people down. That's
part of your job, really.

That's part of your job is putting
other successful people down. And and I

have to say, yes, you
mentioned wildly successful people, and absolutely those

are targeted. That's a given.
It comes with it's part of the game,

it's part of the deal. Yeah, but that happens and we have

to realize it happens all across life. You can be working in an office

atmosphere, in a corporate atmosphere,
you can be working in a restaurant and,

you know what, there's going to
be the waiter who is getting a

promotion, there's going to be,
you know, the the assistant who is

getting the promotion before you, or
someone who's getting attention for something that they

just did. They put an extra
time, they had a great idea,

they're getting rewarded and you are getting
pissed off. Rather than trying to do

better than that person so that you
can succeed, you have to put that

person down. Okay. Well,
can I guess everywhere? Okay, but

then it begs this question. If
that's the criteria, then what's the difference

between Steve Doll and Howard Stern?
I don't know. I don't really know.

I can show you plenty of examples, if in air tapes of step

all raving about this rock band or
saying that someone so is brilliant or whatever,

but he was mostly known for like, shitting on things. Howard Stern

is known for shitting on everything.
So what's the difference? Yeah, I

don't know that there's much difference.
I think that Howard Stern maybe did gain

a lot of his success from just
degative Shit, negativity, Talking Shit about

a lot of people are having someone
on their show and making that person say

things that will eventually work against them
or other people. There's that. There's

also, not to get off on
a ran here, but you know,

unlike Steve Doll, you know,
part of Howard sterns success came from humiliating

people. Yeah, and and humiliating
people with disabilities and like. Awful,

like. I'm not a fan at
all and I did to show years ago

and I regret it. IAH We
regret it. No, I think I

think he's as troubled and and sad
and pathetic as I do think about Steve

Doll. Well, I just got
more money. Yeah, I got to

say I don't know a lot about
how it's from because I've never really listened

to the show. I listened a
little bit when it became wildly popular in

the beginning. Same and I even
did a show. You could have listened

that twenty years ago an now.
Yeah, I don't know if it's the

same or not, and I didn't. I did also do his show and

you know, it was a very
short appearance because I think it was for

his birthday. Sot a bunch of
people from MT be. We're going on

and he was fine to me.
He did say some misogynistic bullshit on the

air to me about myself, but
you know, it's just who he was.

It's just who he is, and
I have to say that I also

have had the opportunity to talk with
him a couple of times off the air,

where I've run into him at a
party or whatever, and he's been

very nice. He's always be nice
to me too, always very nice.

So I feel like his on air
persona and his real persona are different.

All the most I can. That's
kind of yes, it's kind of yeah,

it's not great, like it's a
gress. I don't really want to

hurt people, but I'm going to
because I want ratings. Yeah, that

is not saying about you. Not
Cool. Yeah, I am not a

fan of that. Ever, I
mean, listen, everyone is entitled to

their opinion. If you have an
opinion about a band, especially if you're

a DJ and you're listening, you
know you have an opinion about music,

you can. Certainly we look to
the experts or people who are, you

know, interviewing people, people who
are into music. You, we want

to know what their opinions are.
That's why you have movie critics or whatever,

and you can say whether you like
something or you don't. But to

be really hateful as an entirely different
thing. We're talking about two very different

things. But you know, from
having an opinion about something to just being

hateful and tearing some someone or movement
down. Yeah, and I think it

also, yeah, it's done from
greed. You, you're just a nasty,

greedy, jealous, caddy, cunty
bit cheat, you own. Go

on, can you? I sure
can, because I think you pretty much

exhausted that. Well, there's more
where you're you're holding back. I'm holding

back, honey. This is daisy
eating subtle. You emphasize the shit out

of the subtlety. I certainly fucking
too. Anyway, watch the BEG's documentary.

Don't listen to the fact that I
felt like I didn't really get to

know them, because that's just my
own personal not even a criticism. It's

sort of like just like, Oh, it would have been even cooler if

but just go back and relive.
Yeah, it's so good that music and

that Song Cat Ara, and they
had some great footage from when they were

in my in Miami. They came
to Miami to accord and they stayed and

I think they still own a home
here. Well, bury does, buried.

Yes, yeah, but everyone who
I know who has worked so my

hair and makeup stylist, Carlos,
worked with the family for a very long

time and he's got nothing but wonderful
things to say. He just absolutely loves

the BEG family. You know,
the wives and he knows them all,

and everyone who I know who has
had encounters with them just had people have

nothing but great things to say about
them. Yeah, so I'm glad to

see this documentary being popular, Yep, but I don't now that we wait

before we can boo, before we
move on. Don't don't forget, lose

your spot. Off The top of
your head, who's someone you would love

to see and documentary about Richard Marks
other than me? No, that's it.

No, no, I would really
love to see a documentary. You

have such amazing stories and you've had
such an incredible career and continue too,

and I think that that's what's interesting. You're not done. So to see

a documentary now and to leave the
documentary as kind of open to what will

be next, HMM, is brilliant. But you started your career when you

were eighteen years old or seventeen?
Yeah, so young, and right away

you had a hit with Kenny Rogers. Yeah, right away, at what,

eighteen or nineteen? Nineteen? That's
insane. You know, the way

your career started and everything that happened
throughout the years. Just such great stories

with so many brilliant characters that came
in and out of your life. Really

interesting. Fay is career. Ya, IICON that have helped you along or

collaborated or just it's really fascinating.
I think that would be a great documentary

in you and I also think that
when you go on tour, that can

be a whole separate documentary like to
cover six months worth of your touring in

the US and in Europe. What's
for example, is that again touring?

Hi? Answer you'll know soon enough
because, Ladies and Gentlemen, Richard Marks

is already booked to the girls for
as soon as everything opens up again.

Just want this to be over.
So I think it's one. Right now,

you're you're set to start touring again
at the end of two thousand and

twenty one. Right now it's September
of next year. Okay, from that

point on your booked. Like I
will watch only never see you ever.

You with me on the time?
Well, I will definitely go with you

a bunch, but you know,
I'm not going to be supping to be

really the whole time. Wonderful,
you know. I'm I've gotten a lot

out of being off the road.
Obviously we've talked about this on the podcast

a lot, but returning to the
road and performing is really going to be

awesome. Yeah, and anyway,
just think that when you start gearing up

for a tour, all the the
preproduction that goes into it, you're prepping

for it, and then once you
start it's just so exciting and it's so

unlike what most of us do for
a living. Yeah, just to see

how that work, like the traveling, the planning, then the things that

go wrong, the things that are
great that you didn't expect, the surprises,

and then when you're out on stage, every time there is something different

every time with a you come off
stage you have a different perspective for that

show. Yeah, and I just
think it's so and I love watching behind

the scene documentaries. I don't we're
people really do give access to every was

a good one on Taylor swift.
Right, I didn't see it. Yeah,

that one was. I really like
that one. Yeah, I want

to see a documentary on ear with
one and fire is my favorite band of

all time, and the and there's
so many different guys in the group and

personalities and you know, I got
to work with Maurice White and Phillip Bailey

separately, but I think that that
is a really that's a documentary I want

to see somebody make. Yeah,
that would be really great. They're a

couple of people. I mean,
like I would love to see a documentary

on pit bull. I feel like
his life is so interesting and really beat

the odds and it's such a such
a story of determination and the underdog winning.

Yeah, yeah, I mean,
no pun intend thought that, but

you know or, for example,
Enrique igless. Yes, yeah, and

these are huge, stepping out of
the shadow of the star. Yeah,

yes, and really be. And
he I remember there was a story that

he kind of didn't tell his father
what he was doing. His father didn't

even know that he was signed at
that there was a record coming out and

that first record was a hit and
his father was floored. Yeah, just

I love stories that where there there's
really something unusual. Yeah, in the

stories, and I'm sure there are, you know, many, many artists

like that. But you know,
I think Kelly Clarkson also has a lot

to say. Think her life has
been more a American idol was really a

struggle. She came from kind of
like a shitty background. Yeah, she's

thinking through a large gone through a
lot. She's going through a lot and

she's just such a she seems to
be such an open, loving person like

that. She seems to be very
open, she seems honest and I like

that. I think anybody who is
willing to be open and honest will will

have good material for a documentary.
Yeah, we'll be right back after this

short break. I was going to
ask you, you know, since we're

talking about greed and things that are
that can make people ugly, what do

you think is the least sexy thing
that someone can do? Be Rude to

people? Yeah, rudeness, Rudeness, or just I think. Well,

certainly, if you want to get
specific, lack of personal hygiene is like

at the top of UN sexy,
like if you're see, if you just

so lazy, you gear of you
smell or yeah, that's not cute.

That's really like I could never get
over that. Yeah, no, I

think. I think definitely having these
personality traits like jealousy, hate, yeah,

and greed, people who are constantly
having to put other people down,

as a big turnoff. And yes, definitely, usually those people will be

rude. Yeah, usually, that
that goes hand in hand, because you

can't be that person who is just
jealous and greedy and nasty and not be

rude. Right. Interestingly, and
obviously I'm not going to name names,

but the person who comes to mind
when you describe that of the people I

know personally, not that I have
any, hardly any interaction with this person

for years, but the person that
comes who comes to mind. Who embodies

that has been married five times.
MMM, that kind of makes sense.

Yeah, because people are just like, I mean maybe in some cases he

was just like moving on and just
discarding people, but I think it was

also a case of like, people
going you're gross. Yeah, I think

it was both. I know who
you're talking about. Yeah, and it's

both. It's him discarding people and
and people just being like, Oh wow,

you're all that Anna bag of chips, and not in a good way.

YEA, yeah, I get it. I get I think also,

you know, weak characters week week
of mind, people who are very weak

minded and kind of whiny and and
people who seem intelligent in one area but

really dumb in another. You know. Yeah, people who make consistently bad

personal decisions and then act like victims. That's nice. I thing. Also,

you know what kind of person I
don't like? Ask Holes. Yeah,

ass holes or a pain in the
ASS. Tho, it's just so

that ink ask holes are assholes at
an ass whole is that person who is

always talking to you about their problems
and wanting advice from you, and you

listen and you take the time to
give them advice and talk it out with

them and they don't listen to anything
that you suggest and then they come back

with the same thing with with either
another problem that they're not going to listen

to those are asked wholes Yep,
just always whining about yourself and your problems

but never doing anything about them.
That's a turnoff. Yeah, you mentioned

to me I remember you went on
a date with somebody years ago and you

didn't really know them and you were
giving him a chance and he was really

rude to the waiters. Oh,
yeah, and this and the restaurant staff,

and you were like, I'm out. Oh, yeah, I was

so embarrassed. Yeah, I got
really embarrassed and I you know, I

normally will give people a chance because, you know, like if I would

have gone on a date with someone
and there was no romantic sparks for me,

yeah, I would always get that
person attens and think to myself,

well, maybe we can be friends, maybe this is just someone that I'm

meant to know. Yeah, I
would always give people a chance to just

be friends. Yeah, this was
someone that I could not get away from

fast enough. And if somebody who
is very, very, very famous.

Yeah, and and people love him
and Ye, and I was very disappointed

to see that may, I mean
made this and maybe he was just having

an off night, but I don't't, although I don't I don't think that's

a in it, like a I
don't think you're rude to people restaurants once

yeah, and Moon looks you're in
a bad mood. And I mean this

was someone who who had asked me
out several times. Yeah, so it

was somebody who was, I guess, trying to make a good impression.

So, if this is your behavior
when you're trying to make a good impression

on someone who you're finally going out
with for the first time after talking to

them several times and trying to get
them to go out with you, if

this is what you're doing, like
I don't even want to see what you're

like once you're comfortable. Yeah,
no, I just could not get away

from that situation fast enough. It
was very disappointing. Yeah, yeah,

what else you got? The something
that I was reading something this week that

really really upset me. It kind
of burned my ass. What Day?

It's the jingle that keeps on giving. Airlines have done away with emotional support

animals. You can no longer go
through all the steps and all the red

tape that you have to cut through
in order to take your little Fido with

you on board, and I understand, I want to say that I do

understand that some people take advantage of
that. So the rule is that you

have to go through a therapist,
a psychiatrists, yeah, a medical doctor,

okay, for to tell to say
that, yes, this animal needs

to travel with you, because otherwise
you will be emotionally distraught or emotionally affected

in some way. So, yes, maybe that isn't entirely true for every

case, but for me we have
me twitter friend, George Han. For

me, I think I mentioned this
before, but I can't say that anymore

without seeing your space. He's sort
of like taken the most common expression and

owned it. For me, George, age age and on twitter, Ladies

and gentlemen, you should, you
gotta follow George Han. He's so funny,

so funny and so spot on,
so spart I don't know. I

mean, we only know each other
through twitter, but he seems like such

a sweetheart, like I. Yeah, I want the pandemic to be over,

just so you know, we can
have it to Guil and have a

Tequila. He doesn't drink he's sober, but we would go have the best

dinner with him. Well, for
me, I feel like I would have

a Tequila. But yeah, so, you know, for me I just

feel like that's what I had to
go through to travel with my dog,

because there was no way. They're
not all for me an option. So

it's either put my dog in the
cargo part of the airplane, where the

oxygen is limited, where dogs have
died. Yeah, dog countless. It

puts tremendous stress on the animal.
They are scared to death. It is

cold as fuck down there. They
can't, especially the ones that have the

little squashed nose. Yeah, all
these they have trouble breathing. They have

trouble breathing anyway. They're really delicately
like. You have to be, you

know, careful with their breathing.
They have. They have it even worse.

So, yes, people have done
that because they have no other choice.

If you're traveling across country, if
you're going somewhere for a couple of

months, you can't leave your dog
at a Kennel for a couple of months.

You have to travel with your dog. You can't afford to take a

private jet just because of your dog. Did they specify? Why? What?

Like we because I think it's because
a lot of people were taking advantage

of it and a lot of dogs
who were not, who were not really

therapy dogs, people were getting like
fake they were going around and it is

so kind. So let me just
so I have to go through a lot

of steps. I had to go
through a psychiatrist, then I had to

go to the vet. They you
need to make sure that not only is

your dog, you know, equipped
with all the required shots, but that

it's a safe animal. So the
vet has to basically verify that the dog

is not going to be a threat
to other people, which I guess is

fine. You have to go through
all those things and make sure that there's

not going to be an animal on
board who is going to be biting pure

barking the whole time or pissing and
shitting all over the plane, which you

know it can happen if you have
a dog and the dog has an accident.

So what? You clean it up
and you move on. But these

animals that we love so much,
we can't we don't have a choice that

we need to travel with them.
You know, sometimes we come to Florida,

we come to to our home here
and we're going to spend two months

here. I'm not going to leave
my dog for two months with somebody else.

I have to travel with my dog
and you're not going to put her

in, I'm not greater in the
cargo area, in a crate. I

would definitely keep her in a crate
in front of me, you know,

my feet on board. So maybe
that is something that you can do.

is where you require the dog to
be created the whole time. So people

really have been taking advantage of this
law, of these rules, and I

understand that, but they completely did
away with it completely. So, rather

than implementing some other things that will
that out the you know, dangerous animals

or the end. So people were
bringing chickens on board and people were bring

birds and the fuck. Yes,
people were bringing the calling them emotional support

animals. Now for me, Betty, I guess I could have called her

an emotional support dog because if I
had to put her in the cargo or

leave her behind, I would be
an emotional wreck. Yeah, like that

would really, really cause a lot
of stress for me. So that's why

it wasn't it's important for me to
go through all the steps that I have

to go through that the airline requires
in order for her to travel with me.

We're also very fortunate that if we
do need to bring her with us.

I mean, look, we're fortunate
that we can afford to hire a

plane for us so that we can
take our dog if we need to do

that, but we also don't fly
around their private jet all the time.

You know, I we've taken Betty
and commercial flights many times and she's been

great. Yep. So I just
I feel bad for people who do have

to take their pets and they can't. And now what are they going to

do with their pets? They have
to put them in the cargo area again.

We have no airline. That is
that. That is being considerate of

the love that people have for their
animals and the fact that we consider them

part of our family and we would
never want to hurt them or put them

through such stress. That's really bothering
me that they just decided to do away

with the whole thing. For those
who might you know, the the instinctive

argument is, well, why should
people have to do with other people's dogs

on a plane? And I get
that, I totally get that. Yeah,

but I have to say, not
just as a own overall proponent of

dogs, but I don't, I
don't know that many people who travel more

than I do and under normal circumstances, I have never, ever had one

second where a dog or a cat
on a plane caused me one second of

discomfort or absolutions or right. Never
babies. Holy Shit. Yes, put

them in the fucking cargo it,
honey, that's awful, but you know

what I mean. Yes, I, and you know, people are much

more annoying than than pets have been
on flights. Yeah, I travel a

lot and I'm sure that it does
happen. I'm sure every now and then

there is. But again, it
goes back to the owner. If you

know that your pet is going to
be trouble, keep them in the crate.

You know, thank goodness, be
grateful that you can travel with your

dog, but keep them in the
crate. Whether you play them in a

bag, I'd rather be on a
plane with fourteen dogs. Absolutely loud talker,

absolutely absolutely. So what do you
think's going to happen? I don't.

We have, you know, we
have resources and options, but most

people don't, you know, and
that really bothers me. I'm sure that

there is going to be backlash.
I'm sure that there will be people and

I would join any of those groups
to try to find the answer. Was

the your lines, little dog you
can keep in your purse. Absolutely that's

bullshit. Yeah, that's absolutely bullshit. Yeah, I mean, I can't

say. From what I read it
sounded like all because if you can take

a small little toy dog, then
you can take a parrot or you could

take a small chicken and you could
you know, that's, I guess,

the argument. Yeah, so they're
doing away with all of it rather than

just addressing what the real problems were. You just reminded me, as I'm

named rapping here a little bit,
but years ago, maybe five or six

years ago, I was on a
plane and I found myself sitting next to

Jane Lynch. Yeah, who are? We all love Jane Len Love Jane

Lench, and she and I hit
it off and we've been friends ever since.

We met on a fucking airplane and
we've been friends ever since and we've

we've spent a lot of time with
her and she's just the greatest. Yeah,

but I remember we had it was
one of those flights where I don't

talk to people in planes generally I
just put my headphones on and want to

zone out. Jane and I talked
the entire and thinks like a threehour flight

and started a friendship and when we
were landing she reached down to check on

her dog, which I had no
idea it was with her the entire time.

Yeah, in this little bag.
Yep, sweetest little dog that never

made a sound, never was just
just just went to sleep. Yep.

Yeah, and that's the case.
I'm wrong, wrong with that. There's

nothing wrong with that, and that
is the majority of cases are like that.

I have also been on flights where
the person next to me or in

front of me, behind me had
a dog and I never knew right that's

usually the case, or you'll hear
a little bark or a little wine or

whatever. It's never been a problem. I have never encountered any horrific seen

on the plane because of an animal. But I can't imagine if somebody wore

to bring, you know, a
couple of chickens or, you know,

a baby go or that may be
different because you're talking about different types of

animals that are not, you know, trained or can't be comforted by their

owners. I don't know, but
maybe you just limit maybe no farm animals.

Maybe the farm animals need to stay
on the farm. Yeah, I

think that's a good sure to you
know, I'm sure if I had a

little go and I wanted to travel
with it, I would have to find

a different way. I would drive
or do whatever it was that needed to

be done. Yeah, you know, but I can almost understand that a

little bit more. But but dogs
and cats, you know, or you

know, I guess now you're getting
into like. So if somebody has a

pet snake, what if that pets
nake gets loose on the plane? To

be a movie? They'll be a
movie. There are but yes, some

just saying maybe put some different regulations, but we need to be able to

travel with their dogs and cats.
Yeah, this is a topic that actually

needs to be sorted out absolutely.
I'm sure there there are groups and people

already working on it. I'm sure
the backlash is in motion. Or is

it? I don't know. I
wish to be part of it. She

was. I really feel strongling about
this. Have pets that they want,

that they need to travel with.
Yeah, I feel strongly about this.

So we'll see what happens. We'll
see what happens. And you know,

the holidays are here. Yeah,
talking about traveling, I'm sure there'll be

a little bit less traveling these holidays
because of everything that's going on. But

I just want to say that I
I can see, I can sense I've

talked with people who are feeling a
lot of stressed around this time. It's

been a very stressful year for many
of us. We've been dealing with a

lot of crap and maybe this Christmas, these holidays, it's not going to

be the way it usually is.
Maybe it's not going to be the whole

family again, like what we said
about Thanksgiving. But I just want to

remind everybody to take a little pressure
off yourself. This is usually the time

we put the added pressure on ourselves
about, you know, the holiday food.

Oh I'm not going to have that
glass of Champagne, I'm not going

to have that extra dessert because,
oh, I've been eating so much.

Just, you know, let it
go a little of all the years of

blood of our lifetime. Let it
go a little bit, treaty, a

little kind of do yourself, be
a little kinder to you. So forgetting

holidays. For that, now that
Joe Biden has been officially verified by the

Electoral College and and Joe Biden is
absolutely our president. There will be no

Christmas. Oh right, they're canceling
because they don't has canceling, Chris.

Yes, and we have all those
babies in our basement. We need to

eat. Yes, we want to
fill up. You want, you want

to you want to fill up on
baby. Yes. Yes, Oh,

and communism is now the norm.
Yep, yeah, yeah, they're taken

away. Our guns are taken away, our rights, they're taken away.

Our cars. There taking away.
Yeah, so we'll see what happens with

that. Yeah, but, yeah, I'm with you. I mean Thanksgiving

was weird. was, yeah,
definitely different for us, and Christmas is

going to be definitely different. But
it's what look, it's called adapting.

It's called adapting to the circumstances and
adapting to the situation. And what Burns

my ass, what Burns Chard's as
well done are, it's the same thing

that Burns my ass on every other
level, which are people who are all

about for me and a and then
people has to wear masks, but for

me to have zero consideration for your
fellow man is, I think, the

it's the it's the primary thing that
irks the fuck out of me talk about

what makes someone on sexy is having
no consideration or no compassion. That that

goes round on the list too,
and it am I wrong that it just

seems like it's more prominent than ever? Yesterday we were we left our house

to drive to do a quick errand
and we live on a street that's a

it's that's separated by trees and so
it's a split road, and there was

a guy just stopped in the middle
of the street on his phone. Yeah,

and I had to honk like yeah, who does that? Yeah,

who gets on a street in the
middle of the street where you get over

and somebody one lane? I want
one of my tree and you stop,

you com here and then I need
answer this text. I'm just going to

stop right here, right. And
we waited, asshole that we want.

We were behind him and we waited
because we you know, you never know.

Maybe he's looking for maybe it's car
stalled or something. Right, maybe

he's looking for a street number.
Then I see he's small, he's on

his phone. Yeah, he's just
hanging out. Yeah, he's hanging it

right. Oh, oh, yeah, okay, I guess I'll move down.

Fuck you. That's reminded to all
of us. We all tend to

you and marry Christmas. We all. We all can do that. We

all can be a little in our
own world sometimes, but you know,

that's just send a little gentle reminder
to ourselves into everyone to hey, don't

be a Dick. Yeah, be
less of a Dick, be less of

a Dick, enjoy the holidays,
merry Christmas, happy Chanooka. You want

there. Plus, I feel so
bad, so don't feel bad. Tell

the backstory on that. Well,
it went viral in the last couple of

days. So there's a there's an
APP called Cameo, which it which Richard

is on time on and like check
him out. It's a rich cool APP

by the West to raise some money
for a great charity of the yeah,

so you can go on cameo and
there's lots of celebrities, you can find

Richard and you can basically purchase a
gift for someone of your favorite celebrity or

that person's favorite celebrity, sending a
personalized message to that a video message.

So it can be for birthdays,
it could be for holidays and the majority

of the w anything a promotion or
just words of inspiration. It just makes

someone happy. I mean definitely that's
it. It's used for like birthdays and

stuff like that. Yeah, but
what I've the number one most requested thing

for me has been to give people
a shout out and give them encouragement.

People who have been going through a
hard time or just are down and they

want me to say, you know, hang in there, and right,

you know, we're all going through
our version of shit this year, but

it's going, you know, the
things are going to be better. It's

so thoughtful of someone to do that
for someone. You like to want to

cheer someone up and be all they
really they loved this artist all their lives

that he just sent to get a
and it really does cheer people up.

I wonder if it is Harry styles
on Cameo, because I'm going to buy

you a Harry styles video. That
would be awesome anyway. So on Cameo,

among the thousands of celebrities on cameo
is smokey Robinson. I lge smoky

smoky arms and I legend and he
is as warm and kind and sweet.

What a sweet guy as he is
talented and talk. Here's another guy that

doesn't get the praise that he deserves. Yes, one of the greatest songwriters

are absolutely and he was asked to
do a shout out for someone to wish

them a happy Hanaka. Now there
are two ways to spell Hanaka. Right

starts with an age and one is
the traditional starts. It's spelled H A

and UKA. Now smokey Robinson is
clearly not Jewish, right, and he's

reading, because you when you get
the request, they're really now, yes,

and he didn't recognize Hanaka spelled that
way exactly, which is understandable.

Fair enough. Sure, that's a
that's an easy yeah, yeah, it's

an innocent mistake. So he sends
the video to the to the person saying

and happy Chinooka. And, you
know, I and he even said,

I don't know what this is,
not what the SS but had but enjoyed

Chinooka. Yeah, and it was
so heartfelt and sweet and so innocent.

Now what could have happened? Yeah, is that the person who who bought

that came, Ye from smokey Robinson, could have messaged him back and said,

Oh, thank you so much,
but it's actually pronounced Tonica, right.

Instead, the guy posted it.
It became his social media to humiliate

smokey robinsons and it instantly became a
viral video. Actually, one saw and

it is hilarious. Even smoky will
get cracked up when he realized his order.

Yes, and I you know,
rightfully so. The guy that posted

is taking a lot of shit because
he was just like it was nasty,

that was so nasty. So he's
sending like a really heartfelt, lovely message.

So I think it was his mother
or his sister, whatever that whatever

it was. Yeah, and he
just kind of like posted it so that

everyone would make fun of him and
it kind of backfired because everybody was like,

why would you do that? Yeah, what a Dick. Yeah,

Dick Move, Dick move, and
all it did was reinforce. How sweet.

Yeah, someonekey recause. Also,
ohs say what smokey did afterwards?

Well, he repost. He actually
quoted the post. Yeah, so instead

of just were like trying to like
ignore it, he went something like,

and I'm parrifizing, but he said, Hey, man, in the spirit

of two thousand and twenty, I
need a do over. Yes, you

know, please let me Redo the's
and pronouncer correctly, and then all like

that. But he he asked to
talk to the woman who, he said,

right, do you think I'm gonna
sew all car? I will call

her so classic like. It's just
those sorts act. And also, the

other takeaway that is getting lost in
all this, and I'm I tweeted about

this. If you look at this
video, is Mugie Robinson doing this?

Yeah, watch the video. Yeah, it's funny, especially in contact,

that he mispronounces Hanaka. But the
takeaway is, look at smokey Robinson.

Yeah, he's eighty years old and
he looks us forty seeing at best.

Yes, yes, golds definitely has. Holy Shit, he looks great.

We all should look so good.
Yes, anyway. So I just don't

be a Dick. Yeah, Merry
Christmas. Happen? How did you or

Hanna, whatever the fuck. All
right, we're going to wrap this up,

folks. We're just getting silly and
started and I need another drink.

Yes, I'm going to pour you
another drink. We're going to have a

nice dinner. We'll see you,
guys next week, and stay safe,

stay healthy, stay positive. Yeah, this is a time to move forward

and start the healing process for all
of us. The vaccines are out.

Yes, there's a lot going on. That's, you know, positive direction.

Yes, listen to the negativity,
don't listen to the bullshitters, don't

listen to the conspiracy theories. Stay
positive and, yeah, stay safe.

Things will get better. Have Happy
Holidays, enjoy it all, folks,

be kind to yourself. Bye.
Thanks for listening to Tequila Talk With Daisy

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