EPISODE 96: Mask Mandates & Playboy

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Show Notes

This week The Couple have some drinks and discuss different views regarding mask mandates throughout our country. They also recently started watching the docu-series Secrets of Playboy and discuss the various issues they have with the show.

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STRAWT media. Cheers, baby salut. Huh, we have new mics.

Are they working? Yes, maybe
we started language. We should have tested

this before we started. Baby,
I'm an audio EG winds. Yes,

for yourself, a glass of your
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hut media. This is Tequila Talk. The daisy points and Richard Mox welcome

to Tequila talk everyone. I see
the meters moving. You didn't give me

a kiss after that talk, but
because you were like, what's going on

over there? That wasn't sure.
Here we are jinks. Wow, how

many of we had already double Jinks? And we're in our we're in one

of our other locations, undisclosed location, disclosed locations. It's been nice just

to have a little break from the
beauty and perfection of Sunny California. Yeah,

that get some annoying. God.
Who needs that shit? We're like,

we'll look at the weather in La
and there's like eight days in a

row where it's just sun, Sun, sign, eighty three, eighty three.

We're like, we gotta get the
fuck out of here. Or one

day where it's like there is a
twenty percent chance of showers. Oh my

God, this is or cloudy,
cloudy for three hours on a Tuesday we're

like we got to get out of
here. Book of life. The temperature

drops like to vent dy and we're
like, oh, it's freezing, we

gotta get out of this call.
We're assholes. But it's been nice to

just sort of hang and our other
one of our other places, yeah,

and be with the family, be
with the family time and everything. I

need my dose a family time every
so often. Plus, there's something about

being here, where there's no covid
where well, because we exist, allegedly.

Allegedly, I mean, but it's
statistics would say otherwise. You know,

the people who are dying and intubated
with so disagree. But I think

it's obvious by now that we're in
Florida. So and it's just amazing how

when we go out it's just it's
weird because a lot of states have lifted

their mask mandate except for Ella,
county, has not or are there in

the process of removing mass mandates from
some areas, outdoor areas, which I

think it's crazy. At this point
I'll tell you what's crazy about it.

Let's just be specific. It's not
even the mandates it's the enforcement of the

mandates. Yeah, so you you
throw out some, you get the newest,

latest scientific data, and I don't
even know. Look, when it

comes to politicians and government, I've
become so disgusted by all of them,

on both sides, that I feel
like I'd like to still believe that decisions

are made based upon the most current
scientific data. And if that is true,

they jump to Oh, we gotta
lock it down again, we got

to have mass mandates. You have
to wear a mask where you're in the

grocery store, and then you've got
people who walk into the Grocery Shom like,

I'm not wearing a fucking mask.
Fuck you, and for whatever the

reasons are, at the end of
the day, if there's a mask mandate

and you're going to be that person
who's going to cause a scene because your

freedom, you're just an Asshole,
I know. But we've talked about US

inside getting of this. But I
also it's like we had this situation at

the grocery store where there was a
guy right behind, right behind us,

and the cashier said, sir,
I've told you either put on a mask

or I keep it, or you
have to leave, and the guys with

his little girl. That's the other
thing. He was with a two yearold.

You really don't want to start a
fight with the guy with a little

baby, you know well, but
the guy with the little babies and assholes.

He was being a Dick. He
was for sure not being a nice

guy. Your point to the cashier
was perfect. Yeah, I just turned

to the cashier and I said,
you know, I just feel either we

all should be wearing masks or none
of us should be wearing masks right,

or we should all be given the
choice. You can't ask people to wear

a mask and then whoever doesn't want
to dozen even though they're asked to.

Yeah, so that was you know, that was about a month ago and

I think that we're in a different
place now. Like you said, I

and and like I've always said,
I don't think we need to listen to

politicians. In the beginning of the
pandemic, when things were really bad and

we didn't really know what was going
on, we had limited science. Yes,

I think that everyone, once we
realize that this was okay, we

should all be masking up because it's
going to protect us and this is out

of control. Then there were people
who were like fuck that I'm not wearing

a mask. Sure you should enforce
it at that point, temporarily, just

for protection of everyone else, because
we didn't really know what was going on.

Where at the point now where we
see the numbers decreasing, hospitals are

being freed up, it seems like
we're gaining herd immunity, even though many

people are still getting sick and many
people are still dying. Yeah, it

is more, you know, people
who are compromised and it. We understand

what is going on now more than
we did two years ago. Right.

So we're most dates have made masks
optional for those who need it more than

others. I understand that that.
I've always said it should be left up

to the individual. You should explain
the circumstances, and those of us who

understand science would opt to wear a
mask most of the time for the last

two years. Yeah, so where
everybody's loosening up with the mask man dates,

and here in Florida they loosened up. You know, over a year

ago when we were here, hardly
anyone was wearing a mask anywhere. Right

then, during Amikron, they started
wearing them again in public places, and

that was for a very short while. Now almost no one is wearing them

anywhere, although we did wear it
at target. Yeah, mostly because I

don't want to see the host.
What? Mostly because I didn't want to

be seen. That tell you different. Motivation. We left a long one

hour and motivation you like. It's
like you can't really go. You have

you, you always even with the
work, if there were no pandemic.

Yeah, you would be wearing a
mask into Ross because you don't want to

be standing by your isle of No, I actually contest close. Actually do.

It's very cool. Actually, I'm
very happy to be at at Ross

and shows als. Oh my good, like, hi, is me.

I'm wearing your underwear right now,
you know. Speaking of the you mention,

you just reference really quickly the suggestion
of mass or the encouragement, not

even the encouragement, but just the
option, and I had to just make

that decision because I'm finally going back
to doing some shows in a couple of

weeks and I'm playing in Florida,
where, I think you know that's a

mood point, sure, but in
Kentucky, where it's a mood point,

but some of the other places I'm
playing on that run of shows, the

venues came to me and said we'd
like your approval of the wording of because

there are still some artists who are
saying mass or mandatory. Right, it's

up to the artist. Oh,
it is. I didn't know that's some

cases that it. Sometimes it's up
to the venue. Yeah, and sometimes

the venue is passing that option to
the artist to say. And I get

it, like, if you're if
you're an immuno, compromise yourself. If

I had issues where I had to
be, if I'm going to get back

on stage, I have to have
these safety precautions in place. Since I

don't, it was a no brainer
to me to just make them optional,

sure, which means that hardly anybody
will be wearying them, which is fine,

right, because it's your choice.
Yeah, I don't. You know,

I think the people who we still
see wearing masks, especially here in

Florida, are obviously people older people. Have seen some older people wearing masks

who may have some sort of underlying
issue. Yeah, and I think that

that's when you leave it to the
people you know. And then you have

these assholes that will see somebody wearing
a mask and will make fun of them

or say something without realizing well,
that person may need to protect themselves extra

yeah, that person maybe can't afford
to even get a very mild version of

right covid. So yeah, comes
down to as we've talked about so many

times, that comes down to looking
out for someone else, looking out for

your fear fellow man, which is
has become a thing that people just don't

do anymore. They don't give a
fuck. Absolutely. So we just need

to go back to, you know, letting everybody make that decision from the

for themselves. And I think you
know I've always, I said throughout the

pandemic that sure, there are a
lot of people who don't understand what's happening.

So I'm sorry not. Well,
just let those people make those decisions

for themselves. You can't just leave
it there as long as there's no mandating

place. Well, there wouldn't be
a mandate in place if most people were

doing what's right, I know.
But I want to make it clear that

I'm with you that people should be
it should be up to them. Yeah,

unless it's like it should be up
to you to wear a shirt into

a establishment. But you know that
because there's a sign on the door.

Well, if I'm if I want
to go in there, I have to

have a shirt on. Well,
it's kind of like the seat belt law.

It's like right, we all know
we should be wearing the seat but

but they had to make it a
law because a lot of people were not

wearing them and it is absolutely saved
lives. It just as my favorite example

of what we're talking about, by
the way, is not even an American

it's a Canadian example. I don't
know if you saw this, couple days

ago at some ski resort school,
which I'm going to assume is in western

Canada because of the time of year, there was a guy with his family

who threw one of those fucking Tantrum, Baby Tantrum Hissy fits. Here is

what from what I understand, the
the resort only required a mask on the

lifts because sometimes you share the lifts
with people, right, right, yeah,

sometimes it's just you and your family
take up that chair. Yeah,

but sometimes maybe not. So they
just to protect the majority of people.

They said when you're on the lift, the chairlift, you got to have

a mask on. Just keep it
in your pocket. Right. This guy

was a I'm not wearing the mask, and they had video of the of

security coming and forcibly like hauling his
ass down onto the ice and pulling him

away with his family screaming right the
the hilarious thing is this motherfucker was wearing

a helmet, gloves, goggles,
wrist guards, me pads, but he

wouldn't put on his mask to ride
the chair lift. It's just so silly.

So he now and went viral.
So everyone that saw it knows what

a fucking baby man he is.
Yeah, what an asshole he is.

Yeah, like, Dude, just
it's forty five seconds up the chairlift,

put on the fucking lick. Just
do it. And I just think that,

yeah, it's crazy, but we
all need to be a little bit

more responsible for understanding the science or
understanding what's going on and not depending so

much on what the politicians decide to
make a mandate. Because, as we

know these politicians, they may pass
a mandate that they don't themselves believe in

just because they're followers. Their fans, their supporters won't support him if he

says otherwise. So again, that's
politics and it's corrupt and the politicians who

are saying the things that you want
to hear may not be walking that walk

right then, and I don't think
people see that. You know, they

just do what's expected of them.
They get a job and a lot of

them, I'm convinced, are okay, I'll just run Republican. Okay,

I'll just run Democrat, just to
run and get the job right. So

we really have to remember all of
that when it comes to listening to politicians

and really supporting them. You don't
really know who you're supporting, Miya,

because they will do whatever and they
will say whatever is required of them to

hold on to their supporters and they're
funding right and they all now stick to

the same exact ideology and propaganda and
and again story. Both sides do this

shit. We'll be right back after
this short break. It's just that I

was going to talk about this later, but we might as well segue into

it now because I want to talk
about it. Look, here's the thing

about here's what I've sort of found
myself feeling about politicians in general, and

I can't really think of hardly any
any examples contrary to this. But what

I where I'm at right now,
is when I look at the Democratic Party,

I see a group of weak,
timid, spineless people who can't get

a whole lot of shit done.
There's just there's a meek thing about the

people in that party. Yeah,
that is a turn off to me big

time. Me Too. However,
they're also the party that, especially currently,

I feel seems to have the greater
good at heart. I believe so,

who are trying to create programs and
and policies that help the greater good.

Yes, there's a you hear that
word, and I'm you hear that

phrase and and assholes are going to
go. Let's just socialism't well, okay,

no, fuck you, it's not. And, by the way,

enjoy your stimula check, you socialist
brick. Yeah, hypocrite. But so

I'm only prefacing this because I get
because I'm so critical of the Republicans,

I'm assumed to be a democrat.
I'm neither. I find I find politicians

to be the most self serving in
sincere. Yeah, almost all of them,

yes, but on the right,
I've never, I've never seen anything

like I'm seeing now. It's not
a control and we're now at a point

now where it's for the last year, year and a half, I mean,

the attack on women's rights is has
been mindblowing, mindblowing. Yeah,

that abortion could be illegal again in
some states. That we're burning their burning

books. They don't want their children
to be taught that there, that there's

been racism in history and don'tt to
be taught the part of history that includes

racism, because I want to keep
it alive, of course, but the

current thing that's happening that's really pissing
me off and a lot of people off,

is happening, guess what, right
here in Florida, oh surprise,

there is a representative named Joe Harding
and he sponsored this amendment which is being

voted on, I think any minute, maybe even today, I don't know,

but it's being called the don't say
gay bill. Have you heard about

this? No, what, this
guy is sponsoring this bill. That he's

happen. I heard of it.
Why isn't this everywhere? It's everywhere.

You just been all right, don't
rob it and gone and you've been distracted

it. I'm going to read you, you know, the actual wording of

this. A new amendment to Florida
is socalled don't say gay bill, would

explicitly require schools to inform parents of
their child's sexual orientation and put a deadline

on how soon they must tell the
family. The amendment filed by bill sponsor,

motherfucker representative Joe Harding, on February
eighteen changes the bill to instead not

only require disclosure but requires schools to
tell parents within six weeks of learning the

student is any sexual orientation other than
straight. Wow. So people are,

of course outraged about this. There's
wording in this bill that makes a little

tiny bit of sense to me.
The wording in the bill that makes sense

to me is that they are,
and this is where it's a slippery stop,

they're saying that they don't want faculty, yeah, to instruct or teach

about sexual orientation or identity between kindergarten
and third grade. I get that.

I get that too. I get
that I wouldn't want that information necessarily volunteered

to my five year old right now, to the teachers, exactly when I

feel like from somewhere else, right
when I feel like my kid is ready

to understand what they are of all
kinds of people in the world. And

that'll be my decision. But at
a certain point you can't. But but

the problem is that I don't think
there's much of a the threat of a

the threat for lack of a better
word, of a teacher standing up in

a classroom and getting into that with
a kindergarten is such a microscopic possibility a

teacher knows it. That's that's inappropriate
and they're going to get fired. Well,

it depends. I disagree, because
you're putting a lot of dignity and

responsibility on that teacher while forgetting that
many of those teachers are ignorant, Qing

on morons who are homophobic, misogynists, racist assholes. Yeah, so in

that in those cases you do it
depends on who's talking to your child,

because you can't screen all those teachers. We assume that all the teachers that

are in place, even at the
best schools, are all very neutral,

fair, equality driven, all looking
to teach the right things to the children.

Know, everyone has an agenda,
including many teachers. Yeah, and

if their beliefs are so strong and
they have been so crazed by all this

nonsense that is going on right now, they're going to want to pass that

on to the younger great, but
you're you're making a point by accident,

I think, because the bill is
saying that what they don't want is for

a teacher to get up and say, see, being gay is great and

bright whatever, or being gay is
wrong. You need to tell your parent

no, it's not. No,
that's it. What the bill says is

that the teacher is aware or suspects
that a child, yeah, is gay.

Yeah, that it's their duty to
inform the parents, as like the

parents don't know. Well, sometimes
the parents don't know, but I mean

the idea that a were in this
is such a Republican thing. Now we

want teachers to out those kids.
We can't be that. It can't be

that hate filled bill, but you
just twisted it in a way that I

think is hilarious. This fucking asshole
harding. Yeah, the on all these

men who are so homophobic and so
outspoken about gay is wrong. If the

ninety nine percent of the time they
get outed, yes, at a certain

point, absolutely. But if,
if, if the bill called for teachers

to spout that being gay is an
abomination and all that, he would have

no problem. He would have no
problem with that. So I guess what

I'm saying is I'm just so tired
of and we've talked about this bore.

It's not about being conservative or or
liberal. Yeah, it's about whether you're

just decent or not, and the
current Republican Party just stands for hate.

They hate black people to hate Brown
people, they hate gay people to hate

Asian people. They have anybody who's
not solutely them yes, and they like

to lump people up in groups and
categories. And I also think that another

another point when it comes to what
we were just talking about, you know,

with with the kids, I think
that there are certain you know,

when we were growing up and we
were in school, there are certain things

that are taught by the school and
there are other things at the school would

not dream of getting involved in,
which just involves your home life. And

now, I think for many years
now they're that line has been blurred where

teachers feel like they can get into
every aspect of what's going on at that

home life of the child. Yeah, which is as parents feel like they

need to control what the teachers teach
to their kids. There, you know,

you can say this, you can't
say that. How dare you talk

to my child like this? Why
did you say that, and why did

you teach them this? And there's
it's too much of a crossover. We

need to let teachers teach MMM and
parents parent, and they're getting to underneys.

Yes, why? Why? You
sign? Enough, Florida has a

particularly strong law when it comes to
the school system in teachers. The teachers

have a responsibility to report suspected abuse
to dcfs or that's why it's nothing is

so cut and dried like. I
look at that and I think every state

should have really good policies in place
right to protect children. I don't know

about you. Know you see something
that's suspicious in your classroom and you immediately

report it to child services? Yeah, that could that's a slippery slope to

but I do like the idea that
there are policies in place that if you

suspect something that you involve other people. Maybe you go and you tell other

faculty members. Are you say,
Hey, this is what I saw,

what do you think we should do? But now this to distort it on

the other side and say if a
child exhibits behavior that Mike the or comes

off in a way that makes you
think, Oh, maybe that child's gay,

maybe that Little Boys Gay, well, well, I'm going to tell

the parents. Yeah, it's that, but it's also the fact that many

young children right now, as young
as in kindergarten, first grade, second

grade, they're talking about their family
life, and and family life today looks

very different than it did twenty years
ago. Yeah, or, you know,

a while ago, because a lot
of these kids have same sex parents.

Yeah, that's their family. That's
what the school doesn't want them to

talk about. Right, that's very
let's noted in all these criticisms of this

bill. So what about the kid
who has two fathers? Yeah, they're

not allowed to discuss it. The
exactly faculties not allowed to mention it.

Right, it makes it then it
makes the child feel like they've got that

there's something wrong with their family,
and that's completely wrong. We're living different

times. A court. This is
just so. It's so they're trying to

put the toothpaste back, yeah,
in the tube, and it's never going

to happen. And I always deal
with things the way they are today,

and it's very different house. Would
love to corner some of these people,

like this fucking asshole harding, and
say what are you so scared of?

Yeah, why are you so engulfed
in fear of gay people, of Trans

don't know that it's black people,
right, but we don't know that.

It's just him. Again, it's
the party that he represents, of course,

and the area that he represent,
naming him because he's the sponsor of

this particularly. So obviously he's getting
pressure from his you know, from his

area, from his people, to
pass this mandate, yeah, or this

new law. But yeah, things
look very different and I think if I

had a child in school, I
would want the teacher to tell me if

they're being bullied, if they're if
they're noticing something strange in class. I

want to be notified of my child's
behavior, but not, you know,

when it comes to Oh, he
seems gay or they have a you know,

same sex parents. So we don't
want anybody to talk about that because

other parents may not be ready for
their children to learn about that. Well,

it's too late. That's the world
we're living in. It has been

for a long time. You need
to be open with it. And your

children aren't bothered by it because they're
surrounded by all families that look completely different

in theirs. They don't need an
explanation because they know they don't know anything

else. So them everything is perfectly
normal because they're living in a very mixed

environment and I think that that is
great. It's inclusion, it's teaching them

that everyone is different and everyone deserves
equality and everyone deserves respect, regardless of

how different their situation is at home
or with themselves or whatever. Right and

to be so arrogant as to as
to define the word normal at this exactly.

Normal is whatever you're into. Normal
is whatever you know. Or if

some people don't like being normal,
so that don't be normal, it's whatever,

just as long as you're decent human
and I don't know, that's what

needs and I told me, normal
is whatever you're into, even if you're

into some crazy sick shit. I'm
not talking about that. I'm saying it's

sarcastically like to these, quote are
quote, straight white men. Oh,

to them, normal is only what
they are into. Yeah, which is

bullshit, you know, which is
repression. Yeah, that's what clearly say.

I have a question for you.
SHACE, switching gears. I'm for

a minute. So this was a
new story. I'm this isn't really so

much about this new story, but
you probably heard that Robert F Kennedy Jr,

who is a piece of work,
Super Anti vaxs or guy, and

look, he's entitled to his opinion. I've listened to a lot of what

he has to say, and I
think he's full of Shit. Yeah,

and I think a lot of his
information is reckless and dangerous and risks a

lot of people's health. But he
was doing it, he was speaking at

some rally or some speech and he
was critical, he was criticizing the government,

and at that we don't have rights
anymore and people's rights are dwindling down

to nothing. And he said,
and this was his quote over a live

microphone, even in Hitler's Germany you
could cross the Alps to Switzerland, you

could hide in an addict like a
frank did. Oh my God. Well,

you can imagine that the anti definition
than the Jewish organizations. Like people

were like, did you just compare
people now, what we're going through,

to Nazi Germany, to and frank
to the slaughter of Jews? Like that's

how fucking stupid this guy is.
Okay, yeah, so it was a

more than a twenty four hour new
cycle on. This was probably a seventy

twohour beating up of Robert F Kennedy
Junior, and rightfully so, but more

importantly, his wife, who's a
beautiful, really great actress, that she's

on Kurb. She's been on curb. Your enthusiasm. Cheryl hines talented,

she's married to him, M and
she, two days after this debacle,

I do remember this. Yeah,
publicly addressed it and said that her husband's

reference to Anne Frank was, quote, reprehensible and insensitive. The atrocities that

millions endured during the Holocaust should never
be compared to anyone or anything. His

opinions are not a reflection of my
own. She tweeted this. Yeah,

that's heavy. So here's my question. When you get to the point where

you're significant other says or does something
that you have to publicly label as reprehensible,

wow, is there trouble in paradise? I would think so. If

you if I did something that you
that mortified you that much and on a

public scale. It's not a thing
that happened between us. Yeah, it's

something that the world knows I said
or did. Yeah, and I have

to come out and and separate myself. Separate yourself from it. Oh,

that's a tough one. Do you
come back from that? That's tough because

there have been couples who have disagreed
politically. They're have couples who had,

you know, politically say things that
enrage the other on a political level.

But you know, they're also some
couples who got together because of that,

because of their debating on things,
and they get past it. But I

think that we're living in a different
world right now where you almost can't do

that anymore. It that the differences
have become so extreme, right right,

that it's not like it used to
be where two adversaries, political adversaries,

could fall in love because they just
believed in different laws and and different bills

and different ant direction for the country. And sure you can get past that.

That's very different now, because now
you're either, you know, a

conspiracy theorists and you you want to
go back in time, or you want

progress and you want to dissociate yourself
from racist and whatever that party represents,

right, or communists and whatever that
party represents. You know, they're both

throwing insults at each other that are
mostly inaccurate. You know, yeah,

because obviously not everybody who's a Republican
is a racist and that everyone who's a

Democrat is, you know, a
hard socialist. I don't think most Democrats

are socialist, even though they want
more quality for everyone. I think some

of them do border on that,
because they don't understand what it is that

they're talking about, exactly the same
way that a lot of Republicans don't understand.

So I don't know if this Robert
Kennedy was even understanding what he was

saying, because this that is so
stupid. This is a different level of

stupidity. Yeah, it's not.
You know, it's definitely stupid, but

it's also a different level of inflammatory
and sensitive soul dismissal of I mean,

he's something so important. He's in
his s maybe, or he's close to

seven. Yeah, too. And
he's not a stupid man. He's not

a he's not a man who's not
well read, who's not well educated.

The idea that your brain could say
I'm on an open Micgraine, I'm got

in front of an audience and TV
cameras, I'm gonna make a reference to

Jews being slaughtered in the Holocaust.
Yeah, instead of thinking yourself should maybe

tread lightly on this. Wow,
he just went for it. What what

do you think is going on there? Because, like you said, he's

seventy. Maybe there could be a
little bit who knows, that could be

a little bit of something wrong going
on in will raining wrong with him?

For sure, but I don't mean, I don't know I'm saying that he's

cognitively impaired. I think he's just
just one of those people, like so

many other people. Yeah, just
says the Dumbest fucking shit out loud.

But to the point where your wife
has to, yeah, separate herself from

you and your comments? Yeah,
that's a different level. I don't think

I could make it past that.
You know, there are certain circumstances and

your question was, you know,
if your spouse embarrasses you or, and

that is the word, like,
could you get over the embarrassment of that?

Yeah, because I think it depends
on the situation. Someone could not

mean to cause harm and say something. Will you understand what he's saying?

Maybe he just said it in front
of a group of people that don't understand

his sense of humor or his sensibility. When the mess this, that's different.

So I do think that people are
embarrassed by their spouses, but you

have to kind of ask Yourself,
oh, what was the cause of that?

I'm Oh, I wish he hadn't
said that that way, or that

joke was kind of an appropriate for
that, or but that's not what I'm

talking about, because you can excuse
those thing, sure, but when someone

appears to be ignorant and racist in
front of a large group of people,

and you're both public people, but
and again it I think it's all relative

because even if you're not a public
person and it's just amongst your friends that

this happens, right, it could. Some people really really do get bent

out of shape and they get embarrassed
and humiliated and if that's an ongoing thing

in your in your relationship, then
I don't think you can get past that.

UK, no one should be with
someone who they feel completely embarrassed by.

Yeah, that's clearly always going to
be a problem. If you don't

admire and respect the person you're with, that's a problem. Yeah, and

you either need to fix it or
get out of the relationships. So I

don't know what the situation is here
with Sheryl hines and her husband. We

don't know where they are in their
marriage and maybe she feels the way he

does and she was just talked into
doing this by her publicist because she's on

a TV show. I guess it's
possible. So that's possible. Also.

We don't really know what the circumstances
are, you know, but if she's

really if she really feels that way, I don't know how you can overcome

that. I don't know. It's
difficult, but how? How? Oh,

I can't imagine. Yeah, that
was cringe. That was so cringe.

You know what else scringe? We
were watching, and we only watch

three episodes. I think there are
five. We were watching this docu series

is called secrets of playboy, and
I wanted to watch it mainly because you

know half, nor the whole.
Halfnur story, I think is interesting.

How he became successful, how he
sort of empowered women. YEA, and

or at least on paper. Yeah, but then I kept hearing all you

got to see, you got to
see the secrets of playboy thing. He's

a monster. He was a monster. That was the word I kept hearing.

He was a half to turn out
to be a monster, like we

heard about Bill Cosby, who absolutely
is absolutely as a monster. And so

I was intrigued and I wanted to
kind of especially in the light of the

you met Youtube, I love them
too, but for me to movement and

I wanted to see how he was
being blumped into this. Yeah, and

so we watched it and it didn't
take us more than one episode to realize

that there was a tremendous agenda to
this APP Docu series. Absolutely, and

I just can we talk about this
for a minute, because it's it's sensitive.

Yeah, because I don't want to
be disrespectful to the women who are,

you know, the participants in this
docky series who are, yeah,

telling their story about him. And, by the way, the the at

all the episodes that we saw were
pretty much the same. Yeah, nothing

gained anyone from operus, no new
information in any of the episodes that we

saw, and it was basically most
see maybe three, hmm, past playmates,

a woman now shed. One was
never a playmate. One was a

girl who was his girlfriend, who
was part of the girls next door documentary.

A little girl who moved into the
mansion, lived in the mansion because

her father was his doctor and best
friend. Yeah, so half sort of

helped, not helped, raise her, but she grew up in the mansion

and so she was part of that
whole thing from the time she was a

little girl and she ended up having
an affair, like having a thing with

one of his girlfriends. Yes,
when she grew got older. So she

had sex with one of his girlfriends. Yeah, actually his main girlfriend at

the time, which he didn't he
wasn't thrilled the well, yeah, and

he wasn't a part of it.
Right. But then she got upset because

he called her into the bedroom with
the girlfriend. Right, one time.

This is when she was an adult. Yes, well, she was a

young adult. Yeah, I think
she was. She was like eighteen,

eighteen or nineteen, which, yeah, that's wrong, and this was thirty

years ago. But yeah, something. It was different, and she had

already had sex with his girlfriend.
Right. So then the girlfriend apparently left

the the room and he said,
okay, you can go back to your

room because she's not very well.
So it wasn't like half wanted to do

anything with her. Right. Once
his girlfriend left, who was the person

that she had had an affair with? Right, he said nothing else is

going to happen here without her right, and she left and apparently she was

upset about that. What, she
was traumatized by it. But let's also

mentioned that, even though she talked
about growing up in the mansion and how

he felt like a second father to
her and how she met all these people

that had a great time, wrote
a book about it. Yeah, profited

from it and now it's still kind
of saying that some of the things she

feels now are wrong. And he
apparently to buy her own interview in this

Docu series. When her book was
coming out, he called her to congratulate

her. Yeah, but that's that's
where it gets. I think this is

what she's really upset about, right, that he called it to congratulator on

the book and he asked her what
interviews she was doing, and then the

mansion, his people called and canceled
all those interviews there. That's what that's

what she's accusing him up right,
which you know, at that point,

if I was super kind to someone, I had someone living in my house,

yeah, all growing up, and
then when they get older they write

a book about me and my home, yeah, and how I run my

business. I'm going to try to
stop that too, absolutely because whether they're

saying nice things or bad things,
it's so it's still it's something that was

done without his consent, without his
environment, and it's about him. Yeah,

so I understand why he tried to
stop it and everybody's trying to accuse

him of being this horrible person.
But what I did like about the documentary

is that they put a lot of
people who were talking Nice things about undering,

who are countering all these claims.
You were saying. He was a

kind man, he was a wonderful
friend, he treated everybody well, he

took care of everyone who was there
right. And yet there are few women

who I'm sure have legit, you
know, complaints, but the few that

we saw in this documentary did not
merit the taking down of a man that

leg I says how I felt too. It was it was several women who

benefited greatly from him in the ways
that they did. Yeah, but all

wanted something else, something further,
that he didn't provide them, and so

they decided to get together and do
a Docu series on what a monster he

was. Well, I don't think
it's their docu series, because they really

a counterside. And Look, I'm
if anything, I'm probably more quick to

judge a man who's accused, or
at least scrutinize it and go I mean,

for I'm sorry, even as a
guy, I m yeah, probably

a fucking asshole with this one.
Yeah, I was going, what is

going on like, and I believe
the women when they're saying that they were

left with some, you know,
horrible experience. Shy, I believe them,

becture. Anyone can have a horrible
experience, but these women weren't saying,

Oh, he raped me or he
would dropping me leave. What?

Let me leave. They have formed
me until they do their own thing.

Right. So he did not sexually
abuse these women to what to our nom

far in the documentary, he did
not. They have an accused him of

that. They're accusing him of not
really liking the way they felt after the

whole experience, and I'm sorry,
but that's not valid. I also find

I also feel like that's a slap
in the face to the real victims of

the me to movement. You really
do? Yes, I thought it's all

looked those is just, yeah,
dilute that. Yeah, absolutely, some

of the all these women who have
been through truly horrific yeah, situations.

Yeah, this is a slap in
the face of them. We'll be right

back after this short break. Look, and these women are are entitled to

feel however they want to feel,
but it's not worth making a documentary trying

to deface the legacy of this man, to bring him down, to try

to say he was a piece of
Shit, when we can all actually se

well, what did he really do
to you? You put yourself in that

situation. You talk about what a
great opportunity it was for you, about

how well they were taken care of. It provided this amazing life for you,

how you became famous for and rich
for a while from it. There

were some rules and some things that
you didn't like about it. Well,

you were free to leave. Yeah, but for you to say that it

was a horrible misogynist you know,
maybe it was, maybe it wasn't,

but everyone had the freedom to leave
and most and most of those women there,

all of the women there, from
what I can see, voluntarily put

themselves in that situation. It was
something that they aspired to they aspired to

live in the mansion, they aspired
to be in the magazine. They knew

as an opportunity for their life and
their career. And then for them to

say, Oh, well, I
didn't feel so good about the experience after

that's fair enough, but many people
don't feel good about the experience of any

job that they go into. That
does willing trash the guy who gave you

that ex situationally, you can say, well, you know what, yeah,

that wasn't my favorite Gig that I
ever did, or I didn't like

that work environment, so I left. Yeah, you can say that for

any office job, any industrial corporate
situation. Why should this be any different?

It's a job, it's a lifestyle
that everyone knows what it involves.

It's about sexuality. Yeah, it's
about your body and it's about beauty.

you go into it willingly because you
know it's going to offer you opportunities.

But then what? You changed your
mind twenty years later. I'm sorry,

you can't do that. It was
just it was irritating to me. Yeah,

yeah, so I definitely want to
see a couple more episodes to see

if it but why would they hold
the most important news like that? He

did something horrific that he should have
been in jail for until the last episode.

I can't. If you really want
to, want you docuse her.

is about a monster, the car, watch the cosby want. That was

disturbing and that was Le that alone. That comparison alone, like this this

docu series about half. Yeah,
compared to the I mean Jesus, yeah,

you can't compare it. And again, here's what we can say.

I've been to the mansion I met
Hugh Hef no, yeah, I have

been offered to pose for playboy a
number of times when I was at MTV,

when I was in my s and
early S. I've been offered to

post for playboy. I didn't,
not for any particular, you know,

weird reason. I just didn't.
I said to myself, as long as

my father's alive, I'm not going
to pose nude because I don't want to

embarrass him with his friends. I
know I'm still his little girl. HMM.

That was my only reason, not
because I thought there was anything wrong

with posing nude. Right. And
you and I have both been to the

mansion different times. We mind was
different. Well, I want to hear

about yours. I forgot it.
So I'd been to the mansion. Invite

it to parties a number of times. So I've been to a bunch of

parties at the mansion. Yeah,
and there were amazing he'd in this Dick

Parties where everybody had a great time. And yes, they were over the

top and there were a bit sexual
and that girls were, you know,

sometimes barely dressed and and or were
wearing very little. Sometimes there were people

in the pool who would naked.
Did you see any sexual activity. And

then else where, I never saw
anything inappropriate. Okay, there you never

and any of the girls who I
met seemed to be happy, not that

that means anything, but you know, having been there and having met have

I can't say that I ever saw
anything that was surprising. Yeah, you

know, you're at the playboy mansion. You expected to be a bit over

the top and unlike any other party
that you go to. And the truth

is that there were always many celebrities, a list celebrities filled that mansion.

Yeah, every party, everybody wanted
to be there and everybody was there,

all different types of people. Yeah, so you just reminded me. I'm

not well, what are your experience
at the man? Well, did I

forget? Yeah, you forgot,
but you just reminded me. I worked

with a couple of playmates, one
AVA Fabian, who was in my first

video for don't mean nothing, and
then she was in another video a couple

of years later, and I knew
he were a little bit through those and

I just from distinctly remember her talking
about how much she loved being part of

the playboy world and that half he
always treated her so well. And and

there was somebody else too, and
I think it was, and this is

ages ago, there was a there's
a woman named Julie mccullaugh who was not

only a playmate, she ended up
on a show growing pains, and she

and I did a commercial together for
polaroid or something, and same thing.

Like the the few women I've known
who were part of that playboy think all

they said great things about him.
And okay, so when I was nineteen,

I sort of I was still sort
of new in La and there was

a jazz singer from Chicago who came
to play at a club here and he

was friends with my dad. So
I went to his club Gig to cheer

him on and Hefner was there and
after knew him from the Chicago days,

and so he introduced me to Haffner, who said, Oh my God,

I'm such a fan of your dad
might because he loved my dad's piano playing,

etc. He said, hey,
why don't you come up to the

mansion tonight, and I went what? He went, yeah, I'll leave

your name at the security and now
I was alone, so I went I

I guess I'm going to the playboy
mansion tonight. And this is now.

I like thirty at night. I
get in my car. The Guy who

I went to see the singer,
he was going. He was older and

he was going home to her,
to his hotel whatever. I was so

excited. I'm going to the mansion. I pull up. The Security Guy

There says, Richard Marks, come
on through the gates open you. You

know it's a pretty magnificent yeah,
you know view you see driving up to

that driveway. I knock on the
door. This beautiful young lady answers the

door and I'm like, Oh my
God, I can't believe this, that

mening. She's all yet. Come
with me and she takes me through and

in the kitchen and I'm noticing that, like it's dark everywhere, and not

in a sexy way like a lot
of likes your old person's house, like

with who don't want the lights on. And I go in the kitchen and

half Nur is sitting at the kitchen
table playing poker with three other guys,

all had to have been older than
him. So this it's this sort of

senior citizen table of card playing and
I'm looking around and that's all that's happening.

There's no other girls, there's no
playmates, and half nursays, Oh

yeah, welcomers, have something to
drink and Cindy will show you around the

mansion. So she gives me a
little tour. They got a private tour.

The men go pretty privatorck. She
took me to the gay there was

a gy remember. There was a
really fun game room with our cage and

stuff like that, and I stayed
there for like an hour and then went

home and ill. But that was
really sweet of him to invite you,

even there was here. is nothing
going on at whineteen when you that's the

that's the experience of little who I
know. But again, that goes to

show that the girls who wore there
or not, it was just somebody's home.

It was just somebody's home and it
was so nice that you got a

private very cool of a very historic
when I when I did a charity event

there, that was pretty amazing.
And afternoon thing where I sang at the

mansion and was for I think it
was for children of the night. Yeah,

anyway. Yeah, so up my
experiences at the mansion were all what,

you know, what was expected.
It was nothing weird or horrible about

it. I you know, with
respect to people who have genuine stories of

things that it would do that and
in the Garatto? No, no,

you could not pay me enough to
get into them. No, no,

there's no way enough chlorine. It
was respect to some women who may have

had actual situations. What's going on
in this documentary feels like a witch hunt

to me, that they're really trying
to find something horrible to say about this

man, and I'm not seeing it
so far. So there you go.

So maybe you guys can watch it
and weigh in on it. And the

timing couldn't be more perfect because are
the gardeners who are here late. Las

have started, have started the the
blowers right now during our cocktail hour.

So good, okay, okay,
they're usually not here this late. I

guess better late than not, but
yeah, yeah, it's going to get

very loud. So all right,
we're going to wrap this up for this

week. Kids, check in with
US next week. Stay safe and healthy

and see then. By thanks for
listening to Tequila Talk With Daisy points and

Richard Marks. download new episodes every
week and, if you haven't already,

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