EPISODE 100: No One Wants To Be Alone

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Show Notes

Richard and Daisy were forced to spend a week apart. At first that concept sounded kind of fun, but they both realized they would prefer to spend all of their time together. RIP Taylor Hawkins!


Straw media. Cheers my Litas.
HMM, the big ZIP. Well,

delicious. Not as delicious as your
kiss, but waiting for a kiss and

you just sip it and SIP it. But it spend one thousand nine hundred

and forty two. who were drinking
done Julio Nineteen Forty two, which is

a very special, special favorite Tequila
of ours, and it's delicious. For

yourself a glass of your finest Tequila
or whatever you drink from Straw Hud media.

This is Tequila talk with daisy points
and Richard Mox. It was delicious

and it's also a follow up.
Usually we have ur Tequila and we were

Cord Tequila talk just prior to dinner, but tonight we're doing it just post

dinner. Yeah, and I want
to give a shout out to Massa Veggi

Stacaea, oh, which is into
Panga California. Yeah, it was really

good, really good. It's it's
Vegan Mexican food. Yeah, it was

really good, so that you had
like a bowl, like a tacolate bowl,

was a cheesy Taco bowl with rice
and beans and maybe an impossible with

impossible for meat, and it was
delicious. And I had a Jack Fruit

Burrito. MMMM, Gott of neat
that so that we know got her meet

us. That was like spicy.
It was really spicy. Idea Yours and

it was oh good, I see
way to go. Which reminds me.

I've been watching some of the episodes
of hot ones on Youtube. Yeah,

and I know you did your own
deep dive into that. Yeah, do

you think you could do that interview
with the hot classes? So, so,

let me just explain to people who
haven't seen it. It's a show

called hot ones and it's really it's
been on for years. It's become very

popular and a list celebrities go on
there to promote whatever they're going to promote.

Or you know, you do an
interview, but you have hot sauces

lined up and you take a bite. Ten hot sauces, ten hots Awso

Gret that get progressively hotter, right
from hot to like, you know,

blow your head off right at the
end. And do you think you could

do that? I don't know.
Your breeder reminded me of that because I

took one bite and I'm like,
I don't know how many Eykes I think

I could. I'll tell you why. I mean, I don't think I

could just sail through it like some
people like named dropping. But Dave Grohl,

who Hasna say? You were talking
to him just prior to him going

on there and he kind of prepped
for it, didn't he trained for it.

So I had lunch with the girl
about a month ago, a month

ago, yeah, and we met
at a Mexican place in in La which

is famous and if you saw the
movie once upon a time in Hollywood,

there's even a whole scene there and
it's called Casa Vega, Uh Huh.

And he brought me. First of
all, Dave girl is a he's known

within food fighters fans particularly, almost
as much for his barbecuing skills as his

musicianship, right, and he's a
phenomen he's one of the most talented people

I've ever met. My Yeah,
and I really really like the guy.

I really one of the I really
like. Yeah, and we laugh a

lot together. And and he sent
you home with his hot thought barbecues off.

He brought me some of his homemade
barbecue. Said I wasn't th was

so good and it was cool because
he he said, I don't you know,

I don't know. One thing I
don't know about you yet is what

your tolerance is. So he made
it more sweet. Yeah, and I

said well and it, by the
way, it was phenomenals. IIGA drank

the whole Messon jar in a matter
of like two days. Yeah, I

put it on everything. Yeah,
but I like spicy, like I can

take spicy more than you, I
think, even, which is weird.

I Love Spicy, but I just
get really ugly, like my eyes start

tearing, my nose starts running and
start sweating about it. It was the

one with rob low where he's drenched
in sweat by the end of the episode,

but he get through it. Yeah, HMM. So the answer is

it would be interesting. I don't
he's I don't think he's ever had anyone

on who didn't eat chicken wings.
Yeah, he has. He's had billy

Eilish, who's V get, and
she had began nuggets. Oh, so,

yeah, if they asked me,
I would do it. Yeah,

I would do it, but I
think it was rob I think it was

rob low who, at one point, like seven or eight sauces in,

was like this is can't be good
for us, this is can't be a

healthy thing, like it's burning our
insides out. I think I could get

past the the throat and the inner
mouth burning. What I would worry about

it my lips. Yeah, because
you tend you just instinctively lick your lips

and then you're fucked. Yes,
and people were like sometimes we'll go touch

their hair, by their face or, yeah, their face, and he

took your Eyyes, you're yeah,
he's always like does, be careful with

your face, don't touch your face. Yeah. So, yeah, Dave

Grohl, I think two days later, sent me a picture of a hot

sauce called Pucker Butt and he went, I'm doing hot ones and I'm in

training. Then he was having some
every day. Yeah, and he you

got to watch Dave's episode. I
do hot ones because it's Hilarious, and

he's one of the few people who
he brought whiskey so that for every hot

sauce they had to really shot.
I would do the same thing with Tequa

wow if I did have ones,
not that they're asking me, but if

I did, I would say I'm
going to bring some really Nice Toequila and

that Guy Sean, who's from my
neck of the woods, yeah, Illinois,

I would get him hammered. I
think only fair. I think the

more I drank, the easier it
would be for me to sustain it.

Here's the thing with with hot toss
anything, especially when it's super, super

spicy hot. Yeah, anything that
you drink is going to enhance it,

other than, you know, like
creamy milk type of situation, right,

or like a yogurt type of situation. If you have water, if you

have beer, if you have alcohol, it's going to enhance it, maybe,

but you feel really immediately blitz that. I don't mind. You'll mind.

Maybe I would just start crying.
I've seen a lot of people kind

of just bite some ice and that
seems to alleviate the spiciness. I think

it's a genius concept actually, and
I enjoy I went, I did go

down a youtube rabbit hole. Yeah, yeah, really quickly, before we

leave this I wasn't planning on talking
about this, but you mentioned Dave Grohl.

We lost Taylor Hawkins, the Drummer
from foo fighters. I think I'm

I'm pretty sure I mentioned a couple
episodes ago. I even played a little

cliff of the song from my album
that's coming up and he played drums on

a song called shame on you.
That's going to be on my next album.

Taylor and I met about eight years
ago through Dave and it was just

instant comfortable. It was instantly comfortable. He was so warm and kind and

such a sweet guy and a monster
talent, not just a monster drummer,

but a really good singer songwriter he
was. He did all these side projects

away from the FOO fighters. He
was playing me some tracks that he was

working on when we work together and
he played drums on my record a month

ago and and we ran into him
and we really into to that the next

night. He said something that night
that I'll always remember. The last time

I saw him. Yeah, we
ran it. We were with some friends

and we took them to dinner in
Malibu. We ran and we walked in

there was Taylor and his wife Alison
sitting at the bar and they immediately,

you know, started they actually she
looked at me and she's like, you

look familiar, and she looked familiar
to it. I hadn't seen Taylor yet.

Yes, he was still turned to
the bar. So we start,

oh, I don't know to it's
what do I know you from? And

then he turned around and saw you
walking up and I recognized him at the

same time and I was like,
Oh, it's you guys. Yeah,

it was just the sweetest moment and
they're just such sweet. It's such a

sweet, lovely couple. And yes, my heart breaks because he's such a

talent and such a sweetheart. But
I can't help but think of his kids,

yes, family, his wife and
he's they just seem like such a

sweet couple and and so young and
vibrant and in love and it's heartbreaking.

It's I don't know what I would
do. I just my heart goes out

to her. Yeah, and to
his kids. Yeah, me too.

It's just heartbreaking. But I will
remember actually, my laughter with him.

We laughed and we would just completely
nerd out about bands that we loved.

And but that night we I introduced
him to our friends and when he and

I hugged our friend, Katie said
all you guys are friends and I went

yeah, and he and Taylor turned
to her and he said we're not just

friends, we're friends who make music
together, and that's even cooler. That's

beautiful and ill, like that's the
that's one of the last things he said

to me. Like what a wonderful
Thrien I take with you, and I

feel like we all need to say
those things to each other, more oftome

to people's like me said, he
died, when Taylor died, I sent

and received quite a few taps to
people and from people who I love,

who I don't talk to that much
or see that much. I'm pretty good.

We've talked about this on the show
before. I'm I'm pretty good at

keeping in touch with people. You
really are. But we're all bad at

it if we have a busy life, sure it, you just it's life

and you get busy and caught up. And you know, my best friend,

my Lifelong Best Friend, pee way
bill, he knew Taylor a little

bit and he texted me the day
after Taylor died and he said, ricky

goes. He's always called me ricky, ricky boy. He texted me said,

ricky boy, this thing with Taylor
is just another wakeup call. I

don't see you enough, I don't
hang with you enough. You're my brother

and when and can I see you? And I was. I was just

leaving for the road. So I'm
having I'm spending the day with the on

this coming Thursday. Great and it's
kind of a drag that it takes tragedy

to wake us up. Yeah,
but we the truth is that we all

need to use all of these wake
up calls. Yeah, we need to

use them ast remind us of our
mortality and and what you want to leave

people with. You know, everybody
talks about the big picture and they talk

about like, Oh, what's your
legacy? whant to it going to be?

What do you want to leave behind? How do you want people to

remember you? And I really don't
think that that's important. People like you

have left, you know, so
much great music that will be remembered and

that will people can always play forever. But for most of us, once

we go, what you leave behind
is the people who you've touched, the

people who you love, and things
like what Taylor said to you, and

it just we should all say goodbye
to the people who we love like we're

never going to see them again.
Yeah, because you may not. One

day. You won't, I know, but it's a tough it's a tough

thing to maintain because just we as
human beings, especially in this era.

That's a beautiful thought and yes,
we should. I just I get why

we don't. I do get why
we don't. I just want to work

harder. But you do actually,
because I hear you on the phone with

your friends and before you hang up
you all tell each other you love each

other, which is one. Sure
like for men to be affectionate with men

and to let each other know how
much you love them and how much do

mean to you. You have the
type of friends, male friends, who

do that a hundred percent. But
I got that from my dad. Yeah,

and I think beautiful and I think
that I've just instinctively sought out,

yeah, other men who are comfortable
with that. Right. So, every

dude who I'm great pals with,
man, even because people I'm acquainted,

some people, some guys I'm just
acquaintances with, I'll we hug each other.

Yeah, and we we always say
I love you man or, you

know, even in text, love
you dude or love you bro and and

then there are certain people who you
go it's the difference between love you bud

or love you dude versus I love
you. Yeah, there's a there's a

way, but it's still all about
love. It's still about let people like

love you. I don't like.
I know we're not as close where we

may be new friends, we may
be acquaintances, but you know, I

love everything I know about you.
I just I love spending time with you,

and that needs to be said,
because I think the older we get,

the more insecure we get with,
you know, making friends, and

sometimes we feel like we're taking up
too much time or we're being a nuisance

to people or they already have their
friends, and I think that when you

do meet new friends, even if
you don't know them as well as the

friends who have years of history with
yeah, it's important to let them know,

Oh my God, I love hanging
out with you, like I just

love your energy and it instantly creates
a little bit of a bond. It's

like me and Corbett. Yeah,
you know I mean. I have a

collection of male friends for decades,
yeah, who I maintain relationships with.

I have a really great group of
friends that range from really good acquaintances and

people who I love to hang out
with WHO I don't necessarily I'm not it's

not like a daily or weekly interaction, to guys who were like the brothers

that I never had. Yeah,
and so I don't really need or seek

out new friendships. In fact,
it's difficult for me sometimes. Yeah,

with we've talked. We talked about
I'm sure we talked about John Corbett on

this yeah, podcast. We met
him last year and it was the first

time in a long time where we
just clicked within an hour. I knew

instantly that you guys were going to
be good buddies and and I we should

say we should remind people you guys, we were on a flight. We

were at a private flight to an
event and white foods our learned. Yeah,

and I know Bo a little bit. So we instantly like said hello

and we were sitting next to each
other. But you guys, from the

very moment you said hello to each
other and started talking. Yeah, I

was like, Oh my God,
these guys, they are just like long

lost we right like that. Yeah, we were looking each other like we're

we're really good friends already, right, and then sometimes you think, okay,

well, it's a time and place
we're going on this trip. Yeah,

and we did spend a lot of
time together and we dig and I

think that that's what connects people.
It was like that flight was what ten

hours? Yeah, so on a
ten hour flight we spent the whole time

talking and I mean we slept a
little bit, but yeah, by the

time we landed, it's like we're
all better friends and right, you know,

but beyond that trip, coming back
home to your lives, it's very

easy to just sort of carry on. Sure, and maybe once a while

ago, Hey, marry Christmas or
whatever. Right, Corbet or I started,

we maintained a week hung out,
we text each other or call each

other a lot, and he's my
friend. Like I love him, I

really I care about him. Yeah, I would be there for him in

any circumstance and I feel that he
would be the same with me. He

like, if I needed him or
something happened and I needed a friend,

yeah, he would drop everything and
he would be there for me. And

obviously I don't know him the way
you do. You spend a lot more

time with him, but I've spent
some time with Corbett and with you.

Yeah, and he just feels like
one of these guys that I've known my

entire life. Yeah, he's like
when it like a guy went to high

school with. Yeah, we're instantly, there are no walls up. It's

so comfortable. It's so comfortable,
but so funny, fucking funny. Yeah,

it's fun to be with. Yeah, like there are people who you

know who are wonderful people and kind
people, but then there are people who

are those things, but fun.
Yeah, he is so much fun,

and he's, of course, married
to the beautiful, legendary Bo Derek.

Every once in a while when we're
together, I twelve year old me or

fourteen, yeah me or whatever is
like, Oh my God, I can't

believe or I'm sitting here with bod
are. Yeah, yeah, she's absolutely

stunning. And and one of these
between five year old me. Yeah,

I can't believe on married to daisy
point. Okay, I love you.

We'll be right back after this short
break. Anyway. Yeah, we kind

of drifted off into the friendship thing
and I I I'm I'm terribly sad to

the yeah, Taylor's gone, because
we were just becoming pals and he I

think he would have been another one
who I, yeah, would hold dear

and then I that, but he's
our nat he was our neighbor. Yeah,

and he was our neighbor, you
know, and he left you with

a wonderful gift music and and with
beautiful, beautiful words that you'll always remember,

the last thing that he said to
you, which is so beautiful.

Yeah, it's just so sweet.
So that happened on a Friday night to

Fridays ago and I was leaving,
I think the next day to go on

the road. We were in Miami
when when we got leaves about you,

and it was the next day or
two that I started touring again and going

back on the road. And I
needs need to spend a few minutes on

this. I'm not someone who needs
to be reminded to be grateful. I've

talked almost to the point of nausea, like nauseatingly about how grateful I am

to do what I do and that
it's only become more important and precious to

me as I've gotten older, and
that the people continue to come to my

shows. But being away from that
experience, that communal bond that an artist

has with his audience, for two
years and change, coming back to it

in the way that I did in
this last ten days has been euphoric and

I'm still I just got home a
couple days ago. I'm still floating on

that. Yeah, I still feel
tingly from it. The shows in Florida,

where you got to come to a
couple of them or one of them.

Yeah, I went to London,
Fort Laud of Dale with all our

friends, everybody who we knew from
Miami was there, yeah, and that

audience was insane. It was wonderful, so, so fun, so much

fun. And then I did a
couple of the shows in Florida and then

I went to Kentucky and then I
ended this run with three nights at a

legendary theater in Nashville, just outside
of Nashville, called the Franklin Theater in

front Tennessee, and it's place I'd
wanted to play for a long time.

So the shows were just so much
fun and I got to see you couldn't

go because you had work to do. But, and that really bum me

out. Yeah, me too.
But I got to see some friends who

live there, Peter Frampton and Vince
Gil yeah, Jimmy Harnan and Alison Jones

and all these people who I've developed
friendships with over the years. And and

it was just so joyful for me, for sure. But I could tell

that audiences are so grateful as well
to be back. Yeah, going and

listening to people perform and watching people
perform, and there was so much laughter

and and just pure joy at that
bond that audiences have with a performer.

It was next level. Well,
your bond with your audience in your shows,

especially your one man shows. Yeah, which is what this was.

Yet your solo shows are unlike anything
that I've ever seen that you really connect

with the audience. It's it's the
you tell stories, the attention from your

audience and the way that they leave
almost you fork as well. Yeah,

you know, like they've just seen
one of the best shows of their entire

lives. And they all say it. They all say it. The the

comments are really wonderful. It's been
incredible to read what people post and you

know, their comments. And and
one of the little little it's the right

word for it, one of the
things that has happened in this last week,

that has happened occasionally over the years, is I'll sneak in a new

song or two. I'm a performer
who generally just does the songs that people

know. I do the hits.
So you have too many hits. You

have so many hits, so you
really can't. I had it into two

hours. I am so blessed to
look down at a set list that's full

of songs that people know. I've
been really blessing my career to we've had,

you know, multiple hit songs,
but I'm still very much an active

songwriter and I'm putting on a new
album, as I mentioned, and so

I thought, you know, I
don't want to overload a show with new

material because that's not what people want
to say. I go to concerts to

and that's not what I want to
hear, right, no matter who I

nowhere much I love somebody's work,
I want to hear what I know.

Yeah, you want to sing along
totally, yeah, stand for a few

new songs, but that's it.
So I only do two new songs,

but I do them back to back. And I finally said to the audience,

like the third night, the reaction
to these songs was so palpably incredible,

really incredible, that I finally want
the like the third night, instead

of just saying I can't thank you
guys enough. I can't thank you guys,

and because the applause was like extended
and people are cheering these new songs.

And finally, like three nights and
I said you guys, I need

to tell you something, to play
a song or two songs for an audience

that you know, going in,
they have never heard before. Yeah,

and for you to respond that way. That's why I keep writing songs.

That's the Muse. That's why I'm
still inspired and still want to create,

because I could easily, like most
performance I could just just play my GE's

for the rest of my life and
not think about new songs. But writing

is and creating new things is a
big part of who I am. It's

like you can't help it. You
go on a hike and you come back

with a new song in your head. It's true, I do write a

lot on so you have to put
it out, but I just can't.

Again, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. Yeah, incredible last ten days,

culminating with playing three songs at the
grand all lobbery on last Saturday night.

The video that I saw from the
grand will operate was breath totally shit.

It was again like that's not where
I would normally play. I've made my

opery debut. You were there?
Yeah, Rose Anna and Bernie, five

years ago, I guess. Yeah, and the legendary venue, legendary venue

when you're asked to play at the
opery. It's kind of like every country

singers dream. It's it's the thing
to do. You just wait until you're

invited to play, and rare for
for non country. Yeah, just to

get asked to be there. Yeah, but in fairness, you've written a

lot of country hits and I think, but it's very yeah, it is.

It's a big part of it.
I've spent a lot of time in

Nashville. I've worked with countless country
artists. Yeah, I grew up as

much on Merle haggard and Wale and
Jennings as I did the DOOBIE brothers.

Yeah, and John, and you
can hear that. It's you can hear

that influence. Well, I haven't
used a great admiration and respect for for

the for the history of country music. Yeah, but still, you never

know, like I was on a
bill on that last Saturday night with some

country legends. Yeah, and eat
again. You just never know. Well,

they were like it's like they adopted
me right there. They sang along

with every song. Will Not every
sing I only did. Everybody at the

opera, by the way, only
does three songs, right, and so

I was I was gonna do three
hits. I was going to do and

as summer nights don't mean nothing.
And right you're waiting and at five minutes

before I worked on the stage,
I thought I don't want I'm going to

do this silly, funny country song
that I wrote and I swapped out in

the summer nights for that. So
I did don't mean nothing, and I

did this this country song called how
can I miss you if you won't go

away, which is such a great
sort. I can cool leave. You've

never recorded, because every time you
play it live the reaction is because maybe

it's live. Yeah, if you
it doesn't work on a work recording,

but if you had recorded, people
can play for other people and sing along

to it. It's a great karaoke
song. It's a great thing along,

unless I released a live version of
it, because you got to hear the

audience cracking up and it's it is. Also, it's a great tick tock

and and instagram. Yeah, maybe, a hundred percent. You need to

put it out there. It is
so funny and so clever. It's just

a goof it is, but it's
great, like loved it. Yeah,

and then I started to do right
awaiting and they sang every word louder than

I could have sung it. Yeah, and it was just the and so

this I'm still flying from this last
week. I cannot even imagine. Yeah,

I'm really, really grateful. So
anybody out there listening who came to

any of the shows or was in
Nashville or thank you. You have the

best fans, I do. They
are loyal, they are hardcore, the

real music people and they just love
you and you can see it. I

one of my favorite things to do. Yes, I love watching you from

the audience, but I also love
watching you from side stage, from backstage,

where I can see the audience,
I see the reaction, I see

the intensity in their listening and their
focus and the connection, and that's a

beautiful thing to see that not many
people get to see it from that angle,

from that perspective. Right. And
the other thing that was kind of

interesting and worth talking about is that, for the first time in years,

you and I were apart for a
yes, it was just a week.

It was horrible. It was horrible
even though I was having some experiences that

were so like I can't I'm just
belaboring it. Practically, I'm just the

euphoria what I experienced was muted because
I was just telling you about it and

I hadn't, I wasn't sharing it
with you. I love that after all

these years, you still feel that
and you feel the excitement and you feel.

You know, you look forward to
it and you come out of it

as if it was the first time
you'd experience that, when the truth is

that what you have experienced, especially
in the beginning of your career, when

you were having number one hit after
number one hit and you were in your

S. that's something that very few
people in the world get to experience and

for you too, over thirty years
later, still feel the way you do

and have an experience on stage with
your audience move you the way it does

because it makes you emotional. That's
so beautiful and that's something that I'm so

glad you've never lost. No,
I haven't become jaded by anything. Like

I said, it's I've only become
more more appreciative of it. Yeah,

but what I've experienced over the last
seven years is having that that excitement in

that just overwhelming gratitude and then walking
off the stage into your arms, it's

the last hold. Its literally holding
out a Martini, yes, or filming

me coming off stage and then we're
off to dinner somewhere. Yeah, and

because you, you've been with me
on the road so much and anyway,

the point is, when I realize
that you had stuff to do and you

couldn't go on his last week trip
with me. There was a little part

of me was like, okay,
I'm going to make the most of this.

Like, I like to be alone. Yeah, we both do.

We do both enjoy a good earning
a long time. Yeah, and we

carve out our alone time, even
when we're just in the house together.

Yeah, and so it's a very
healthy thing. So I was thinking,

okay, well, I'll be on
my own schedule and I'll eat when I

wants to. Worry about me and
being bored or not having right do what

I do. Feel like. I
don't want you to be bored, or

so I thought it'll be. Feel
it's just a week, it's no big

deal. And the first thirty six
hours it was like, okay, this

is nice, and then I hated
it. I hated it, I hated

it and I thought it's a testament
to yeah, I'm code dependent. I

can't be without you. I love
that. I as will be so much

can. I love being with you, UN spending time with you, and

yes, I don't mind being alone. I can certainly be alone. I

have no problem with being alone.
I don't want to. I want to

be with you or I want to
be with you. Yeah, and I

think part of it is do as
we've talked about in the show many times,

it's like when you meet your person
later in life. Yes, we

don't have all that much time together. Yeah, out on a lot of

time. Yes, you know.
And when we talk about those people who

we love and and they just die
too soon, and you know we're all

going to, and hopefully for us
it'll be when we're well into our s

and healthy and, you know,
enjoying each other's company. Yeah, until

the very last breath. But we
don't know, nobody knows how much time

you have left and I hate spending
any of it away from you because I

don't know how much time I have
left with you. And I think that

if more couple's thought about that,
it would really reignite something within that relationship,

or at the very least, if
you hate that relationship, it will

remind you of who you do want
to spend time with. And do it.

Yeah, just do it exactly with
the wrong person. Yea. If

you don't feel any of that and
you feel it for somebody else person,

yes, do it. Leave that
person and be with the person who makes

it feels easier said them done.
But I, you know, I really

believe that that too, that's true. Yeah, like what good comes out

of sticking with something until it's too
late to or you just die? Yeah,

but they die and you's too late
for you to find that happiness or

like that. You only get one
round. You only get one time around.

Yep, so far that we can
tell, you know of. So

yeah, I hated it, but
it was in a weird way, was

it felt. I know you'll understand
this. It also felt really wonderful to

me to miss you so much and
to be like, yeah, I don't

like this, yeah, because you're
still it was just a reminder of how

madly in love with you I am
and just don't you have to be with

me. You have to cancel everything
else. Okay, I'm you're busy,

and then I'll cancel my sure,
because we know that I love that too.

We'll be right back after this short
break. I got you, guys

every once in a while over the
last you know, since you and I

am mad and fall in love,
daisy, will have to go somewhere.

Usually it's been New York, and
I go with you. I have no

business there, you'll be there for
three days, four days. You've got

meetings, you're busy all day and
I'm left in the hotel to just read

the paper and go to the gym
and go get a massage if I want,

and have a little I'm sort of
Rs and just lay around. Have

lunch with your friend. Yeah,
of course, I call Hugh Jackman and

Basay, Hey, Bron tell.
Yeah, it's not too bad, but

I loving well, I want to
have luncher. Are You jackmant to?

Why don't I have to work?
But I love that. I like,

yeah, that's kind of cool too. Yeah, it's a MN come back

and we have great dinners and yeah, I'm just saying not to okay,

now we're going to lose listeners.
Would people like these people are so unnoying,

so annoying, but I'm just saying
I'm so grateful for this life.

Yeah, I'm so grateful for my
existence, for our existence, yeah,

for our particular circumstances. Well,
I hope people take it as a reminder

to step it up in your own
life with you, with the person who

you love, who you live with, and maybe you've been with them for

much longer than we've been together.
You know, maybe you've been together for

twenty years, maybe you've been together
longer, but this is a good chance

to to be reminded, the way
we've been reminded, that life is too

short and to love your person like
you may never see them make like you.

You don't know when your time is
going to be up or their time

is going to be up. You
know, we've seen it too much lately

with our friends. Then you you
mentioned Bob Saggett. You know, he

had just been married to lovely Kelly, but they met right around the same

time that we met. I think
they were married for maybe half a year

less than we were. Yeah,
which is too soon. It's not enough

time to be with the person who
in love. How do you even deal

with that? So I know that
people can get jaded when you've been with

somebody for, you know, twenty
years or longer, but when you really

think about it that way and if
you really feel that way and if you

don't feel that way and you maybe
think you feel that way about somebody else,

so you're not with right take the
right make the right steps to be

with the person who you need to
be with. Yeah, you know,

not. It just because a relationship
ends after twenty or twenty five years or

thirty years, does it mean that
that was unsuccessful? You had a wonderful

relationship right long as you did.
You've been married for a long time.

People Change, you know, especially
people who get married young. Doesn't mean

you've had a bad way, that
you've had a wonder you have a family

with that person. Might. Yes, I was married for almost I was

made for twenty five years. Yeah, and I think the world of her.

Yeah, and we just figured out
that it was like right. It

was a very successful marriage. We
have three amazing sons who are wonderful men.

It just wasn't forever right. It
doesn't have to be, you know,

to stay in a relationship that is
no longer going in the direction that

you both wanted to go. Yeah, to stay in it is what who

wins? One of the things that
really that I really admired about you when

I first met you. And when
I first met you, I didn't realize

that you were separated because you didn't
really talk about it and we were just,

you know, very lightly. We
were, we barely knew each other.

Yeah, so I thought that you
were happily married when I first met

you, but when you told me, Oh, we're separated, one of

the things I really admired about you
is how highly you spoke of the relationship

and of your ex wife. Yeah, that you had nothing really horrible to

say other than, you know,
it's just it's come to the end of

that relationship and we've, of course, is everybody does after a relationship that

long. You try to work on
it and you try to make it work,

but when you're both mature enough and
intelligent enough to realize that you're done

trying. Yeah, I really you
know, at first I didn't really believe

it. Yeah, it was like, Oh, you know, is what's

the real story here, but then
the more I got to know you,

the more I realized that you know
you, that is how how it is

and that that's a great way to
look at relationships, even when they come

to an end. Yeah, especially
after for after so long, when you

will always be family because you share
children. Right, that was really beautiful

and I you know, instead of
bad mouthing the x like most people do,

well, you were really polite and
and elegant about it. Thank you.

Well, I have immense gratitude towards
and you always have still to this

day. Were you always have things? Yeah, him for the person that

she is and always was. And
you know, I mean, look,

I understand. I know some people
who who whose marriage is ended. You

know, some an ugly yeah,
some and very ugly. Yeah, horrible,

and the you know, and they're
justified, maybe in talking the shit

that they talked about. Yeah,
their acts is toxic and'll, you know,

but that wasn't the case with us. So you know. But also

for those people, I want to
even remind those people that sure, maybe

people do change and things can get
ugly. Things happen, people make mistakes,

people really offend the other person,
hurt the other person, relationships can

turn abusive and that's never okay.
So I understand how that's what you want

to talk about, but, especially
if you have kids, don't do that.

Don't do that, because there was
a time when you were in love

with this person and you love this
person so much that you wanted to spend

the rest of your life with that
person and and create a family with that

person, and that's what you should
focus on. Yeah, you talked about

this once before and I think it's
bears repeated. Yeah, relationship that you

had and then when it ended.
Yeah, people around you, yes,

were badmouthing him, right, and
talking shit about him. Yeah, and

you. Finally, I'll let you
say what you said, but I thought

it was really powerful and stronger pool
that. You what you said. Yeah,

you know, they would hear about
him or hear a story about him

or see something. And and I
after I let it go for a while

because I kind of, you know, secretly, took joy in that.

Sure that you know, it's not
just me, like he really wasn't a

nice guy. But then, as
time passed and as I chose to remember

only the good times, yeah,
because there was a time when the relationship

was good. That's what I wanted
to like. I never wanted to be

with him again. I did.
I was not in love with him.

I A period of time when he
was your world and you but toored him.

But that, but I no longer
know this person, right, you

know, now it's been a couple
of years since a breakup. I don't

know that person anymore. I don't
know who he is now. Right.

So, whenever my family or my
friends would refer to him with some nasty

name or something, you know,
mean or cruel, or I would say,

okay, stop, stop with the
name calling and stop with because we

don't know what he's going through,
we don't know what his life is like

now. And yes, I have
my history with him and I went through

some not so wonderful times. But
you all knew him and knew all had

a great time with you all liked
him very much. He didn't do anything

to you. He didn't do anything
to you. He was lovely to you

guys. Yeah, I remember you
tell me how much you liked him.

So now, for my sake,
don't feel like you have to do that.

I want you to also remember the
nice part about him, right,

because what happened between me and him
did not happen between you guys and him.

Yep, and if I can get
past it, you sure should get

past it. That's extremely evolved.
Well, I I just came to the

point where I found elegant, like
I'm returning the compliment of what you said

to me a few minutes ago.
You, you've always maintained that and that's

elegant to and it's mature and it's
evolved. I just thank you, but

I also feel like it was something
that I needed to do for myself because

it's toxic to constantly be hearing negative
things about someone. Yep, who you

know. I got to the point
where I started feeling almost embarrassed that everybody

thought he was such an idiot or
such a fool, and I fell in

love with that guy for you know, for a while I felt stupid.

I was like, Oh my God, how could I, you know?

So I wanted to put an end
to that and I wanted to remember why

I entered that relationship and and the
good parts about it. Because who cares?

Why? Why am I going to
do that to myself and create space

in my mind with so much toxic
negativity? Right? You know, it's

it makes no sense. And for
these people to feel like they have to

say these horrible things about him to
me just because they think that that's going

to make me feel better. It
didn't. It just made me feel a

little bit gross. It was like, I don't I don't like anybody talking

about anybody that way. Yeah,
well, these are the kind of things

that I think, as we get
older, that these are all choices.

It's you choose how you how you
feel about a relationship you've left, and

you can choose to be toxic about
it and have your thoughts to be toxic

about it. You can choose to
be angry, you can choose to be

bitter, or you can choose to
focus on look, that was really there

were things about that relationship that were
great and it no longer is great,

and so I'm now in a different
place. But you don't have to spend

time like internally inventing about the past, right, doesn't? It does you

write no good and it doesn't affect
them at all. Yeah, like with

I see something about an x,
I just you know, I see a

photo or somebody mentions that they run
into him or that they've seen something or

heard something. I Oh, you
know, I wish them the best.

I always hope that they're not in
a bad place and that they're happy and

that they're doing well. And you
know, I guess that comes be from

a place where because I'm so happy
and I'm doing well. Yeah, and

I'm and I found like real love
and true love, and I hope that

they did too. HMM. Now, any decent person deserves that, absolutely,

but I don't think that you can
find it in your own life if

you're still feeling so negative and toxic
about somebody else. Yeah, I think

it will affect your own energy and
what you bring to your life. Yeah,

so it's important, I feel for
me it's important to clear my mind

of those thoughts and to not wish
anything negative and and to realize that also

what happened happened, and I no
longer know those people like I knew them

right, but I don't. I
have no idea what what their life is

like now. So I can't say
whether they're assholes or not being good people

or not. I can't wish anything
on them but happiness. Yeah. Well,

on that note, I hope our
listeners have been understanding about us not

being weekly, but there's a lot
going on. Yeah, I think we

also will not be back next week. Probably we are away next week.

Was Not vacations, sexy little vacation. Yes, we will seach as we

love doing Tequila talk and we love
you guys. Yes, we just like

you. We need a break and
we do want to disconnect a little bit

from social media for so for the
four days that we're away, it's going

to be almost a week actually.
Yeah, but I will take lots of

pictures and videos and once the vacation
is over, we will post and we'll

be back here to talk about it. Yeah, so following to a really

sexy undisclosed location. It's actually a
really unknown, unpopular, never unpopulated,

island. Right. It's part of
the Caribbean, and will tell you all

about it. We'll see how it
is. It could be total shit,

but it could be really great.
Yeah, so we if you follow us

on Instagram, we will be posting
some some photos and will fill you in

on the details when we get back. Yes, and in the meantime,

you guys be safe, stay healthy
and we'll see you in two weeks.

Yeah, see you. Thanks for
listening to Tequila Talk With Daisy Fuintis and

Richard Marks. download new episodes every
week and, if you haven't already,

subscribe and be sure to leave us
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