EPISODE 98: *Re-Release* Maybe There Is No Karma

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*Re-Release* Richard and Daisy are traveling around so this week we have an oldie but goodie for ya, enjoy! This week we get a little insight into Richard's approach to writing music. He wrote a new song! THEN a conversation about good people and bad people, quality of living, and the struggles of achieving. PLUS a dive into some listener questions: How do you know what you want in a partner? What do you think is the future of music videos? Does Daisy ever ask Richard to sing one of his songs to her? How is Daisy Cuban AND vegan? Name THE one album, book, and movie that had the greatest impact on your lives? What breed of dog would Richard or Daisy be? Was there anyone you have been star-struck by? What would you tell your school-age self? AND MORE! From Straw Hut Media Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Straw hut media. We're rolling fears, tears, tired of asking you.

Are you ready? Are you ready? Yeah, I'm ready. HMM,

Oh, I spilled all of that. You spilt it or build spelled spilt

it. Isn't that like a New
York thing? I spilt it. I

spilt the I spilt it. I
felt Tequila for yourself, a glass of

your finest Tequila or whatever you drink. From Straw hut media. This is

Tequila talk, but daisy points and
Richard Max. Okay, full disclosure will.

Daisy is getting a paper towel.
We are on our just past our

second Don Roberto Tequila, Robert,
it is gonna say, or is the

Spaniards pronounce it Roberto Done Roberta.
We covered this before. Now she's openly

mocking me because I can't rule my
hours. She takes great joy and pleasure

in mocking me because I can't remember. Here's the thing that happened from the

last podcast, though, young lady. Countless people said Ricardo, Ricardo.

I can't roll my ours either.
This is not just a Richard marks thing.

Many people cannot roll their ores,
and I feels so much better having

admitted my okay, here's the thing. Wait, did you just cut me

off? Yes, here's the thing. Oh my God, I know you

think you can't, but if you'd
been born to my parents or any other

Hispanic family, you would. So
okay. But here's the thing, daisy.

They didn't teach you to roll your
ours. They they know one did.

Oh, so you just happened to
be born to the right family that

didn't need you to roll a one
I know who can roll her ours like

you do had a lesson in our
rolling. Okay, that's just as heat.

It's just people can do. If
there turns out there are people know

and it's not something that you can
do or you can't. It's something that

everybody can do and some people decide
that they can't. But you can't do

it because you were taught to do
it. No, I knew you could

do it because my parents, I
heard it. I were like, Oh,

language, oh, they're going bus. I'M gonna do that too,

write just like you can. I
can't. Okay, anyway. So how's

your day? Pretty good one day, but really good day. So I

wrote a song today with my dear
friend, our dear friend, M Matthew

Scandal. Love Matt S Cattle,
Matt scandal leading her vertical horizon and my

dear friend of twenty years, or
you are awesome and we've written many,

many songs together. HMM. In
fact, a couple of the songs we've

written together are among your favorite songs
I've ever done. A hundred percent.

When you loved me. Is that's
in your top three, right to my

top three? Huh. I close
my everitime wake up Samy. Little thing

makes me think of when you love
me, when you love me. I

wrote that with Matt Scandal. Love
it. When I look askin he's like

my little brother, one of everyone's
favorite. He's my he's my little brother.

I never had great singer, a
great songwriter. We had not written

the song together in my linutes.
A year. No, well over a

year, year and a half since
pre covid. Okay, we got together

today. We wrote a killer song
in ninety minutes. That's just not fair.

I mean all finished music, lyrics, chords. But I think that

here's what people don't know, that
you do whenever you have a writing session,

use your your creative juices start flowing, yes, like the day before,

and then anything that you're doing,
whether it's a hike or whether it's

kinds walking or you just you connect
with the universe, you pull the melodies,

you pull the lyrics and you show
up to every writing session that you

have prepared with half a song.
Yeah, at least. Okay, thank

you for that. I thank you
for mention it's but it's not that I

mentioned. It's an observation and it's
true. I've always been that way.

I liked it come in with some
some ideas, in case you just ending

up because you don't want to just
get there and by no ideas and stare

at each I mean I like to
wing it, but sure, okay,

okay. So in Matt's case,
because we're such close friends, if I

hadn't come up with anything in advance, that's the would have been okay.

We would have sat there and we
would have come up with something no matter

what. But it's interesting you say
that because it wasn't yesterday or day prior,

it was this morning. I woke
up extra early, couple like an

extra hour early. I did my
morning hike without you because you were still

asleep and bad because it was really
early, thank God, and I thought

I'm just going to go because that's
where I find songs now, I find

them on my hikes, and so
I was walking and I in this melody

came into my head, and so
I have my phone and I sang the

melody into the phone and the chords
and as soon as I got to Matt's

House, I said, so,
I got an idea. It's just a

melody. I have a vague concept
of something. So I sang him the

melody and he went, Oh,
dude, I love that, and the

next thing we knew, we were
like we were racing to finish. You

finish each other's musical and lyrical sense. SS. It was effortless. That's

amazing. And we wrote a song
about it's called my love, my enemy.

Yes, we wrote a song about, in this case, a man

who has historically treated his lovers awfully
and disrespectfully and callously and just left people

in his wake, as there are
many people who've done that. Yeah,

and now he's met someone that he
really cares about, but he realizes that

Karma's about to bite him in the
ASS. She's about to do that to

him. I Love Karma and yeah, I love that concept. Yeah,

it's different. We used some there
are some lines that are it's dark,

but it's it's really good song.
So I'm going to record it next week.

So that was that was the so
it was your inspiration of that bulk

of my day. My inspiration was
trying to come up with songs that expand

beyond my experience, because I've never
been like that. I'm not someone WHO's

you're not, thank goodness, no, and nor have you been. No.

So putting yourself, making yourself a
fictional character, if you will,

gives you all this room. You
don't have to draw from your own life,

you don't have to draw from your
own experience, because sometimes that can

be limited, but if you draw
from just pure imagination or just things that

you know from other people or hearing
about some knowing bad life. I like

the idea of retribution, of a
reckoning, I because I want to believe

that that's a real thing, especially
when it comes to Donald Trump. Okay,

I want to believe that the trump
that is a twist headed for a

reckoning. Okay, this is not
that wow. Okay, I want to

believe in Karma. We've talked about
this on the podcast yes, because I

don't really believe in Karma, I
think that you do, I don't.

Are you do? I believe in
the idea of it. I love the

idea of it, but I don't
think it's a reality. It is there's

a real thing. It's not.
It is no, because they're like.

We've talked about this. There are
people I know who are later in life,

who are don't have much time left. They've had no Karma. You

don't know that. That's what you
always say. You know that. You

don't know that. Okay, Karma
for me needs to be an all or

nothing. It needs to be like, to be an absolute it needs to

be on the news like everybody needs
to be that. I know for a

fact they don't. Everyone to know
live their lives as a shit heal.

Yeah, dies a miserable, lonely, horrible existence. Okay, you don't

need to know that. You only
need to know that for yourself. Everybody

else deals with their own Karma.
You say that and you may not.

It may not involve you. I
know it's hard to know. I'm not

talking about grasp me the concept that
a usually home may not know of something.

I certainly hope nothing about Donald Trump
ever involves me or anybody who I

think is a despicable person. Okay, but here's what I mean. People

who you know, who you think
have been miserable human beings? Yeah,

who you think? Oh, they've
had a lot of success and blah,

blah, blah, and they're doing
well and they've had, you know,

marriages, and when a marriage isn't
work, they marry somebody else. Yeah,

and then somebody and they seem to
have this wonderful life and blah,

blah, blah. You always see
but you don't know going on, and

so I know what is going on. Neither to you. They could be

like we. I'M A I've been
a shitty human being. I've fucked up.

Yeah, everybody over, weally know. Good for me. Know that.

It's not the point. That is
at the point. The point is

that it may seem that that's what
it's like, but it isn't always what

it seems. Okay, what about
the really good people, who are consistently

good people through their lives, who
never get a fucking break, never they

never get anything really good? Maybe
they're the ones who are truly happy.

No, I've met them. They're
not. But maybe it's not those are

pissed. No, maybe it's not
those that you've met. Maybe it's other

people who seemed to you and to
me and maybe to some other people like,

oh, that's a pretty shitty existence, but to them they're like no,

I have a wonderful existence. I
have tell people those people and I'm

a good book. I know who
are really have been. Well, you

know a lot of Douchebag I also
know a lot of really good people,

yes, who've just never had a
break really, yes, never, never,

never, ever, ever. I
know a couple people who everything I

know about them, and I know
them well and for a long time,

and they've just bent over backwards to
be good, a good person, to

end here people out and try to
be a good person and they just get

fucked. Well, that's their Karma
for a previous life. Oh God,

really, I don't know. Okay, really, I don't maybe, Oh

God, what do you know?
Do you know? Otherwise, I maybe

it's previous life. Maybe it is, maybe it's the life before the previous

one. Maybe it is. Maybe
your full shit. Maybe I am.

There's no Karma, maybe there is. God, is this my Karma right

now, having to endure this ridiculous
banter? My point is that you don't

know. You think you know.
You want to know. You don't know.

I never said I know. I
don't believe in Karma. Well,

I don't believe in the Easter Bunny, but maybe he exists. Really,

that was wrong. That was that
was a bit but sorry. Okay,

your your erotic dreams notwithstanding, every
Easter daisy post some picture of like a

dude with like killer abs and a
bunny suit. That's least. That's the

Easter. But yeah, well,
I got tired of people posting like,

you know, Kate Moss and in
a playboy suit. So I thought,

tip oft at, you get tired
of what people posting, like Kate Moss

in a playboy, yeah, bunny
suit for Easter? So I thought I

would pick my own, and you
did. I did. So I asked

our listeners, and I went by
listeners I mean people who follow me on

social media who I think also listen
to our podcast. Yeah, to submit

some questions. So I thought it's
been a long time since we've just taken

questions from people. And, topically
speaking, I don't really even want to

talk about what's topical right now because
it's there's nothing good going on. So

I don't want to talk about any
of that. I know. I want

to talk about boring I want to
just answer questions and Drink Tequila. Yeah,

let's escape, for want to talk
while Drinking Tequila, which is why

the name of our podcast is Martini
La talk. Ready for your our first

question, and sure, Vicky Hurst
wants to know. As a couple,

what is the thing you most value
about each other? Oh, also,

many of us learned later in life
what we really want in another person or

in life in general. What advice
do you both have for those in those

early stages of relationship, of a
relationship or adult life? It's a really

good question. Right question. Okay, what's the what's the thing you value

most in me? Your hair?
Yes, there's so many things I value

in you, but I think your
values and your sense of who you are

and who you want to be and
your heart, you're a good person,

and also the way you love me. I think that for me, that's

very important. Yeah, because you
could be a really great guy, like

a wonderful person, but if you
don't love me well and you're a little

shitty to me, I can't value
many things about you. You know,

like I could still be like,
oh, he's a good guy, but

he's Shitty to me. You're great
to me, like you are a wonderful

husband, be you are an extraordinary
father, you are a beautiful son,

a caring person, you're caring friend, you care, you you're just I

value that in you, that you
are really who you say you are.

Wow, I'm kind of speechless.
HMM and that's it, one of the

most beautiful things you've ever said to
me, but it's true. It's true.

And also your hair is amazing and
your orgy said you can sing like

a motherfucker and write songs that are
just truly unforgettable. So hello, I

want. Well, I want,
and that's a very difficult question because,

like, I'm not just parroting you, but it's a like where do I

even begin? But, especially in
the last couple of years, what I've

found that I value in you,
for lack of a better word, I

guess, but that's the question.
Your care for your loved ones, your

care for your family, your not
just willingness but determination to take care of

the people you love, is remarkable. I get to benefit because I'm one

of those people. Now, when
I watch the way you it's like you

want everything to be special for the
people you love. Yes, you want

every you vacation to be memorable and
special and unique and wonderful, and I

see you. I see you putting
the people you love first, and there's

almost a devotion to that, from
your parents to your sister, your brother

in law, your nephews, to
me, to my mother. Like your

you're like the greatest cruise director,
but as as a person who's a leader,

and because you are, really are
a leader in the family, you

always have been. It's beautiful,
sexy, amazing thing by you. That's

beautiful. They're many Keya thank you. So that's that's a good question.

She's right. You you do.
One of the benefits of our meeting each

other later in life is knowing what
we not necessarily maybe what we want,

but we don't want. Yes,
I think that that is just as important

in life. Many people are always
talking about, you know, knowing what

you want and following your dreams,
and I think that oftentimes a lot of

us don't know what we want,
don't know what a dream is, we

don't really have a path to follow. Our purpose in life is not as

clear as other people right and and
I think that what's important is to know

what you don't want. What are
you deal breakers? To know your deal

breakers as important as knowing what you
want, I agree. And you learn

that from life. You learn that
from yeah, you can't know that when

you're twenty three years old. No, you learn that from your your mistakes

and from your breakups, from your
heart aches, from your failures, and

you gain perspective and you gain knowledge
from all of that. It's funny,

I think as you get older,
your level of tolerance in for some things

increases and, yeah, decreases,
and that's all from experience. Yeah,

as as you go through you like, you know what, I'm not going

to be as crazy like. I'm
just gonna like go with it, let

go of it. But when it
comes to things that are really important,

yeah, Zero Taller, because,
you know what, because I know that

that's a no go. I that's
a deal breaker. I wish your time.

Why waste my time? No,
it's like no tolerance for it.

Move On. Yeah, okay,
this is really more for you, but

I think it's for both of us. With MTV turning forty years old,

which it just did a couple days
ago, and, just like me,

I didn't mean to laugh that hard. What do you think is the future

of music videos? You First,
I think that there will always be a

place for music videos. I think
that the the the platform will change as

the years go on, because,
you know, getting ten years from now

was going to be like absolutely sure. Yeah, I think that the platform

may not be youtube, it may
not be Hulu, it may be something

else. It started with MTV and
it was wonderful. It was such a

great pop culture history moment. Dan't
Dann it, Dann in it. Yeah,

it was great, but you know, you move on from that to

they had a good run. Yeah, it's just a music video channel.

Yes, and then it became a
reality. Yeah, TV channel. Yeah,

you know, and it was also
groundbreaking in that arena, which is

wonderful. Yep, you know,
a lot of people are oh, it

sucks, they don't play music videos
anymore. Well, they don't have to,

because now you can get your view
your music videos on the man.

You go on Youtube, you watch
any new video that you don't have to

sit around and wait for. That's
right, that you might like. That's

right. You can have a playlist
on Youtube and and have that just the

same way that we did when we
were young and we would have mt be

on and it would alans almost be
like a playlist of the hits of the

moment. You can do that now. I feel like the only people who

are complaining now that MTV doesn't play
music videos anymore or people named Karen.

Probably, probably. I just wonder
the music video out. I'm probably.

But there will always be a platform
for it because people want to see their

their favorite musicians, hmm, interpret
the music, whether it's going to be

a live footage video or whether it's
something that they created. There's always going

to be because it's such a creative
process, it is such a part of

the music there will always be that. And they're becoming more and more inexpensive

to do well, becoming easier.
That's a relative yes, yes and no.

Someone can do a music video now
on their phone and their fans will

appreciate just as much as a million
dollar video from one thousand nine hundred and

ninety two. Maybe that's where I
sort of differ with you a little bit,

because there was a time for a
long time, up until maybe I'd

say ten years ago, where if
you invested, if you were a decent

selling artist and you wanted to really
promote your record. You could make a

video for a hundred grand, which
was tho like a media like. I

made videos that were more expensive than
that and less. But let's see that.

You want to space like you're going
to spend between seventy five grand on

a hundred grand and that turned into
a big hit song. You're going to

make that money back easily. Those
days are long gone, right, but

you could. You could clearly make
a video that your fans will love for

five or ten grand and you're not
going to make that money back. You

might, it's you might make it
into a very difficult to do now.

Well, I think that if you're
going to go it's a dilemma for for

an artist, especially someone like me. Sorry, did I interrupt? You

know, it's a it's a dilemma
because you want to keep your face out

there and you want to keep your
you want to keep up with what's going

on. Yeah, and keep a
visual identity, but at a certain point

it becomes like who's watching this and
who keep playing watching? I think that

your fans are watching your videos.
You can see that in the hits that

you get on Youtube. You can
see how many views it has. People

are watching it, people are looking
for the video to the songs that they

love, and you mentioned. Well, for you, what it is it

worth it for you? Well,
it is because, first of all,

an artist like you, and there
are many artists like you, yeah,

who can afford to make a video
for less than they ever have and they

may not make it back and record
sales, but you make it back in

touring tickets you tore, you're able. Videos don't put the videos have nothing

to do with ticket sale. Well, it. People get hooked onto the

song by watching the video. Sometimes
the interpretation of the video makes you like

the song better. But my anyway, my answer to the question will they're

always be music videos is, I
think there will always be a version of

that. Yes, as long as
there are platforms for videos where fans can

go and listen and watch their favorite
artist interpret that music that they love,

there will always be videos, I
think. Let me give you an example.

The last music video that I put
out, well, one of the

last two, was in two thousand
and twenty, or twenty late, two

thousand and nineteen. I had a
single call in, another one down and

we spent money on this video.
Nick Spanos, who's a talented director and

photographer did it. It currently has
it's a year old. It currently has

one million views on YouTube. It's
amazing. It's not amazing. It is

amazing. Okay, right here waiting, my official music video. Is that,

though, twelve years old. So
you would think twelve million views right

now? No, three hundred and
thirty four million. Okay, but okay.

So what's the point of making a
new video that a million people want

to see it? No, they
just want to see the old shit.

They don't. Clearly a million people
want to see the video and now that

our view our listeners know that there's
a video, they will go see as

it's. The point is that there's
not them any places to promote it,

but people know that if they want
to watch a video to a song that

they like, they can go on
Youtube and find it. HMM, and

also that you know it's it's much
cheaper than the video that you made for

right here waiting. Yeah, I
guess what I'm saying is I just want

everybody to understand that I'm not remotely
dismissing The million people who viewed that video.

I appreciate that, but a million
views on a video translates into about

eight dollars literally right, but it's
that's not the point. That's not the

point. Well, at a certain
point it becomes fiscal. At a certain

point it becomes like do I want
to spend fifteen or twenty grand on a

video where I'm going to make back
eight dollars? Well, but is is

it worth it to have a video
for music that now you are singing and

your shows and that you can play
during your song? I show any people

can also a vanity project. Know, I think that people will find it

and we as fans do like to
search for the videos to the songs that

we like. We just like it
really and we're sorry that you don't make

a lot of money. Last Day
I heard a song. You were like,

Oh, I want to go see
the video for this billy Eilish.

There were a couple of songs from
Billy Eilis and I was like, Oh,

I want to see what this is
about and where the videos there were

a couple of factionnage songs that I
was like, oh, she's really creative

and I don't really know what the
song is about. Let me go see

what her videos like. I hear
songs all the time I love. Yeah,

I love Bruno Mars. Leave the
door open. Yeah, this new

Song Skate. Yeah, it's never
even occurred to me right to go see

a there's a video which i'MTO was
because you're old. This is twice in

a row. Yeah, that I
have to remind you that Harry styles was

taken. Okay, yeah, I
guess. No, I did go see

the video to Harry styles. What
amlaser? I'm sure you did. I

did. I'm sure you did.
You were there. Yeah, I showed

you too. The last video I
saw by accident. It was at Shearon's

video for watch video, by accident, I'm sorry, because I googled to

see the lyrics. Yeah, because
I wanted to see that what the lyrics

were. Bad, have because I
really like that song, and the first

result was his video. which song. It's a great song. The video

is really good and the video,
I think, was really expensive. Yeah,

but he's at cheering. Yeah,
so he's selling so many records that

maybe he's making that back. I
again, I don't know that he's making

that back off of the video.
No, that off to. How many

views does he have? Millions upon
millions? No, hunt, hundreds of

million. Okay, so that just
goes to shows. Probably in a few

weeks. Have, yeah, as
many views on his new videos I have

from one twelve years okay, so
that proves my point that people, people

do want to see people want to
see the videos. That's my point.

You know, does daisy ever ask
you to sing one of your songs to

her, or do you guys keep
those two worlds separate? Now, that's

a good question. Here's what happens. She asks me every once in W

to sing to her, and every
once in a while I asked her to

say coming up on MTV, Richard
Marks. That would be creepy as yes,

be so cringy. No, we
don't do that. Oh, this

is a good one. Yeah,
and we promised. I actually answer this

person on social media. How is
day? This is from a net gallagher.

How is daisy? Cuban and Vegan? Hmm, I live in Miami.

You can barely get a salad in
a Cuban restaurant. For Fuck's sake.

She put ff swhich stands for for
Fox's sake, healthy eating in Cuban

food or diametrically pose. But I
do love it. Go okay, here's

the thing. Yes, I'm with
you. I totally get where you're coming

from, but yes, you can. In fact, a Cuban restaurant is

one of the few plays where you
can get a salad with our teeth,

because the Cuban Salad, appetizer salad, is a very clean house salad with

just kind of like Romaine, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, oil, vinegar,

salt and pepper. You're done right
salad. Most of the places put

cheese on it or they'll put bacon
on it or whatever. So I totally

get it. But here's the thing. Most cuisines, the the largest portion

of most cuisines, are vegetables.
Yeah, so sides. Yes. So,

when we talk about Cuban food,
which is delicious, the Sofrito,

which is what you start every meal
with, which is the onions, garlic,

peppers, olive oil, song,
so fry those, so fritto.

So why Chipoli is? It's a
free task. So frettas has nothing to

do with sofrito. It should,
it doesn't. It's just one letter off.

I know they just made it up. I love the SAFRITA. So

yeah, they're very good, and
that's really just tofu, seasoned, crumbled

Tofu that that taste almost like ground
beef. It's like, shosh, it's

delicious. Yeah, it's delicious.
That just that. It's yeah, it's

a look incredible. So when it
comes to keeping food, the the the

main animal protein includes pork, chicken, gross, ground beef gross. But

the good news is that you can
totally replace those because they are not it's

not like, oh, it's steak, which is a little bit harder to

replace. E Ze. What you're
saying is like when, I've mentioned on

this podcast, when you make us
a bowling as a possible and as at

home, you use impossible meat.
Yes, bowing as. Yeah, it's

phenomenal because I do the recipe exactly
as it's great, for in a traditional

Italian bolonaise recipe, but I just
replaced the meat with impossible ground. Okay,

humble viewing off topic, because what
she's with? A Net? It's

a net right, hang on.
Yeah, so my point is that with

saying like is Cuban for Yes,
Cuban food. So talk to Eddie,

Eddie, Eddy cars any Garsia finding
Mars up. Yes, he makes it

wonderful. He replicates Mexican, Spanish, Cuban. How much he makes color

all sorts of holy h dishes use
it. So, for example, if

we're going to make so you this
this this lady who asked this question.

She's from Miami. Yeah, there
is a place in Miami called vegan Cuban

cuisine. Yeah, we order from
them every time we're my ass. They

make the most amazing Cuban sandwiches and
they replace the pork with Jack Fruit,

which the texture is very similar,
and the spiny. Cook it exactly how

you would cook see other Cuban thing
of like popular thing that we always get

from them. Good, okay at
that. Get this, good okay at

that, which they make again they
bitch. Same Texture, same flavor,

but you replace the meat with either, you know, some sort of plant

base. It's took in the sauces
that they send with. It's all very

traditional, very lazing. It exactly
as you would have it, but it's

just that the animal proteins have been
replaced. Yeah, and the textures have

to be the same. So,
for for the pork, which is the

Cuban cuisine is very heavy and in
pork, you use the Jackfruit. For

the P Gdu, which is the
ground beef, I use the impossible me

and I cook it exactly the way
that my grandmother cooked it and it tastes

exactly the same. Yes, phenomena. For the chicken, there are number

of things that you can use,
including Jackfruit, but many other replacements for

chicken. Think Jack Fruit is best
for replicating barbecue chicken. Well, anyway,

shadd a tread to chicken, any
kind of chicken up pork, because

it really is in the seasonings.
It takes US safely teywere it's the same

texture as their key food. That's
the key with any cuisine is to replicate

the me, which is usually a
ground me or a chicken or a pork,

with a really good protein source that
has a similar texture, so that

then you can cook it exactly the
same way with all your seasonings, with

your sauces, and if, for
some reason something calls for chicken broth,

you just replaced it with vegetable broth
and put in a plant based chicken booleon

or something that will give it that
flavor. Ver Right. There are so

many things that you can that you
can use to replace a traditional recipe while

still keeping, you know, ninety
five percent of the original recipe, and

that's what's important. So I get
that many people, and many people do

say to me. How can you, being Cuban, how could? Don't

you Miss Your Cuban food? No, I still have it. I still

have all of it. Yeah,
it tastes exactly the same and I feel

better about it. In fact,
to me it tastes even better because I

don't like a lot of the gamy, you know, fatty animal meat.

So to me it taste even better. It's cleaner, but same flavors.

Love it. We'll be right back
after this short break. This person's asking

and very specific, one question for
both of you, with three answers required

for me each. Okay, Sean
Character. Right, it's very, very

like right now, Bossi named the
one, the one. Not Name One,

named the one. No, one
album, book and movie which had

the greatest overall impact on your respective
lives. Damn, love y'all go.

Is what it Sean said. Oh
my God, I kind of want to

hang on that because I feel like
he's like to take charge in the worship

guy. Yeah, I'll start.
I'm going to tell you right now,

so I'm going to Piss you off
right now. Know, there is no

movie. I learned movies I love
so much, which cashing the Nance kids,

probably my favorite movie. Did it
have an overall impact of my life?

No, no movie has ever made
an impact. Book, easy,

hands down. As a man,
thinketh by James Allen. HMM, and

I didn't read that book until I
was fifty one years old. Yeah,

or fifty. Well, I don't
think it would have meant anything to you.

You read it when you were thirty? I think maybe not, but

it would have meant something to me
in my s. It would have meant

something to me somewhere between forty and
fifty. I regret that I didn't find

it before I did. Yeah,
it's my Bible he by the way,

there's a woman's version. As a
woman thinketh you can read the entire thing

in twenty five minutes probably, but
you'll read it and you'll read it.

You know, look, look it
up again and you'll it's so impactful.

But I think that both, both
of those versions are very similar. I

think that back in the day when
it was written, you would say as

a man, thinketh, meaning man, meaning mankind. People. Yeah,

people. Yeah, so I think
you don't know. Like it was written

in I think one thousand nine hundred
and eighty four or something like that.

Yes, about have been a little, very massige on just as Dick.

But I can, you know,
without buying into that, I can translate

and yeah, herpet what it's saying. Everything I've two people said to you.

When it was we were together when
I found that book and it you

could see what it did to me. Yeah, and when I would read

you quotes or I would send you
quotes, when you're dating, I would

text you quotes from it and you
would go, Oh my God, that's

incredible. Yeah. So, yeah, of course it's going to resonate with

anybody. Sure. What about you
book? I think book wise, it

had to be many lives, many
masters by Brian Weiss. Another incredible it's

a great book and I read that
in my early S. probably that's why

you believe in Karmen and I don't. Well, it's not just because of

that. What I loved about that
book is that it opened doors for much

more exploring and it opened my mind
to things that I hadn't thought about before.

And no matter the thing about many
lives, many masters, which is

a true story of a psychiatrist who
is treating a patient who has many,

many, many, many phobias and
she's crippled by them. She's scrippled by

them. She doesn't really believe in
any spiritual things that we're talking about.

She's a nurse and she's working the
same hospital that he's working on and she

was he was recommended to her because
he was very successful in treating phobias with

past life regression, not past life
regression with with hypnosis. So he would

hypnotize people to when they were children, to when they were young or two,

whenever the trauma occurred that is causing
the these problems, where these phobias.

And with her he kept regressing her
and regressing her and regretting her and

there was no progress at all and
and he was really baffled by this until

one day he said, let me
just try again and he realized that he

had regressed her to a previous lifetime
and there was no way that she could

have explained that. There was no
way that he could have explained it.

He started recording all the sessions.
Anyway. It's fascinating and whether you believe

in all that stuff or not,
the message that comes from this book,

the message that comes through this woman
for all of us. Those messages are

valuable to everyone, regardless of your
religion, regardless of what you believe in

and what you don't, and regardless
of where you are in your life or

how old you are, and I
think it really just opens your mind to

possibilities. I love everything too.
I love the you gave it to me.

Yeah, I give it to a
lot of people. Yeah, and

it got just just got me started
on reading more, just reading more about

since you didn't you mind that book. When we were first dating, we

went to that Shaman book store.
I think so, probably that was probably

one of the first think of things
I gave you because you had mentioned it

to me. Yeah, and then
we were in this bookstore and you just

got it from anyone who I speak
to who is kind of interested in in

life and beyond, who kind of
has an open mind and an open heart,

I give that book too, because
it really he does open the doors

to many other things. Reminds me
of from it's like the one of the

previous questions. The list is so
endless. But of the things that I

adore about you and that are attractive
about you to me, but your curiosity

from day one and today now,
really yeah, it's so it's so beautiful.

I love you. I see curious, I see you still. I

see it in your face sometimes.
Your curiosity is it's such a beautiful thing.

It's a it's a beautiful trade in
anyone, but when you're in love

with someone and you see their constant
curiosity, I think that's super hot.

Thank you. What breed of DOG

answer other than lean mean greyhound is
incorrect. What Freedom Dog would breedom don

would I be? You would be
a golden retriever. Really, yes,

you would be a fucking terrier.
I probably be a pitbull. Be a

pit bull. Yeah, I'd be
a pitbull with a terrier dominant gene.

Well, pit bulled our terriers,
I know, but that's right. Yeah,

whatever. M Oh, what's her
we get this sometimes. What we

should say? What's your favorite toe
Quilla drink to kill, the drink the

kind that goes in my mouth?
IRIA, I don't know, is that

a trick question? First of all, daisy and I both prefer clean,

straight to kill. I would say
on Yehoe is my favorite, Aquila,

and any on Yehoe Tequila. I'm
willing to try and but I think what

they're asking is, oh, drink
like mixed drink. Yeah, and I've

nothing against Margarita's, but I haven't
had a Margaritaya. I would have ages

Apaloma. Paloma follow me. Not
had a Paloma. Asked for a Paloma.

That have a Paloma. Yes,
you'll thank US later. Okay,

what celebrity we both star struck by? MMM, think we just talked about

this with we kind of did not
on the PODCAST, though. I don't

think, really don't think it was
a conversation with like I feel like Roseanne

and your sister might have been in
really, yeah, I was there.

Anybody that you were who you were
star struck by? I don't know.

I don't remember what I said,
but let me think about it now.

I was a little star struck meeting
Clinton, really a little bit. Yeah,

he was the president. He was
the president. I was at the

White House and it was a moment
and I was just like wow, this

is happening, this is who he
is, this is the most powerful man

in the white else or when he
came over to your table in Miami?

No, at the one. I
first met him at the White House.

HMM, I've met so many of
my heroes. Paul Newman, hmm,

that's a good one. Paul Newman
I just told the story on a podcast,

on somebody else's podcast, and you
also wrote something beautiful about the first

time you met him, which,
yeah, I picked up by a couple

of platforms, but you originally wrote
it for I'm forgetting. No, I

just wrote it to to write it
and an editor pitched it to carn track.

Is that recent track? Carn't track? Is that? Is that?

What? What? where? was
originally published and then a bunch of people

get it up? Yeah, it
was a great rite up. It was

a great story. I should have
been in your book, but I can't

believe that you forgot to put an
wo so many just kind of you've been

with me on hikes. Is like
a bonus story came out and I've gone,

oh, for fuck's sake, I
should have read known this one.

Okay, you just remembered another story. Whole of the book. Yeah,

meeting Paul Newman, and then,
you know, I subsequently had several interactions

with him over the years, all
of which were memorable and story worthy.

That's the name of the PODCAST,
story worthy that I just did. Oh,

yeah, yeah, it's coming out
today or tomorrow. Okay, see.

Oh, name a couple of your
favorite musicians or celebrities, people you

just like? Who? Huh?
A Fan of who? I don't know?

Or do you do know? Huh, let's go with let's go with

people you don't know, because then
it's yeah, yeah, people I don't

know who I like. Yeah,
okay, I like Brad Pitt. Yeah,

I don't know him. Yeah,
but you know what's funny? I've

had a couple of dreams with Brad
Pitt. Really, yeah, I've had

a few dreams. Oh boy,
I can't want to hear them. Know

they're they're kind of odd and that
in every dream he is just someone who

I know. When, then,
you ran into him at a grocery store,

you're real, not dream. I
barely remember that. That was I

was. I was at a store
here in La and, you know,

you're just looking on a shelf for
some shit. It was small supermarket.

Yeah, and I look to my
right and there was Brad Pitt looking at

the same shelf, but just a
little bit, you know, to the

right of me. Yeah, and
I just thought, okay, this is

such an alla moment and that's all
it was. I I at that moment

I recognized every what it was.
No, of course not. I'm not

going to bother something your dreams is
somebody you know. Like any of the

dreams we were with him with so
know in the dreams we knew each other

well and they weren't. I think
maybe in one dream I was we were

lovers. We were like boyfriend and
girlfriend or together. Yeah, but in

like three of the dreams that I
had with Brad Pitt, he was just

someone who I knew well, who
was a friend, who knew my friends,

who when he walked in the room, it was just a recognizable face

then and someone like we just knew
each other, which is really weird because

I don't know him. Yeah,
but maybe it's because of the dreams,

or maybe it's just because he's such
a famous celebrity, such a world star,

that I just feel like I know
him when I don't. You don't

know what that phenomena is. I
don't know what that's about. Why he

appears in my dreams regularly. Who
else has appeared in my dreams? There

have been a couple of celebrities of
appeared in my dreams that it's just's not

weird. Oh, who do I
like? Okay, so I like Brad

Pitt. Yeah, I like Harry
Styles. Yeah, I like Jennifer Aniston.

Yeah, I don't know any of
these people, I just feel like

I would like them. Right,
billy Eilish, I really like her.

So, like, if you're scrolling
on social media or something, yeah,

billy as you're going to always stop
and read it, or not always,

but usually. Uh Huh. I
feel like she's a really interesting young woman.

I think that she's a little bit
more extraordinary than people her age.

Yeah, I like what she has
to say. I I watched the documentary

and I think that she comes from
a really cool family. Yeah, so

I don't know, I'm just I
feel like if she is who we think

she is, she's pretty cool.
Yeah, yeah, HMM. There are

a couple of people who, as
you know, I have this history of

attracting people into my life. There
are one or two people I've met very

briefly, so I can't I wouldn't, I wouldn't disqualify them because I don't

know them, Chris Martin being one
from coldplay, but was like I really

like I think he's really talented guy, but whenever I've seen him in an

interview I was think, I like
Chris Martin. I like him. I

think I like this guy and the
manner with him. Yeah, I really

liked him a lot. Yeah,
but I don't know, it was like,

you know, we hung out for
a couple hours, but that kind

of disqualifies him a little bit right
now, because you still don't really know

him and you still like them.
But let's go with people I've never met.

Okay, I feel like George Clooney
and I would be passed alls really.

Yeah, I feel like George seems
like a cool cat. Yeah,

he's a cool cat. I think
we have a lot in common. I

think we both have a respect.
He's a little older than me, but

I think we both have with this
great reverence for an era of style and

class and, you know, like
Sinatra, carry grant, that whole thing

that we both have an appreciation for. Get. You're both still modern and

you like to have fun. Yeah, really, yeah, he's not old

fogies. He seems like yeah,
for the most parties having a lot of

fun. I agree. Yeah,
for a long time and again, this

is somebody I'd spent even less time
within Chris Martin. But one guy I

think is so fucking cool is Timothy
Oliphn. Yeah, we met him,

we met him. We my mom
loves him too, because, yeah,

my mom and I were both obsessed. We used to watch justify together,

my woman and I watched it together. Still one of my favorite shows of

all time. But in anything he
does he's great. He's a really good

actor and but when you see him
on Conan and Brian, you see him

in a talk show, he's so
funny and cool. Yeah, and so

he was doing an off Broadway show. Right ef we get married, like

my two thousand and sixteen, and
we went to New York. We got

tickets. He was great's just we
went back stage to meet him. So

Nice, so nice. He walked
back, well, I mean we walked

like a few watch with him and
his wife and wife. Yeah, it

was lovely. He was really nice. People is super cool, super cool.

But I feel like that was a
real brief thing and I feel like

Timothy Elephant and I should be pals. Yeah, like I always had that

feeling about John Corbett and now I'm
friends with John Corbett. That's funny.

Did really always have that feeling?
Yeah, I mean every time I would

see him, yeah, I would
think, oh, I like him,

and it's funny because now that we
hung out with him. I remember you

saying to him. Every time we
would see him, you'd say, and

I forgot you did this. Yes, you did that, and I loved

you in that. And yes,
it's kind of like you forgot all the

things. We likes him and I
had seen him in he's yeah, good,

yeah, I like him a lot, but hanging out with him a

little bit and we're going to go
to lunch next week. Yeah, as

we're buds now and we can't mention
him without mentioning his beautiful wife. Yeah,

directly, he's married to Bo Derek, who is spectacular and I don't

know, I like he and I
just sort of hit it off right.

Yeah, like old instant buds.
Instantly you both have this ridiculous Trivia Knowledge.

Yes, well, he I finally
found somebody knows as much about Elvis

Bullshit as I do. Know,
that was incredible. That wasn't he?

You literally going down the list of
every Elvis. Yeah, naming his character

name. Yes, and neither of
US fucked it up. It was fascinating

to watch that. Thatk and tragic. It was beautiful. But yes,

Corp it's a cool guy like you. Guys are like twins separated at birth.

I like him. I like him. Yes, Oh, you know

what else I like? I really
like Gwyneth Paltrow. Yeah, I can

see that. I feel like I
could really hang with her and have a

laugh. You probably could, I
feel I think, yeah, at all.

I like her a lot. Okay, we'll make that happen. What's

something you would tell your school aged
self? Oh, Gosh, I ohe

good question, Adrian. Adrian,
that's a great question. I don't know.

I would maybe say, you know, don't be so shy, grab

the world by the balls, because, well, you did that. Yeah,

but I should have done it earlier. Yeah, I would. I

would have said to myself just be
be more awake, be more aware,

be more present, to grab the
world by the balls and start taking charge

sooner. That's what I would have
said. Yeah, I would tell my

school aged self to not estimate my
value by how other people view me.

Oh, that's a good one.
It feel like we can all say that

to our younger selves. Yeah,
all of us. Yeah, and what

wasn't doing? Mind ourselves of that
right now. I'm always that was a

little internal battle in that, instead
of just being self loathing, which I

wasn't? I had a really good
like. I like me. I've always

liked me. I've always felt like
I'm a good guy. May You.

Have you had a healthy sense of
confidence? Yeah, I mean, and

there's no way to say this without
sounding like a Dick, but from the

time I was a little kid to
now, I feel like if I knew

me, I would like me.
Yeah, I think I'm fair, I

think I'm funny, I think I'm
a good hand. You are, I

think I agree with all of that. So, when you're a kid and

you feel that way, you feel
like I'm a good I'm a good hang,

like I'm a good person and people
are mean to you, yeah,

for whatever their own reasons. Are
you? Yeah, place any sense of

value in that people who don't know
you at all. Yeah, that's that's

bad. That's something that we all
have to go through, we all struggle

with regardless of, yeah, how
old we are. We just deal with

it differently as time goes by.
Yeah, I did a podcast a couple

months ago with a wonderful woman named
Melinda Hale, who I know from twitter.

Yeah, and she interviews really cool
people and we had a really great

chat about my book and stuff.
She asked, what's the one thing you

want Biden to accomplish during his presidency, and I would say that you can

interchange the word Biden with any lay
sure this. It's the same thing I

wanted. I would have wished for
trump to accomplish, yeah, or Bush

or Obama or anybody, which is
a sense of unity that I have not

seen exist. Yeah, and as
long as I can remember, that's my

one wish for yeah, and you
can't, you can't even hope that a

president can accomplish that. I can
get much more specific. Okay. I

would like for President Biden to accomplish
a fair and free and civil transition in

Cuba from communism to freedom. I
would love for him to implement something that

could begin, that could be the
beginning of a change. Can he singlehandedly

do that? Yes, yes,
he absolutely can. The United States,

as the most powerful country in the
world, is the only one who can

begin that transition, who can put
some laws into placed. Ninety miles from

here, we could spit and yeah, and take over the government. It's

one helicopter. Yeah, we've done
it with other nations and we, I

know we have a lot of his
story with Cuba. We have a lot

of political history that you know.
A lot of us don't even know really

what is behind it. There are
a lot of there are a lot of

mysteries between the United States and Cuba, which I guess only the government's know.

Yeah, but there are also a
lot of things that we do know.

And regardless of all of that,
we're talking about a country that has

no no human rights, no civil
rights. Yeah, no rights. We're

talking about a country that it's completely
controlled by the government. The government is

now suffering, so they are putting
pressure on other countries. They are blaming

the United States. So the people
of Cuba think that United States is to

blame for their troubles. Some of
them do, because they are limited in

the news that they get. Yeah, they are limited in the information that

they have and the things that the
history that they are taught in school is

what their government wants. Their people, their merins or yeah, well,

no, it's it comes from the
government and the parents are taught by the

government and it's all it's a lot
of lies. It is all about control.

It is communism, it is unfair, there are no rights, there's

nothing equal, there is nothing good
about it, and the people you know

are not complaining about what they don't
have and that they want help. The

people are screaming because they want freedom, they want someone to help them overtake

the government, and I believe,
I hear every day, I believe that

President Biden is in a position to
to, if not completely, be the

person who changes everything, he can
certainly begin the steps, he can certainly

put some laws into place, he
can take those first few steps that make

that transition for the Cutan people possible. So that's what I would like to

see from President Biden, some balls
when it comes to helping the people of

Cuba achieve some sort of freedom and
to get some human rights back. Okay,

I'm with you. I want to
end on a little slightly less serious

topic. Yeah, we got a
question from deadly deadl ee, the rapper

who's of Mexican, American and African
American descent. Popular Rapper La based.

Deadly wants to know. He says, I love when daisy point has hosted

miss us a Miss Universe pageants,
as she thought of doing it again.

HMM. First of all, congratulations, deady, on your career. He's

doing well. And did you how
was that experience for did you love it,

and my question is, because that
was a long time ago, you

did those yeah, in what we've
culturally, how we've grown culturally, how

do you feel about women competing with
each other in terms of those kind of

yeah, that's what I was gonna
get into. So, back in the

day I really loved it. I
love there are things that I love and

things that I think need to be
definitely refreshed and updated when it comes to

those pageants. Back in the day
I loved hosting those pageants simply because I

loved making television and as far as
a live television production goes, and they

were an institution, yes, when
it comes to a live, watch them,

television production of that magnitude where it's
being shown all over the world.

Yep. And these pageants really are
like a version of the World Cup.

Yeah, yeah, we're all countries, men and women get involved and they're

all rooting for their country. That
girl represents their country, the same as

that like that team represents their country. So it has a sense of pride

for people and it has a sense
of like this this global competition, which

is fun. So for me at
the time it was just about a television

production, a live event where I
felt the Adrenaline, I felt a part

of the team of the production that
was bringing this massive event, this live

a production, to the world.
So that was really which would you get

right before? I I don't know
that I was nervous. I don't know

if I was nervous or excited.
I think that there's a very fine line

between the two, so maybe I
was a little bit of both. Yeah,

I loved it. I really thrive
in that environment. I love doing

life television. But then, as
I got older, I realized that many

things about that pet those pageants,
were very misogynistic and very outdated and very

antiquated. But I do still think
that, within everything that is antiquated and

maybe slightly negative about it, these
women all used what was given to them

first for some good, for positively. All now had a global path platform

to champion whatever causes they wanted to
stand behind, and that's very positive.

You know that? Sure? That
where they using the way a woman looked.

Yes, sure, that has happened
throughout history. Do we need to

change it? Yes, we need
to change that and that's why I've slightly

changed my mind about it. But
the fact that these women are still in

control of what they want to put
out there, how they want to look,

how they want to portray themselves,
and then once they achieve any level

of anything within that competition, they
have a platform. especially if you get

named Miss USA or Miss Universe,
you definitely are able to have a career

for yourself and call attention to important
causes, and that's a very positive part

of it. Now there are people
that will say, Oh, well,

it's degrading to women. Well,
nobody's forcing these women to do this.

These women are doing this because they
want to. Yeah, because they enjoy

it. Be because I want to
see an opportunity, because maybe that is

the only opportunity that they have to
make it in life or to do what

they want to do in life.
So there are positive aspects and negative aspects

to it. I'm very happy to
have been a part of it. I

would love to be a part of
maybe an upgraded version of that. We're

men and women can compete. That
would be very interesting. It's the one

competition where I think men and women
can compete and it has nothing to do

on their physical attributes. It's yeah, right, as opposed to maybe when

you're talking about some maybe the Olympics
or maybe you know, men have an

advantage of women with some sports.
This is the one thing where I think

we're all even and equal with men
and women can kind of shine and it

would be kind of interesting to make
it more of a I mean it's still

it would still be referred to as
a beauty pattern, but maybe it doesn't

have to be referred to as a
beauty pageant. Maybe you could be,

as you know, referred to as
as some sort of an extraordinary human pageant

where and often times in these beauty
in quotations, be these beauty pageants,

it is not the most beautiful woman
who wins, it is the woman who

really shines the most, who really
stands out the most. But the premise

is still what it is, the
premises, and it always will be.

It's what it's. There's still a
swimsuit competition, but it doesn't have to

be. There shouldn't be. I
mean, not that I'm against it,

but it doesn't have to be.
You know it's and my point is,

if you want to have a contest, like if women want to enter a

contest, yeah, to see who's
who, people who the judges think looks

best in a bikini. That's okay. Yeah, yeah, it's not to

rating to them. It's not exactly. If it's your choice to enter it

and that's what you want to do
through like I got a rock and ready

and I want to compete with that's
okay. Sure, who am I to

say, Oh, that's degrading,
but when you know, maybe maybe make

that its own thing, right and
not part of I agree. Yeah,

so I think that a great competition
between men and women to see who shines

the most, who, at a
very young age, has can do the

most with this title. Who could
never achieve the most? That could be

interesting. I think it should be
a new pageant where, after all the

competitions and all the the you know, the series of competitions throughout the evening,

when you're down to two. Yeah, the person who wins is the

one who can spell chrysanthemums. Okay, that's it all comes down to that.

That's crazy and everybody would lose,
or hydranger or no. I think

it was very interesting. I think
that competition is always going to exist in

life. I think that beauty pageants
as we have known them in the past,

I think that that's over. That's
super antiquated. Yeah, but that's

why we haven't seen much of them
exactly. They're they're not doing what they

used to do, but I think
that there is a way to upgrade them,

to make them more modern and to
really continue giving the power to the

people who are in the competition,
and that's really what it's about when you

join one of these competitions. Nobody's
forcing these women. This is their choice

and if you're really smart, you
can do a lot with it. I

think that as all of us in
society, have to speak up against some

of the more degrading parts of the
pageant and just be like, we're not

interested in that anymore. We just
really want to see who the most extraordinary

person is. I think good competition
is always going to be interesting and it

should be about that. I'll just
end with this because we have to wrap

it up. I certainly saw you
at one time or another hosting one of

those pageants, but when we started
hanging out together, I would start googling

you and youtubing you and I found
a lot of footage from those patches.

Yeah, and it was unfair because
no one could compete with you. Oh

honey, seriously, it was like
I always kind of was hoping I would

win. I did buy you a
Tiara. Yeah, that counts all right.

These were great questions, everybody.
Thank you. Should love this.

I think we should do this once
a month. Yeah, we should it.

Should do more of this. And
we also had a request from someone

asking if we would do a live, a twitter live or yeah, one

of those, because we haven't done
one of those in a long time.

Yeah, and he said, like
times are still kind of dark. Yeah,

that's a really fun thing for some
of us. Yeah, it was

very sweet. So we'll do when. In the next few days? Let's

do it. It's just that,
you know what it is, I always

feel like I look like Shit.
You Look Gorgeous, so I just have

to get over like. I don't
care what you guys think I look like,

and I'll just do more of them. That's fine. You're ridiculous,

but yeah, we'll go live and
thank you. Yeah, and we'll just

hang out with you guys. Yeah, thanks for listening. We Love You,

guys. Be Safe, get vaccinated. Yeah, and see you a

week by. Thanks for listening to
Tequila Talk With Daisy Quintus and Richard Marks.

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