EPISODE 99: Things Are Looking Up

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Show Notes

Daisy and Richard are busy these days. Both are working again, touring again, living again. They have no intentions of ending the podcast but want to update you on how their schedules are looking these days. Then they discuss their usual hot topics ranging from youtube rabbit holes to nostalgia. Enjoy the show, and be sure to look out for new episodes! From Straw Hut Media Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


STRAWT media. Cheers, my love, salute, welcome back to Tequila Talk.

We've been away, we've missed you. We've missed you and we are

on the road, so we're not
we don't have our usual audio set up,

but this will have to suffice.
For Yourself. A glass of your

finest Tequila or whatever you drink from
Straw hut media. This is Tequila talk

with daisy pointest and Richard Mox sotill
going to sound better than ninety percent of

the podcast I listened to, which
sound like they're being recorded under water and

submarine. What is that you like
and hate about most podcasts? Oh,

that's a good question. I don't
like podcasts that are it's interesting. I

don't like podcasts that are not planned
in any way, that are just free

form, just mental. You know, diarrhea. We're a little bit like

that sometimes. Now we always have
some we always have some topics to discuss

and we will go on a hike
or will do it over lunch that day.

What are we going to talk about
in the tonight's podcast? We are

somewhat prepared. YEA, we get
topics that but I also don't like stuff

that is so seems scripted. Yeah, not conversational. Yeah, I I.

I think I agree with you.
I don't like when people just kind

of talk over each other when there
were too many people on a podcast.

We haven't had guests. Yeah,
in a way we talked over each other

enough. Yeah, in a way
I want to have guests, but I

find it really uncomfortable when I when
you have too many people trying to talk

at the same time. It's a
little distracting to me. And then when,

when, the when I like a
podcast and I listen because I like

the person doing the podcast and then
they have a guest on that, I

don't care for that. I don't
care for those podcasts. So I like

them to be consistent with either the
topics that they're talking about or the same

type of guests. I don't know, I find that they can be to

what diss do you like? I
really was liking one that was with Bill

Gates and Rashida Jones. Uh Huh. Yeah, you show. You played

me one of those. It was
good. Yeah, it was on for

a while. I was he was
very laid he was he was the silent

partner, somewhat, not really.
I think that he knew that he wasn't

the entertainer, so he would jump
in whenever he had something too add he

kind of let her. He was
much for me it was much less of

a cohost than a guest. Numbers. Definitely a cohost wire. They were

guests. Come on and they had
some crazy easy great guests like yeah,

Bo and right, really, it's
the one, you've got it. Yeah,

then he'll jump in and he'll ask
questions, but I like that.

It was very well produced and interesting. They got right to the point,

great questions, real insides on topics
that are interesting to me. So I

liked that dynamic of them too.
And there's one called stuff you should know

and every now and like I said, some of them are interesting to me,

not all of them. Yeah,
I'm sure, just like us right,

some people like some podcast, depends
on the episode, others. I

have to say, I really I
like rob lows podcast literally, which at

first annoyed me because I thought,
and I know, that that's what his

character used to say on parks and
wreck and it was funny. But then

I thought, wait a minute,
I think he might think it's actually pronounced

literally, when, in of course, I found out that he know.

He gets the joke and that's the
whole point, right. So I was

the asshole right who thought, oh, he's saying is wrong. You know.

Again, it's like he's generally good. He's really good with a great

guest. Yeah, and I would
love to do his podcast. Actually,

he had Kenny loggins on not so
long ago and I was impressed with how

he interviewed Kenny, because I've interviewed
Kenny right and I've been friends with Kenny

for a long time and he brought
some stuff out of Kenny that I thought

was cool and it was really conversational
and fun. And he always has guests

every episode of a different guest.
Yeah, and it's just him. Like

where's Dak Shepherd's podcast, which I
like to I've heard a few of those

and I like those. He has
a cohost. Yeah, and I don't

know, I think there's just such
a glut of podcast I also really like

heather do Bros podcast. Yeah,
we've been on that numerous times. He's

a friend and she you know,
what I like about hers is that she's

very honest and it reminds me a
little bit of ours. Yeah, it

reminds me a little bit of hours
because she talks about her life and the

things that she does. Have a
very interesting life, the same way that

you have a very interesting life and
you know our travels and where life takes

us, and I feel like that
those are good things to really just kind

of go off on. Yeah,
we've been busy. We're getting busy,

and know the reason that we haven't
we didn't have an episode last week.

Was it been two weeks now?
I do maybe two weeks. Yeah,

is that? You know, it's
tough. It's easy to maintain a weekly

schedule of a podcast when you're in
the middle of a pandemic. Yes,

because there's no place to go,
nothing to do. Right, but as

life has sort of started to return
to love new normal. Yeah, I

finally have gotten back to work,
and so have you. I've started doing

a little bit of work, a
little guest hosting on a show called daily

pop on E. Yeah, work. It's been a lot of fun.

It gets me up very early in
the morning, I do a little bit

of prep in the evening and you
know, you're starting to travel. I'm

trying to do a little traveling with
you, and so it's made it a

little difficult for us to maintain a
podcast schedule. So we just wanted to

let everybody know that we're going to
be putting podcast out, probably not as

regular right used to it. We're
not stopping it, but will will don't

we don't have any plans to stop
it right. We're going to. It's

going to have to be a little
bit more sporadic. Yeah, and we'll

just catch up with you guys whenever
we get a chance and let you know

what life, yeah, has been
bringing us, what's been going on.

I'll tell you what I've noticed about
both of us. Yeah, because it's

interesting that a coincide. Or so
I've done. I've done two shows now

back on concert in on the concert
trail Denver, maybe ten days ago or

so, and then a couple nights
ago in Fort Lauderdale, near where we

live, and I was at that
one along with a bunch of our friends

from Florida. Yeah, and that
was an amazing, spectacular getting that.

Will get into all that in a
minute. But me resuming my concert touring

has coincided with you being back on
television, even though it's a guest host

thing, which could, you know, certainly lead to some other stuff and

you have some other projects going that
are really exciting. But you know,

it's fun and it's it's exciting to
be planning something or working on an idea

that might become something which is we
don't want to tell talk too much about

it, but you're working on something
behind the scenes that is potentially going to

be amazing. Well, yeah,
there's a development situation that I've been working

on right you know, said,
and that's exciting and it's yeah, captures

your attention and in your focus.
But the actual doing, like you got

like daisy and I go to bed
at zero in the morning for her to

get up at thirty to go do
this live show. You've been going to

bed at like nine o'clock, Ninety
three, and I've been right there with

you, like okay, let's do
this. What I've noticed is that me

going back to work and you going
back on television has lifted our spirits a

little bit. Yes, it's put
a little wind in our wings. Yes,

it's been so long and it just
feels so good to get back out

there do a little bit of what
I what I've done, you know,

I. Yeah, I've done nothing, and since before the pandemic it was

kind of quiet for me. And
I change some things around that. The

pandemic gave me time to really reflect
that a few things. I change some

things around, brought some new people
into the team. Yeah, and it's

been really good. It feels good
to be able to to feel like you

you don't have to retire, you
know, and not during the pandemic I

kind of felt, I'm done.
By the time this is done, I'm

going to be, you know,
seventy years old. Help me to that

was that was a product of your
team at that time and you felt like

you didn't have you didn't have cheerleaders, you didn't other than me, you

didn't have people going no, no, there's this we can do and that

we can do. It's important to
have people around you who are still excited

about the business that you're in.
Yeah, people who still feel excited to

be in it, to do the
work and to to motivate me and to

be motivated. That's important and you
know, I guess when you're with people

for a very, very long time, you lose that and that, as

much as excitement is contagious, that
anti excitement. Yeah, it is also

contagious the gloom and the laziness and
the yeah, you know, and those

sort of lackluster yeah, sort of
apathy. Yeah, so, and you

know, you went back on.
I did. You did three days,

right, and you're going to go
back and do another three more days.

Reason. But it was I was
just like my I had a grin on

my face all day when you would
be on those they those days you did,

because I would be looking at your
social media and people going, Oh

my God, we've missed you so
much on TV, you, Oh my

God, you look so beautiful and
all you were so funny and you were

so great and you know, that's
been really nice to have the you know,

people just say they're happy to see
me back on, yeah, television,

and that was that was really fun. I wasn't expecting that. Yeah,

so I feel like it's a it's
a good indicator that getting back to

what we have always known and loved. Yeah, it has definitely affected our

gloom. Yeah, it's Nice.
It's nice to be a little bit busy

and after everything that everyone has been
through, you know, a lot of

people have decided to quit their jobs
and to be less busy and to be

at home more. And for me
and you, I think we both realized

that we missed it and we're happy
to get back to some sort of normalcy.

Yeah, I knew, obviously I
knew that I missed performing because it's

such a, yeah, huge part
of WHO I am. You know,

I've been singing for people on stage
for thirty something years, thirty five years

more maybe, to just all of
a sudden not do that for two years,

over two years, that's heavy.
Well, we've talked about on the

show like it fucked me up and
in certain ways in the early days,

in that I just didn't know how
to be still or how to have that

taken away from me. And again, I don't I don't mean to a

I no way mean to minimize anybody
else's struggles or everybody has suffered through this.

It's all relative. Every it's all
righty, there is, but there

are certain jobs and industries, yeah, that were pushed aside and and told

to wait longer than others. So
a lot of people in the last year

went back to work right in some
way, shape or form. They worked

from home or they would ever right. Yeah, performers, we were like

in the small percentage of people who
we were the last people to get back

to work. You've had your tour
dates now rescheduled three times or times.

Yeah, yeah, and I think
that it's not fair. Maybe it is.

I mean, I don't know.
I guess you've take the recommendations as

they come. And there they put
these recommendations for a reason, I'm sure

to however, it really started confusing
me and bothering me a little bit when

venues such as theaters and indoor theater, large live concert venues, would do

things like, for example, you
were going to go play in Puerto Rico,

right, it was sold out.
Yeah, and a few weeks before

the show, numbers were rising with
the the new Ami chron variant. Yeah,

and they said to you, well, you could. The new law

for now is that you can only
have the theater filled to fifty percent capacity,

including staff. Yeah, and wild
instead. So why would you do

that to a soul may show right
when? Now? What bothers me about

this is that doing that same time
we were having school shows, a super

bowl and soccer shows, no consistency, acked and some of them were indoor

venues. And you know, you're
having basketball shows about basketball games where,

yeah, some people are masks and
people aren't, but that's indoors. Yeah,

much larger venues than what you were
going to do. Yeah, so

that was a little bit unfair and
a little bit confusing. And it happened

to me in Australia too, because, you know, where as Australia they

were sort of heroes in the early
days of the pandemic, there's still half

the country. Half the country is
doing great, half the country is not

doing great. And we were supposed
to play, I was supposed to play

I think a dozen shows between New
Zealand and Australia and then go off and

do South East Asia. This was
all going to come up quickly in like

April May, and the promoters in
the venues came back and said, you

know, depending like half the promoters
and venues said, we really we have

to restrict capacity or we have to
reschedule that. So we had to move

the whole thing to next year,
and that really gets old after a while.

It's like Ike, I keep getting
told you can't go back to work.

Yeah, so that's the best the
downside. The upside is that here

in the states we're now at a
place where, for a minute at least,

hopefully for a long time or forever, we are kind of back to

people coming out. Two shows.
Yeah, you know, the other night

in Fort Lauderdale completely packed with the
most amazing Denver to the most amazing audiences,

and I incredible. I told you
that my first showback, I for

the first time in decades, I
was nervous to walk out because it's been

you know, it's one of those
things as like as a singer, it's

kind of like an athlete who's not
trained and has not done their sport in

two years. You're not going to
just run a hundred yard touchdown. Probably

you might, but it's probably not
going to happen. You get to pace

yourself. You don't know how your
body's going to react. And so even

though I felt okay, I felt
fine, and I've been singing here and

there. I've been me you know, I've been recording my album, which

is a totally different kind of singing
than live singing. But at the beginning

of the pandemic I'd been singing so
consistently for so many years that I just

took for granted that even if I
was a little off, even if I

was tired or I had a little
bit of a head cold or something,

I'm going to be fine. I
can do a show no problem, and

I didn't know what was going to
happen and I remember texting you right before

the show and I said, I
can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm

nervous. I thought that was really
sweet and a sign, a sure sign,

that you are so committed to what
you do and you're passionate about you

do. I want to be fucking
great. You want to be great every

time you step out on that stage, and that's what that was. Yeah,

it's a good thing, I think. And I walked out feeling to

enjoy. I walked out to this
wave of love and joy and celebration.

And it happened the other night,
maybe even more so, like I thought.

The first show back and Denver was
like the can't beat this, and

for Lotterdale kind of went hold my
beer. Yes, you walked out to

a standing ovation. It was so
I should have just left. But now

somehow I got better. I get
better and and the first show and this

show I'm playing, I'm singing twenty
something songs, I'm playing for like two,

two and a half hours. That's
incredible. But then I wake up

the next morning and thinking you're ready
to do another show? Yeah, like

all of the worry that I had
about getting my voice back in shape and

all that. So far. I
don't want to Chinse it, but it

has been. Your muscle is solid
gold. Why. Thank you, you,

you. What about my voice,
though? It's amazing. Oh God.

So, how was your experience like
being back on set, having to

prep for because what you're doing is
a very topical yes, like they might

change it up on you the last
man. They do, and they do

like, for example, we had
a story and at the last minute it

was about a celebrity couple who was
in the middle of a legal thing and

we actually teased the story, went
to commercial and during the commercial our producer

said, Oh, the next story
has just been flagged by legal, which

means it needs to be reviewed and
and we need to make sure we get

all the facts right and it could
be troubled. We, you know,

we say something that is wrong.
Yeah, so that one had to be

pushed the next day. But you
know what it's they're all such prose and

there is always so much to talk
about that you just go with it and

it's live. You don't have too
much time to think about the things that

come up and I'm always on set
with two other people. Yeah, so

there was really not that much to
put love the main host. Oh,

Justin. He's great. Yeah,
Justin Sylvester, who is a host on

e and he does a number of
other spots on, I think, NBC

and for some other shows. He's
good, he's wonderful. He really makes

me laugh, he really lightens,
lightens it all up and and has some

interesting points, you know. So
he makes it very easy. He keeps

the show moving and I as a
guest really, which is rare. I'm

usually doing what he does, which
is running the show and keeping the show

moving. In this instance I just
was able to be part of the conversation

and enjoy a really great live television
production. Yeah, which I miss,

and it is. It's well produced. Yeah, it's like top production,

like value, and we cover a
lot of topics, celebrity, mostly entertainment

industry, but it's really a lot
of fun. In your back on one.

I am back on on at the
Oh, the first, I think,

right, which is why you're not
going to be with me in Nashville.

Right, right. So, daisy
and I were planning this really I'm

ending this run of shows with three
nights at this incredible theater in Nashville,

just outside of Nashville in Franklin,
Tennessee, called the Franklin theater. It's

historic, it's really, really renowned, respected and I'm playing three nights there.

So I and I get there two
days before with two days off.

So we were going to go and
see friends and, yeah, dinners and

hang out and then you have to
go to work. Yeah, the next

one. And I think another thing
that I wanted to mention for the folks

who really who follow you and who
want to go to your shows, who

already have tickets for your following shows, you're doing this really cool new thing

where you're taking requests. Oh yeah, this was your idea. Yeah,

this is why you want to mention. It your idea. No, I

think it's a great idea and I
love it. I think people really like

it. So in every show the
audience gets to jump on Richard markscom yeah,

and request a, do a do
dedication. HMM, and you will

pick one and every show and do
a live dedication and I just can't wait

until you get like that wedding proposal. Yeah, I've done those. If

I've had those. Of that was
so much fun and now that everybody's capturing

them on on video, I think
it would be so great to have a

couple of those. Yeah, it
was a great idea and what we do

is at the actual show, you
know, there's a period of time between

when you come in, what we
call doors, which when, which case

the doors are open, people can
come in and take their seats. It's

usually forty five minutes to an hour
before the show. Yeah, to give

people time to settle in, get
a little refreshment, buy some tshirts,

buy some tshirts for whatever, and
then the show starts. And so we

want to always give people something to
listen to or watch, and so we

have pictures and slides and music playing
stuff, and so daisy had this idea.

So now we have this this prompt
to go to my website if you

have you want to dedicate a song
that night to someone. We had the

first night. We did it with
you the night and it was like a

hundred and sixty requests or something like
that's amazing, and it was. That

was only a matter of thirty minutes. Yeah, I think that'll pick up

and you might have to end up
doing more. Do I did Angel Angelia.

That's right, you might have to
end up doing more than one dedication.

Yeah, which is really fun.
Maybe, or people who want me

to sing a song in honor of
their wedding, in which case I'll sing

shit in own better. Maybe sady
wants a song to break up to.

Yeah, we'll be right back after
this short break. By the way,

in the last twenty four hours we've
decided that there is a we we use

it Martini as the as the what
do you want? I want to call

it. That's rue as the measure, but it could be for any drink.

Yeah, we use my song titles
for consumption. So one Martini is

don't mean nothing to Martini's satisfied.
Yeah, three Martin he's should. I

love it. Okay, so I
want to talk to you about this because

you and I have sort of browsed
this topic a little bit with each other,

but we haven't really talked about it. You know, you pointed something

out to me recently, which is
that I go down these rabbit holes on

youtube particularly. Yeah, I will
either get sent something or I'll spot something

online that has to do with a
television show or a movie or a band

or a song from when I was
a kid and then I need to spend

the next hour minute. Well,
you don't need to. You Go to

you don know, I need something
out and you you end up really going

down this Retro Rabbit Hole. Retro
is the word. Yeah, Nostalgia.

Yeah, and I we have a
couple of friends, eve and Rick,

who are really into that too.
Yeah, and we had dinner with them

recently and I know that about them. Like I'm a trivia buff about old

TV shows and movies and stuff like
that, and certainly music. But and

Rick and Evett are they remember everybody's
names? Yeah, and characters and everything.

So we have we and I'm leaving
you out of it. Yeah,

we have fun reminiscing about these old
TV stars and I think everything he does.

I think it's nice to do a
little flashback and talk about the shows

and the people, the personalities and
the moments that really, you know,

bring joy to your life. Horse
and I get that times and everybody's life

and I've always had a trace of
that. I've always and like, Oh

yeah, that's that's nice. It's
a warm, fuzzy feeling today's generation.

At thirty years when I will be
doing a rabbit hole dive into instagram.

Remember it can cradash and did.
Yes, I remember what she said that

and Oh don't let me after I
get through this rant, I want to

talk to you about that. Pay
but I realized, like the other night

we were talking and you said you
were sweet about it. You were like,

Oh, it's so cute how you
go down these rabbit holes, and

I said, you know what it
is, because I didn't use to go

down those, like those lengthy a
rabbit hole. It's because I don't prefer

now. Really, I prefer now
in terms of usome with you, and

there are certain things. I love
my relationship with my kids, and I'm

feel very blessed to still be have
a but but if you're going to ask

yourself, is life, yeah,
nicer and better now than it was thirty

years ago? I would say now. That all really depends on how you

look at it. No, it's
it's very completely subjective. Yeah, it's

completely subjective. Some people go like
fuck, are you kidding me? I

wouldn't trade right now with thirty years
ago for anything. Well, I'm not

saying I would trade it, but
you know, when I see what people

what is what are considered advanced instruments, whether it's technology, and in certain

ways technology has made all of our
lives better and easier and kept people safer.

And there's all these accolades I could
lay on so much of what is

modern. Yeah, there's also like
there's a price. You know, we're

not as connected as individuals. Humanity
is not connected the way they used to

be. We we now like,
and I'm guilty of it too, I

would much rather tell even people I
love, I would rather text them and

talk to them, because I've because
it's become a habit. Like I don't

I can't be on the phone for
ten minutes. Yeah, but in the

same way, there are people who
I normally wouldn't, would have lost touch

with, and due to social media, I now am able to of course,

somehow be connected to them and have
an idea what's going on in their

lives. Frozen cons to all of
it. Yeah, but the General I'm

just saying that the overall reason that
I find myself attracted to nostalgia or like,

I would rather spend an hour watching
some old Dean Martin Roast really then

beyond instagram looking at people doing stupid
shit, including myself. It's just not

like it's become not interesting to me
at all. I can see that.

I understand it, but I I
feel a bit of a disconnect with the

past. I know and I like
you and I this is one of the

few ways that we, yeah,
diverge. We're because we're so alikened.

So, anyways, this is not
one of them. I'm really happy living

in the present. I want to
know what's going on now. I want

to know who is shaking things up
now. I want to know what to

look forward to in the future,
what I should be prepared for in the

future. I want to me the
present is definitely where I want to be,

but the future is always more exciting
to me than the past. The

future is not exciting to me really. Why do you think that is?

Because I think people just are are
getting worse. Yeah, I think people

overall are getting more hateful, more
intolerant, more ignorant, less educated and

more proud of being less educated.
Yeah, that is to the point where

I don't really recognize my fellow man
as much as I used to. But

we didn't know our fellow man the
way we know. We knew them way

better. No, we didn't.
We did. No, we didn't.

Okay, well then I'll take that
where you just sort of like go hi,

how you doing it? I'm good, yeah, instead of, you

know, instead of talking to somebody
for thirty seconds and knowing the kind of

person that they are and what they
say. Is feel like we're at a

point now where I and and and
I worry about it because I sometimes want

to even in my own thinking room, having it a discussion with myself about

it. My Dude, you sound
like you're a hundred years old. Don't

be an old guy talking about dude
in my day. It's not that,

it's that I don't feel that this
particular time in this country, yeah,

is our best of days. I
think that universal, first of all,

but I also look as much as
as nice as it is to revisit the

past and talk about some Trivia and
we live some of the great moments that

I think we should keep alive for
future generations. We should remind them and

tell them these amazing stories of some
really great people. You know, you

can't live in the past and the
longer that you spend time there, the

more you're going to dislike where you
are now. Okay, that's all true.

I'm not I'm not going to give
you shit about what you just said.

It's all true, but that's an
extreme version of this I'm saying.

Here's an sample. Are Buddy George
Hom who we love on twitter and we

become friendly with one of one of
George's passions is style. Yeah, and

so he rails against the laziness that
has overtaken people to wear sweats and flip

flops to a restaurant for dinner.
You could make the argument, well,

your law, you're just in the
past. That's just not how it is

anymore. He's saying like no,
we've become fucking lazy. Yeah, we

have, for sure, and I'm
just saying that that's one of several examples

where like we're not going in the
right direction. But you know, you

can either jump on that train you
can try to redecorate that train, but

you can't get off that train.
You're on that train. This is where

we are and this is what's happening
to the world. So you can try

to contribute to that in a positive
way that feels good to you, but

you can't stop it and live in
the past. Well, I agree with

that, but I disagree with the
two seconds before what you said. Just

as somehow it became okay to wear
shorts and flip flops to a Nice restaurant

for dinner at baseball cap, it
could just as easily turn around to go,

yeah, you can't do that anymore. Well that. I would not

be down with that right because I
don't want to be told how to dress

to go to dinner. But you
were for a long time and you want

people dress nicer and it was a
more elegant experience. No, I like

dressing when I want to dress and
not dressing when I don't want to dress.

I don't like being told how I
should dress. As a woman,

I've been told how to dress my
entire fucking life and I am not down

with that because the minute that that
happens is just people trying to control the

way people look and that's not okay. I like the diversity that we see

now. I like that, as
someone who is twenty two years old,

can walk into a restaurant wearing something
that we think, oh, look,

he really didn't put any effort in
it, but when we really look at

what he's wearing and the thought behind
it, some some of these looks are

really brilliant and you can compare it
to when we were young and you would

walk into a restaurant with your tight
jeans and your cowboy boots and your big

mullet, fluffy mullet hair, ven
mean now, and the old people in

the restaurant would think, oh,
look at these young people, they don't

know how to dress. and every
whoever, everybody else who was young in

that place recognize you as a pop
star and people even were inspired by your

look and the heyday of my tight
jeans, cowboy boots and mullet. I

knew that certain places, if I
were going to go eat there, I'm

not wearing that. I'm going to
dress it up because it's just appropriate.

Like, I don't I get it, like you and I both talked about.

We live part time in Malibu,
which is the most casual, laid

back place you can I see people
constantly, yeah, out to breakfast in

their ugs. I see that in
their slain damas whatever, and you know

why I go. That's fine,
that's fine, that's that's except, yeah,

with that place. Yeah, and
most of the places that cater to

that serve people right. I'm saying
that up until recently, and I don't

mean really recently, but up until
the last five or six years particularly,

you had to sort of like go, yeah, I can just wear sweats

and flip flops to the chipotle.
No disrespect to Chabol I could you know,

I fucking loved you. Yeah,
but you're not going to wear that

to like a really nice, beautiful, elegant restaurants. I agree, and

people now go now, I can
do whatever I want. I agree.

It's like the way you talked about
in the end one of the last couple

of podcasts with the guy who is
sitting yes next to us, and he

was wearing flip flops with, yeah, with a little beanie, I don't

like it, within it, and
I was like what, that's just confusing.

But, yeah, completely contradicting.
I'm not conducting. I'm not.

I don't like being told. He
didn't either what to wear. He doesn't

either, and that's fine. You're
kind of telling him that it's not okay

for him to wear what he were. Well, it's not, but it's

his brother. My God, it's
not okay, but it's fine. You,

you. We are living at a
time where, you know, there's

been so much talk about freedom and
people taking free to freedom away free,

do you emb yeah, freedom,
but but the truth is that we need

to have the freedom to dress like
a total fucking idiot or to dress like

an elegant person. There are times
when I I don't want to dress up

to go somewhere. But if we
bring all that back, then we're getting

to the point where, look when
I was, when I had my parttime

job in high school, I if
I wore a dress or a skirt,

which I did a lot, I
had to wear panty hose. Cheer Panty

Hose. taught it's not hot.
It was literally hot because they were nylon

and it was ninety five degrees from
Jersey. So yeah, it was not

know. And so I remember one
time I was at the register and I

wasn't wearing this year pose but I
was wearing close, close shoes and a

longish skirt and my manager, who
was this ball tubby fucked hard moron.

He was just just annoying, misogynist
asshole and I tried to just kind of,

you know, deal with him and
be polite to him, be respectful

too, because he was the manager. He literally came up to me and

said you're not wearing Pantyhole, I'm
gonna have to write you up and I

said, yes, I am.
I'm wearing panty hose. He said,

no, you're not. I said
they're sheer pantyhose, you just can't see

them. He says you're not wearing
I said, do you need to touch

my legs and feel my legs seem
if I'm wearing panty hose or because if

you do that, then we can
just go right to HRHR with that.

And he was like, don't be
funny, I can see that you're being

funny and next time that you don't
wear Pantis I'm going to write you up.

I said, I'm wearing panty hose. What would have been the difference

between me wearing pantyhose are not wearing
panty hose? It would have there would

have been no difference. That's such
an extreme ridiculous that's what it leads to.

Know, it leads to men controlling
the way women look, at least

through all them, but controlling what
you look like. It is very related

and there's a very fine line.
Okay, dress codes are bullshit, especially

in a time when we yes,
dress codes are bullshit, except, look,

they've been dress codes and that still
exists in certain restaurants or certain private

clubs, etc. where it's kind
of like what we've experienced the last two

years. Yeah, masks, if
you want to enter that establishment, they

have their own rules. They were
entitled to make the rules. Yeah,

as to what you can I kind
of hire in that establishment and you can

either go in there and and buy
by those rules or say I'm not going

in there. I would not go
into their own one. I looked to

the time when, you know,
there would be doorman in front of clubs

and lounges and bar ours and if
you walked up wanting to get in there,

they would look you up and down
and literally judge the fuck out of

you, what you look like and
want you dress like and then decide whether

they wanted to let you in or
not. Some Moron with a little fucking

clipboard who was a total loser,
dipshit is now judging they wanted to perpetuate

a certain kind of thing in that's
never going to come back. That's never

going to come back to good.
Not Okay, but this is okay.

So what I'm talking about, I'm
talking at talking about going out to a

nice, yes, beautiful, restaurant
and seeing people in flip flops and shorts

and tshirts and going really, that's
not okay because, guess what, it's

not that they don't own any other
clothes don't feel like it. So in

a way, look, I get
that. That's not okay, I think,

and it's especially not okay when I
see these adorable, gorgeous women dressing

up, putting effort into what they
look like. They do their makeup,

they do their hair, they do
they're wearing beautiful clothes with nice shoes.

Everything looks. They look well put
together and modern and they look stylish.

And the guy is wearing cargo pants
and flip flops and a t shirt which

is even clean. That's not okay. But it's not not okay because,

because they're being desild backful, that's
his cowboy boots, ty cheens in moment

and it's that's not a style,
that's not of style. But there are

young people who walk into a place
wearing jeans and a baseball cap and really

cool sneakers and a really great tshirt
with a flannel and you know, a

lot of it is designer closed or
a lot of it is just really well

put together and it may not be
appropriate for us to walk into that establishment

that way, but for someone like
one of your sons, it's perfectly acceptable

and expected from someone who's twenty two
or twenty six, yeah, to walk

into an establishment wearing something really super
hip and modern to their generation. So

I think that I get what you
mean. I think people should sometimes put

a little more effort into by the
way, I want people here about this.

I'm not procode. Yeah, I
hate codes like I don't want I'm

not saying, Hey, you know, these restaurant should established a dress.

No, I'm not saying that at
all. I'm saying that again it goes

back to what I was saying.
Humanity, yes, has gotten so fucking

lazy, right, people generally have
like they could give a shit. They

couldn't give the slightest fuck about presenting
themselves in a nice way that they're just

it's just becomes too easy to be
lazy. So I'm saying I understand what

you're saying and I get both sides. You know, this made me think

back to a time where this is
back in the S, where I was

at MTV, and the look back
in the yearly s is very much the

look that is it's all that is
in style now. So when I see

twenty five year old girls wearing their
ripped jeans that are highwaisted and crop tops

and oversized blazers, that's what I
used to wear and I remember coming home

and my mom and my grandma would
be appalled at what I was wearing and

they would say, Oh my God, you went out looking like that,

like people recognize you, you're on
television. You should really put more effort

into it. And I remember thinking, Oh my God, you guys are

so antiquated. That's what I'm wearing. Is People want to see me wearing

the hippist clothes and I'm wearing things
from designers samples that are getting to me.

Another example of a particular style.
Cargo Pants and flip flops and a

dirty tshirt is not a style.
What if it is? What if is

Latin a person style? What if
that is that person style? I call

bullshit. I just I agree with
you, but I think that there's a

very fine line between once you get
into that, you know, what if

a male wants to walk into an
establishment wearing a skirt? What if a

woman wants to walk into us?
That's totally fine. Establishment wearing a men

men's tailored suit. We have to
get past all of these gender specifically and

you're tireder doing our next podcast like
now, ordering at a time. Just

say that this is a very fine
line between. You know, you probably

shouldn't wear flip flops to that Nice
restaurant. Sure we know that, but

you know what, we have to
embrace the fact that you can do that

because that wasn't allowed at a point
and we have the freedom to do that

now and we're so much more evolved
recognizing that closed don't mean anything. The

way you look doesn't mean anything.
When you look at people who have a

lot of money, I'm not talking
rich people who make a good living,

who are newly rich, who need
to get the new Mercedes to keep up

with the Jones has right. I'm
talking about people who have made billions.

When you look at like Bill Gates
and his friends or his spouse or whatever,

and you look at a reality star
who is making maybe, you know,

half a million dollars a year or
a million dollars a year, which

is great money, but it is
by no means a millionaire or a billionaire.

You see these people with new money
trying to show off their money.

You see them with their designer bags, with the designers shoes, everything is

designer. And you've got the wearing
tshirts with with some name on the t

shirt of some high end brand just
they look expensive and because they're getting paid

on they're getting not always, not
always, in a lot of cases,

you know they're not. I'm talking
about regular, everyday people that I see

in the street. These are not
are Abers, also influencers. Do you

see them spending every last dime on
a status symbol? But that's been forever.

That's been forever, but more than
ever today, if you notice,

people who really have money are not
interested in that. They are the ones

wearing the flipflops to the restaurant because
they give zero Fox Nott in time.

I know the people I know who
don't give a fuck. Just wear nice

clothes to a nice restaurant. If
they're going to a burger place for the

for lunch, they don't care.
I get that. But if they're going

to a nice restaurant, they're going
to like dress appropriately. But who's to

say what's appropriate? I who is
me? WHO's the decision? Maybe you,

you are marks. Yes, okay, ask me, I'll tell you.

Okay, really quickly because I want
to wrap this up as I'm starving.

One of the things that you've covered
on your e show is this whole

Kanye, Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson
thing. Yeah, you know, my

our listeners probably don't know this,
but what level of interest do I generally

have in celebrity gossip? Zero?
Zero. Yeah, I don't give a

fuck. Yeah, in fact,
I sort of like like rag on.

People are interested in that Shit.
Yes, this is compelling to me only

because and I have great respect for
Kanye's work. I to to I really

like him, as I have great
respect for Kim Kardashian and the Kardashians brand.

I think that they've worked their asses
off and they continue to. Yeah,

you know, I'm you can rag
them all day long, I get

that, but you can't just you
can't sort of like dismiss the success of

their absolutely their family brand like that. Shit doesn't just happen and I respect

Pete Davidson's career. So it's all
level of playing field. Yeah, in

terms of that. At what point
does this go really bad? Yeah,

it's Gary my opinion, and I
don't here's the other thing. This is

one of the reasons I hate celebrity
guys. I was because nobody knows.

These people. May know what their
real deal is, we don't know.

For All we know, Kanye is
pulling the biggest scam on everybody, sure,

but I don't think he is.
I think he's a really deeply troubled

guy who is potentially dangerous to himself
or others, and it well, his

behavior is so erratic and so bizarre. Yeah, at what point do we

stop laughing at this or just gossiping
about it, and what can be done?

Yeah, I mean, what are
you? What is I bean that?

Yeah, there are some bits that
are funny and I think they intend

for them to be funny. I
think that because Kanye and Pete Davidson are

both entertainers. They're witty and they
are funny. But you're right, I

am concerned for I'm concerned for children, the children, for Khim, because

this is this behavior is very normal
to society, to people. This happens

all the time. We all know
that. When somebody breaks up, everybody

starts acting up and everybody starts using
the children as pawn and, as wrong

as it is, it's so wrong
and it's so fucked up, but it's

normal. Unfortunately, it's what happens
and we are just able to see it

because we're talking about people who live
their life in the spotlight. They share

everything, they share text, they
share that. You know, their life

is a reality show literally. So, yeah, they're used to sharing everything

and I'm sure we're not like that, I know. I'm just hoping that

this dies down before it gets worse. I'm hoping that maybe Kanye falls in

love with someone who is able to
balance him out a little bit, because

right now it's really hot. This
situation is really hot, it's dangerous and

I just hope, I hope that
he, if he does need help,

that that his family is able to
help him and provide the help, the

professional psychiatric help, that that he
needs. And he's just doing this for

show, then good on him.
Then we're all caught up in maybe,

but you know, that's occasion.
I don't think this is funny. Yeah,

I don't think this is remotely funny, especially for these kids. You

know, words, some people say, yeah, but their kids are really

low. Yeah, I guess what, five years from now, these kids

are going to be able to access
all of this crazy ass shit that their

parents had, particularly one parent,
Aka Kanye, who it's embarrassing, like

it's not okay. Well, these
these kids. We need to give them

a little bit more credit than people
are giving them, because they were born

on reality television, not by choice. That sent their choice. No,

it's not, but it is their
life. So the same way that it

wasn't your choice to be born to
the parents that you were born and to

the lifestyle that you were born,
but that's what it is and you embrace

it because those are your parents.
It's the only life that you know.

These are the parents, this is
the only life that they know. They

have a great life. They have
a loving, caring family. You're wrong.

They as parents, they need to
be more responsible for their children.

I think this. I think that
that is also relative. You are born

to the family that you're born in
into and you embrace it until you get

to an age where you're able to
understand it and then make a decision.

Then you choose whether or not you
want to stay with the beliefs that you

were brought up in, with the
system that you were brought up in,

or not. You know, it's
the same thing for all of us.

You know, like, for example, my parents took me and my sister

out to bars and pubs and because
that was the culture in Spain, and

when we came to this country,
Oh, you can't take your child to

the bar. It's it's all relative, but it's what you're born into.

What what nationality, what customs,
what traditions? And you embrace it,

if you have loving parents who care
about you, you embrace it until you're

able to make your own decisions.
So I think these kids were born into

a reality and to a reality show
literally, and they're going to understand that.

They're going to understand what that life
is about more than any of us

ever could, because that's all they
know. It doesn't make it any list

dangerous to their exactly mental health.
Right now, right, right, all

right, I'm starving. Yeah,
this has been fun. I missed.

I missed talking to you guys,
but just remember, just will announce on

our socials when we have a new
episode. So stay tuned and we'll we'll

be together again soon. Be Safe, be said, be healthy and we'll

talk to you as soon as we
can. By thanks for listening to Tequila

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