Tequila Talk w/ Daisy Fuentes and Richard Marx
TV Personality Daisy Fuentes and her rock star husband Richard Marx, open up a bottle of their finest distilled agave and start chatting. All of those conversations on po... View More


EPISODE 21: Advice

Show Notes

Richard left the house and did a quarantine hang with Kenny G. PLUS find out what burns Daisy's ass this week! AND Daisy is often asked to give advice for women, what sparks of wisdom does Richard have for men? Listen to Richard’s playlist mentioned in this episode https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/feel-good/pl.u-55D6XP3F8DoG9o We want to hear from you. What's keeping you up at night? You can reach out to us at strawhutmedia.com/tequilatalk Keep up with DAISY and RICHARD on Instagram! From Straw Hut Media