EPISODE 89: Happy New Year!

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Daisy is pretty sure she was gifted Covid for the New Year! Will everyone end up getting Omicron? Then Richard and Daisy talk about mental health and how so many people are struggling with it these days. Need a book recommendation? Daisy's go you covered! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Straw media. Cheers of the salute. Happy New Year. Would you get

for New Year's I got the Rona, we think. For Yourself, a

glass of your finest Tequila or whatever
you drink from Straw hut media. This

is Tequila talk with daisy points and
Richard Mox. I'm still going to kiss

you, kiss you, yeah,
that's love. You Kiss me even though

I have the Rona. We're pretty
sure you have their own. Yeah,

I'm pretty sure, because our assistant
had their owna. HMM, and I

started feeling somebody ache, but she
only found out after she had been around

us, right, right. So
it's just look, the Amicron is insanely

contagious. Yeah, you're not six
six so far. You just feel shitty

and aggy and you get a slight
fever. I have no symptoms, but

I'm boosted right side from being baxed
and I'm just back to haven't got my

booster yet. I was actually waiting, and I think we talked about this

a little bit. I was waiting
until I had to travel with you and

then I was gonna get boosted,
but then this whole nonsense with amy kron

happened. Yep, and it's okay. I mean maybe if I would have

gotten boosted I wouldn't have had any
symptoms, but the symptoms are not you

know, they're thankfully not too bad. Dad. I think the worst was

last night. I just had body
aches, you know, like my back

hurt and I could tell that I
was it felt like a bad cold.

Yeah, which is what a lot
of people are reporting if they're vaxed.

Yeah, much more serious if they're
not vaccinated. Right, some of the

symptoms are I mean, there's still
people dying from it, for sure.

Yeah, but you know, thankfully
not as much as in the beginning and

not as much as with original covid
or even the delta. Those were much

stronger and, you know, scarier. I think that I read this thing

that said the CDC in two thousand
and twenty was, you know, wear

masks in two thousand and twenty one
get vaccinated in two thousand and twenty two.

It is what it is. Yeah, it's really true. Yeah,

you know, I think it's.
And again, let's be clear that you

might just have because there is influenza
going around. There was flu going around.

There's not covid related. I'm pretty
sure it's COVID I mean we're we

test it today, so we'll get
our results tomorrow. We'll let you know.

I'm although I'm pretty sure it's you
know, I'm really just testing as

just to be sure. But Yeah, I'm pretty sure. And Yeah,

that's how I'm starting off my two
thousand and twenty two. It's just everywhere.

Two of my sons had it.
They got over it. They pretty

much, I mean Jesse definitely didn't
feel well for a week. Yeah,

Lucas had no symptoms at any time. So Random, Huh? So random.

But again, though, there and
they're, you know, decade younger

than me obviously, but they got
vaccinated. Yeah, and I think that

that's a big key. It is. It's a big key and I sid

enough, you know. And and
here we are at the beginning of two

thousand and twenty two and pretty much
everything is canceled for the next two weeks

because everyone has covid at least everyone
well. The thing is really remarkable that

I don't remember from the first six
months of covid was this lack of workplace.

I mean like there's just a staff
shortages everywhere, every business. Yeah,

grocery stores might have a few cashiers, but there's no baggers, there's

like all the things that we've taken
for granted over the you know, our

life. I'm hoping that this will
just be temporary and then everything will come

back shortly, you know, once
we get over this last tump and home.

Hopefully it will be the last hump
of it, the last bit of

it. I mean, I I
heard of some other variant coming. There

will be. There are going to
be more, but hopefully they will be

much lighter and this will be downgraded. To look, coronavirus has been around

forever, of course, so it's
not it's just that this, you know,

whatever they call the original one.
I even forgotten covid nineteen, covid

nineteen, coronavirus right, covid night. Until that one, it was all

manageable. Yeah, and now we'll
wait and see. You know, I

we are really twenty a couple days
into two thousand and twenty two, and

it's like the same shit show.
It's the same shit we're all dealing with.

It's the same division, it's the
same nothing has changed. Nothing's changed.

The teams are still the teams,
which are, if you're a conservative

Republican, your anti vact and your
Anti Sci am not all of them,

not everyone, but Montro yet,
no, not everyone. It's really only

the real extreme kind of conspiracy,
theorist queuing on, you know, kind

of very closed minded, smaller group. I mean, yes, I understand

that we're divided, but that's not
that's not the norm. I think that

I know a lot of Republicans who
are not trumpers, who are not queuing

on, who are vaxed. HMM. So, you know, it's we

can't lump every even though that's what
happened for a while. I think that

a lot of people are coming back
from that and really being a little bit

more reasonable. Look, there are
I don't think that's true. That's why

we're still dealing with what we're dealing
with. Yeah, big part of it.

Yeah, and I said are from
the beginning. I just don't understand

a way this is politicized. It
makes no sense and I don't see how

people can make sense out of that, because it can make something like this

politics somewhere along the way. I
mean it's so easy to politicize anything,

but over the last you know,
even before trump, but particularly during the

trump era, this need you like
nothing. It's not a knee jerk reaction.

It's a trained, methodically executed plan
by the far right, by the

Fox News of the world, by
the bright barts and those people to in

still rules into their idealogy. Okay, so here's what we're going to believe.

We're going to be anti science,
we're going to be this, we're

going to be that, we're going
to be and it's so disheartening to see

how many millions of people just become
sheep who just not and go okay,

yeah. And what I think is
fascinating is that all these people who are

preaching that, all these conspiracy theories
and who are saying, Oh, you

know, the government is trying to
manipulate you wake up, you don't see

the truth. They don't see that
they are puppets, of course, the

same system that wor there. You
know, their conspiracy it. I think

there might be a conspiracy the theory
about the conspiracy theories. So you're just

trying to get people to be a
certain way and it's working. It's working

and I'm hoping that pretty soon everybody
will not Baut of it. I've just

given up on it because I'm so
bored by the whole thing. Yeah,

even though I'm fascinated by what makes
people completely be that way when there is

so much evidence and there's so much
proof that they just choose to ignore.

And I do believe, I've said
it before, but I do believe that

it's just misinformation. It's people who
are misinformed, who don't understand science.

It's you can't believe in science.
Are Not believe in science. Science exists.

Yeah, you believe it or not. So I choose and give a

fuck exactly if you don't understand it, that's different. But say that.

But also is happening, you know, in to circle back to the beginning

of this conversation about VACs versus on
VACs, you know what we are seeing

on the daily. You know,
yesterday was another example. A share offf

in in Colorado, thirty three years
old, x marine vocal, anti VACs,

or would like to the point where
he was mocking people for get getting

back to native as being cheap and
and what do you call them? Fuck

sticks, or let's my word,
but something like that, you know,

just calling people stupid. And he
died yesterday. Yeah, bad, that'sa

of covid. It's very important right, but it's sad because you know,

I think that these last two years
have been very hard on all of us

and people are really struggling in their
lives. People are really going through a

lot of shit and it's part of
why people are acting out the way they

are. So I'm trying to be
a little bit more understanding of what's going

on with with society and with people. And in his right then het them.

Of course it's sad and I feel
bad for the guys family, for

and he's just one of the many
Zam like every day. Their politicians and

there are people who are who have
gone on record, who have, you

know, their their past facebook post
or twitter post whatever, show them not

believing that it's serious, don't get
vaccinated, all that stuff. Right.

The the the delineation for me,
as a compassionate person, is I do

not remotely celebrate anyone's death. Absolutely, I mean maybe a child molester I

will celebrate, yeah, their demise. However, if I'm going to be

really honest, guys like the sheriff
who went on his platform he had,

he had a somewhat of a platform, telling people don't get back to any

that you're stupid if you get vaccinated, I feel less sad and sorry for

someone like that, then, someone
who did everything that they they tried to

not only protect themselves but their fellow
citizens. Yeah, and they we're not

hearing about that, though, right
and I it's maybe it's that it the

numbers are so low or almost non
existent, which I hope is the case.

You know, look, the truth
comes out, so the media can't

hide. If there were just as
many people dying who were boosted, vaxed

and boosted, we would the right
would have that all out, all over

that. So it doesn't just not
a thing. No, it's what is

definitely a thing is that. You
know, I here. I am with

Covid I'm pretty sure. Yeah,
I will find out for sure, which

means I am too, but I
just symptoms right, but my symptoms are

here. I am doing this podcast
right and you know, I feel a

little. I look down fucking hot. I love you. I feel a

little run down. My voice is
a little, you know, coldish,

sickish, but that's it. I
don't believe that that would be the case

if I was not vaccinated. No, I can't imagine what it would be.

You can take that to the bank. Absolutely so. And and you

know, going back to talking about
people with the platform. I don't I

don't think it matters. Nobody has. If you're listen to any one person

other than a scientist or a doctor, you know, and doctors are totally

I mean conspiracy. There is all
wow to trust the CDC. I don't

trust the CDC with a anymore because
they get it wrong right just as much

as they get it right, and
not more so. But I think that

with science, you know, the
science is the science until there's better science

correct. So yes, we can
only go by what the science is right

now. Two weeks from now there
may be new, updated science and we

have to go with that. It's
not that they get it wrong, is

that we have to understand that.
We that this is moving really fast.

In the last two years we've had
so many variants and so many changes and

so many you know, the protocols
are different and the variance are different.

So you can't just think one thing
and hold on to that even while we

have new science, new development's new
information. We have to understand that science

is evolving and the only thing that
correct science is new science, right.

But people don't understand that. So, you know, take everything with a

grain of salt. If somebody has
a platform and they're who cares? If

they're making fun of people who get
backs? I think if you know better,

you know better. And if you're
listening to politicians, or if you're

listening to some x marine, or
if you're listening to some whoever on social

media, then you are the problem. Or if you're listening to your favorite

heroes on Fox News, who are
even currently now reporting from a remote location

because they're and they're all vaxed.
Yeah, and there know, like that's

just so God. That the the
weakness of mind is what really has,

yeah, disappointed me seeing how many
people are so weak of mind that they

and it's not that they're necessarily quotes
uneducated, it's that they just don't have

it to think for themselves, to
be reasonable, to use common sense,

so they decide to follow the words
and advice. If people who are clearly,

yeah, compromised. Well, I
also think that, like I was

saying, we've gone through so much
in these past couple of years that I

think people really do just want to
and this goes back even before covid people

do want to feel the sense of
belonging. People want to belong to a

certain group. And so this has
happened throughout history, where people will feel

like they belong to a group.
They welcome you in, you feel like

part of this community, even if
it's a crazy community. And you know,

that's how we get cults and that's
how we get people involved in calleds

that become so dangerous that that people
die, people get killed, but that's

what happens. It's people's desire to
feel like they belong to something, even

if it's wrong, even if it's
even if you don't have a good feeling

about it. I think that.
I think that's a lot of those people,

because that's real. Will be right
back after this short break. Okay,

but let's break that down really simply. Yeah, I get people who

want to be part of a group
of people who fight against racism and bigotry,

who want to see people's lives bettered. I get thinking yourself, I

want to be I want to be
a part, I want to belong to

a group like that. The problem
is that you have just as many of,

not more, people who sit around
and go I want to belong to

the group of people who are about
white power and hate Brown people and Black

people and hate anybody who believes anything
other than what I believe. That there

are those people who are really compelled
to belong to that group, but that's

where they come from, that's what
they've been taught, that's where their family

comes from, and very few people
jump out of that and and think for

themselves and say, Oh, you
know, this is the way I was

raised. I understand that, this
is why my my family and my ancestors

thought this way, but I'm going
to evolve and I'm gonna step away from

that and be my own person and
think and think differently because I realized that

that's wrong. There are very few
people who do that, where usually,

you know, it's inherited racism,
discrimination. Hey, that's all learned behavior

from your parents. And you know
parents really do a number and kids,

and you can see it happen from
generation to generation to generation. So what

do you think it is in people
that makes them so look nobody. You

know me better than anybody in them
in the world, and you know that

one of my favorite things in the
world us to be right. I hate

being wrong, and yet you married
me and I'm always and I hate getting

it wrong. So I understand the
idea of wanting to be right, but

the top the things that I've gotten
wrong and the Times I've been proven that

my ideology or my information or my
opinion is incorrect, the it's all benefited

me. It's all been a great
benefit to me. Yeah, because you

evolved and you grow where. I
love to be right, I love it,

but I also love being shown that
I got it wrong so that I

can be better, I can do
better. Yeah, I. Why is

it? Why is that so such
anathema to so many people? Yeah,

it just is. It's rather than
even rather than even be open to the

idea that you're wrong, you're just
going to dig in and like fuck you.

This is what I was taught,
this is what I believe. I'm

match like. And it happens in
every aspect of life. It doesn't just

happen with with politics or ideology or
your beliefs or religion. It doesn't just

happen with that, you know.
It happens with lifestyle. Yeah, people

say, Oh, you know,
there's diabetes in my family. No,

that's not what's in your family.
What's in your family is the way you

all eat. Yeah, and your
lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle, eating lots of

fatty animal products and that's what inherited. It's just that's what's passed down.

Right. That's selective. Like they
don't want to say that, I.

We have obesity in our family.
They want to say we have diabetes in

our family. Well, why do
you have diabetes even though you know?

Let's let's just make it clear that
there are very, you know, not

open. There's, of course,
people who are not obes and who do

things right and the whole diabetes.
But that's where, yeah, that is

rare. Yeah, for the most
part, what's inherited is the lifestyle.

So if you do everything the same
way that your parents did, and they

did everything, that was saying way
that their parents did and they both had,

they all had diabetes, and chances
are unless you change your life so

you're going to have it too.
Yeah, the writing is on the wall.

You can see it. And people
don't like change and I'm trying to

change right now. So I don't
know if you can call this a resolution.

I don't I don't think it's a
used resolution, but I guess we

can call it that. Yeah,
where I'm I'm I think you know,

everybody knows that we eat a plant
based diet, but I am now going

to try to lean into a different
type of plant based eating, which the

the the data is there for longevity
and for health and I want to be

a part of that. So I
think that we that. I think that

we already have better better our health
by eliminating animal products. But the truth

is that it's very easy to get
lazy because there's so many substitutions right now.

Yeah, there's so much processed food
and that's the bottom delicious. It's

the processed foods. So, whether
you eat a plant based Diet or not,

I think it's really important to eliminate
processed foods. Research shows how much,

or at least dramatically reduce them.
Yeah, research shows how much your

health can improve, how you can
reverse and even prevent diseases. You know,

heart disease, diabetes, many chronic
illnesses. But it's the processed foods

really. Yeah. So sure,
you know you have to eliminate animal products

and you have to eliminate dairy or
drastically reduce them, right, but you

also have to embrace a whole food
plant based and there's so many choices.

So I think that really, I'm
still learning a lot about it. You

know, we have Dan Beutner's book. Yeah, and he's the one that

did the whole challenge, Whoa blue
zones, the blue zone challenge, and

just so you guys know Dan Beutner, who we know socially as a great

guy, he did years and years
of research studying the places throughout the world

where the life expectancy and you know, it's where people live the longest,

see healthy life expectants and live a
healthy, long life. Right. So

he went to all these places in
the world and narrowed it down to see

what did they have in common?
Yeah, and wrote a book called the

Blue Zones, and it's fascinated.
Yeah, you should everybody. I really

recommend it if especially if you're interested
in if you're in an age where you're

interested in living longer. But he
just put out a new book called the

Blue Zones Challenge, which is which
inspired us to kind of and one of

the challenges is to eliminate all processed
foods. Yeah, eat a whole raw

food diet for a month. Right. So basically we're cutting down on sugar.

I can see doing this now,
for the most part, forever now,

and I think that that's only five
days in. I think that that's

the point. You know, that
doesn't mean that we're not going to have

the occasional, you know, impossible
Burger, sure, but the occasional I

don't know, whatever plant basic's chicken
get, that's going to be rare.

That's going to be I think the
key is to follow this plan. You

know, like ninety five percent of
the time, a lot more fruit.

We eat a lot of vegetables,
but we were not eating as much fruit.

Yeah, and I and not very
much variety of vegetables. So I

think, yeah, something that I
might take away from this is to eat

according to what's in season. Like
what's in season right now. Let's go

for those, let's make dishes,
that's find recipes that include fruit and vegetables

are in season right now. And
for anybody who's going, who's saying to

their phone or their laptop or where
we are listening to us. Who are

you going to get your protein?
Okay, just do the research. There's

two ends of protein and a plant
based Diet. Yeah, most people have

too much protein anyway. So,
unless you are hardcore athlete, you're probably

having too much protein. But yeah, you can get lots of protein from

many sources. I would suggest definitely
reading the blue zones book, but I

also started reading this book that I
find fascinating. It's called the pleasure trap.

It's Dr Douglas Lyle and Alan Gold
Hammer, you know, and they

just their psychiatrists and it's really taking
a look at the relationship between happiness and

pleasure and why so many lives are
ruined because of it. Whether it's drug

addiction or food addiction, it's very
similar. The brain reacts the same way

and it's fast and it's been fascinating
to see how we started as society,

that we started as humans, you
know, back when we were cavemen and,

yeah, cave women, and what
are instincts were then and how far

we've become to the point where we
are hurting ourselves, we're damaging our bodies

and our health and we don't even
realize it. And it's so difficult to

stop. Yep, it's so people
would rather just take some sort of medicine

to hide a symptom xause we make
a chain so fucking lazy. But that's

where the pleasure trap that's what the
pleasure trap is about. So I really

recommend that book. It's fascinating to
see the relationship between happiness and pleasure and,

you know, all of our addictions. It's I love taking a look

at that from a psychological point of
view because you start seeing your behaviors and

once you understand it, it's easier
to modify them because you can recognize it.

Yeah, you can call yourself out
on it. You know, like

last night we watched a movie,
which we don't do very often. You

would do it all the time,
but I am such a grouch. Yeah,

you are. So we decided to
watch don't look up, which you

like more than I did. I
certainly appreciated the message and I'm looking at

but I just felt like the movie
was so cartoonish, was so over the

top, and so I can't say
I like the movie at all. But

when we do watch a movie or
we watch a TV show, I have

always had a sweet tooth. So
the end, that's when I kind of

want something, yeah, to snack
on, and so what I've been doing

for the last, you know,
year two is it's, you know,

Vegan marshmallows which are processed, or
it's a couple of vegan sweet snacks that

are, you know, they're certainly
not healthy, they're just Vegan. Right.

Last night you made you cut these
maduled dates in half and spread a

little peanut but around them and Holy
Shit, it was all it was like

a candy dobs, delicious. And
again it's so tasty and so rich and

sadisfy. Do you really can only
have like yeah, I had a Carter

too. Yeah, so that's another
great idea, is to put, you

know, grab my duel date,
split them in half, put a little

bit of peanut butter or a little
bit of cream cheese on it, or

blazed cream cheese, and maybe drizzle
it with a little maple syrup if you

have a sweet tooth, a sweet
craving. That's all natural. And there

you go. You got your craving. Oh, and tell him about my

balls. Tell the listeners about my
ball. Yeah, so you made these

delicious little balls that are just all
protein. There's no bake and it was

fel, little peanut butter, some
rock at cow so give a little bit

of a chocolate he taste. I
think you put some jobs, some walnuts

in there. Yeah, and you
in. It's no bake. Yeah,

and it's took ten minutes to poop. Are Protein. Refrigerator. Yeah,

and I have one for breakfast this
morning. Yeah, and protein and HMM,

all raw Ahho. So I think
that this diet, this new variation

of the Diet that we are going
to embark on, I think it's going

to be good for us. There's
also another one that I'm very fascinated that

I've been fascinated with for a long
time. It's basically the same thing as

the longevity diet. It's a little
bit more hardcore, but it's called the

nutritarian diet and that was created back
in two thousand and three by Dr Joel

Ferman, who's a big plant based
advocate, and people have lost so much

weight and maintained it because it's not
a count a thing. This is not

a thing where you count calories or
where you are die. Well, you're

limited. It's not a diet,
it's just a lifestyle, right. You

just choose, and they say that
once you get into it you really don't

want the process foods. Your taste
buds kind of adapt to have being this

nutrition and your body craves it.
Where you really having? So basically the

best of the longevity foods or leafy
Greens like Spinach Kale, be in turnip

and, you know, colled grains. Then you combine all that with fruits

and really good like root vegetables and
you make all your dishes around that.

So you can make lots of stews. That's a soups, that's a salad.

You can even make plant based Tacos
or Burritos, and it's it's really

there's a lot of variety. It's
just you can't reach for a box,

you can't reach for a bag of
anything that has more than, you know,

two or three green who and a
handful or two of nuts, raw

and nuts. That's really important for
great health. So the thing that we

weren't doing is I wasn't having any
fruit. I realized that unless I had

the occasional smoothie, and I'll get
into I'll get into my moods where I'm

like, Oh, I'm going to
have and then once I start having smoothies,

I craved them. Yeah, my
body creates that nutrition, but then

I slowly fall out of that habit
because you know it does. It is

a little bit more work and it
than I think that the key to it

all is food prepping. If you
just prep everything that you're going to eat

and makes it that much easier.
So, with SMOOTHIES, for example,

to just make, you know,
a baggy full of the stuff that you

need for your smoothie. So this
way you don't have to go rummaging through

the, yeah, Fridge, you
just have this little bag you with everything,

you dump it into your blunder and
you're done. Yeah, you can

have them more often and, you
know, prepping things like your Greens and

your keenwah or your chickpeas. And
I'm also a big fan of keeping a

lot of fruit in a bowl in
the refrigerator. I like fruit chilled.

Yeah, so if I open the
refrigerator door and I see a bowl of

strawberries and blueberries and blackberries that I
know or chilled, I'm going to be

much more likely to snack on yeah. So that's this is our challenge for

the New Year's to see how much
we can lean into this. And there

are other elements to the blue zones
challenge. There are, you know,

and you can take from it what
you don't have to be rigid with it,

I don't think. But because I'm
not being yeah, but any anything

that you apply that you understand that
you're lacking in is going to help.

But I'm saying there are other components
to it other than Diet. Absolutely more.

It's very lifestytle. I was surprised
at it doesn't eliminate alcoholic because they

found that wine, or a drink
or two a day in these blue zones

areas think seems to be a factor, and it's a factor there. was

thrilled to here it's a factor.
Of course, everything in moderation. There

they're suggesting one, maybe two glasses
of wine. Yeah, and what that

does is it creates a bit of
a social atmosphere when you're having dinner.

HMM. And it's also distressing.
Yep, you know, there are antioxidants

or wine and and SPLOS right,
but the but the most important thing is

stress, controlling your stress, because
you can be the healthiest person on the

planet, but stress will kill you. And that's why in the blue zones

and blue zones challenge, dan references
spirituality or faith of some kind. Doesn't

have to be religion, right,
because I'm spiritual, some spiritual practice.

We're all about meditating. Yeah,
and and it applies to anybody, whether

it's going to church or praying or
meditating however, how you mentioned earlier that

you love to be right, and
I can completely relate to that. We're

very much the same that way.
But I have gotten to a point where

I find myself many times not caring. I'd rather have peace than be right.

I'm at that point now and that's
kind of a practice. M You

know, I still want to be
right with you. Yeah, I was

going to say, but in general, are you going to bring this,

this new epiphany into your marriage?
I'm trying, I'm trying, but we're

very much the same in that area. But yes, generally in life I

am rather be happy than be right. Absolutely, I don't care anymore.

I just want to be I want
to have peace in my life. I

want to not be stressed. Yeah, I want to be and and that

generally makes me happier when I'm not
a stressed out are annoyed by nonsense external

Monti, sweating the small stuff is
a major, major factor. Yeah,

don't do it. Yeah, so, I think. I don't know.

We're starting this new healthy challenge for
the New Year and I'm Slovens of ours,

another couple who we love, Steve
Man Rique, are doing it as

well. There I think will you
know, given that you now have the

Rohna? Let's see how but sometimes
soon I think that they'll be our blue

zones challenge buddies. Yeah, I
say, checking with each other. That's

that's another really great point is that
to embark on any of these lifestyle changes,

it's really helps to to get some
friends on board. Yeah, so

that you can all kind of hold
each other accountable, but it helps when

you all are excited about something.
Yeah, you know, you can all

get together for dinner and really make
great dinners and good recipes and everybody is

on board with understanding the why behind
it, you know. Yeah, I

do think that it's really all about
being the person that you want to be,

the being as good as you can
be, and we all do struggle

to make healthy choices and it doesn't
have to be such a struggle. So

when you arm yourself with some of
this information, you read a couple of

books and you surround yourself with people
who are going to support you in it,

you can be much more successful.
Yep, I like what we're doing

right now between you know, I
started changing up my exercise stuff in December.

Started doing this thing called lightning fit, which is crazy, which is

crazy, and just I think it's
so good to shake things up and to

just, you know, we started
writing in this years ago. You found

these books, these daily question books
for couples. It's really like a journal

for couples. It's really sweet.
Yeah, but it's prompted by a question

every day and we, I realized
it, we hadn't done it in three

years. Yeah, we were faithful
the first two years on it and then

let it go. So we're I
liked it. We're back to that because

it's good to see what we wrote
a few years ago and just those kind

of practices that are mind it's just
all mindfulness. Yeah, and changing our

diet. And so if this is
inspiring to any of you out there,

that's great. You know, give
it a give it a thought, give

it a give it a chance.
Yeah, and I think we should get

you back into bed. Yeah,
I'm ready for another little NAP. Yeah,

all right. Well, we'll.
Hopefully you guys are are faring well.

I'm sure you guys are. A
lot of you are dealing with the

same thing, because it's this on
me, cris, everywhere. I but

we did so well. Not Getting
the COVID for last two years and now

it's kind of you know, it's
unavoidable, it's everywhere. Yeah, and

with this much more contagious variant,
I think we're all gonna get it.

Could be, could be anyway,
try not to stay safe and healthy.

And yes, we'll check them with
you, guys next week. By thanks

for listening to Tequila Talk With Daisy
Quintus and Richard Marks. download new episodes

every week and, if you haven't
already, subscribe and be sure to leave

us a rating in review and,
while you're at it, check out some

of the other great shows available on
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