EPISODE 72: Is it ‘Sex and the City’ or ‘Sex in the City?'


Show Notes

Since Richard is about 3 episodes deep into his new favorite show, Sex and the City, this week Richard and Daisy dive back into relationships, specifically related to sex. They also talk about the difference between saying “Love Ya” and “Love You” when speaking to someone. Then, Daisy brings up the importance (or unimportance) of marriage. Is it really based on love? Or just a contractually obligated agreement with a few key benefits? Tune in! Send in some more relationship questions for Daisy and Richard to answer! Do you want to call and leave Daisy and Richard a voice message? Call in 833-4114-SHM LASTLY see if Richard is touring in your neck of the woods, and order his National Bestseller Stories to Tell: A Memoir now! From Straw Hut Media

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