EPISODE 41: Political B***chfest!

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Show Notes

Daisy and Richard need to get it all out. There is a lot of madness happening and sometimes you need to have a bitchfest! OH and some news about Barbie!

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Straw meeting. Cheers, Baby Salute, Richard Marks. HMM, and it's

Tequila talk time. For Yourself,
a glass of your finest Tequila or whatever

you drink from Straw hut media.
This is Tequila talk with daisy points and

Richard Mox welcome everybody to Tequila Talk. I'm going to tell you right now.

Well, if you're going to start
that way, maybe I'll start over

again. No, I'm not that
we can't start over. It is what

it is and I just want to
I want to do a disclaimer at the

top. Yeah, this episode,
because I don't know how to not have

a bitch fest of an episode.
Oh, this is gonna be a bitch

fast. Get ready for it,
because I've got shit to bitch fest about.

There's just nothing. I don't want
people to to tune into our podcast

and just get more depressed. Well, no, but I think that I

think that most people who are sensible
will tune in and they'll commiserate with us.

I think everybody is kind of in
the same boat right now. I

know that everybody's in the same boat. Look yes, terms of thousands of

people last night. Yeah, I'm
night before last. We're in downtown Tuscaloosa,

packing the bars and packing the streets
because, guess what, we beat

a host day. Well, yeah, but covid by the way, I

don't want to make light of this. I don't want to make light of

this. I want to talk about
this for a second. Okay, wait,

I hold on, hold on one
second here. Could I just say

that I think that many people,
including us, sometimes tune into things because

you want to forget your troubles,
because you want to be lifted out of

your yeah, normal circumstances. That
at nom try to do. Yeah,

I think you know, in in
figuring out what I want to talk to

you about today and what I want
to cry, I need to vent and

I think people need to vent.
And if you're one of those people who

are just like in your bubble and
you don't want to hear about anything,

then okay, this might annoy you, but we listen. Yeah, but

we live in in the real world
and there are things happening around us and

they're it's shit. Just has gone
from bad to worse, and I want

to discuss it because I need to
get it out of me, you know,

I need to just let it go, and I think that that's why

it's going to be a little bit
of a bitch fest, because I need

to vent and I'm here for you
to vent. But I just want to

I want to articulate to you,
as well as our listeners, that where

as normally, and you know me
better than anybody on Earth, I'm right

there with you and it's like this
is bullshit and we have to talk,

I'm at a point now where the
state of the certainly the country, if

not the world, but I'm dealing
with us, with it, with the

American situation, is so fucked up
that it's not it's like I'm almost past

the point of bitching. I'm almost
to the point where I have I don't

even know what to say, because
it because talking about it is important.

I get it. Talking about what's
going on right now seems pointless, but

I can't talk about anything else.
I can't pretend like the houses and on

fire. You know, yeah,
there's not a pink elephant in the room.

So, but and and this,
this thing in Alabama, is a

metaphor to me. Well, I
watched, I saw the footage of this

and just for those of you who
don't who, for whatever reason, if

you don't know what happened? Here's
some background. Alabama won the chant,

the championship, the National Championship.
They beat Ohio state. HMM, and

that is the most important thing in
the world right now. Well, let's

hear me out, which is great. Congratulations if you follow if you're really

into sports, that's great. The
fans of Alabama pack the streets of Tuscaloosa.

I'm talking about tens of the you
can look at it online. Tens

of thousands of people. The bars
were overrun out of the out of the

video and pictures I saw maybe ten
fifteen percent of the people were wearing masks.

They were shoulder to shoulder, jam
together, and I just want to

unpack this. Okay, the other
thing that the other the headline that isn't

getting reported that much, or hadn't
been reported, is that hospitals in Tuscaloosa

particularly, are overcapacity. They're shipping
patients out, COVID patients out to Birmingham,

because they don't have they don't think
they're crushing their crying. They were

already crushed under the covid pressure.
This is days before this. So you've

got all these tens of thousands of
people who, by the way, had

fuck all to do with the team
winning, right, fuck all. Yeah,

they decide that they're going to basically
give a giant fuck you to the

healthcare workers in their community who are
trying desperately to save people's lives. It's

the most ignorant, selfish, entitled, fucked up, Yeah, mouth breathing

ridiculousness, and it's just I'm so
tired of waking up every day. We

take our we take our deep breasts, we sometimes meditate, will take our

walk on a beach and when I
finally start to look into what's going on

in the country, it's just day
after day of people going, yeah,

fuck you, my fellow man.
Fuck my fellow man, I don't want

to wear a mask. I don't. I'm not going to get cold and

if I do, it's not going
to it's not going to bother me.

And if I it to your grandmother
and she dies, she was going to

die anyway. That's where we're at. People suck and it's not sucks so

badly. You know, I want
to go back because I don't know.

I'm sure by now everyone has seen
the photos and it's not just a few

people out on the street or the
bars being crowded. This looked like everyone

from that city was out on the
street. Looked like one of over a

football game. It looked like one
of those massive parades, celebration. It

looked like here's what it looked like
Time Square New Year's Eve. Yeah,

that's what it looked like on a
really great, warm New Year's Eve.

Yeah, night, okay, it
where everybody's just in the best of mood

and you've got, you know,
a million people packed into Times Square celebrating.

That's what it looked like during this
climate that. And so, yes,

I hear you. I hear everything
that you're saying. Here's where I'm

at. I really think that people
have lost it. I think that then,

if I had it, no,
most people never hits gone. It's

gone to another level. It's gone
to another level with everything that we have

been seeing, including those fucking morons, these fucking idiots. It's almost like

the floor ride in the water is
finally getting into the people. It's finally

like what the government has wanted to
happen is happening, because it's like the

the country is being overrun by fucking
idiot it's by zombies who just have no

clue either either that or mental illness
has escalated. Something has happened, because

it's another level of fucking stupidity.
It's another level and I don't understand it.

You know, it's like this,
this this crazy belief and like these

dark conspiracies, people thinking that it's
all about them, that's the only thing

that matters, that everything that that
the sciences are saying is a lie,

that they're just that it's not normal. And I'm trying to understand what is

happening to society, what is happening
to people? These are people you're looking

at as like, oh, these
are these morons from Alabama, or those

are those other, you know,
Super Extreme Magas. They're not. These

people are teaching our children in schools. These people are doctors and nurses and

they are functioning members of society.
Yep, and I'm just wondering what,

how in the fuck did this happen? How do people lose their minds this

way? I mean, look one
of the trump supporters explanations of why he

went into the capital on Wednesday.
Get this. He said that he felt

that God's hand was on his back
pushing him forward. Quote. I checked

with the Lord. He said Yeah, like. So I checked with him

three times. I never heard of
know, this is what he told the

fucking cops when he got arrested.
Yeah, with but when look, look

to talk about that for a second, because if you talk to these same

people about Jihad or Muslim extremists who
become who commit acts of terror for religious

beliefs, these same fucking assholes who
stormed the capital will tell you that they

that those Muslim people, those Muslim
extremists, are nuts because in their mind,

because the Muslim extremists are saying,
well, my God told me to

do this, this is it is
written. So they're insane. But these

people are like they're just Christians,
right, uh Huh. And I know

that there are some people that are
going to you know, which is first

of all, I don't even want
to talk to the people who are saying,

well, what about the black live
matter matter protests? That they did

the same thing over the summer,
nobody said anything. So I just want

to say that there are a lot
of people saying that, but we know,

we know that there was a cause
for that protest. They were protesting

civil rights, they were protesting in
justice has, they were protesting killings unjustly.

I understand taking certain risks because you
feel like you have to stand up

for yourself and for your fellow men. These people who stormed the capital,

I understand if they stormed the capital
because all of a sudden that was a

communist regime taken over. I understand
if it was Venezuela or if it was

Cuba and the people decided it to
turn on the government and and accomplish something,

get someone out of government. But
these people stormed the why? The

the the capital with people working in
there, while they're president, who they

love and worship, it's still in
power. Yeah, what was the point

of them doing that? There was
no point, there was no end game.

It was like, we're going to
go storm the capital and then do

this and this is what's going to
happen and this is what we want to

happen. No, they had none
of that. They had no plan.

They just went because trump said,
march on down to the capital and tell

them right now that the the votes
don't mind correct. That's respectfully, my

love. That is way too simplistic. That is not what happened and everybody

needs to kind of like get with
the program. If you watch any of

the videos that start at the beginning
of the of the of the attempted coup,

and it's really an I keep hearing
this expression and I've used it myself,

attempted to his it's not to you. It's an ongoing coup. Yeah,

it is. There's an absolute coup
that is continuing as we record this

broadcast right now. Okay, if
you want, if you really dig deep

into it, yes, we're there. Thousands of just dumb ass motherfuckers who

were yeah, we're gonna get that. I don't even know what we're doing,

but I'm going to get in there
and I'm gonna look do stuff.

Yes, but they were following a
smaller group, which was this was such

an inside job. The lack of
capital police presence, the I mean the

reduced amount of normally. Normally there
were more capital police than the word.

That day, on a day where
that vote is happening, to to certify

the electoral votes, it should have
been triple instead of less. You had

the national guard, who would know
who? was never given for for two

hours. They were not given the
signal to come and help trump himself,

who never went on went publicly.
He waited two and a half hours and

when he did speak and tell these
people we can't have violence, he also

told them that he loved them and
that they were very specially staple. All

just murdered a capital police arridiculous.
Okay, so what we're finding out now

is that this was a very organized, calculated and planned event way in advance

by Republicans in power, trump himself, I'm sure, members of trump's family

and inner circle, right down to
we get. People don't realize the military

and the police force are very pro
trump. There are more. There were

more trump supporters within those organizations.
The probably then not. Yeah, this

was a very thought out plan.
That was just the beginning. You know.

Now they have the IDA was enabled, of course they were, and

they were told where to go,
they were given instructions. They were it

wasn't just some crazy mob that just
decided when trump spoke and say hey,

we're going to walk down of the
capital, I'll be with you, by

the way, which he wasn't,
of course, in lying chicken shit,

piece of bones, burs, piece
of Shit. But what's going to happen,

what's going to come out in these
investigations, is that they're going to

get to the root of the cancer
which were which was inside, which was

inside our government. This was a
coup organized and constructed by our own government,

by members of our own government,
and the FBI, which they've just

now come out and said they have
credible Intel that there are plans for armed

protests, if you want to call
them that, in the capitals of all

fifty states over the next ten days. This is insanity. What we're weird

experiencing now, is Americans, isn't. We've never seen anything like this.

This is like a crazy, yeah, communist, fascist nation. Yeah,

and the thing is that these these
people who are wanting to keep trump and

power, they claim that they don't
want communism to take over. This kind

of social dances socialism, which is
the same thing communism, but that's what

it would turn to. Their saying
that it would turn into, you know,

a dictatorship with with Biden. That's
what we have now. That which

is it so laughable. That's what
they're trying to keep in power, like

they're trying to also kettle. Yeah, they're trying to overturn vote, the

results of votes that have already been
verified, certified, counted, recounted,

with their people watching and don't forget
countless, countless lawsuits that were all dismissed.

Right, Supreme Court rejected it.
So so these psychos say, well

then, the Supreme Court's got to
be part of the deep state. Well

then, all of these judges who
threw it out there, they're all part

of the deep state. That's the
thing. Anyone who doesn't agree with them

as part of the deep state and
part of the it's like, this is

insane and sanity, insanity. Yeah, it is insanity, and I just

want to ask, like those people, I want to kind of say,

you know, we're fighting for our
freedom. What freedoms have been taken from

you? Yeah, like, what
has this country not given you and the

other what is it? What are
you fighting for really? What? Why

can't Biden take power? Because what
will happen if he takes power? I'll

tell you what's going to happen.
My taxes are going to go up,

mine too. That's about it.
Yeah, that's about it, you stupid

fucking moron. So well, it's
here's the thing. What's going to happen

if they're successful? Well, let
me back up. These same people who

scream socialism. First of all,
they're the ones that are cashing their their

smiless checks. For sure, socialism, pure socialism. But what I always

try to ask if I if I
ever engage in a conversation with people who

are of that mind of that mindset, I always come back to the same

thing. In very recent history,
eight years of Obama and Biden Right,

name one example of how the country
became more socialist in that eight years.

And they just look at you with
their mouths hanging open because they're just dumb.

There, just because the dumb they
just regret, but they fucking hear

about Sean Hannity and and Tucker Cross
and the dumbest people in the world.

It's just I can't I keep the
D and dumb. I can't pronounce it

more. I want to. I
want to come up with a new word

for dumb to describe these people.
John fucking Dorn and like yeah, and

that's my I go back to the
question of what's happening to people. They're

believing lies. People are just lying
and they believe it and then they have

their little sources, they have their
little online platforms that they go to to

continue feeding those lies and they realize
that it's only a few websites, a

few places that they can go to
spew this shit, and the rest,

the majority of information that they're getting, goes against what they're being told.

But they choose to stick with the
lies. They choose to stick with things

that have not been proven or things
where there's proof against it. They choose

to stick with it and cause a
chaos and destruction and violence and murder.

Yeah, because of their willful ignorance. Yeah, how? And you know,

it's not just these maggots. You
know, there's I mean, yeah,

there is. But the example,
for example, the manate. Here's

another thing that really pissed me off. Someone etched trump into the back of

a manateeen. manates are protected little
creatures. You're not even supposed to touch

them. Your boats are supposed to
be idle when you're in manate area.

Some dickhead for Moron took a manatee
and etched the word trump and big black

block letters on the manate. It
is like what kind of mentality someone who

does that will beat his wife,
his children, storm the capital, kill

animals for fun, beat their dogs, cost problems at work, just like

punch people, you know, for
no reason. This is because this is

their idea of fun. You just
describe the quintessential trump supporter. Yeah,

absolutely, that's unders. Call it
what it is. Yeah, that's what

it is. The other things really
really okay. Four years ago, you

and I were flying back on a
plane from Australia when the election happened.

Yeah, so when we landed,
trump had been elected. Yeah, we

weren't happy about it. Now,
but I was like, okay, he

won. I remember saying I hope
he does well as well, and I

needed it. It wrong and I
was like I'm gonna I felt the same

way when when George W Bush beat
Al Gore, which was a very questionable

election, much more questionable really than
trump hillary, although you know so in

the similarities are that they both Gore
and Hillary won the popular vote. But

I'm getting sidetracked. The the general
feeling of that I think you and I

had initially, and I'm my most
reason thinking, reasonable, reasonably thinking people.

Well, that's what's lacking. Was
Okay, he's our he's the president,

so we a'm an American, he's
our president. I'm going to support

him. I'm going to hope he
does a great job. Well, the

the wheels came off the bus.
Really quickly and it became like it wasn't

like oh he he proposed a couple
of things that were like questionable to me.

It was just insanity from pretty much
day yeah, and way before that

we knew the WHO this motherfucker was, way before before. But when the

when he was declared the winner,
his supporters and these I can't even call

them Republicans because this is not the
Republican Party. This is now, this

is a fucking cult. Yeah,
but they were like fuck your feelings,

you snowflake, eat it. He
Won. Deal with it. Four years

later. I we need time to
process this. We ad this isn't fair.

I don't like this. Don't,
don't, don't. You need to

recount the votes again. There's footage
of someone throwing away some book. Let's

check ut fucking really now, fuk
that footage was really, really, that's

what that footage was. Everything,
there's cameras everywhere and their people are going

to cheat and throw away ballads right
in front of the camera, right.

Yeah, we really wide spread evidence
of it. We just I think,

all the evidences on Hunter Baden's laptop, you know. And then there's this

other me up and settle girl.
The twenty two year old woman caught on

camera physically attacking a fourteen year old
black teen and falsely accusing him of stealing

her phone. Remember, she was
arrested in California, that little, entitled

Little Bit Wat who needs a reality
slap. Yeah, I think we've all

seen. It's gone viral and the
interview that she had with Oh, what's

her name, Gail King? Gail
King, when Gail started kind of calling

her on some things, she's going, yeah, but yeah, but you

just said, but why do you
do? You could tell that her lawyer

was trying to keep her calm and
say, you know, just apologize for

what you did, and she couldn't. She just couldn't know. And at

some point she doesn't have that in
her, she pointed to Gail and she

was like okay, enough. She
like her hand Gail like yeah, like

shut her down, like she was
the boss and yeah, and then when

she realized, you know, she
would go back and go, you know,

I'm just a girl and I wanted
to go no, you're a fucking

woman, you're grown woman, you're
twenty two years old and you're a fucking

little piece of shit who needs to
be slapped and you need to go to

jail for assaulting a fourteen year old
child. Okay, and that's what I'm

saying. People are just getting crazy
with the racism, with the violence,

with the selfishness. But like it's
also about them. Still think she should

be slapped. Absolutely, absolutely,
absolutely needs a reality slap, because that's

not how the world works. You
know, you can't assault a fourteen year

old kid because you think he stole
your phone. But it's a roach.

Is No, no, no evidence
that he took your phone. He was

just a person near you and he
was the only black person near you.

Well, in the manager of the
hotel initially immediately sided with her. Oh,

as a black people in our lobby, they must be guilty. You

know what, it's unacceptable. It's
getting out of control. I don't know

what's happening. I it's got to
be the floor and in the water.

These people are drinking too much of
the KOOLID. I don't I don't know

how else to explain what's happening to
society and what's happening to people's minds.

It's going to mush. No one
is reasonable, no one. Everyone is

so selfish. It's all about them
and and it doesn't matter if they're racist

or if they're rude or if they're
they assault someone. They're right. They

they're right. It's only about them. Yeah, I don't understand what's happening.

Friend of mine, our friend Matt
Nathanson, said it best. We

were texting each other about just the
insanity of everything that's going on and particularly

about our text was about this nonsense
in Tuscaloose, Alabama, and he said,

I'm going to actually, I'm going
to call up because of the way

you put it was so perfect.
I'm going to look at the text he

said, and I boarded this.
Resonate with me. I give people very

little credit and after the capital storming
and the Alabama thing, I think I

gave them too much. Yeah,
and I feel exactly the same way.

My I've been generally cynical about people
and how they behave most of my adult

life and I realize now that that
was not an extreme point of view.

was muted because it's never been this
bad. Perhaps that was correct in the

past. It does it seems like
it's never been this bad. It hasn't.

It seems like it hasn't. I
mean I would I'd love to talk

to somebody smarter than both of us
put together who would say, I don't

know this, this is the way
people have been for a long time.

I point that out to us,
but it seems like this, like we're

at a time. But here's the
thing. If we're all millennials or we're

all younger people who were mostly responsible
for this, kind of be every but

it's not. Look at the people
who stormed the capital. They were a

lot. Many of them were our
age or slightly younger and sometimes older.

Yeah, so we're not talking about
like, oh well, the reason that

people suck more now is because young
you, these younger people are more scumbags

than ever. Yes, not that
it's it's the it's all kinds of people,

but the one thing that they have
in common is that they all suck

trump's ass. They're all heavy,
heavy maggots, trump supporters, not republicans.

Yeah, trump supporters. That's what
they have in common. I mean

if, after everything that's happened,
if you support like, you still stand

by Donald Trumping, you defend Donald
Trump, and it's got to like I

might as well try to convince you
that the earth is flat, which you

would probably believe, but I've just
sort of given up, like there's no

convincing these people. There's no you
know, there are some people we know

peripherally who we hear about that of
like succumb to the queue and on stuff.

They've gone off the deep end.
There's no helping them, there's no

now coming back. No that there. You might as well consider them dead

relatives or something. Right, they're
gone. I don't I don't know what

to say, you know, and
you know I keep trying, trying to

be tolerant. You know, there's
something to be said for tolerance and just,

you know, trying to understand people. Time for tolerance is past.

Well, I think it's speaking about
that group, those people. Oh yeah,

no, nothing of tolerance, because
right now I am trying to be

tolerant. I don't think I have
any more left. I don't think I

can understand and be tolerant of what's
happening because it makes no sense. There's

no explain there's no real explanation that
justifies what is happening with people and their

behavior. Well, I would take
it one step further than that. I

can be tolerant of ideology that I
find ridiculous. I can be tolerant.

I can find it in myself to
be tolerant of people who believe Shit that's

just ridiculous and I feel I kind
of there are times when I just feel

sorry for them because they're just either
uneducated or they've been brainwashed or whatever.

I can be tolerant of that,
but we're not talking about that anymore.

Now we're talking about people who have
that ideology but are putting it into action.

I cannot be tolerant of racism.
I cannot be tolerant of somebody that

would that would storm our capital.
The time for tolerance and and this is

something else I want to talk about, and I mentioned it to you,

but I want to talk about it
now. A couple of days ago,

president elect Biden did a brief,
probably twenty minutes, with the press.

Any mostly he wasn't taking questions as
much as he was just talking about what's

going on, and I was listening
to him and, by the way,

I've said this before, but it's
important to state Joe Biden would not have

been my choice for president, but
that's the choice I was given and I'm

happily voted for him as well as
against the maniac that we've had for the

last four years. I yeah,
I would have voted for a rock pretty

much, or the Rock, yes, especially absolutely. But in his remarks

he started talking about bipartisanship and how
we need to unify, we need to

come together, we need to get
past this, we need to he mentioned

his great friendship, pretty much lifelong
friendship, with John McCain, and he

even praised Mitt Romnie. He said, you know, I, most people

know that I was very close friends
with John McCain and we had vicious disagreements

about politics, but John McCain was
as fine a man and as good a

friend as you could ever want and
he and he just raved by John McCain

and he kind of keep the same
kind of praise on Mitt Romnie, who

is, I'm no fan of me
at Ronie's, but I you know,

he was the loan Republican who voted
to remove trump from office when he was

impeached. But here's the thing.
I came away without sitting there watching Biden

and I was heartened by hearing our
new president speak with compassion, with intellect,

with soulfulness, with decency, and
then I went that's all great,

but not now. What we need
now is it's almost like you can't fight

evil with kindness. You can't.
You can try to sustain kindness once evil

has been defeated or or muted,
but initially it's like there's a reason that's

superman had those fucking superpowers. If
he was just Clark Kent, there would

be no story, you understand?
So I need the the the opposing side

of trump and his supporters to be
as forceful and as diligent as these psychopaths

are, or else we're or else
we will lose. We defeated and we

can't we can't let that happen.
We'll be right back after this short break.

There is that which we've been noticing
regarding the Democrats from the beginning,

well, for at least a couple
of years now. More than we're trump

is just lying, getting away with
saying nonsense and Scrim even criminal activity.

Yeah, and the Democrats sit by
and just tweet about it and no action

is ever taken. No, at
least no action with any results or with

any kind of final closure. Things
are still kind of up in the air.

People are still what about when he
did this and when he said that.

Well, nobody have done anything about
it, and so I'm not saying

I want people to understand that when
we talk about it's not like where these

hardcore Democrats are not. I have
voted Republican and sort of life I will

both. The best candidate had great
criticisms of the Democratic Party. Absolutely still

do, and so do your it
just so happens that, like you said,

four years ago when trump was elected, I thought, well, you

know what, maybe maybe they know
better and maybe he will surprise us,

maybe something great will happen and even
if it doesn't, everyone around him is

going to keep them from doing crazy
shit. So it's just four years and

the next four years right, you
know, will vote for somebody else.

Right. That was my attitude and
and I could have never predicted what it's

what is happening right now. That
you just nailed it. There would there

have been no checks and balances as
there have been in previous right, presidents

who, good or bad, could
not really get go to the point,

even Nixon. Yeah, even finally
Nixon, his own people came to him

more like you. You're done,
yeah, done. Yeah, there is

none of that. It's the most
kinds. Yeah, there are a bunch

of just people sitting around talking about
doing stuff and they don't do anything,

and that I have a problem with
that. With the Democrats, they're they're

too soft. Yeah, they're too
soft, and they're they're too kind of

I don't know what the right word. Lacks a day's acal. Is that

a word like a days lack,
a day's acal? That's the word I'm

trying to that is that their attitude
is. Am I wrong? I would

just use pussies. Yeah, okay, that's what I was going for out

you know, I'm sorry, but
to me one of the postal children,

one of the most recent poster children
of what we're talking about, was Al

Franken. Al Franken was, I
think, a really powerful senator, very

bright man, I think, from
what I from what I know about him

and my research on him at the
time, he was, he was he

seemed to be. Look and I
it's I hesitate to use these kind of

superlatives with any politician because every politician
is in it for them. Don't let

them fool you that they're that the
only reason that they were in public life

or politics is because they want to
help people. Fuck you, that's bullshit.

They want to help themselves. But
if they could help a bunch of

people in the process of helping themselves, that's great. That's just how it

works. That's just how the machine
functions. So Al Franken had done some

good work and when the me to
thing happened, Al Franken, if you,

if you, for those of you
don't remember this, there was a

photo taken on a US o tour, years and years before he became senator,

and there was a female celebrity that
was involved in this US oh tour

to entertain the troops, which he
did tirelessly, by the way, so

did she. As I remember,
she was asleep in a chair or something,

and he was like a goofball.
He has somebody take a picture where

he had his hands over her breasts. Yeah, not on her breast.

No, we're not touching them,
but on the picture it looked like they

were on them. No, you
could tell, anybody tell that it wasn't

tell. Ye, yeah, it's
probably ten feet from her, but he

positioned his hands so that it looked
like he was fondling her. Right when

that picture became public, and he
I mean it took, I'm think,

a matter of days, if if
a week, he resigned. Yeah,

I guess maybe that's the that was
that's the if that's going to be the

criteria, than that should be the
criteria for criteria for everyone. Yeah,

it's not. When you have people
like Donald Trump, who's been accused of

multiple rapes and sexual assaults and grab
them by the Pussy and all of the

stuff that Donald Trump has done and
been seen and heard doing on video and

audio for Al Frank and to go
oh, I'll want to resign then to

me is the epitome of how weak. Yeah, the Democratic Party ideology is.

It's absolutely it's just weak. It's
like, instead of going no,

you know what, that happened before
I was an elected official. I Apologize.

Yeah, it was wrong, but
I'm going to stay and do my

job. Right, that's what's most
important. No, he skulked away.

That's why, you know, he's
sort of their people are trying to like

rally around him again. I'm like
no, I'm done with him. Yeah,

and the truth is that trump as
a product of bad political institutions and

and the United States has very weak
political parties. That's been the problem that

we we get, we get we're
given two week bad choices and we have

to vote against one of them.
Yeah, and so that needs to change.

That needs to change, and I
don't I don't listen, maybe I

don't understand politics enough to know how
to change that. But and I don't

know if it is going to change. But we're very fortunate that every four

years we get to vote somebody new
and if it doesn't work. So at

the very worst that's the good news. The bad news is the choices that

we get. Right at the very
worst, you have four years of a

candidate who just annoys you and is
doing fucked up shit and it's and it's

bringing the country down. But hopefully
in four years, you know, or

in a few years, you get
to replace that person with someone who will

reverse that damage. But we keep
doing that. We keep electing someone who

fucks things up and then someone who
comes in and blames the past president from

all the things and they do what
they can and then they fuck things up

and then somebody comes in and blames
that person. So it's like hair stars.

How long do you exactly? How
long do you your hair last?

Yeah, or when you get a
cable guy coming in and checking your system,

well, the WHO did this?
Word? Ask some Oh your partner,

did you asshole? Yeah, so, you know, it's like I'm

gonna do a better job than anyone. Then you get into the job and

side, well, I can't do
my job because the last person fucked it

up. So and that keeps happening
and happening and happening past the back yeah,

and it's a result of just a
week political system. It's weak political

parties. Yeah, the Republicans and
the Democrats need to step it up and

rehabilitate our political system, because it's
not working. It's just not working.

On top of all the events themselves
that have been happening. I think one

of the reasons that we're in such
vent mode and and disillusionment mode is I

think we all two thousand and twenty
was so fucking bizarre and awful that when

new the New Year came, I
think we all sort of we're sort of

counting on this shift of some kind, because right before the New Year we

heard about the vaccine coming. Yeah, we knew that trump was out.

Would you know, January twenty,
see you, we only had to endure

his miserable ass, you know,
for a matter of weeks, and now

look where we are. Not only
is covid surging worse than ever. But

now there's a new strain of it. The Vaccines. There's twenty five million

vaccines that have been dispersed and I
think the last time, don't quote me

on the number, but I think
that the number of vaccines administered is around

six million. That's talk about shameful, talk about a colossal fuck up.

That was totally not unexpected. But
we got the vaccines. Yeah, okay,

where are they? Let's administer them. Oh, Oh, you want

us to administer them? All right, we didn't shut up an infrastructure for

that. We don't know how to
do that. That's what our government that's

where we are. So there's no
good news. There's are government. Our

current government hasn't had a plan for
anything the last four years. It hasn't

been a plan for anything. Why
would they do anything now with seconds left?

You know, it's just it's ridiculous
politicians. I believe in the democracy

process of this country. I do
believe it is a good one. I

believe it is as fair as it
could be given all the corruption that is

around politics. But you know,
I politicians don't respond to voters. Politicians

frame the issues for the voters and
give this illusion that they're addressing the voters,

but it's an illusion. They're all
kind of talking in circles, they're

all saying the same sound bites and
when it really get comes down to time

for them to put their money with
their mouth is, it doesn't work.

Everyone is weak and everybody gets away
with corruption, with lies, and nobody

seems to be doing anything about it, and that's why we're in the state

that we're in, I think,
and I also think that voters, you

know, this year we had a
lot more registered voters, new voters,

who went in and voted for trump
or voted for Biden. They were voting

against a political party and not really
understanding politics, so they left everything else

blank and only voted for the president. Yeah, and that's dangerous thing.

That's a dangerous thing to do,
but a lot of people don't understand it

and they they're only voting for the
president and leaving everything else blank with because

they don't understand who the people are
too lazy to do the research, too

lazy and they don't care to do
the research because they don't understand politics.

And that look, I'm not claiming
to understand polity, but we did our

do, but we were searched exactly. I research what voting is about,

what I'm voting for, what it
means. I try to understand their propositions

on this election that I didn't know. I have to look up. Well,

that and also there were a couple
that I voted where you would think

I would be a Republican. Right, I didn't vote a democratic ticket all

the way down the exactly. You
know, I definitely voted straight democratic in

terms of candidates, but there's some
propositions that you have to do. You

have to do the researcher exactly and
you had then you have to say it

was that. Does that really resonate
with me? Is something that's good.

Yeah, and what's going to be
the result of that in the long right?

Just because that's the party line?
Right, I don't show. Okay,

so a lot, a lot of
these new voters, and I'm talking

hundreds of thousands of new voters,
really don't understand voting. Yeah, that's

a problem as well. The other
thing is, look, the people who

really truly believe that this election was
compromised, think about this. We live

in an age where Rudy Giuliani couldn't
keep quiet that he had his hands down

his pants in an in a random
hotel room after doing an interview. You

think that widespread voter fraud can be
kept from the public? You think evidence

of fraud can be kept the of
something of that magnitude in this era,

in this age can be kept secret? You're a fucking idiot exactly. But

I think the problem is that there
are people saying, well, there is

evidence, we see the videos,
but they don't understand that they're seeing,

you know, a ten second video
where someone is saying that, Oh,

this is happening in that video and
you're believing it. Yeah, well,

okay, but that's not evidence exactly, but to them, and that's why

tons of courts and federal judges saw
it and went that's not that's not a

thing, that's bullshit. And still
people believe, choose to believe lies.

So what is it that you what
is the answer when people choose to believe

lies? First of all, what
is that condition called and what is the

fix for it? Well, it's
I mean, it's brainwashing, for sure.

Yeah, look, if you're someone
who gets all their information from one

source and the you know, the
argument is always we have. We all

you do is listen to see an
that's bullshit. I don't even watch the

NI. But the thing is that
there are plenty of sources that they can

go to that all feed each other, and the difference is I'm I have

no problem, I've never had any
problem pointing out that CNN and MSNBC and

seeing these that they're absolutely have a
gender. Of course they do, these

assholes that really think that they're getting
the truth from Fox News or now o

an or news Max. Yeah,
so the answer to your question is it's

that once you start hearing an ideology
that resonates with you for whatever reason.

It might resonate with you purely and
legitimately, but it also might resonate with

you because your parents watch that and
believe that, or your spouse or whatever

right you're influenced by. Once you
start down that path, all you want

is to get a reinforcement of that
ideology right and again. It comes down

to laziness and stupidity. Yeah,
when I says and I say that like

I'm just talking about ignorance, I'm
talking about people who are stupid, who

just are uneducated and dumb and proud
of it. And do it look do?

I just heard I know stuck across
and said the yeah, no,

I understand. I told listen.
But my question is what could be done

about it? Because you know,
when People Complain About Censorship, Oh,

they shut trump's a countdown and they
took down what is that other ridiculous website

that all the macular parlor? And
they're shutting down parlor and well, that's

censorship. Sure, you can look
at it as censorship, but it wasn't

censorship and they didn't shut it down. It wait until the lies started causing

destruction and deaths and problems that way. But be clear about this, because

you your headched down a path.
That's that I have to correct you on.

Okay, Censorship means government censorship.
Right, everybody's forgetting and there everybody's

throwing it. As soon as twitter
suspended trump forever and as soon as Amazon

said we're not hosting parlor anymore,
right, all the maggots screamed First Amendment.

They write. Understand what it means. Amendment is the word censorship and

and the term First Amendment has to
do with the government. A private company

can do whatever the fuck it wants. Yeah, and twitter is a private

company and so is Amazon. Yeah, and so if I choose to not

like if I, for instance,
if I were to block Fox News from

our cable, that's not sensorship.
That's just my choice. Right. Get

with it, right. So I'm
addressing the people who are claiming censorship.

Yes, they're saying the first amendment. You said, yes, it is.

Some is not. Okay, okay, that's not what I meant.

I didn't mean censorship from the First
Amendment because I realized that the First Amendment

Means Government and censorship. So it's
not that they're saying that they're being censored

because companies, these large corporations and
these big platforms are wanting to control what

people say. So it's not really
a social platform if they're keeping you from

saying what you want to say.
That's what they're saying there. That is

being censored, right, and they
have every right to do that. Now,

I would agree that it's a problem. They were talking about whatever and

they're like, Oh, you can't
talk about your religion on here, or

you can't talk about you can't promote
that product on here, I would be

like what? Why? But when
you're your rhetoric is dangerous and you're spreading

lies that will lead to murder and
revolution and people believing false information that will

lead to all this, then you
have to shut it down. It is

someone's it has to be someone's responsibility
to say, okay, well, if

you're not going to believe the facts, we're not going to allow you to

continue spreading lies about the government.
That's I think that that's the important thing,

is that you're spreading lies about the
government right well, also, and

that's dangerous. And also, it's
important to note that this happened. If

this would happened if twitter had suspended
trump immediately after the election when he was

going this rigged it's a rigged election, it's fraud. If they had immediately

suspected that would have been wrong.
Sure, but they did this after countless

legal every legal option was exhausted and
the Supreme Court refused to change anything.

Yeah, at that point, if
you're going to keep spreading lies, lies,

unsubstantiated information, then you have to
be yeah, well, you see,

to me I think it was already
done, too late, because he

had been spreading lies for years before
that. About all he's ever done right,

and to the point where twitter even
started putting a stamp on his sweet

saying this is not factual, this
is they started with that. Yes,

because that's, you know, the
least that you could do it government officials,

especially the president, the leader of
a country. The minute that you

allow him to spread obvious lies to
the people and no one stands up,

that's how you get a dictatorship.
Yeah, okay, so someone, all

these all these social media, huge
companies, have to do something about it.

We, the people, have to
stand up and say no, you,

as the leader, cannot continue to
lie to the people. Okay,

all these morals are like we the
people, it is our house that fuck

you, you, the people,
are wrong spreading lies. It is our

house as well as your house.
Get the fuck out of it. The

people have spoken. But then what
I what also is the people on box

news and these other crazy ass fucking
outlets who shop? They keep saying,

you know, what about the seventy
five million people who what about the what

about the man's people who voted for
Biden? Yeah, there's like they're completely

discounting like, oh no, all
of us who voted for Biden tons more

than trump. We should be we
should suck it again. Yeah, really,

that's their mentality, and that's what
I'm having a problem with. Like,

what kind of a mentality actually says
Shit like that out loud? Yeah,

and what is wrong with people's minds
today? Yeah, something is terribly,

terribly wrong. Something is affecting everyone. A large portion of the population

is being completely had their brains sucked
out, and I don't know how to

fix it because all these people,
they're now sticking to their guns, literally,

yeah, but sticking to their guns
just out of making the point.

Eat, even if they realize that
what they're saying is a lie, they're

still sticking to their point, and
it's like, I don't, don't get

it. I don't know we're heading
get it, you know, I'm at

a loss. The next week or
so we're going to be is going to

be a really tenuous I'm really I
don't have a lot of calm about it.

Instead of thinking, okay, well, it's not going to get crazy.

Well, now we just had a
yeah, we just had a stormed

capital are our house, the House
of the people, was was compromised by

radical extremists, terrorists led by a
fucking terrorist. Yeah, this is this

isn't protest, this is terrorism.
Domestic terrorism. Absolutely, and somebody said,

I mean this is the most obvious
thing to say, but I mean,

I'm starting to see it and I'm
starting to to repost it because it's

it needs to be said. Can
you imagine if a black mob broke into

the capital building and took a shit
and wipe their feces on the walls and

brought in Zip ties and do you
imagine with Guh? They wouldn't be able

to leave alive. They wouldn't have
gotten anywhere near the door. That's how

fun doom and you know, the
thing is that we see what we see.

We've seen what we have seen.
The footage is that everywhere, all

different kinds of footage, starting from
trump's speech all the way to those people

walking into the capital. And yet
there are still people saying, well,

I was there and it wasn't that
bad. who was that wasn't the point.

You know, there's still people defend
the dead people. There are still

people defending it and there's still people
who are trying to say, oh,

it wasn't that bad, we were
there, it wasn't like that, and

say, oh, how much more
do we need to see? How much

one do you need to actually witness
and he year and let someone say,

Oh, it wasn't what you see. Yeah, you know from the voter

fraud where they're seeing footage saying,
oh, that's what happened, and someone

said you, Oh, no,
that's actually not what happened, because we

have investigated the tape. But when
you back it up and you fast forward,

you can see exactly what it is. Well, it doesn't matter,

that's what I saw, and it's
like, it's not what you saw,

that they're believing what they want to
believe rather than what they see and what

they hear and the facts. Yeah, well, I mean the FBI is

opened, as of today, a
hundred and sixty cases, which is seems

to me like a drop in the
bucket if you look at the number of

people that were there. Oh yeah, that numbers got to climb. I

got that. Numbers got a triple
or quadruple, to be fair. Absolutely,

and also the fact, how about
that trump is still saying, well,

that's what I said. I didn't
tell them to go to the capital.

He didn't say that. What he
said was that people have analyzed what

I said and they said they found
nothing wrong with what I said. What

people but I'll tell you what you
should look into. Look at the people.

Look at what the politicians were saying
earlier this year when they were riots,

and that's what that was wrong.
What I said about let's go to

the capital and let's fight and let's
like we're not going to yeah, talking.

We're dealing with a madman. We're
do right with a psychoticy. What

social does the press let him get
away with saying Shit like that, like

we all because it look in this
case he only spoke for two seconds as

he was boarding a helicopter, so
or the plane, whatever. He answered

one question, Somebody said, and
I want I can't quote it net right

now, but when they ask the
question, I immediately went and listen to

the question because I hate how the
journalists pose questions. They pose them so

stupidly, stupidly. But he answered
one question. He left. He's not

giving the press any opportunity. Yeah, to grill him, right, but

the press, who is there asking
these questions and letting him get away with

whatever stupid answer and and continuous lies
he says? This is these are the

people who then go on camera and
write this entire witty speech about how trump

is an asshole and I'm not putting
up with anything anymore. Yeah, but

then they go and let him answers
to chase with an APP cave. I

can't. Everybody is just on my
last fucking nerve. Yeah, sorry you

guys, for the Bitch Fest.
Yeah, sorry, but it had to

be done. I think you know
some of you feel our pain. I

have good news. HMM. The
only good news that I read is that

there's now lesbian Barbie. Is that
good news for you? It's good news

for everyone, so said, even
mean. I don't know, but there's

so clearly it doesn't, you know, come out where we part in animal.

When does an inanimate doll have a
sexuality? Well, the thing is

that the picture that was released was
they're being sold as a set. It's

to female barbies, that Brunett and
a blond, and they're both wearing little

tshirts that say love, winds and
Rainbow Color. There's so instead of it's

the it's the answer to Canon Barbie
exactly. So, okay, great,

isn't that kind of cute? Yeah, but look at the headline. Twice

photos prove that Barbie is a lesbian. Right, fucking stupid. Well,

stupid. Take on the exactly,
but they're both wearing teachers. It's a

love winds and they're sold as a
as a set. Okay, so I

think that perhaps you know kids who
have two MOMS. Maybe this is sweet,

maybe this is like a representation of
what their family looks like. You

know, right, instead of having
Barbie and can be the mom and dad,

when you know, when you set
up your game, it's Barbie and

Ken and then you they have babies
and you set up the house, it

doesn't look like their household. So
it's I think it's very sweet that this

represents many, many, many millions
of families that have same sex parents and

now you can play with dolls that
represent your home. It's kind of making

it. Okay, I mean,
clearly you can get any two dolls and

any kid can be like, oh, these are the two moms, but

I think it's really wonderful that it's
such a massive company like Barbie, who's

been so traditional. Yeah, well, I mean it's obviously it's the makers

of Barbie, but it's Barbie.
I think it's Mattel right who decided we're

going to make it, we're going
to you know, market, market it

this way because it's okay, because
they shouldn't. You know, it should

be like that should be your choice. Yeah, you know, I'm all

for this kind of thing in general, but I'm a little puzzled by this,

because it's not as if the makers
of Barbie up to now have marketed

it, marketed the doll of Barbie
is a heterosexual doll. It's just a

fucking doll. Yeah, this seems
like this, it's not about. This

seems like. Oh, this seems
like somebody with too much time in their

hands. Yeah, it's a little
bit. It's a little bit of a

marketing employ but I get it.
I get the message behind it and I

think it's great. The message behind
it is no matter what your family looks

like. Well, also like it's
fine, it's valid and it's beautiful.

Yeah, I guess. I mean, can you just do that with two

barbies? Yes, but it's really
about the little love wins t shirts.

What? Why can't you just have
a Barbie? This is with a t

shirt. It's just I get it. I get it. I think I'm

not on board with this. I'm
totally on board of this. Okay,

I think it's cute. Okay,
you know, and I think Gi Joe

should have a boyfriend. I mean, I'm just processing this and I'm thinking,

because to me it's like I'm trying
to think of any and maybe you

guys could steer it be like point
two, point to. How I'm getting

this wrong, but had there been
to me any history in the manufacturing and

marketing of Barbie? Yeah, that
was bigoted at all, or it isn't.

Or Exclusionary? Yeah, no,
it isn't. It's about inclusivity,

not it's not about so look,
okay, let me I'm about okay,

it was always Barbie, then Barbie
needed a boyfriend. Then came Ken.

Came along those Barbie and Ken Right
then Barbie's party house, and then all

of Barbie and Ken's friends, and
they were all blond and white, and

then they started changing the hair colors
and then they got some black barbies.

That, I guess. Okay,
it's the same thing. It's inclusivity of

society, of what who we all
are in society and how we live differently,

that it's okay to get a set. You know, you can pick

up the set of Barbie and Ken
or you can pick up the set of

the two girl barbies. You can
play with them as friends or you can

play with them as two moms them. Why aren't they doing Ken and Ken?

I'm sure that's coming next. I'm
sure will. Okay, you know

what I mean. I think it's
just look, they're making a point and

it's coming through to me loud and
clear. Well, and I'm going to

go back to my default position on
this kind of thing, which is,

as a white, straight male,
my opinion doesn't matter. So I think,

to back up the Barbie Creator,
mattell, they originally kind of devised

this collaboration as a way to promote
songs ubiquous love wins shirts, and those

shirts raised funds to help the LGBTQ
youth crisis. So that's how it started,

but basically to raise funds for that. But then the Internet kind of

took over and said, oh,
there's lesbian barbies because the two girls are

wearing the love wins and I think
we just wanted to see it that way

and it just made me think about
little girls who have two moms, who

want to play with dolls, and
I know that when I was playing with

dolls and I didn't do that much, but you know, you always want

to have the mom and the dad
and the kids, and that's not always

the ideal situation, as relactually not
iday. I am fascinated with this,

by this in a way that I
want to talk to a couple of friends

of mine who happened to be lesbians
and see what I'm not getting up this

or if they go yeah, this, that's ridiculous, or they'll go here's

why, here's why it's important and
here's what it's great. Yeah, now

I think it's a little ridiculous,
but again, the whole thing came about,

you know, raising money for that's
awesome. You think crisis to help

the LGBTQ, you think crisis,
and so these barbies were wearing these little

tshirts and whenever you purchased any one
of those barbies, funds would go to

this organization. But you do you're
missing a very important point. Yeah,

the makers of Barbie could just donate
massive amounts of money, hmm, to

any LG and we don't know.
They don't Wan't, we don't know that

they don't. I'm sure all these
massive corporations donate, you know, whatever

they want to whatever they want,
but I think it is important too.

But I'm saying if that's the excuse. If that Eminem Max, see the

excuse. But if that's the rationale, yeah, oh well, we're going

to do this thing and raise money
for okay. Well, why don't you

just give the money that because you're
a billion dollar industry, rather than make

a show of it this way?
I guess that's where I'm getting lost.

Is Marketing it would they're not marketing
it that way. It was really social

media that took it over and said
this is what it is. But it

was marketed as just two dolls wearing
these little t shirts. Have you purchase

these dolls? This is where the
funds would go to. Okay, but

the Internet kind of said there it's
Lesbian Barbie, and I kind of my

mind went to well, why shouldn't
there be? Why shouldn't someone go out

and buy dolls to represent their household? And I kind of went with the

social media frenzy, even though I
understand that, Mattel, that wasn't what

mattel meant. This is Mattel.
Right, yeah, it wasn't what Bentell

meant to do with Barbie. Okay, I like it. I need to

do a deep dive on this.
It's not going to be that deep me

a shallow die babe. Well,
let's end on that note, a little

lighter, okay, and at the
end of the day, what we can

agree on is that love wins.
Love does win, and I know that

you said that you can't fig evil
with just being kind, and I kind

of think you can. I think
that light is the only thing that can

drive out the dark. So,
you know, when they go low,

we go high, kind of thing. All all of those cliches, cliches,

they don't resonate with me right now. They don't resonate with me either.

But I do believe that in the
end, kindness wins. And if

there are more kind, compassionate but
kindness is not winning, it's not.

But if there are more kind,
compassionate people than there are dark, dumb,

cruel people, yeah, that waddling
it to that. That's the question.

By just like beating the shit out
of them that and by being good

people and and continuing to believe that
kindness matters and that's what's going to win.

Yeah, so we have to stay
on the course and hope that Democrats

and that politicians in general take a
stand and do not tolerate any more lies

and any more destruction and death based
on lies, including from their own party,

including from their own party. All
Right, my love, let's go

have another drink. Yeah, I
send, we both sound, our good

wishes to you guys, and stay
stay extra safe. Yeah, stay extra

safe. This is this is a
really precarious yeah, it is getting a

little crazy. So hang in there
and remember love winds light draws out the

dark. Stay kind, stay good
to you. Bye. Thanks for listening

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