Tequila Talk w/ Daisy Fuentes and Richard Marx
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EPISODE 39: The Healing Mind

Show Notes

Daisy isn't feeling well! Is there a new virus going around? A vertigo virus? THEN how powerful is the mind? Can it cure cancer? And if so, is there an energy we don't see and can't control? Is there a rhyme or reason for all illness? Tell us what you think. LASTLY, as the final episode of 2020, how are you really going to embrace the new year? Or better yet, when covid is behind us are you going to emerge a new person? If so, how so? Write us. We want to hear from you. What's keeping you up at night? You can reach out to us at strawhutmedia.com/tequilatalk Keep up with DAISY and RICHARD on Instagram! From Straw Hut Media




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