The BOM : Episode 13: Decentralized Wireless Networks w/ Clarissa Redwine


Today, we’re joined by Clarissa Redwine. When I first met Clarissa back in 2017, she was the West Coast Design and Tech outreach lead for Kickstarter. She’s also an NYU Law Fellow focused on open source hardware and is now the Grant’s Program Manager at Helium, a wireless network that’s working to build a decentralized telecom.You can follow @Supplyframe and @Hackaday on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter, and @SupplyframeDesignLab on Instagram and Twitter.
The BOM is a Supplyframe podcast hosted by Majenta Strongheart, written, produced, and edited by Frank Driscoll and co-edited by Daniel Ferera. Executive producers are Ryan Tillotson and Tyler Nielsen. Theme music is by Ana Hogben, with show art by Thomas Schneider. Special thanks to Giovanni Salinas, Bruce Dominguez, Thomas Woodward, Jin Kumar, Jordon Clark, Matt Gunn, the entire Supplyframe Team, and you, our wonderful listeners.
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