The Motivation Report : Introducing My New Podcast...History. Rated R.


Motivation Report fans!! I'm debuting my new podcasting here to help move any of you who still have love in your hearts for ol' Will Sterling. Head on over to the History. Rated R. showpage on Apple, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe, rate, review, you know the drill. Don't miss out!
We have DNA evidence that Thomas Jefferson slept with Sally Hemings, a biracial enslaved woman that he owned (and fathered the children of). So, John Adams tells his son to spread word of this to the papers to try to do Jefferson dirty. In retaliation, Thomas Jefferson accuses John Adams of procuring prostitues for the Czar of Russia (fake news). How did these former friends and founding fathers become bitter rivals in their race for the Presidency?
Plus, the history of the martini! Want to sip along while you listen? Here's Craig's recipe for our shared cocktail of choice.
Dr. Craig R. Smith's INFAOUS Gin Martini
In a shaker with ice...a splash of vodka (calm down!), half a cap of dry vermouth, two ounces London dry gin. Shake twenty times. Pour into chilled martini glasses. Garnish with a stuffed olive, lemon twist, or slice of cucumber.
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