The Motivation Report : Presenting...History. Rated R. - EP2 - Andrew Jackson's Bandwagon and 6 Year Rum Campaign


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Andrew Jackson was a big ol' piece a sh*t! And his bid for the President lasted six years. Outside of being responsible for the massacre and mistreatment of indigenous people amongst other awful things, he also...invented the bandwagon? Let's take this guy off the $20 for God's sake.
Also, the history of lasagna! Cook, listen, and eat with us using Craig's recipe below!
CRAIG'S LASAGNA (for four)
Before you start cooking you should read through the recipe to make sure you have all the ingredients prepared and ready to use:
Step 1: Cover the bottom of a sauce pan with olive oil, place over a burner, and raise burner to medium heat.  Add half a cup of chopped red onion and half a cup of Anaheim chillies (or green pepper).  Stir and cook until onions are translucent.
Step 2: Add three chopped garlic cloves and a pound of Italian sausage to the onion mixture.  Mix thoroughly until meat is cooked.
Step 3: Add one can of diced tomatoes and one small can of tomato paste to the meat and onion mix.  Sprinkle with a tablespoon of dried oregano and a tablespoon of  dried basil.  Add salt to taste. Stir in half a cup of water.
Step 4: Bring a large pot of water to a boil and place 6 strips of lasagna noodles in the pot.  Cook for eight minutes and then remove the strips from the water with tongues and place the strips on a non-stick surface.
Step 5: Lightly coat a loaf pan with oil and then place a thin layer of the meat sauce on the bottom.
Step 6: Place two strips of lasagna noodles over the meat sauce, then spoon a layer of meat sauce over the noodles.  Cover the meat sauce with a checkerboard of diced mozzarella and half teaspoons of ricotta cheese.
Step 7: Place two strips of lasagna noodles of the cheese, then spoon a layer of meat sauce over the noodles.Cover the meat sauce with a checkerboard of diced mozzarella and half teaspoons of ricotta cheese.
Step 8: Cover the cheese with two strips of lasagna noodles, then cover the noodles with the remaining meat sauce.  Sprinkle the top with parmesan cheese.
Step 9: Heat your oven to 375 degrees, place the loaf pan in the oven for 45 minutes.
Step 10: Remove the lasagna from the oven, slice and serve.
Saute jalapenos, garlic, and shallots in 1 tbsp of butter and a dash of salt, pepper, and cumin. Add to a tortilla lined with Kraft American cheese. Top with another tortilla. Fry in 1 tbsp of high smoke point oil until crispy on one side, then flip and fry the other side until crispy and cheese is melted.
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