EPISODE 70: $700 Brunch

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Show Notes

In Episode 70 of The SH*T That Happens to Me, Stacey sits down with Radio DJ Andy “Riggs” Riggle of Riggs on the Radio, to talk about an expensive Mother’s Day brunch, family issues, and mental health!TW/CW: alcohol use, transphobia


Shit happens, bad ship, good
ship, crazy shit, and it usually

happens when we least expect it.
So tune into the ship that happens to

me podcast and hear me and everyone
I meet tell their shitty stories. You'll

laugh, you'll cry. You probably
won't cry. Why would you cry?

These are mostly funny stories. You'll
learn a few lessons, probably not.

It's definitely not that kind of podcast, but you will have a great time.

Honestly, you can't make this ship
up. Hey everyone, Andy Riggs

Riggle is on the show today.
This will be his third appearance. He

was previously on episode thirty nine,
which was called Free Fall, where he

talked about his hobby of skydiving,
and he was also on episode forty nine,

called pain in my ass, where
he talked about his broken arm.

You may know him as one of
the CO hosts of Riggs and alley at

one h three point seven kiss fm
right here in Milwaukee. Riggs is also

the new founder of Hearthead, a
nonprofit organization that offers financial assistance for therapy

and positive psychology coaching. So go
check it out at www dot heart head

helps dot com. That's heart head
helps dot com. I talked to Riggs

from my Home Office a few weeks
ago and it was a great time.

So it got a little darker than
I had anticipated. Riggs is a self

proclaimed open book and he really wanted
people to know that everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

Mental health is near and dear to
his heart and once you listen you

may understand why. I also just
want to add a trigger and content warning

for alcohol use and Transphobia. Now
let's get to the show. Hi Everyone,

welcome to another episode of the ship
that happens to me podcast. I

my friend Andy Riggs. Hi Andy, Hi Stacy, it's good to be

on again. I'm so I'm so
pleased that you're on again. Your in

my inbox. Yeah, it's some
want to talk to you. This is

gonna be your third time on the
podcast. You were on talking about your

skydiving and that was a really fun
episode, and then you were on talking

about your broken arm. Yeah,
it's Hell Net, look, it's all

healed. I'm glad. I think
it was the other arm, wasn't it?

I'm just kidding. Yeah, yeah, is amazing, bazing and you're

back on and I just folks maybe
who don't know you. I'M gonna.

I'm gonna introduce you because you told
me. I'm people that actually calls you

andy, like your mother calls you
andy, but to most people here in

Milwaukee, your rigs, you are
Riggs off the radio from Kiss FM,

and already. So yeah, tell us.

Thank you went on three point seven. So, Um, tell us

about that show a little bit.
Can you do that real quick? Yeah,

it's reality, just two of us, our own, our own thing.

We've been together for almost ten years
now and kissing on kissing Milwaukee,

which is crazy be somewhere that long. I've never been in a market for

twelve years. Twelve years, so
chunk of my life here. So our

morning show is top forty driven.
So we play a lot of dog cat

and shearing and Harry's and that type
of music and we enter on live commentary

whatever we have kind of the ship
that happens to us just without so that's

our hole. Ali's a mother with
two boys that are eight and ten years

old. So she has a lot
of craziness with them and growing up and

going through puberty, asking questions abouts
and things like that. Making our jokes.

That's my wife. We're just a
wuble income, no kids, with

a dog. My wife worked in
the music and three getting songs played on

the radio. I run a nonprofit
called hardead that helps people pay for mental

health care and I also jumped out
of airplaure that. So I've got quite

a lot going on in my life
that I can bring up and talk a

plus I have a very crazy family, which is fun. So that's our

show, is everything that happens in
our lives. So it's kind of it's

interesting and innovative and it's not your
regular wore the roses type show. We're

gonna do just a bunch of games
shows, while we do have some fun.

And Yeah, the show in a
nutshew. So the latter on and

you talked about your broken arm and
you wouldn't tell me how you broke your

arm. It was the game and
one of the because your mother in law

had also broke her arm. She
broke her foot, her foot, and

intentionally broke her foot to reassemble it. It's horrifying, but it's yeah,

it intentionally broke her foot. Yeah, well, they broke. Sound Gross.

They break like the knuckles in the
foot just to reshape. Its Gross,

but okay, but was malformed.
It looked like it has. It

looked like she had hooves. No, decided for laughing at your mother in

law. She showed us the foot. We were like, Oh my God,

she goes, doesn't it horror?
Happy to get it fixed with US

sometime, same time. Okay,
yeah, come back just after the curtain

for us. And then two days
later I broke myself and thank you,

and she was still with you for
a while. I yeah. So,

Um, I reached out to the
other day and asked if you had any

new happening in your life and you
responded something about Um, Mother's Day Brunch.

I forgot. Yeah, that was
a little bit more expensive than you

had planned. So tell us about
what happened. I forgot. I told

you about this. Would you like
me to back up and not say it?

No, no, no, it's
fine. It's fine because it's still

I still have the receipts and downstairs. So my mom had never been to

a fancy mother's Day brunch in her
life, something she always wanted to do.

Like we've always got our flowers or
did home and we go to church

or she'd have a relaxing day.
We've got her massages and things like that.

But she's always wanted to have like
a nice, fancy mother's Day Brunch

and my sister was getting married in
Indianapolis the weekend of Mother's Day and I

grew up in Indianapolis, so I
knew all the restaurants there. Trying to

called the skyline club and it's on
the thirties floor one American building. So

it's got these beautiful, like ful
views of downtown and see the skyline's right

there next to you. Um,
it's just a really Nice restaurant and I

invited her to come with her friend
and my wife, so there was four

of us all the book station.
We were good to go because I was

amazed that I could find a resident
on Mother's Day. The thurs day before

I was just happy to get INVA. My mom calls and says do you

mind if your grandparents come? I
was like, well, of course I

don't mind. They're my grandparents,
that your parents. So have your mom

and my mom my mother's Day.
It's great. So my grandparents live in

Monroe, Indiana, which is the
sticks of Indiana. That's where like all

the corners and the fields and the
woods. They don't like the city my

GRANDPA hates metropolitan areas. He hates
driving down, the traffic, the parking,

so the fact that I got him
out downtown was also a fair of

feet in and of itself. So
we've got my grandparents that are down in

Indianapolis now come downtown meet us,
and my ground was not invited to my

wedding that was happening for the weekend, which we could go into that if

you want it. Maybe it's some
tea right there for you. So I

was happy that I was able to
give my grandmother because she wasn't Um.

We get downtown, we all beat
up together going around to these different there's

only two large buildings in Indianapolis.
I thought it was actually in a second

town, so I put us in
the wrong direction. We're running forty minutes

late. We get in all the
way to the thirty six floor. My

grandfather is yelling and screaming because he
hated being downtown. He's like, I

know this would happen. I knew
that was gonna happen. Never coming to

Indianapolis again. And finally I'll sit
down to this mother's Day Brunch and we

walk in the other room to get
our food. It's amazing. There's like

Sushi, there's an Omelet Bar,
there's prime rib, everything in one of

money and I'm just happy to be
eating and my mom is sanely happy,

crying and she runs up and hugs
windows. I've never had a moup.

Never that was of course, I
love you. So we're doing that.

I get up and I go to
get a second plate of the French toast

and I stopped by and I go
hey, brunches on me, this is

my mom, my grandma. So
my wife and I were going to well,

here's my car. Just bring me
the check. Yeah, I go,

how much is it, by the
way, and he goes, Oh,

a member of the club and I
went good club. No, it

was. Oh, I'm not.
He says. Well, it's eighty two

dollars a plate. Mm Hmm,
dollars of plate, plus the drinks that

we had. The Mi most is
in the coffee. There were three fifty

each. I get handed a bill
in front of my grandparents and my mom

for six, oh my goodness,
for Brunch. Oh my God, you

can't say anything when they hand me
that. I have to play tool.

Yeah, sitting there and they hand
me the back and I have very calmly

to sure and slide my America.
I can't put that on my debit card.

So I end up paying seven hundred
dollars for a mother's Day. But

I didn't hip the guy because it
said that there was a gratuity included at

the bottom. I thought it was
just for service staff and cook like.

That's why I felt awful that I
didn't tip the card. Seventy more dollars

of cash downstairs in the eight GM
and I brought him money and I said

I did as I didn't realize it
was going to be this expensive. Not

Tip you for you go because it
was a nice guy. He's it wasn't

with his mom or his wife for
Mother's Day. So yeah, but I

spent almost eight hundred dollars. I'm
brunched. Brunch mom loved it, my

grandma loved it, everybody Andy.
Well, you would think grandparents would be

priceless, but here we are.
I put a price tag on it.

It's eight hundred. I mean you
made he made me think of something my

oh my father used to do this
silly thing anytime he got a check.

He would pick up the check and
go like that, you know. So

you could have done that. You
know, you know, but he really

felt that way. When you saw
that check, that would have been nice.

Yeah, I internalized that. That
was my that that was like the

latest ship that's happened to me.
So I finally paid that. But if

what did your wife say when she
heard about this? Did you show her?

Did you go look check after him? I waited for her to come

up there and she's seven hundreds because
he didn't price and I would know.

I didn't. It was too far
deep in to not. So last time

that I will ever go around without
checking the price, because you know things

are going to be expensive if you're
if you're a restaurant, that a doesn't

have the prices or be if it's
just a number without a decimal next to

it. Yeah, like it's like
yeah, right, right, right,

right, those are the those are
fancy restaurants. So we was the first

time we ever went to Costco.
You know, we we got a membership.

This this relates, I promise you. We got a membership and you

know, there's a giant cards right, and we start walking around Costco and

just putting everything in the carts,
you know, like Oh, batteries,

yes, we we're going to need
those one day. Let's put those in

the cart. Oh, we need, Oh we need, you know,

twenty boxes of Pasta. We need, like everything went in this cart and

back then there was no credit cards, so it was all, you know,

your check book. You can only
write a check or cash and cons

no, twenty boxes of pasta maybe
for six dollars. Where it was?

I don't know, probably not six
dollars. But so you go to shout

and they're doing it takes forever.
You're going down the line. They get

get to the end, we go
to you know, all done. It

was eight hundred dollars. Eight hundred
dollars for our first trip to Costco.

Yes, you've gone through, packed
out and we're like, I mean,

I guess we need all this pasta. Like you're gonna put stuff back?

It was. Yeah, I feel
like it is a dangerous place. It's

almost like target, but it's on
a different level because you're buying a bulk

and you don't really know what a
deal is like. I just assume twenty

batteries for nine bucks or whatever.
I'm like that sounds like a good deal

and it has to be. We'll
take it. Yeah, I've been there.

Just going to costco for a couple
of things. You roll out and

it's like four eight dollars or something. What did I buy? Why is

it so much? Oh yeah,
that's right, I bottle water soft in

a pack of two. Yeah,
right, in the back of two.

Everything is yeah, right. So, yes, be wary of the price.

So that was that was the latest
big ship that happened to me.

I'm kind of curious about, if
you don't mind talking about, why your

grandparents weren't invited to your sister's wedding. Yes, juicy. I talked about

it on the radio, so I
don't care. I don't careting my family,

Um, my Um, when my
parents divorced, they were married for

thirty years. Probably four or five
years ago they split and when that happened,

there was like Um, sides were
chosen and which is weird. So

there's like me that I have two
sisters and one brother WHO's transgender, which

will come into the story in a
second. and Um, they kind of

took the SIP of my dad,
who was pretty much the instigator of the

divorce, who was caught doing the
they shouldn't been doing, and my mom

was the victim in this. So
I've been with my mom through this before.

My mom was with my birth father
when I was two years old.

Had to go through a divorce with
him because he was with someone else and

there was infidelity. She just had
to go through this whole process and I

had a younger sister at that time
who was dying and going through something called

Selwigger Syndrome, which is terrible.
So this happened to my mom back in

five so I know that my mom
has been through this before. So seeing

it happen again, I was like, this is terrible. So I had

to be there for my mother,
of course, and that kind of drew

some minds in our family. That
was awkward and we're a assive, aggressive

family. We don't talk about a
lot of things. That's just how we

are m over the years. But
my family. So things that happened during

that was my brother was trend UH. He's transgender now. So my brother

Oliver, and throughout this process,
my grandparents, my mom's parents, are

very Catholic. They're very, very
servitive, you know, like why can't

we be Rachel and Love Daughter?
And I was like that's not now I've

changed that. This isn't who I
am my prother he and it's simple to

call someone by a pro I told
you. It's weird too. It's an

adjustment. Was An adjustment for me. Ah, it makes my brother have

him to do whatever the case and
out of butting heads throughout that, because

my grandmas staying grother doing so,
they're really hurting him more and more by

doing this, of driving him away, and I think the fact that they

like that doesn't sit right with my
other two sisters. So they're standing up

for but they're not them to the
wedding, support to my brother. I

can respect that throughout grandparents, I
can't just upend them. Invited Hill,

ah H, you're not gonna have
grandparents. It's true. You're not wherever.

We don't imagine. Not Reconnect that
ship there, but I did.

Yeah, ground there. It was
not h yeah, I mean I'm with

you like I'm a peacemaker. Obviously
I'm a psychology just and I just want

everyone to get along and while direct
and things like that, probably and I

want I my nose and we're along. I just want everybody to know,

you know, get along. So
I understand what you mean, wanting you,

you know, and me specifically in
the middle. You wanted to support

everyone. Um, yeah, UM, looking from it, yeah, give

us, give us more ship.
It was all the ship a couple of

days before this wedding, before this
wedding happened, this is I broke dam

in my relationship with alcohol. Proud
of this. Is a psychologist. I

like your opinion, because for why
to drink? I don't have like.

I know it's not addiction. And
today at drinking just a cope with things.

All drinking on the ESK. I
go hard. Yeah, I get

it. I get it's a little
more so in the past I've had situations

where I've got in the wheel of
a car and driven, which is obviously

not safe. So and pump the
brakes on my alcohol. Let's watch what

we're doing. Just be aware.
It's not good. You can kill someone,

kill yourself life, unless you're goin
where they slap you on the wrist

for the first yeah, don't.
It's not good. It's not safe.

First Day more this wedding. Um, I go out with a friend that

came into town from Ireland and we
were talking about collaborating on a mental health

health clothing. I have a private
favorite therapy. We were going to vibrating

in June at all. You have
what was just supposed to be a couple

of I didn't intend obliterated. Yeah, so this is Thursday night. Mind,

you have to be on Friday to
do a morning radio show. So

I be in the studio. Am
Out until eleven. Remember, midnight things,

and there's real gap and time because
I went through my text messages from

one off and I for you still
wrong. It's a word on the area.

Oh, I talked about this and
I was is that in my room

with alcohol? Like why? Was
Dug deep to find out that my brain

suppressing the weekend that was ahead with
my flight. That was because I knew

I was going to be in the
same room with my parents from the same

years since the divorced. Oh yeah, with the divorce animosity and talked about

in the passive aggression. I was
just I think my brain shut off.

Maybe doesn't feel when I was yeah, yeah, yeah, So said.

Oh, I wasn't even know where
I went. Do that again, Andy

Um, I want you to know, like I'm not like the best person

in this, but there is a
biological opponent sometime, you know, or

drinking or things like that. So
it could be that once you start drinking

that you can't stop. It doesn't
we don't care. It doesn't know what

the labels are, Alcoholic, alcohol, dependent, whatever. It's just like,

if that's the case, then Um, even if you go in thinking

you're just fun, you might not
be able to stop. Yeah, and

sometimes I can have one or two, but it's when those those times when

I go out and I'm like,
we're gonna have fun, even even if

we are ubering, I'll still get
out of control and then I ended like

Flying Sleep Uber on the way home. It's just I'll go too far.

Yeah, so I was glad that
I at least have the mental wherewithal and

the emotional literacy to say, let's
think about what instead of just moving on

from it. So, yeah,
for sure that was some ship too.

So I've been, like I have
like my house very for the next foreseeable

future. I think that, you
know, weddings and funerals right out like

like not the best people, I
mean no one. No one's going to

be fun sing or you plan a
wedding and it's like it's a unhappy like

my listeners. So, like my
son is getting married in August. So

we've been planned. Um, and
it's stressful. It's stressful in a way

they don't maybe anticipate because it is
all the family ship gets like brought up

and vision making. So like just
and I don't even I I think I

want to be drunk to do the
tape, but because I remember my wedding

how painful that was. But making
decisions, the tiniest things, like like

what's gonna be served, or like
there are it's not and it's already over

budget. What do we do about
that? To come right? Uh,

what what does she shoft? Oh, I mean, you have to live,

you know too. So she did
or um things out. And so,

Um, do we have a I
have to say like a color that's

nap, you know, like so
important at that moment. And husband,

Steve, was all win and I'm
like it's not even your why you want

to win very but stacy color,
you're nothing. I dove. I mean

they weren't. I don't remember there
being choices at the wedding, the Color

Atkins, but I I remember a
lot of those things. Actually, I

remember. So the thing to do
is, like you rest her right.

A look, Raphael's making an appearance
in the background. Um, you you

rest here for the you know you
and I went with my mother, which

was this traditional thing to do,
and we rested for stuff, and I

came home and told Steve because wait, I want to say. I'm like

what, sorry, like you're a
guy, how do you care if this

is you know, and he we
I had to go back with him.

He changed half of the registrate.
You know, he wanted these knives,

not those nuts. No, he
didn't like dishes are Yeh. So he's

really your bigness. Yeah, well, maybe, but for US starting a

life. Have, I remember,
supposed to have white chocolate ice cream and

they served vanilla ice cream instead.
Never and US AS MR and Mrs Steve

and I, which they were not
supposed to do. It was supposed to

be in Steve and I, because
I have a name, Mrs Steven I

like. I didn't like that.
I think went pretty well. Now,

how we've been married already two years. We have two beautiful children, Wonderful

Vanilla even it's for sure so Um. But yeah, their weddings are those,

all those diss are and decision making
process and it will be m you're

seeing a lot of seeing so many
different people. You haven't seen here's weddings

and funerals. That's where you see
old family right come up to you like,

Oh my God, I haven't seen
you since you were because we only

see each other things and when that's
the only time you see them. So

there's a lot of and there's,
I think there's a lot of expectation,

expectation about like how we're supposed to
back and luck. There's so much about

it. That's how we look,
you know, like it's it's not healthy,

but nevertheless you know all of that, and then seeing things like you

don't like, you have mixed feelings. Yeah, so that's stressful. So

I think great, it will be
a lovely one. Yeah, that's all

I can say. It's stress.
I guess that's the latest ship. Yeah,

so like Christ weird people alcohol events. Some people are excited when they

get black eyed. YEA, it
scares me that I can't remember. I

was actually doing things, yeah,
functioning, but I wasn't remembering right,

right. I mean that's scary,
like going under anesthesia when you have a

surgery. Breaks me out, dude, breaks me out and take down and

put a mask on my and I
literally closed my eyes and opened them and

it was done. It's crazy that, like the technology just better that way,

but just the brain works and how
we got it. All right,

you're going to be awake, if
not remembering right, right, they do

that when you get it coloscopy.
They give you that medications even though you're

awake. I don't remember any of
it, so I gotta do that when

I'm forty. So cut it off. You can watch colascope aid one.

Oh she she went and had hers. If I think her through her this

is ours, I think her husband
died of colon cancer and so she went

and, you know, started got
her first calling ascarpy live on the I

will not be watching that, but
thank you. So tell us about your

this probably isn't funny either, but
that's okay. Tell us about your non

produd. I want to hear about
h called the heart, which is a

nonprofited just real got certified and positive
M. I'm certified through profitive psychology,

through the whole being institute. That
just happened on Tuesday. So Oh,

congrats. Thank you. So I
get my certification, but while I was

going through this process, I was
looking at because I kind of wanted to

do something on the side of radio
so I was to do something with mental

health and I was like, coaching
sound like a good thing because I can

kind of be in between not talking
to people and seeing a therapist. I

can kind of help people troubleshoot and
let them know if they need to see

a therapist. Okay, it sounds
like what you need is a little deeper,

so I'm going to hand you off
to stacy or to my friend grew

or Aaron and whoever. I know
they can help you out kind of uncover

things, because I think therapists and
psychologists are good at going deep and finding

out the why things happen and helping
with behaviors and correcting and learning new behaviors.

Cognitively, Um coaching is a lot
more goal based, a lot more

strength based, a lot more what
are you good at? How good to

doing that? What have you done
good at in the past and how can

you do that now and apply it? So I was looking through a charging

for this and I was like how
much do you charge for this? So

I started looking at coaching prices and
I looked it's charge and I was like

a therapists do valuable work and they
should make money doing what they do.

They're not charities, and so do
coaches. But there's a lot of people

that oftentimes won't go with therapists as
they can't afford it or their insurance company

won't cover a certain provider or that
person. So you have to pay extraordinarily

high price to you as a as
a payer, not the psychologists. They've

worked hard, they've done their time, they are our money. But a

lot of people just don't know because
they can't afford it, and I was

like, am I going to charge
for this service when so many people struggle

to pay for it? What if
I help people pay for it and in

the interim I could help them with
coaching kind of while they're waiting to see

a therapist or if they've already seen
a therapist and they're looking to continue their

goals and continue to flourish in life. So I was like, if I

helped people pay for therapy, I
would remove that barrier from a lot of

people's lives. Like our first person
that we're helping, as a woman named

who's divulging through a divorce of a
very toxic relationship. As a son from

that and her she's paying for her
son to go to therapy and none of

the therapists that she can see in
her area take Medicare. So she's now

that doesn't have any money pay for
herself. So our ports and our fundraising,

we were able to now help her
pay for therapy for the next three

months, paid for by our organization, and she's awesome. You don't have

to worry about it. So she
can go weekly for the next twelve weeks

and she's very excited to get back
in to see a therapist that she wanted

to see because he wouldn't take Medicare. But she reacts, I want to

pay out of pocket. I have
to help me and that's us. So

I am hoping that she's well.
I know she's the first and she's certainly

want yeah, that's awesome. Um, I think that's really great and obviously,

you know like because almost like important
mental health is, especially since the

pandemic has just been so hard for
people to access services. Just there's much

more there's been much more of a
need and Um, all a lot of

the providers are really overwhelmed that.
Um. So that's that's every so called

hearth head and people can find it
online and donate if they want. hearthead

helps dot org. Yeah, because
Herthead, helps with a lot of things.

We help with resources, we help
the coaching, we help with paying

therapy. Um. Well, be
there for people because especially with not only

now we have the pandemic and now
we've got all of the events in the

news that are affecting a lot of
people. So a lot of confused and

angry and sad and upset and not
sure what to do with all these emotions,

though being able to help people is
that's what we do. So,

yeah, that's awesome. I'm sorry
this Assad wasn't funny. It really the

deep episode started with an expensive Brunch
and and and therapy. Nice. Yeah,

it's okay. So, Um,
I see that you're also Um.

Maybe it hasn't been as recent,
but I saw you hosted an event Milwaukee.

Hope, like an event of Milwaukee. Is that right? Several yeah,

oh boy. Okay, let me
hear about that. Yeah, that's

really cool. By empty gala for
juvenile that my wife had the type one

diabetic and she had diagnos Um.
I think that's very, very endeared to

me. Post as aditions well,
because sure he deals with that and she's

has manager blood sugar and she can
eat whatever she wants, but she has

to measure for things. It's like
a math game all the time. So

I hosted that gala for the last
six years. I want to say.

Okay, so I'm kind of their
their guy. Um, the other thing,

I think I've hosted a couple of
virtual events as well. I hopefully

I am mental health event with direct
supply. Sure familiar. Direct supplies a

company in Milwaukee that provides home held
home healthcare products and they had a mental

health initiative with their staff. So
I kind of gave them a little presentation

and positive psychology with some cool ways
to kind of check in on your welling

and main tips. and Um,
see what else have I hosted? I

hosted and at a gala for the
Lukeni Umfoma Society's they have a thing called

the students league where all their students
raised money for leukemia, and so they

enlisted at myself to be the host
of that and I love hosting. Get

being in front of crowds and interacting
with people that are all there for a

cause and for a purpose and being
able to kind of market and expose our

brand, as that were, advertising. We don't get anything anymore, so

marketing has to be in front.
Okay, you can get to wear talks,

right, for most of these.
Yeah, I get the dress up.

I like dressing up, I feel
good, it's nice. It's nice

to go out and where you can
do this again, right. Yeah,

absolutely, if it's going back to
normal in that sense. And just I

get back to hardhead for a minute, because I would imagine that I don't

know necessarily what positive psychology is.
So can you explain that a moment?

And why? Why that? Why
is that the what you've decided to focus

on in your coaching? That was
kind of the closest thing I could find

in the coaching world that was mental
health related, because encoaching a lot of

executive coaching and leadership coaching, relationship
coaches and fitness coaches and coaches, because,

like, are there like mental health
coaches, because mental health has been

such a heavy topic the last couple
of years. People are talking about it

a lot more, but does everybody
understand it? Like when you just think

mental health and you're like, I'm
not depressed and I'm not anxious, I'm

okay. More than that. I
mean, there's it goes deeper than just

being happy at the time or just
being sad all the time. And psychology

focuses on it's like the science of
human flourishing, is what they call it.

So it's really strength based, Solutions
Oriented coaching. It's Um working on

what's strong instead of what's wrong and
kind of being in the moment and savoring

things as they're happening. Instead of
lamenting the past or worrying about the future,

you can be in the moment and
enjoying your life, not just positive

all the time. A lot of
people think positive psychology is just vibes only,

only being happy, but it's not
healthy either to all of your emotions

in the full spectrum. It's just
how long to those emotions? Are they

laugh my time? Is it affecting
my word? Okay, then this would

be something. It's like callum.
Sometimes people are just in a funk and

they're like, I'm just where to
go. Well, be done in the

past. That's worked. Let's think
of a time in your life when you

were thriving, when you were flourishing. What were you doing? That was

making things. How can we apply
those to what's going on now? And

Help me get back to that,
because you've done it before. You can

certainly get there again because of psychology
helps people in that short term, just

getting them up off their feet and
motivating, just to know that they're not

held they don't have to be held
back by their emotions and embracetions and us

into your advantage. So that's kind
of where positive psychology came from and I

looked into it. I was like, it seems like an interesting field.

It's mental related and I can continue
to a kid for mental health and be

there for people. And I love
Samson. Okay, he wants he wants

to be on the past. Usually
it's my dogs parking. Yeah, but

that's yeah. So positive psychology was
what I was driven to it by all

that. So, MHM, okay, awesome. What's going on there?

How my wife's coming down? She
doesn't know that I'm recorded. Yeah,

yeah, hi, there two kids. See, I'm almost done. Wrapping

up. Okay. Well, anything
else to tell us? Any other ship?

Any other ship on the horizon?
Just hope not. Right, no,

not bad ship. Just getting this
ship off the ground is what it

is, because starting your own organization
isn't it's not easy, and I've done

it all myself, which is a
lot of work. All the paperwork,

all the book keeping right now.
Until I get people under they can are

working with me, they can help
and build a working it's a lot.

So Um, that's next. And
just how many can we help? Any

how much funds can we raise?
We're doing all the fast this weekend meat,

no vegetables allowed. No Vegetarians a
lot. Not Today, not to

this. Yeah, so I barbecue
cooking competition and kind of a way to

just raise funds and get the word
out about our organization. One thing I

need to also get over is talking
about it more, because I don't.

I don't like to talk about myself
too much. I don't know why,

I just don't. I work on
the radio of a morning show. I

have a huge ego in a big
head, but sometimes I'm like, yeah,

I like to let things speak for
themselves, kind of work quietly and

self but with this you really have
to get out and beat your own drone

and tell people what you're doing.
Yeah, for sure, times I feel

like I'm annoying, but I'm like
no, there's people that don't know what

I'm doing. So correct annoying,
but not to anybody else. So meat

facts. So that's also in milwaukea
listens to this, that will have happened

already, will be long gone in
the past. But one interested was an

amazing or it was an amazing event
and we raised so much money. Yeah,

right, okay, look good.
Well, thank you so much,

Andy. I really appreciate you coming
on again and talk about your you know

all the family drama happening and you
know all that other stuff. So good

luck, good luck with your organization
and Um, yeah, and I want

to talk to you more about it. You know, another time, Yure.

Okay, once we get to beautiful
work that we're continuing to do.

So yeah, sounds all right.
Thanks, Andy. Take Care, don't

be a crumb. Bye. Bye. So that was my buddy Riggs,

Um and I'm the only one who
calls him Andy, but you know,

I'm probably not old enough to be
his mother, but I might be anyway.

Um, Riggs from Riggs and alley
one or three point seven Kiss FM

and the founder of Harthead, a
nonprofit organization that offers financial assistance for therapy

and positive psychology coaching. So let's
wish him luck with that new endeavor.

Yeah, and that episode got a
little dark there for a second. Huh.

It got it did get dark there
for a second. I started feeling

a little bit like it was a
bit of a therapy session, especially when

he said, well, you're a
therapist, I want to get your opinion

on this. Well, yeah,
when they when they call your profession out,

you kind of feel a sense of
duty to to feel that, to

feel that void, especially if they're
asking for it. Right. Well,

it's also just like my natural reaction
when people start talking, you know,

therapy. And and then at some
point I was like well, Andy,

you know, like maybe you should
think about that. But and I did

think about the tyler whether we should
even keep that whole thing in. But

it was really, you know,
true to Andy. Yeah, and there

you probably have some listeners going through
something similar. And and that's the point

of this whole thing, right,
it's to connect to other people and listeners.

So people, you know, they're
getting an entertain an episode and a

little bit of free therapy out of
it too. Right, right, right,

that I mean the same thing happened. I did an anniversary episode after

my second anniversary and Um, the
producer then, Katie Beth, started asking

me a bunch of questions and then
we just had this whole conversation about body

image, which I wasn't prepared to
talk about, but it was fine and

I've gotten actually a lot of good, positive feedback from that. So yeah,

well, the listeners, you can
kind of tell, if you're a

listener of the show avidly, that
this is kind of a new uh,

a new direction we're taking it.
So let us know if you like a

little banter at the end. We
won't, we won't leave you on too

long here at the end, but
it's kind of a natural way to talk

about how the episode went, that
Stacy and I kind of brainstorms. So

for sure. And and I'll also
just add really quickly that, Um,

you might have noticed, this episode
came out on Thursday, so expect that

now every other Thursday there'll be a
new episode instead of Tuesday. So let

us know how you like that too. Yeah, the goal for that is

maybe give you guys something to listen
to over the weekend. If you if

you overlooked it, that's fine.
Dogs are fine. Love. Alright,

Rabbael has to make an appearance in
nearly every episode. So all right,

well with that. Let's let's sign
off and I hope everyone enjoyed the episode

and now look for the new ones
on Thursdays. Yes, okay, sounds

good. Thanks, Tyler. Yeah, no problem. Thanks for listening to

my ship. I really appreciate it. Come back and hear more ship next

time on the ship that happens to
me podcast. Do you think I've said

ship enough for one podcast episode?
Tune in next time to the ship that

happens to me podcast. You gotta
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