EPISODE 3: Jason Ellis

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Show Notes

Poopies sits down with Skater, MMA enthusiast, and AUSTRALIAN, Jason Ellis.  

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Oh, Oh my God, what
am I doing here? What have I

done? I feel like I jumped
the shock like a long time ago,

but I feel like, is it
possible to jump it again? Can you

just keep jumping it? Maybe I'll
be famous for just jumping it, just

like you. Well, I mean, I'm sure you have been, but

now you're saved, and you know
I mean I I don't know. I

think so. I'm saved, you're
not. Fuck No, like by the

Lord. Yeah, the fuck it, you haven't been saved. Fuck no,

leaving that Shit. Yeah, I
respect but fucking you gotta be joking

me. Well, I've he'll Sattan, I've been saved, dude, I

know. Yeah, I'm not getting
that taken off. Yeah, Fuck No,

hell, the Lord Satan did eyes
the DOC. Lord believe in that

aided that's the whole point. Hay'll
Satan, and welcome back to the shittiest

podcast hosted by the world shittiest Podcaster, poopy's. Once again, poopies did

zero research on his guest, so
I'll take it upon myself to introduce the

guest, Jason Las. Jason is
an Australian Radio Personality who is best known

as the host of the Jason Ellis
show. Elis is also a former professional

skateboarder, mixed martial artist, auto
racer, boxer, Singer and BF with

Tony Hawk. Now buckle up for
this bumpy ass ride of an episode.

Let's get the shit over with.
There's my phone. I got a couple

questions. You wrote down stuff.
Yeah, I actually did put your hands

together for ay you. Are you
on drugs? No, not any.

Just wait, yeah, fucking hell, yeah, the shittiest podcast in the

world. You guys. Jason Ellis. Hey, fucking legends. So do

you're gonna go out and jump some
shocks? Yeah, this is the part

where poopies should ask Jason how he's
doing and then get right into the interview

questions, but instead he dives right
into a convo about sharks and wrestling that's

too nonsensical to include. We're about
to hear Jason Change the subject with unmatched

finesse by abruptly bringing up his sexuality. Because I'm half a Harmo, I

can ye gaze better than yeah people, and like some people that are trying

to do what is it when you
pretend you're not? I'm might here rot.

I could totally just think I was
gay? No, not at all.

Hey, you're in the clear.
Cool, I've actually liked had a

snuggle sash one time. Yeah,
but that, yeah, that's nothing.

You're jackass gay. Yeah, different. Well, yeah, you're slut your

accidental geniuses, you know, mean, like who? It's like same as

when I got a job on serious
I'm I want more money and they like

will not, and I'm like war, I could go fucking nowhere. Like,

where was I going to go?
There was no podcasting and I couldn't

be on TERRESTRIA radio because it can't
say constup saying fuck. So did you

start doing that in America or New
Zealand? I'm from Australia. Oh,

I show you. Fuck, my
bad, I fucking want to Google.

Let's I can not on. Not
so right, you know what? Not

Smell? Mom's in New Zealand.
Is So I'm Halfakay, wait, so

you're kind of okay, okay,
well, how cool, cool bombs over

there? Not, she's an show, you know. Yeah, I said

she came to Australia and my dad
fucked and then that's how she got stuck

at it in Australia. She was
sixteen. Really, why was she just

foot. I'll show you, just
to get out of New Zealand, something

like that. Yeah, she was
adopted and she had a pretty tough time.

So she was China. Yeah,
Escape Branch Ali, get the fuck

out of Texas. Sure, so
speak. There's still enough shower. Yeah,

my dad's dead, but she's still
in Australia. It's good, good

prop hot people. Yeah, she's
hot. Really, she came to my

wedding. fucking snap. If someone
said my mom's hot, why? I

don't know. What if she's like
super my mom owns are vagina, not

me. Yeah, I don't know. She wants to fuck it, go

ahead, you know. I don't
know. Maybe it's just the thing that

kids do. When Nye was when
I had a Skateboard, friends shout to

me on the ramp when I was
real young. I'm clean to a demo

and I was on top of the
burt ramp and just older guy that I

fucking look up to skated guy.
You guys, check out the fucking Chicko.

Yeah, I'd your mind. I
go where he goes, the blond

over there and the Cup against the
wall and my that's my fucking mom.

Yeah, did he got? Oh
Shit, sorry, mate, pretty hot.

Am I fair enough? I'm okay
with that, man. Yeah,

that's a compliment. Yeah, it'd
be different if you was. You know,

you go back and visit? Not
Anymore. I haven't gone. I

had a bit of a falling out
when I when I came out as half

a home oh and kind of told
about my childhood and how I was molested

and it was my dad, and
then they didn't believe that. They didn't

know. There's much stuff that I'll
yeah, so there was a bit of

a budding heads thing. I went. The last time I went back my

brother was partying a little bit and
he said some shit drunk to me where

I was like, Oh my God, you really think that, and he

was like yeah, so I just
fucking pack my bags the next day,

got the kids out of there and
we talked for a long time. But

then we've patched it up. But
then since we patched it up, pandemic

and I got let go by serious. So I used to make a lot

of money and now I still do
really good. I didn't think I was

a bit worried when it first happened. The serious x in that Radio Shit.

Okay, Oh, yeah, your
podcast was on there yeah, so

they dropped me and I was like, Oh my God, it wasn't ready

for that and the pandemic at the
same time. So, now that I've

patched things up, I would go
too. Of Your incomes is gone.

Yeah, fuck, yeah, Hey, but it worked out really good accidentally.

Yeah, everything happens. was better
accidentally. If I had known,

I should have done it earlier.
That's my only I don't have a regret,

but if I did have one,
it would have been a shadow earlier.

Yeah, because it was tons of
times with their doing good. Regret.

Right. Yeah, it was still
worked out, so be different if

it was like man, I completely
blew it, but I didn't blow the

Jason. I'll show as a podcast
does. Great, we got a Patreon

you. You should get one.
I'm down. I'm talking about it.

Yeah, did I? Fuck,
I lived in all show you for three

months. We're in manly. Yeah, I was in fucking fucking damne brings

fundy, the Hilton. You know
where the Hilton is on fresh water,

not fresh water. That one of
those little points. So after manly you

keep going, like I would say, and north ways. Yeah, and

then it's like fresh water and then
it's like fuck, there's all so many

names. It was right net right, like ten minutes away from Anley,

but I was sick, dude.
I lived at my friends house and he

did construction and I was kind of
living off some money I had from Hawaii

because I told Jamie, I'm like, Jamie, I'm going to I'll show

you for three months or I didn't. I didn't even tell him how long,

but it ended up being three months. End Up losing my passport,

got a job. I was working
illegally doing construction. I'm real. This

one job, dude had a fucking
Jackhammer for a week straight. Dude,

this whole slap. That Fun Doing
Jack Hammer stuff. Fuck, no,

Oh, but I know's what I
had to do because I wanted to live

the lifestyle and surf in Australia.
But yeah, I'll say I got funny.

Flew home, but I had my
had my taste of it. Was

Sick. You're done, you know, gone back. I'm going back.

I love it. I love the
waves there. The chicks are hot,

everyone's super cool. Yeah, this
sounds pretty good. Yeah, is it?

But where's my phone? I got
a couple questions. Yeah, you

did, you wrote down stuff.
Yeah, I actually did. Actually,

you're supposed to like. How the
with you? Let's give poopies a moment

to find those questions and take a
quick commercial break. Welcome back to the

Shittyes podcast. Let's see what hard
hitting questions cookies has for us today.

All right, Jason Ellis. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Legend. How's

how was getting back into skateboarding been
for you? Yeah, hard, but

really fun, more fun than probably
the last ten years of me being escape

at pro skateboarder having a good time
out there. Oh, yeah, the

energy is good. Yeah, it's
better now too, because I'm not so

dangerous. I was just real wobbly
for the first couple of months. Man,

just trucks were two loose. I'd
all kinds of things were wrong,

but it took a lot of adjusting, a lot of pretty heavy slams that

kind of made me go oh,
you know, it's just still a good

idea to keep coming back, but
I'm glad I push through that little pocket

because, yeah, seems to be
okay now. You know, the kind

of the confident thing. They're just
want to just want to be safe.

I don't want to skate casual skating
likes it died. Yeah, and it's

not casual. And the tricks you
do, if you don't land those tricks,

you're going to almost die. So
there's a big freaking pressure, pressure

on your back, you know.
Yeah, and you want to land and

it. That's what skateboardings about,
Dude. They that's what we do.

We fucking fall, fall, fall, until we fucking land it. Yeah,

you know, but all those falls
definitely take a toll, you know,

like you're saying, fuck, that's
heavy. So I'm glad. I'm

glad you're you're fucking filling it.
Yeah, glad you're filling it. It's

a good thing. Yeah, it's
worth it. Yeah, just fucking don't,

don't stop. Got It. I'm
telling him what the fuck, not

telling him how to skate. What's
wrong with that? Why do you have

to be? It's not a bad
thing. Good. You are like fucking

your insiconic scutter, energy, positive
energy. That that help you help me

make that stuff. I know.
I was just gonna say it in time.

I was not going to do that. That day I got that met

this legend and fucking I shoved a
Tony, Tony and his warehouse and he's

trying to land this trick on the
huge half pipe and I was like,

come on, you go out this. And then he did tell you.

Then he just put his head down
and landed it. And next try.

Yeah, and I was like hell, yeah, did that was sick.

I was totally going to give up. We are and you put your head

up. Yourself pumped heycause I was
said that was one of those tricks where

it's pretty easy to do, but
it's not anymore. And I was like,

what the fuck? Yeah, I
try before. Yeah, I tried

like twenty of them, and I'm
like, what the Fuck is wrong?

I couldn't get my leg to tweak
back anymore. I come to a holding

stiff or some shit, and it
was like, I'm like, are you

too fucking older? Make you leg
go back with how a fuck, what's

wrong with you? And then it
finally went back. Muscle memory, but

if my body forgot it, that's
that happens. Yeah, yeah, all

right, here we go. Next
question. Next question. That's what they

told me in Canada. Next question. That's the God. How was your

stand up? How has your stand
up been received? Okay, oh,

sorry, sorry, fuck, I'm
fried. How did you get started in

stand up? But you I haven't
read these yet here. Did you write

him down? No, my God, Wow, okay, you should.

Okay, but I said I called
him and it was my idea to get

questions going. Okay, well,
I do. Fuck, we should.

All these wires are eat the carpet
and shit. Get all vacuum and shit.

You know you vacuumed. Yeah,
I did as a shit job.

I know. It's vacuum side.
fucking. How did I get into comedy?

Yeah, yeah, it's I want
to really talk about that. I

okay, yeah, I like all
you really do. I do not riveting

stuff. Yeah, how did you
get started? Stand up? Let's fucking.

Well, I'm I'm funny, you
know, not right now, but

I think you're fucking funny. fucking
times. I'm funny. Ill, YEP,

so I guess. You know,
I figured I would try it eventually,

but I tried it one time a
long time ago and I was like,

I don't like it. I'm not
I don't like I don't want to

plan what I'm gonna say and then
say it again. That sounds stupid to

me, so I'm not going to
do it. And then I had more

comedians that were coming on the show
and talking about it. They made it

sound really fucking cool and that it
wasn't such a weird thing to say the

same thing over and over again,
because you tighten it and you work on

it or whatever. And I started. I was like, all right,

you kind of like fucking start,
like thinking about it too much. Are

you supposed to? So like your
line. It's like doing a line and

on a you mean like you know
your tricks are going to do and making

them better. It's like that.
As just so I just slot the pandemic.

I just was like, fuck it
all. I found a club that

would let me go every Tuesday.
So for a year I just went every

Tuesday and did my little plan thing
until it got better, and then,

right when it got better, was
right and telling her who Ryan Sickler is.

No, he's like a big comedian, has a podcast, the honey

do you should go? I ply
do. Did He. We have you

on there and I'll be good for
this show. Yeah, I just end

up stories about not stories about like
crazy shit that's happened to you in your

life. Oh Really? Fuck yeah, I'll hooked like two of those nudging.

Make sure you ask me after the
protest. Then came up Ryan sickler.

Okay, so he got me a
Gig with like six hundred people in

a fucking comedy club and I was
like, Oh my God, and then

I did that and my friendly filmed
this. What we're nervous, most nervous

I've ever been about anything. Did
you fuck up? No, I ruled

fuck out, and so it was
there. What was the comedy club?

Called Bray Improv. So what was
your line? Your first comedy for you?

Your skill? I don't know.
You gotta know. It's fucking you're

okay. It's a bad being Yay
being knocked out by Shane cow and fucking

China and going to some put mental
breakdown camp. That's end like cradle,

like a eighty year old naked dish
dud. That's AVG. Did we should

do a stand up together? No, that he's sick. I just started

to him up. I did my
first stand up ever. Bullshit and a

step sold out show. You've done
one company showed. It was sold out.

Steve Oh show was sold out.
You went up before Steve Bart I

opened for Steve Oh. How long
did you do? Two minutes. Okay,

when I hear it, yeah,
Oh, you actually fuck. Here

we go buckle up, folks,
it's a Doozy, all right. So

they introduced me poopy yeah, and
starts clapping. I got hey, how's

it going everyone? So say we're
in fucking Indianapolis. How's it going,

Indianapolis, stick to be here.
I'm glad you guys came out. So

I'm here to suck some cock.
So I like my comedy. I hope

you boy your chapstick. And they
got it. They all is a little

laugh, you know. And I
go, so, I'm from a town

in the Midwest, Missouri, and
I moved to California wearing bugle boy shirt,

short jean shorts and girls Adidas.
So there's two things me and tiger

king having common. We're both gay. He'll billies. That became famous.

Nice, did you. It's all
right, it but and then it goes

on too. Sorry, I'm snotty. And then it goes on too.

I go, yeah, it's hard
beating the first jackass member, I mean

new jackass member. Nine am in
the morning I had Ponti is sticking a

funnel on my ass putting hot sauce
down it. That wasn't too fun.

And then, and then I talked
about my shark bite and I go,

yeah, you guys know I love
sharks, fucking love sharks so much I

jumped in a shark pit for fun
and got bit. I jumped in the

shark pit and got a tot,
just for fun, and then I go,

so now I'm a automatic shark expert. I go, if anyone needs

a shark advice, let me know, and then this kind of laugh on

that one, and then I go, yeah, I like to have fun,

maybe a little too much fun.
I pirated my lawyer's boat and broke

down out to sea, four miles
out, and how to get rescued.

And on top of that, I
had a revolver and I'll shooting rounds into

the sea trying to kill seals,
and didn't turn out so well. Well,

thank you, Ladies and gentlemen.
Have a great night. Wow,

how's that one? Would you pay
for that? Wow, what the fuck,

it's good. Yeah, what the
fuck? He said it like you

kind of had a brain when you
were on the podcast with me. What

it was? It was I was
having flashbacks of me up on stage just

then. So it's kind of what
happing a flashback? Yeah, just going

through like I was on stage.
It was weird. Just. No,

yeah, are you up? I'll
shut drugs. No, not any,

no, just marijuana's wait, yeah, fucking hell. Yeah, how's that

one? Pretty good? All right, yeah, now that's good, that's

amazing. But yeah, Stevens said
he loved it and I just ran with

it. And I had four shows
and all so fucking nervous. Which one

was the best one? The last
one, or the which one? The

first one? Really? Yeah,
I got it. You want to see

it? No, Oh, yeah, the first one. So that was

the best because it's the funniest,
because I'm not prepared for the sold out

show first ever time. Why was
the fourth one so bad? Or was

it was just I was I was
too used to it by then to used

to say in it. Yeah,
and I was too comfortable. It wasn't

too comfortable and that made it bad. Yeah, I think so. The

crowd. Did the crowd react any
like differently in each one? The crowd

sucked in Iowa and sucked in Indianapolis. You did your two minutes in the

crab was just like, we don't
care, kind of. But the first

one, first one, and Missouri, everybody laugh. Oh, yeah,

but by the full time nobody was
laughing at your story about a couple chocoles

shooting a seal. I actually added
that on Gil actually trying to shoot U.

See, I actually added that on. No, I didn't, because

right, I actually was trying to
impress you on that one. But no,

you didn't shooting. God would like
to shoot seals. I don't know.

I mean the Nari Fisherman. They
like fucking their shoe seals and shit

and they're like they're like kind of
like stoked on it. But I was

with some Narlie fisherman and they fucking
hate the seals because they eat their fish.

Yeah, yeah, no, no, no, there's no seals shot.

Right, trying to hype it up. I'm adding onto my bit right

there. You know I was add
on it. But all right, next

question. Who? You just heard
my whole stand don't tell anyone that you

just saw. I know, I
don't know. I'm just jo I know

it is joking. All right.
How has your stand up been received?

We already ask you that. One
here has did we? Oh my God,

this is his questions then? Yeah, but you already said it.

Okay, it was like yeah,
five minutes ago when you said it.

Yeah, did I said I'm funny. I can't perfect. Okay, we

can added that out. No Way, we can know that way. Yes,

this is your gift. This is
the best part of the man this

show is the you don't know shit
about anything. That's why you're on here.

Yeah, how do you know what
me? Well, I can see

you, you know, maybe physically. Okay, okay, he might be

onto something. Yeah, yeah,
you're in my garage right. All right,

maybe next question next hey. Okay, Tony Hawk recently took a crazy

fall and fucked up his leg.
Now I'm laughing us there. I'd he

say that. That's cut that out. Okay, well, God, I

can roll go aheads goad, stop
it, no boobies, let's do it.

All right. So Tony Hawk recently
took a crazy fall and fucked up

his leg. Yeah, that's what's
his recovery been like? Pretty good.

Good question, man. Yeah,
he was skateboarding two weeks after he compound

fractured. He's female, so he's
Femer came out of the side of his

leg. The fuck it is real
good one. And two weeks later he

went down to the flat bottom of
the ramp and I filmed him doing tick

tacks on the flat skateboarding. So
he's back. WHOA? Yeah, yeah,

and he's on a mission to anyone. He I just said. He's

skateboard will, dude, he's fucking
he can walk. He taken what?

Yeah, he's totally of course,
but he takes him often walks, like

does like ten fifteen steps, then
gets these crutches again because he's still pretty

fucked up. But he's trying to
skate in some demo in March or some

damn. Dude, like six weeks, he's claiming. Damn. So,

if he does that, he'll be
the greatest American that ever lived. Oh

Fuck, yeah, I think he
think's already up. Yeah, but if

he does that, that me comes. He's like, who's done that?

Fuck, nobody's at top that.
You can't you can't know. For All

you know, unless he breaks his
neck when he's sixty and comes back again,

I don't know, but this is
pretty good. Damn, it's FEMUR

popped out of his fucking skin.
Holy Shit, poor guy. Dude.

Yeah, it was pretty bad.
Fuck, was there. I filmed it.

Fuck, the best part about it
is he is getting he's about to

have his leg straightened because he's knees
been and they said that they've got a

pull it straight to get the bone
to rest the fuck in in a good

area. And right before they do
that, he see he looks up that

he sees me holding the phone recording
and he goes those are you recording?

No, where. Are you filming
right now? The Way? Yeah,

and he goes why? And I
go I thought you'd want it. He's

buzz like anybody else in the world
would. That is holding this phone.

would be just fucking, fucking mortifyingly, I was like yeah, like the

you've just done, they wouldn't even
work. Down to your friend and icon

of the world, Tony Org I
saw his documentary before I came out and

this documentary it's out now, is
all about all the hard slams that he's

taken, like in recovering and people
talk about how he should retire and Shit

because he's gonna get hurt of his
age. And then he does this slam

and no one's filming and I know
that that it's gonna be this big fucking

story and no one's got any video
and no one else wanted to pull their

phone out. I'm like I can
do this, yeah, and I can

also take the filming right now.
I can take that because I'm his brother

and and I know got after it
when he got a little strong. He

was like, thank you for getting
that. I don't want to see it

right now, but I'm glad that
you got it. He just said he

thought when he looked up that I
was live on instagram and that's why he

was tad. He thought you were
alive. It was like a fucking serious

like, but yeah, it's just
on camera mode. Yeah, I'm glad

he's all right. Yeah, be
all right. He's doing tick tocks.

That's fucking legend. Can can't be
stopped. We stopped again. All Right,

here we go. Oh, this
one'snarly, Dude. Okay, how

many cocks have you sucked? Is
that what it is? Yeah, I

can't remember that. We know.
How many have you sucked without a condom?

All of them. You're not rely
sucking dicks with a rubber on his

weird right, what the fuck that, dude? Yea, then you have

like an afterfucking gotta be so sketchy
for me to put a rubber on it.

That's so sketchy that I don't want
to suck your Dick. Yeah,

for sure. What the what about
that moment when you're out in the alley?

I'm not having the fucking alley.
What the Hell? I hope not.

What the what? They're real.
Okay, this one's Notari he made

do it. This was got wrote
it dance and now I know who's doing

it. Go hands nearly. How
do you Balance Fatherhood with your career?

Oh yeah, that's not what I
thought he was going to say. It's

pretty all right. They'll being a
dad and fucking not gonna let Dick fucking

juggle. Difficult, for sure.
Well, I'm divorced, so I only

get my kids half the time.
So half the time I do what everybody

else does when they're a dad.
Man, you know. Yep, take

care of it for him to yeah, like whatever, fuck, yeah,

I'm told to woman, try to
help them with their do they talk?

Do they like tell you shit like
you don't understand? And he was like

yeah, well, no, no, I get it. I'm up to

speed with everybody. Yeah, that's
pretty cool for a dad. You Know

Me? Yeah, fuck, yeah, for sure, like I know people

are cool. Fuck your man,
you know had that? Yeah, like

he probably got like young like cousins
of some Shit. And now you know

Steve Ore. They're like Whoa,
like that's cool. So I have like,

you know, they still think Tony's
cool or I don't know. So

you know, like if Tony did
a shit don't did a fucking tick tock

with they're proud. fucking some hip
hop dude. That's cool as shit.

So now Tony Hawks cool because he's
with him and I know Tony Hulks.

I'm cool through that. Yeah,
it's like you fucking little little NAS.

It's like a little noise. Yeah, they're APP there. So my kids

are think that he's sweet. So
sick. We're still cool somehow. And

my son Skate. They fucking Hang, oh, that's what's up. They

taken to the barracks and Shit Fuck
did if I when I have a family,

I just hope my kids are into
like skating, and I, like

you said, hope because I don't
want to push my kids into doing stuff.

Yeah, no, every they want
to do, that's when you blow

it. Yeah, but great,
for sure. You got like kind of

introduce them to it and then they
want it. They got to see you

do it like a Blus. Why
you don't have to introduce him to it.

Yeah, you just bring them there. You like just did what I

did. Yeah, it looks pretty
cool, like watch my cooler, you

know. Yeah, that's what's up. Yeah, hell, yeah, families

all, some yeah, families everything. For sure. It's probably the most

stressful part of my life, but
it's the most you making time for it,

you know. Yep, you're making
time for I'm so stuck because,

like, thanks for taking time out
of your schedule to be here. The

words in the PODCAST. You that's
huge. All right, the main thing

we want to focus on is okay, this is a message just to me.

The producers really had no other choice
but to try and salvage this by

texting poopies a lifeline. Made Interview. Actually, it's not. You want

me to read it. I got
so, I got it, all right.

How how's her? I could have
done this. Would like a camera

and sent it to you. You
know. Hey, how's your life?

It's pretty good. Changed since okay, so what? How is your life

change in the last, let's say, ten years, and what are you

focusing on those changes? And you
know, well, I don't. Okay,

not show what you let me read
this first. Look. In the

meantime, in the meantime, what
do we got? WHO's your sponsors?

Any shoutouts? And he shout outs
for the FAM. HMM, no,

okay, ask you a question,
I think. Yeah, okay, I'm

going to read you that. So
this is a producer message. To me.

The main thing we want to focus
on here is the past couple years.

He's really changed his life. Yeah, and you have to, and

you have to to so far.
Focusing on those changes in his life will

be relatable and natural. I just
want to say that you can achieve anything

in your life. Fuck you,
if you really want it. I'm your

right here. I'm your exam.
Really wanted to, you know, mean

blessing jackass and and and cruise around
the world and and fuck chicks and get

drunk. Well, I settling,
damn, but whatever you mean, Pie,

I've been good by so I don't
get lately. Should we got a

girlfriend? It's not a brag.
You've been good lately. Yeah, gotta

girlfriend. Yep, okay, and
I haven't been drinking. Boy All,

you haven't been drinking. No drugs? Why? Because I'm trying to make

shit happen. Oh, he's okay, sorry, see what I mean.

Turn around here. Organization is a
big part of my life right now.

Yeah, did my taxes. You
did them. I took pictures of them

and send them to my accountant.
Right, that was a good idea.

Organize them all. Yep, that
counts, and I did that in my

big statements and all that. And
sure, anything you want in life,

anything you want you guys for really
seriously, don't stop if you think like

all, Shit's not working out,
like I'm not getting the numbers I want,

or I'm not getting the the the
you know, perspective of what you

think you wanted to don't stop.
Keep doing it. Yep, I don't

even know what that word is.
When you get your like sand a good

though. Yeah, I don't know
what you thought was going to happen,

and it's not. Don't worry,
it'll happen here. It is there.

We go right there. Write that
one down. I should make a t

shirt, hmm of that. HMM. Yeah, Bill, all right,

it's not a normal podcast, is
it? NASTI people. Other other people

are more professional or what? Sometimes
really little bit. If you do good

though, fuck, I don't know, you're doing your thing. Yeah,

I did. Thank you. Yeah, that was sick. Thank you.

That was fun. All right,
were wrapping it up? Did I have

so many more questions for you.
But how you done? Bud's a lie.

You did not have a fucking Huh. Not. Ah. What is

that? What's your what are you
bet to? Nakedine? Oh, just

stinging. Huh, I don't know. It's like it's kind of like a

habit. The hold it. What
is that? But plug too, vibrator

two for the chicks. Yeah,
both, you said. You just suck

on the end of that. Yep, all right. Is it got like

flavor, isn't it? And Shit, yeah, it's peach ice. It's

got who in it? Peach ice, peach and US. Yeah, it's

like a mentorize. E. Oh, yeah, mental page. Yeah,

yeah, it sounds so discussed.
used to smoke with tobacco, usus,

used to use nickeodine. Yeah,
I use these right now. Oh yeah,

I'm singing. Don't you worry,
cap junkies, you not. We're

not junkies. That's not junkie.
I'm not a junkie because I will you

fucking love self, predict an myself. You did twelve step program Na.

I just don't drink because I got
a hot condition. So made it easier

to quit potentially fucks with my hot
I'm like, will fuck, I don't

want to die. I really like
getting drunk, but I really like being

alive. So it was a pretty
easy choice. But I've always struggled.

I went to meetings and all that
Shit. Yeah, you's not. They're

all these drinking there. Yeah,
it is a bit of a Yah,

but look, my childhood, everybody
drank and that's how I got into yeah,

but you guys are your man now. How many dad like? Yeah,

you got to take control of your
oren't shit. And sure, do

I want to get drunk. Fuck. Yeah, but you know that much

as out father. Yeah, exactly, and Fuck Double Fuck does make it

way easier. Yeah, you think
of that and you like fuck, yeah,

because they see you too. Yeah, they're like, what are you

doing dad? That's why I went
to therapy. fucking stuff, being angry.

Way You'd stopped when I was little, I did. Wow, you

went to therapy as a kid.
I was doing fucking three fucking doses,

three pills of riddling, actually nine, nine pills a day on Ferulin.

Oh, not to make sense now. First and second, third and fourth

grade did in kindergarten. So coming
together. Yeah, dude, I had

a least you're doing really good.
I know, bro that was so great.

Questions. I'd a leash when I
was a gum. My mom had

yet at least rainbow color. I'm
trying to find the pick. I'm just

paying. You be taking off.
Yeah, I'd see some way I'm gonna

go. I'd see something cool that
I would like. That I something shining.

No, probably like like a fucking
toy or some shit. Right,

so something kind of shiny. Probably
now I wasn't Jinny. Yeah, something

like we're not one D and then
if you go yeah, so it sounds

like that. I think I did. They cut the rope, fuck please.

But when I when I cut their
out, that's when it got cut.

No, but yeah, it was
pretty crazy. But we came along

way, came a long way,
and that so I have you doing great.

We both both made it. I
got sweaty palms. They's all good.

Dude. Just because you're nervous,
did I just always I feel like

it's like a I don't know what
it is, maybe like Nack, like

panic, energy shit, because I
always do not take three deep breaths.

I do that. Do you meditate? I try to. Yeah, that's

probably a good idea. I need
so show when I when I what some

on my I'm trying to we are
one fucked up got or another. Trying

to give you a point of y
right to do fucking are you probably going

Os time meditation to say that's like
really good. I was gonna cold motion

to yes, you day in the
day before and yeah, but it's really

bad. It's AFING, Dude.
Let's go serve fucking hate. As long

as you make it out. That's
the hardest part. He's didn't. I'm

making them real tired, but then
my arms don't happy. How I get

back on? I have an lighter
for that. Yeah, and engine in

the you know, you make it
out. Passed the waves. I know

they advertise that. I'm like,
man, coop me wants to buy that

so bad, but I know that
if I get it, I'm a curl.

Will tell you to beat it.
Yeah, I know it, but

I'll meet you and I got the
answer. Gotable of you. You can't

catch us and we have hiding spots. So they I'll have an answer for

that. I was just so when
you get out, I know me too.

When you get out to the breakers, you get past them right,

and then you can sit on your
board for ten minutes and take a ball,

take a break, and then you're
ready for your first wave of the

session. And Yeah, catch it
and you're on and I'll take you surfy

dude. Yeah, that's what you
got to do. I've been to old

man's because I'm a long boarder,
because I suck so bad. I was

there today and we was there.
I was just thirty. That's only plays

I can get away. That's fun. At least you're surfing. Yeah,

I really like it when I get
on it. If I find on time,

I know that I'd be addicted to
it, but when I go for

like two hours and I just get
dumped on a couple and then that's my

afternoon. Or more T yoursel done
following. Yeah, you're tired to I

get old. You mean like get
all trusty, gettle bitter about being old,

because I'm like, man, I
bitch, your arms wouldn't be sore

if you weren't fucking old. Well, ha ha, well, I mean

it's not. It's not ages,
just a number. If you have that,

if you have that thrive though,
if you like catch one and then

you you like fuck, I want
to catch another way. Yeah, you

have that. Yeah, that's all
you need. You can catch as many

waves as you want, because you
want to catch that still, that perfect

wave of the session. And you
can serve when you're old to like people.

Yeare sixty and seventy can get away
fore. Yeah, Nique, right,

see, that's about seventy. But
what about me? Seventy, because

I'm not what I like. If
every well, fifty year olds would be

put away by me put so we're
sixty, I'll be black forty. That's

what I think. Okay, and
I'll do step. Fuck, I'm bad

a math. I don't I'm already
on a few steroids, really cock steroids.

Now I'm my cocks are hot.
Ash, fucking take something this com

that thing down. Actually, I
don't know, but I'm on Testoster,

on Replacement O. Fuck, Shit's
pretty good really. Yeah, yeah,

got my fucking Shit. You go
like a fucking thirty five year old.

There you go. I'm ready to
fuck. Yeah, some gold at dicks.

Are you on tendering? I got
kicked off tender for person mate.

That true story. I told my
wife I might fucking kick me off for

being fake. Me Shut up.
I'm of me being fake. Met didn't

believe you. Yeahn't believe you.
Yeah, I'm like, cool, that's

why fine tenders. Good tally,
not alas, what? No, way,

yeah, they just cock blocked you
so hard I'm banned from it.

Dude. That's the biggest, probably
case analysis on there. That's who love.

But who the fuck band you tender
did? Who? Who? There's

someone that got. When I try
to sign up, it like no post

and Jason, you can't do it. I'm like, I'm fucking me,

man, I know I am.
That's it. I'm grinder and Shit,

though, let's say that works.
Yeah, yeah, I had bumble.

Yeah, I had tender, lame, really, just like weird old ladies

and Shit. Yeah, I don't
know. Everyone wants to date. I

don't want to date. Well,
they wanted. You just telling me want

to, and then you want a
couple dates, and then that's a fall

in love with you, and then
you're like, well, I'm just trying

to just, you know, be
friends, and then you bone them and

then, like I told you,
I just want to be friends. It

is like you're talking a backside a
week. I don't want to go on

a date, two dates, to
meet you somewhere and then we fuck.

It's like a date on Wednesday.
Then you hang out in the week and

then the pound town dates on Wednesday
just to the meet him. You have

no idea how much. Yeah,
this is a lot. If obvious,

to talk to somebody else, like
at lunch right now. Be Over it

too long. Yeah, let it. I don't care what they give me

after it, for Real, I'm
going home. Yeah, what are you

doing after this? Going home?
Really? Yeah, you're not going to

Tony's already went already. Scale are
you skated this morning? And then I'm

gonna go home. I gotta do
yeah, what time is it? Let's

get you home before traffic. Three
nineteen and traffic for sure. Oh Yeah,

all right, we're going to end
this shit. Thank you, Jason.

Your legend in for real, Bro. Thank you luck with your podcast.

Yeah, Bro, any tips?
Yeah, stop point taking. Jason,

will compromise and stop this episode here, but we will be back next

week for more of the shittiest podcast. Thanks to listening. The shittiest podcast

is produced by the world's worst people, Tyler Nielsen, Brian Tillotson, Frank

Frisco, and narrated by me.
The narrator. Special thanks to destroy her

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