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EPISODE 11: 10’s 10’s 10’s across the board with Ross Mathews

Show Notes

This week on The Wine Down Salvador is joined by guest veteran TV personality, fellow podcaster (Straight Talk with Ross Mathews) , best selling author (Man Up!), a current judge on the Emmy winning phenomena RuPaul’s Drag Race, current Attitude Magazine cover boy, the king of drag brunches all across the country and his former partner of almost a decade Mr. Ross Mathews. Plus, Ross plays “Spill the Celebri-Tea” talks about Celebrity Drag Race, which celebrity gave him the cold shoulder for a picture?!? Here’s a hint it rhymes with Yonce. And what the past year has been for like for him. Also, Ross grills Salvador about a new man in Salvador’s life. Along with another exciting edition of Celebrity Swipe Left or Swipe Right #hititorquitit! You can find Ross Mathews on Instagram @HelloRoss. Get Ross’ new book Name Drop at Listen and follow Ross’ podcast Straight Talk with Ross Mathews on Instagram @hellorosspod. For more of Salvador find him across all social media platforms @stylistsalvador and SalvadorCamarena.comFor more great content and bingeable shows take a peek and follow @StrawHutMedia on Instagram.