EPISODE 12: Insatiable with Sarah Colonna


Show Notes

This week on The Wine Down Salvador is joined by guest New York Times Best Selling Author, the star of the Netflix hit series Instatiable, comedian, the owner of Clutchwomen. fellow Lizzo superfan and friend Sarah Colonna. Plus, Salvador and Sarah dig into some White Claws and Salvador's interview goes a little into left field (He had too many White Claws). We also learn the strangest job Sarah's ever had, we breakdown all of her Insatiable castmates, her love for LIzzo, and we play "This or That" and drive in deep into 90 Day Fiance obession. Take a listen to this messy yet fun interview! You can find Sarah Colonna on Instagram @SarahColonna1 Visit SarahColonna.com for all of Sarah's stand up dates. Get yourself a clutch from Clutchwomen and follow them on Instagram @clutchwomen Binge and watch Insatiable on Netflix and fellow the shows happenings on Insta @Insatiable

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