EPISODE 10: Soft Dom-This is NOT gonna hurt


Show Notes

This week on The Wine Down Salvador is joined by panelists TV Host from ET Live Tanner Thomason and returning panelist fashion designer Ngozika O'keke. Plus, Salvador and the panel discuss Gina Rodriguez being in hot water, Nikki Minaj talks good "D" but how important is "the D" to our panel on a scale of 1 - 10? Also, which panelist admits to being a soft dominatrix, who got punched in the face during sex and who got spit on. Along with another exciting edition of Celebrity Swipe Left or Swipe Right #hititorquitit! We see you Kris Jenner. You can find Tanner Thomason on Instagram @gramoftan and follow Tanner's latest project Faith Based @thefaithbasedfilm. Link up with Ngozika O'keke on Instagram @fashiondivango. For more of Salvador find him across all social media platforms @stylistsalvador and SalvadorCamarena.com For more great content and bingeable shows take a peek and follow @StrawHutMedia on Instagram.

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