EPISODE 62: Listening to Your Inner Voice with Intuitive Abigail Eir

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Show Notes

Not only is Abigail Eir a true ray of sunshine and kindness but she is a pinpoint, accurate intuitive reader! Join us as we talk tarot, following who you really are, faith in the universe and so much more. I was blown away by the reading she gave me. I can not wait for you to hear about Abigail and all that she offers to the world.





*Please beware of fake imitation accounts, I only have 1 instagram account and never DM for money or readings. Xo Spiritual Medium Erika


m M. Hello, friends,
welcome to you are not alone. I

am so happy you're here hanging with
me today. This podcast has just taken

a path and a journey on its
own and it is so amazing to me

how many times I get on zoom
with someone to give them a reading and

I'm like how do you hear about
me and they're like, Oh, through

a podcast. I'm like, Oh, which podcast? They're like your podcast.

I'm like this is awesome, so
great, and I love how much

Um this community and this podcast has
spread, because the idea of even doing

this show was just to illuminate Um
different light workers and have conversations that hopefully

inspire people. You know, so
many people right now are having spiritual awakening,

um delving into their own spirituality and
and a lot of those people are

feeling really isolated right so maybe people
aren't Um understanding what they're going through,

or they're even people are thinking they're
weird or their family thinks they're weird,

quote unquote, or they're being misunderstood. and Um this podcast is a place

where you can come and know that
you are literally not alone, that there

are so many people Um really elevating
their consciousness and opening their lives to spirituality

and deeper understanding, and that's why
I kind of have on all different types

of gas because there's gonna be a
guest or a solo show or a q

and a show here. That's something
you hear, something that resonates with you.

Right, as we go through life, we're all looking for little little

nuggets, little treasures to serve us
and assist us on our paths, and

my prayer is that here on this
show that you find one of those treasures

or you find one of those little
nuggets that you needed. Right. You

may hear a million things on this
show you know that you're like yes,

yes, oh my gosh, yes, or you may run into, you

know, one light worker and you
know you work with them and you never

listen in again. Whatever it may
be. Um, I know spirit brought

us together and I know we're here
for a reason. I know you're listening

to these words for a reason and
I know you're tuning in today for a

reason and, Um, my joy
is to ride with you to find out

what that reason is. That reason
will be revealed to you. So thanks

for joining me. And I have
an awesome guest and I'm so excited to

talk to her because it has been
such a heavy day in some ways,

just things going on in the news. And I don't know when you guys

are listening to this, so I'm
not going to focus on exactly what that

is. Uh, maybe you're listening
to this, you know, in two

years or something. But it's been
an intense day and I was looking over

Abigail's Um and that's why I have
on Abigail's Um Instagram, on her work

instagram and then he personal page,
and she just honestly made me so happy

and made me laugh and made me
feel so good. And she's so beautiful,

like her energy is beautiful. She's
also a beautiful person right, obviously

inside and out, but she's just
so lovely and Um. She had this

very Um, a very deep way
about her right so you can tell that

she's very deeper understanding, but that
was so tempered with like this light filled,

beautiful energy. So her name is
Abigail air and Um, she is

based in Denver, Colorado, and
she is an intuitive Tarot reader and she's

been doing that for over six years
and she also teaches a weekly Tarot class

with before noon and she's here today
to chat about Tarot, about intuition,

and she's also going to give me
a card reading and I'm very excited and

I wanted her to do that one
because I think it will be really illuminating

and also, too, because you
will be able to hear how she works,

and I think that's a really special
part of this show as well,

because when you hear how someone works, you feel that calling to work with

them. So, Abigail, welcome
to you or not alone. Thank you

so much for hanging out with me
today. Thanks so much for having me,

Erica. This is just such a
blessing. So so grateful in here

and excited to dig into it all
of you. And Yeah, just,

yeah, it's really excited me too. And like, I think, also

like when I um when I crossed
paths with someone like you, it's like,

if I'm drawn to you, I
know how many people are going to

be drawn to you as well.
I'm sure you've already experienced that in life,

not just on this show, but
you know the listeners on this show

will kind of connect with you as
well, and that's such a beautiful thing

for this kind of exchange. So, Um, I'm really happy you're here.

Really quickly. HOW GORGEOUS IS DENVER? Oh my gosh, it's it's

beautiful. I Love Denver. We
I'm from Wisconsin originally and I've also lived

down in Austin, Texas, and
I feel like like goldilocks my way here,

like it's just perfect seasons. It's
just beautiful. And I actually live

up in the mountains too, just
like outside of Denver. It's yeah,

it's amazing. We're definitely gonna be
here for quite a while. WHO's we?

Who Do you live with? Me
and my husband, Sean, and

then we have a dog of German
shepherd, Hi Sean, he said,

just really oh my gosh. She's
been so supportive on my journey of like,

you know, my spiritual awakening.
I really loved how you talked about

that in the episode, because you
know, the Intro, because I just

feel like that's a huge part of
how I got to where I am today.

Is Really, you know, feeling
comfortable, getting to become like this

more soulful, spiritual person, and
you need people around some people around you,

not everyone, because not everyone will
agree with it, but I said

of a support network. So where
were you? Where were you when you

started to have that spiritual awakening and
what like age range was that? So

I would so I'm I'm really into
astrology. Let me just say that I

might be saying a lot of little
things about astrology. Um, I studied

astrology since I was twelve. Um. But I would say that once I

left the House for college is when
the slow ticking began of the unfolding of

my spiritual awakening. And it it
started really by recognizing, this is kind

of dark, but recognizing how much
I hated myself. It was, you

know, getting to college, realizing
like how different I was, how sheltered

I had been, just how I've
been living my life and just like kind

of hating myself for a few years
and, you know, turning to things

that I thought would help me,
like self help books, that I felt

very, very like just kind of
part of the patriarchy, to be quite

honest. It felt very like regimented
and like you need to just work on

your habits, you need better discipline. Um. And it wasn't until I

moved to Austin and I got out
of college and I like finally had space

to breathe and, you know,
take time to reflect on myself that I

realized that I just needed to know
myself better and accept myself or who I

was in order to then, Um, get past it self loathing and open

up to my gifts. That's amazing. I don't think that's dark at all

and I think, like so much
of like just working with Spirit for all

these years, it boils down to
relationship with self and and working on your

relationship to yourself is basically the most
spiritual thing you can do, because within

each of us is that connection to
God. So if you are working on

your own internal life and your relationship
with self, you are basically honoring God,

which is in all of us.
So I think the most spiritual thing

you can do is is really finding
that place in you that is loving yourself,

and that's a lifelong journey, my
God, and it's always unfolding.

It's always unfolding, and I think
that, I think the initial layer is

the hardest and I think that once
you and that like the beginning of that

spiritual awakening, that rock bottom that
a lot of people talk about, and

so like, if you're finding yourself
in that spot, like just know that

that's kind of the hardest jump and
it gets easier because then it becomes more

of a muscle memory. At least
that's been my experience. Absolutely. So

you were like, Oh my God, I'm in college, I don't know

how I feel about these people,
I don't know how I feel about myself,

and you just were like what the
Hell is going on here? And

then at that time did you?
was there anyone that you turned to,

or you just kept going deeper within? So I again astrology. I have

six planets in Capricorn. So I'm
extremely independent and hard working, like,

but on my own path. I
like, I don't want help from anybody,

but very much like akin to the
hero's journey, there's always been these

people in my life that come in
and help me when I need it the

most. And one of those people
that started off kind of this more spiritual

aligned healing was an ex boyfriend.
We were dating and at Valentine's Day,

uh, he didn't get me a
gift and I was like, excuse me,

why didn't you get me anything?
And he's like you just didn't seem

like the person who likes Valentine's I'm
like that's ridiculous, I want something,

and so then later that day I
get a present from him and it's a

deck of Tarot Cards Tarot Book,
and I had never expressed to him that

that's what I wanted or he knew
I was kind of I was really into

astrology and but like growing up Catholic, I was kind of deeply afraid of

the Arot, even though it's deeply
intrigued by Catholic growing up. A lot

of people I read for our listen, not bashing Catholicism. Y'All, do

do do you, but uh,
there's a lot of people that are struggling

with things that they learned when they're
growing up. Let me just say that

that they're realizing maybe doesn't align with
them, but there's a lot of fear

and guilt of involved to find what
they really believe. I'll just say that

totally. There's a lot of beautiful
aspects and then there can be you can

definite internalizer program yourself in a way
that isn't so beautiful. Um and I

happen to beyond the latter end of
that. And so when he gifted me

that Tarot deck and the book,
was predicting the future with the Tarot.

So my first introduction to the Tarot
was thinking that these cards where you pull

a card, I was going to
tell you what was going to happen to

you. And let me just like
make this a blanket seatement right now,

like that is not how the Tarot
works. It can be, it can

be a helpful portal to kind of
Suss out what's ahead, but it's definitely

it's not. That's not the magic
of it. The real magic of the

Tarot is revealing yourself to you.
And it took me so. I got

the deck when I was twenty,
and it took me to get into awesome

when I was to start seeing that
like different light. So I picked him

up here and there over those five
years, um, but didn't really feel

that deep connection until, Um,
I started following some people on instagram and

seeing that the terror was a little
bit different than I thought and realizing like,

Oh, when I pull a card, it's really just a mirror to

my inner world. The card shows
me questions I need to ask about myself,

to get to know myself and ask
some really tough questions too. And

like, for instance, Um,
the double card, especially, you know,

recovering Catholic, but that card terrified
me. But really, the devil

card, all it is is it
just asks you to look at. What

are your avoidance patterns? Like?
What isn't what are you turning to?

What do you know you should be
doing something else? Where are you hiding

from living your life to find just
like continue to sit in comfort, even

though underneath it all, you kind
of still in discomfort. And so,

like when I would pull that card
when I was like overspending money, or,

you know, pull the card when
I was binge watching TV instead of

working on the business, like I
would pull it and be like, oh

my gosh, like okay, let's
take this in, let's sit with it,

and then, like, through that, learn more about myself too.

Then, you know, help me
readjust because you just need that awareness in

order to make a different decision.
You know, I totally do, and

I think you know you have your
own unique way of connecting to Tarot.

That makes it so much more grounded
and so much more Um this may not

be the word, but like usable, like you can utilize it. It

can serve you in such a wonderful
way and like such a self reflective way,

and like really, what you're saying
is like the Tarot helped you through

your spiritual awakening, because it it
mirrored, as you said, and and

your path was such a one of
self acceptance. So when you had those

mirrors, that helps you go deeper
into yourself and understanding yourself. So that's

really beautiful. And then you're able
to reflect that out and help others with

it in such a love and light
filled way, because I think, like

you're saying, so many people that
think Tarot is just fortune telling and Doomsday

and scary. It's really not,
you know, exact exactly, and I

think, yeah, to kind of
hit on that, like it. When

I was working through it, it
was really almost three years of a solo

journey of just kind of using the
Tarot for myself and understanding that, you

know, in our World Mirror,
and then people started seeing the change in

me. So then they started saying
like well, what are you doing?

I'm like, well, I'm using
this Tarot deck and I'm like, you

know, let me, let me
pull for you, and I'm so grateful

for all of those friends and Co
workers and just acquaintances that let me test

an experiment with them. You know, quite honestly, like pulling guards and

you're like, I don't know what
I'm like fully doing, but like I

trust myself and, you know,
thank you for providing space for me to

practice Um because, you know,
doing that then for a couple of years

I eventually hit, you know,
another one of those like special guides,

Um special mentors that just kind of
plop into your life. Her name is

Danny. She's intuitive reader here in
Denver and you know, she was like

I needed a terror reader at my
shop and she's like give me a reading.

I was like okay, like,
is that me? Am I one

of those? Okay, and it
was a huge dream I had, but

I still didn't have the confidence that
I would really knew what it was like.

I felt like I had something,
but I'm always looking for permission,

and so I gave her a reading. She looks up at me, doesn't

say a word during the entire reading. She goes, you're hired and walks

away. It's like, okay,
cool, I can't argue with that.

I take it. And then I
asked her a few months later, after

doing readings, you know, every
Saturday. I was like Hey, can

I ask you something? Why did
you hire me? And she goes,

you have a natural connection to spirit
and she I don't like. I think

I've told her this. If not, I'm going to send her this podcast

and just because she needs to know
that. That was the final like key.

I needed the permission key to open
it up, because then after that

it was like I almost didn't need
the cards anymore, you know, and

like involved to be able to read
energy and, you know, Spirit works

with your new channel. Outside of
that, I just needed someone to believe

in me in order to believe in
myself. That's so beautiful and that's so

awesome. And when you have those
people, I mean even if they don't

become this great guru a teacher for
you, it's just that that confluence of

events, like that crossroads that you
guys meet in the middle. You know,

she's like I need someone. Wow, you're that someone right when you

were kind of unfolding. It's such
a it's such a cool thing, right.

It's just like what we were talking
about in the beginning of the podcast.

We get like these treasures along the
way of our path, you know,

that kind of keep us going.
Like I think of like a path

through the woods and like Oh,
you find like a little like food that

someone leaves and some water and you
keep going and like you know. So

that's awesome. That's so cool.
Do you you still know her then,

because you said you would send the
podcast. Are you still at her store?

What? What kind of store is
this? So it's a spiritual store,

metaphysical store, plus, Um,
it's a clothing store. It's called

soul shine. It's in Denver,
it's in the highlands. It's a beautiful

little shop and yeah, she I
just saw the other day. Yeah,

she's wonderful. I'm gonna probably start
doing readings there again soon. I Um,

I actually just took the leap out
of my corporate jobs I've been in

for the past ten years and I'm
now doing terror full time, which is

wild. That's awesome. But like
that, it unfolded naturally. You know,

force it, you know push it. An ex boyfriend gave you the

Valentine. You kind of explored it
for years. Then you you know,

it happened over time and I love
that you're telling this story because I think

sometimes when people have spiritual awakenings,
and I see this a lot for people

that I read for, they're like, oh my gosh, I'm having this

spiritual awakening tomorrow, I need to
write a book and read for thousands of

people and whatever and it's like,
Whoa, no, hold on, you're

going to freak out. You need
to like go slow and let it unfold.

Of course they're people that have different
stories than that, but to allow

it to unfold. You know,
your body and your mind and your spirit

Um digests only what it can.
So if you go too fast, you

become you're overflowing and it's very unhealthy, you know, to hear things that

you're not ready for. So amazing
how you unfolded in such an organic way

and now you're doing terror full time. Congratulation, it's not. It's so

fun. And it's funny though,
because, like, don't get me wrong,

I was definitely one of those people. I was definitely like one of

yeah, so was I. Yeah, but you know what, Spirit course

corrects you. I tried to like
so many times, to open up a

bit like a terror business, and
spirits like no, to close that door.

That's not happening yet. And funny
enough, last year, last March

Um, I got a huge push
to do this full time and I'm the

one who resisted. Last year,
I was like, I dug my heels

and I'm like, I don't think
I'm ready. I'm scared. Now that

you believe in me, I don't
believe in myself. I need one more

year. And so I took yet
one more corporate job that I was miserable

at, and I was like,
but my business continue to grow. So,

as like that side of my life
was going like down, my terrible

business was like reaching points I had
never experienced before and it was like,

I'm going to show you that you're
ready for this. And so then when

this you know, this April came
around, I was like, okay,

let's take it, let's take the
fool's leap and let's try this journey.

That's so cool. And and side
note, I was that person too.

So like, no, no judgment
at all, but I'll come across like

mediums. MEDIUMSHIP is its own very
unique thing, but I'll come across mediums

and they'll tell me things that are
happening in readings and I'm like, uh,

you shouldn't be doing readings yet you
didn't even know who you were talking

to and you got overtaken and you
know. And that is a judgment,

right, not as a judgment.
was like Whoa, you're going way too

fast, this is not as safe, you know. So I think part

of that, and especially for people
listening, is like just take one step

at a time, one thing at
a time, one step at a time,

and like you also have to balance
it with your life. So,

like you say, you weren't ready
when spirit said you were ready, but

that's allowed. You're allowed to say, Hey, I need to get my

earthly stuff like situated before I just
go off to that, and that's okay.

You're in charge. You're in charge
of how quickly or how slow you

go. You know, that's amazing. That's an amazing story. And now

here you are on this show in
Denver with your dog and your husband.

This is a good this is a
good run for you, this is a

good life. I know. It's
just everything's connecting in a really beautiful way

and I just feel like that there's
still so much like, like you kind

of open, but there's so much
happiness still going on. But at the

same time, like trying to find
your own personal wins is really important and

like continuing forward and like trying to
be the light and the change is like

the most that you can you and
it just feels like right now just trying

to like, you know, continue
on with that is where where I'm at.

So it feels really great to be
here. That's awesome and I think,

like you know, if you think
of scales, right, there's light

on one end and dark on the
other, and so so many light workers,

helpers, healers are being activated.
Really that that we were seated here

right and we're being activated. And
sometimes we fight that or struggle with that

or we think we're crazy and we're
having so many you know, people are

having overdoses and trying to numb themselves
and you know, but really so many

people are seated here as light workers
and so those you know, if you're

being activated, take your time,
but it's for a reason, you know.

And like when I think of the
scales of light and dark, it's

like are you going to contribute to
the light or to the dark? You

know, and if you're, if
you're being called to help or heal or

teach or whatever it may be,
it's it's your you're being called. You

know, it's not always easy just
to heed that call in two seconds flat.

You so it takes time, but
that's so awesome. So I see.

Okay, so, Um, you. I saw you do two types

of sessions. You do a deep
dive, which is a sixty minute zoom

session, which is amazing, and
then you do a gut check, which

is like an immediate guidance recorded session, which I'm like, that is awesome.

What is tell me about that.
Okay, so I think this might

be my favorite thing. So the
gut check is, once you buy it,

I'll send it to you within three
business days. We never meet.

All I have is your name and
I record like about a twenty minute Tarot

session and I opened up, I
explained how work, and then I am

calling your guides and I sit down
and, you know, start just channeling

messages for you and then pulling Tarot
cards. And I love this so much

because like nine times out of time
I get an email back saying my jaw

was on the floor. How did
you know this? Oh my gosh,

yes, it's honestly a really great
like feedback loop. To that I'm like,

okay, I'm on the right path, I'm doing the right thing and

it's it's my most affordable option too, because I want people to be able

to experience this. Even if you
can't do the full one on one session,

you should still be able to get
guidance, and so I love being

able to do these readings because they
just they're just kind of eerie, and

that's actually what a client said about
me once. She's like, you're really

eerie, but in a beautiful way. Like I just I can't believe how

much you can like open up and
read Um. And so, yeah,

it's just a really great session.
But if you, you know, want

that more one on one, you
know, US having a conversation, that's

the deep dive. That's when we
meet and we meet on Zoom and you

can bring questions. We always open
with what spirit wants you to know first

and then or your guides want you
to know first, and then we dive

into the Tarot and work through any
of the questions that come up. But

it's it's funny most of the time, like they'll tell them to have I'll

tell them to have questions prepared and
the first thing that like the guides are

fit wants to talk about is what
they brought up. Yes, yes,

that's awesome, that's so cool,
this is great. Um, okay,

so do you want to pull some
cards for me? Are you still down?

So it's so excited. Well,
it's so funny too, because I

feel like whenever, Um, someone
connects with me and people can hear their

voice, it's like everyone's like,
wait, I want to do that.

You know, it's it's so unique
to hear your voice and I love how

much you were able to talk about
how Special Tarot is if you can use

it in that really Um supportive way
to support you, not to say here's

what's going to happen or like be
afraid of the devil card. Right,

very cool. So I'm thrilled.
I'm so excited. Thank you. Yes,

all right, I'm so pumped.
Okay, so how I read is

in just a second we'll take a
moment to breathe together and that just helps

establish a connection. Profrior to give
men getting on the podcast. I created

it a really lovely space, like
making sure energetically it's secure and we're only

calling in the highest good Um.
But helping US breathe together just kind of

establishes that connection and then from that
I'll pull some cards. I let the

guides just kind of tell me what
spreads they want. So I don't even

know what spread we're going to do
yet, but they'll tell me and we'll

dig into it. It'll be great. I'll try not. We'll see.

I'm trying and tell them not to
make it too huge of a spread because

that can be a lot of messages. But General it's around like three to

five cards. Perfect and I hope
everyone can hear her shuffling because it sounds

so good in my ear because I
have the headphones on. If you're on

Youtube, you guys can see like
me on my headphones. But hopefully if

you're listening to this in your earbuds
or in your car whatever, you can

hear her shuffling because it sounds so
good. That sounds so good. I

use these really long acrylic nails and
even like people would tell me that m

I tapped the cards. They loved
it and I'd like me to get them

back. But Oh yeah, I've
got my nails. Actually the these are

real nails. I just have hard
gel on them. I need to do

that again, like it's so fun
to have. It brings me so much

joy. It brings me so much
joy. Yes, yeah, I love

having the long nails and then every
summer I take everything off and I just

like paint clear on them and let
it go. You know. Yeah,

really, I'm like a winter long
nail girl. This summer. I'm like

putting Sun Tanlution on my kids and
like I can't. So funny. Oh

my gosh, yeah, I have
my summer party nails, but yeah,

so we'll have to get those.
Yeah, all right. So let's do

our little connection. You don't mind
closing your eyes, and I'd like for

you to do is just find that
natural rhythm of breath and, as you're

doing that, pulling up the bubble
of security around us, inviting your guides

in. Youre deserve Eric, because
highest good in our highest good alone.

So be it. I also call
on my guides to help me be an

open channel for Erica and our highest
good. You're moving my ego and allowing

me to read and open up any
messages for her at this time. SOFA,

we're going to now just take three
big breaths, in and out together.

I would love for you to envision
red dust coming out of your mouth

as you're exceling, and and out, and in and out. The last

one, in and out. Beautiful. All right, so you can open

up your eyes, doing me back
in this space. So it's interesting.

Is the first thing that when I
called him your guides, your guides are

they're heavy like they're they're dense and
they're rooted and it's it's interesting because a

lot of times I get Um,
you know, kind of these like whispy

or like, you know, they're
kind of just they're they're just light,

but yours are like this, like
this force Um, but it's very intense.

Yeah, yeah, and it's it's
Um. It's almost like your relationship

with them is in concrete, like
you guys have formed such a very solid

relationship that they're able to come in
and they're able to be like this force

Um. Okay, so, like
they're just kind of wanting to talk through

me right now, probably because I
don't know about you, but I actually

have a hard time connected my own
guides, so sometimes it's nice to get

the message from someone else. They're
just very, very best friends with my

guides. I even teach a course
on how to do that. So I

love it. Now, I'm I'm
we're we're deep, we're deep. But

yes, yes, go ahead,
I would love yeah, they're just like

saying like, like the first thing
that I'm getting from them is just immense

love and like it's like so much
like pride or proud of you, like

where you're at what you're doing.
It feels like like kind of how do

I describe this? Almost like a
little brother and older brother, like just

being like like yes, like like
this is this is my best sea.

Like look at them go like they're
your biggest hype man. It just feels

like such rich, beautiful, like
loving connection between you two. Do you

see two? Did you say little
brother and younger brother? Because you see

two male gets. It definitely feels
more masculine. Okay, yeah, and

it does kind of feel like there's
like like you're kind of this middle between

them, like you kind of get
like like you're like this Um what?

How would I would how would I
describe this? I don't know exactly what

you're talking about. Yeah, I'll
have to. I don't want to like

I know exactly what you're saying.
Okay, because I have guides on two

different planes. One's lower, I'm
in the middle, and then I have

a high guide on a different plane. Yes, that's like they're showing me

like, I wanted to say a
bar graph, and you're the Middle Bar.

Yes, like it's kind of like
I don't know exactly, like exact

fucking Lee. I don't know how
to say like exactly, Um, wild.

I love it. I love it
so much. They just love you.

They're showing me baseball for some reason. Um, what does that mean?

I have to sometimes, like,
you know, because I'm clairvoyant,

Claire Senting, Claire Cognizance. So
I feel I know and I see,

and a lot of kids of the
metaphors. It's like you have to,

you have to pull them apart and
kind of get at it. Um,

it's something like the baseball reference feels
like joyful and games and like kind of

like you're entering it, like,
you know, taking the family to the

Bal like going off and enjoying something. Oh yeah, yeah, so it's

feeling like, you know, kind
of like entering into a season of that

for you. Um, I love
that. Whenever this merking retrograde ends.

Jeez, all right, they're showing
me. They're only gonna have me pull

three cards. That's okay, that's
great. I like it. So the

spread that they're gonna have me do
is it just like one of the most

beautiful spreads and, especially if you're
a new terror reader, it's an excellent

spread that you can do for yourself. Um, and it's called the the

here. The below and the above
or, you know, you can call

it whatever you want, but I
actually just kind of sometimes go um,

the above and the below. So
the first card you pull is the Middle

Card, and that's where you are
right now. That's how you're showing up

on this earthly plane. And then
the card below that is the subconscious.

It's what you're working through, kind
of the issue or the environment that you're

moving through. Cool, and then
the above card is the advice to heed.

Is the thing that you need to
call and bring down into consciousness.

And I got a lot of pentacles
here. So we got we're gonna be

talking a lot about behavior in the
physical realm, which is really cool.

So the first one that I have
is this is you in this moment.

So we have the nine yes here. This is the Middle Card. This

is the nine of Pentacles, and
so I love the pentacle suits because it's

Um, it's it's the physical realm, it's the behavioral realm, it's where

we're actually working within, like what
we can feel and see, whereas the

ones, the cups and the swords
are the invisible realms. There the energy,

the emotion and the mental state.
So when I'm looking at you.

I can't. You know. You
know, on the day, if I'm

walking in a grocery store and I
look at someone, I can't see what

they're thinking or feeling or what they're
energetically feeling, unless I'm tuned in.

But let's say I'm not. What
I'm seeing is the behavioral realm. I'm

seeing how you're presenting yourself in this
world, and that's the pentacles. And

so the nine of Pentacles is like
we can think of this as like a

guarding the metaphor. The Ace of
Pentacles is you're planting this seed in the

in the physical world. You want
to change something, you want to create

something in this physical world, and
so then you go through all these steps

and once you hit the nine of
tentacles, you're just before the harvest.

And so this is a beautiful card
because this is so much about you know,

you have these ripe to nearly ripe
tomatoes on the plant. They're green,

they're just like, they're just they're
they're peaking, you know, red,

and you just want to eat one
so badly, but you know that

you need to wait just one more
week until you can get this. And

so this is telling me that you're
at some point right now where you're you're

you're just about to receive the fruits
of your labor. That's awesome. I'm

like yes, yes, and yes
with a big side of yes. And

also, I'm like literally in the
middle of gardening. Everyone who follows me

on Instagram, I'm like incessantly showing
them my garden, which is like a

vegetable box, by the way.
Like so great, great, Um Metaphors.

And yes, this is fucking on
point. Nice. It's a lovely

card too. It seems like,
Hey, you're almost there, and it's

it's like like a blessing, like
a kiss on the forehead, like you

got this and biocondas. Go with
God, baby, you're there. Go

for it. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, Um. One thing that this

car does ask of you is to
pay gratitude for how much labor you've put

it in up to this point and
how far you've come. And you know,

just it's it's supposed to be a
point of reflection. So it's like

you know, hey, you're almost
there, and also take a moment to

appreciate how far you've come. So, you know, I always say there's

always a little bit of homework in
a reading. So they're siding for you.

Thank you. Yes, thank you. So it's interesting on your subconscious

card, but become the energy or
moving through what you're trying to work through.

We got a sword, we got
the seven of swords, and so

the swords deal with the mental realm, they deal with how we think,

and so it's funny when you first
started reading the terror you might notice that

that the swords seemed to be the
heavier suit, the darker cards. They're

a little bit more dramatic of cards, and the reason is is because so

often we live our lives controlled by
our mind and we forget to bring in

the emotional side, we forget to
bring in the energetic side, and so

those are a little bit lighter because
I'm like, Hey, try this out,

where the swords are like Hey,
let go of this. And so

for your subconscious card you got the
seven of swords, and the seven of

swords I like to read as the
imposter syndromes card, and it's this underlining,

like am I enough? Can I
do this? Is this actually what

I'm supposed to be doing? Do
I believe that? Do I believe in

myself? And so what this is
telling me being in the subconscious is like,

as of lately, you might have
had kind of wrestle some inner demons

with that. You had to wrestle
some like Oh, am I on the

right path? Is this actually what
I'm supposed to be putting out? Am

I saying the right thing? Am
I doing the right thing? Is this

really like how I want to show
up in this world? and Or,

like you know, even it could
be showing up in career or family,

it can be any area of your
life that you might just be feeling like

you're not doing things right or you're
not enough to be doing what you actually

think you should be doing. And
it was reversed. So I read reversals

a little bit more intuitively, so
I don't have such a great bullet point

for like this is the exact meaning
of a reversal for this, yes,

but this makes me feel like,
if you're actually coming out of this phase,

you kind of have conquered this demon
and it's it's kind of the closing,

the ending of that. It's kind
of like you're feeling like almost like

the debris after this this big feeling
and like kind of stepping out of that.

Now. How cool does that go? With the Nina pentacles. I

know, you know what I mean, like you know and and like how

amazing does seven of swords and nine
of Pentacles go together? Because you're like

you're moving through this time subconsciously and
you're ready to do it. You know,

like we had to work with the
mind to get there. Yeah,

that's a very cool card and I
am absolutely on the right path. I

know exactly where I want to go
and what I'm doing and who I am

and what I want to say.
And I think what you're picking up on

is that, before feeling so confident, it was kind of like, how

the Funk am I going to do
that? Am I good enough to go

to the heights that I've been shown? Right, in a good way,

right, like am I really,
like, who am I to do that?

And my guys were just like who
are you not, Babe? What

are you doing? You know,
like what are you doing? Um,

you bring your own unique brands.
So so it was that. Definitely that

just like making sure I was ready
to go to the nine of Pentacles,

basically, and I had. I
knew I was technically, but I had

to go within my own spirit and
align with that harvest. Yes, and

that's like kind of going back to
what we're talking about. Like the Tarot

helps you because you might not realize
that you have a subtle undercurrent, Um,

that the you, as the collective, Um, might not realize that

you're carrying a subtle undercurrent of discomfort
within. And so when you can pull

a cardion and can pull something like
a seven eventicles and like Huh, how?

How am I not believing in myself
or how am I thinking that I'm

not good enough for this? And
it can kind of help you to diffuse

that. Um. It's so cool
that you're saying that, and it was

interesting. Um, I was talking
to someone yesterday, Um, and she

was saying I have struggled with self
hatred and self doubt, and this was

not during a reading, but it
was a client, and she's like,

I I've struggled so much with self
hatred and self doubt. And I said

to her, I'm like so have
I. I'm like nobody is absolved from

that. Everyone has insecurities and judgments
and that's in all different places, you

know, and she was like you, like, I wouldn't even think that.

I'm like, Oh my yes,
I'm still on that journey. And

it's so beautiful that you just pulled
that seven enough swords that kind of struggle

with believing in yourself and so on, and that, I know, will

mean a lot to a lot of
people as well that listen in, because

sometimes we think we're so alone in
that, like God, What's wrong with

me? I don't like myself,
like, Oh God, you know,

everybody struggles with that. You know, I've thought negative things about myself five

times today that I was like,
okay, let's rewrite the ship, let's

get back to the truth, let's
get back to Erica, you know.

But but yeah, and so that's
really cool that that's coming up, especially

as the below and the here is
in that neat place. So thank you

so much for that validated one hundred
perfect. I'm so glad. Yes,

and I couldn't agree more. You're
everyone. You are not alone, just

like the podcast says. Okay,
so the final card is the top card,

and again that is what you're you
need to pull into consciousness. Okay,

what does the advice your guides have
for you at this time to help

you through this? And you've got
the four Pentacles, so I don't know.

I'm kind of surprised by this and
then so I'm curious to see like

how this resonates for you. So
the four Pentacles, all fours, are

about a time to be alone and
reflect and work on ourselves, and the

four pentacles specifically is like you're asked, you're being asked to change, you're

asked to take the sleep, you're
being asked to go on this journey,

to do this thing, to,
you know, get to that harvest.

And then the four is kind of
like, you know, it's generally depicted

as a dude who has is holding
a coin above his head, he has

a coin on his lap and he
has both feet planted on a coin as

well on a Pentacle, and he's
basically made himself stuck in mobile with self

protection by trying to keep himself like
well, you know, if I take

that leap, will I still have
money? Will I still find this way?

Will I still get there? And
I pulled, you know, this

card a lot for myself when I
was transitioning out of my big corporate,

you know, lucrative tech job into
intuitive reading, because I was really scared

that I was, you know,
like you know, I'm gonna I'm not

gonna have enough. And so I'm
like I'm restricting that, I'm holding within.

And so there's an element that,
like, you might just want to

look into again. This is kind
of your advice card. Where might you

be trying to still play a little
safe, you know, still hold onto

something that maybe you know isn't serving
you as well or is you're trying to

protect, but it doesn't actually need
protection. You can just put those coins

in a knapsack and carry it with
you. You don't have to sit there

and be held down by them.
I love that. That's so great,

that is so awesome and that probably
like you're using it like in relation to

money, but it can be in
different areas too. It sounds like,

yeah, that's really cool and and
yeah, so what my guides are saying

is like call in that ability to
detach from the things that's holding you,

things that are holding you down,
basically so that you can get to where

you need to go. I think
for me that's like that self preservation,

it's like that that, um,
it's more like I hate when people are

mad at me and I hate when
people don't like me. It's it's it's

character flaw. You know what I
mean? Now sometimes people don't like me,

I'm like yeah, fuck him,
whatever, it's fine, but like

people that I care about or if
I'm putting myself out there vulnerably. So

it might be that, like,
you know, I've done group readings where

I've had protesters outside. Yeah,
and and it's been revealed to me that

I've been doing this work for many, many, many, many, many

lifetimes, and so part of the
work in this lifetime is to kind of

overthrow that demonization of people that say
they talk to God, basically because we

all can talk to God, right, right, and so I think some

of that fear would be to totally, you know, expose myself in some

ways, which is ridiculous. I've
been reading for fifteen years, I've read

for thousands of people all over the
world. But it's that last little edge,

you know, the last little like
hair of you know, cut the

cords, Babe, you know,
totally. Does that resonate with that card,

because there is an element again,
like this person is kind of protecting

themselves in a way with these like
coins because like, and then also keeping

themselves stock. They're like I,
like, I just, like I'm trying

to shield myself in a way.
And but and also, like you have

to move on from that. You
can't just sit there in the entire time

and like you can't eat, you
can't go hang out with friends if you're

doing this, like not really,
but like, you know, if we're

really thinking about literally Um. But
it's interesting that you're bringing up the like

overthrow the demonization of being able to
talk to God, because I do feel

like, like, you know,
bringing back to light workers and like what

we're all but so many of them
are being aked, so many of us

are being activated right now. That
kind of that's come up in the readings

for me too, where I've come
from, a long lineage of which,

which is um are very spiritual women, and they've slowly been like silenced and

shunned to a point where like my
like my family like completely rejects it and

I'm the one that's resurfacing it.
And Yeah, it's we're in a time

now where, yeah, let's overthrow
it, no more demonization, like this

is real, like like it's bizarre
how we're real. It is and it's

beautiful, but it's so funny.
It's like it's the most natural, normal

thing in the world. It's like
the least both bizarre thing there is to

connect with God, right, because
every single one of us is connected to

God. So I love that.
Card I um. I feel like I

have worked through that massively over the
past, you know, fifteen, sixteen,

seventeen years, and it's so interesting
that it comes up again, which

makes sense because if I'm going to
go harvest and go to a new elevation,

you have to remember that that's just
all dust in the wind, right.

So it's like taking it to a
new level and as I hit that

new level, maybe that'll it's arising
again. So my guides are basically like,

you know, let it go,
let it go, let it go,

go. Actually, when people say
to me, when people say to

me let it go, I'm like, AH, that's like my that's my

night my two nightmare thinks one,
let it go and quote, you're fine,

end quote. I hate when people
tell me you're fine. I'm like

what is fine? Yeah, but
literally happened to me yesterday. Someone said

you're fine. I was like am
I am, I. What is you're

fine? I'm like, I'm fine. What what's fine? But but that's

really, really cool and I love
that and that is something that I've dealt

with so much of like people being
mad at me. I hate when people

are mad at me. It really
I think, also because my intention is

to make people feel really good and
positive. So someone's feeling mad, it's

really painful. Yeah, but they're
kind. They're going to come out and

droves, I'm sure. So I
just need to let it go. Obviously.

Well, the more visible you get, and this is something I've had

to work with, because I,
like hid for my family for so long

that I was doing Taro and like
that. I was a spiritual person and

for and, like you know,
the more that I got into the more

that I believed and the more that
I saw how beautiful it wasn't how much

I was opening my life. I
was like I can't keep hiding this,

and so then, like you know, I had to put myself at risk.

And you know, the more visible
you get, the more at risk

for, you know, in air
quotes like you are, for finding hares

and finding people who are going to
kind of like shoot on your parade.

And it's at the end of the
day, it's not your responsibility to change

their mind. You just have to
keep doing you and I think that's for

anyone listening who wants to take a
step out and do something bigger than where

you've been. It does require,
you know, again, an act of

more visibility. And just remember you
have to keep following you, like that's

all you can do. Absolutely and
like what other people think of you is

really none of your business. That's
their business. It's not, but it's

none of your business. It's really
really not. And that's pretty much how

I live my life. But it's
interesting that this kind of popped up.

It's like, but are you ready
to live it? Even more so that's

such great advice, Um, from
my guides. I really love that and

I mean this was the best reading. Like really I'm obsessed with this reading.

I love talking to you. You
are a sunshine. You're just I

just adore you. You're amazing.
Thanks. I love you too. Oh

my God, so wonderful talking to
like minded just it's just, yeah,

you're wonderful and I love the work
that you're doing, everything that you do.

Thank you, and you will see
that there are so many people that

listen to this podcast that are right
in keeping with what we're talking about,

so many spiritual seekers and spiritual people. I just the community of people that

listen to this podcast is just it
blows me away and I'm just so grateful

that they got to meet you and
be introduced to you and this conversation.

I just I know how much energy
goes into going in and getting messages.

So I just want to say thank
you so much for my reading. I

just accept it with so much gratitude. Really, thank you, thank you,

and thank you guys. Thank you, guys, for helping US channel

this message. Okay, thank you, Um. I know everyone's going to

get Um. Want to get a
reading with you. Can you tell me

Your instagram handle, your TIKTOK and
your website? Definitely so. I am

most active on Tiktok. So if
you want to learn more about Taryll,

I talk a ton on there and
that's going to be at Abigail A B

I r. So my name is Abigail

Air, but air is actually spelled
asan e. it's a scandinavian goddess,

so that's where that comes from,
Um, and then my instagram handles the

same abigail underscore air, and then
my website is Abigail Air Dot Com and

I would love to see you guys. So excited to meet with this community.

You have such a rich community and
audience, so I'm very excited and

grateful to be here. Thanks.
Oh good, I'm so glad you guys.

Go ahead and please follow Abigail.
She has a beautiful instagram. I

am not sure how to turn on
Tiktok, but I'm sure her TIKTOK is

fabulous, I'm sure antime. Thank
you. I'm sure her TIKTOK is awesome,

so definitely follow her there. Hit
Her website so you can book a

reading with her, either her deep
dive or her hold on. I wrote

it down. Gut check, her
deep diver. Gut Check. This reading

was insanely on point and amazing and
really thought provoking, and I don't say

that lightly. I'm very careful on
who I let actually read for me in

a deep way. So most people
are like, I can't read for you

for some reason. I'm like sorry, I like shut people out, but

I totally went for it with you
today and my God, thank you.

That was a beautiful reading. Um
To anyone listening here today, I hope

that you know you take many things
away from this conversation, but if you

take anything away, I hope you
take away the fact that, Um,

God is with you, Spirit is
with you, that there's a beautiful,

incredible, amazing energy around each and
every one of us. And if you're

being called, Hey, maybe you're
being called to be a nurse, be

a teacher, be a doctor,
be a dog walker, be a painter.

You know there there's all kinds of
things you may be called for,

but at the end of the day, go within and trust your heart,

trust the intuitive voice within you,
because that is what connects you to God.

Your intuition is what's connecting you into
God. and Um, if you

hear any you know, you heard
about Abigail's journey. I know so many

of you are going through spiritual awakening. Um, don't rush, take your

time, trust yourself, trust God
and trust the universe. Um, I

just so enjoyed being with you guys
today. I loved being with Abigail.

Um. If you like this podcast, share it, leave me a comment

on apple podcasts rate me. I
also just want to shout out, and

just shouted from the rooftop, guys, Um, a lot of people are

building fake accounts. They are exactly
copying my account and they're just spelling my

name one letter different. I've had
some horrible, horrible experiences this week with

people getting horribly scammed. Uh in
quote my name. It's clearly not me.

I never, ever, ever do
business via instagram. I am not

friending you, I am not writing
you telling you I want to read for

you. I'm not writing you telling
you there's a curse on your family.

This is not me. Block and
report those sites and move on with your

day. Guys, I have over
ten thousand followers. Most of these sites

have about a thousand followers. So
please be careful, not just on instagram

but all over the Internet. It's
like the wild wild west. So be

mindful, be careful. Um,
if you want to reading with me,

you've got to go through Jenna.
You know. You've got to go through

Jenna at Erica Gabriel Dot Com.
You can always email her at Info at

Erica Gabriel Dot Com. I'm about, UH, about a year out,

guys, so I'm not going on
instagram trying to convince people to get readings

right. So, if you book
with me today, you'll get a reading

in about a year. You'll get
a reading in three. So I'm telling

you, guys, that so you
know it is not me. It is

not me, so protect yourself.
God bless you guys. I have some

amazing, amazing other guests coming up, uh, in season three. I

love you. Know with your whole
heart and soul that you are not alone. Ye
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