EPISODE 61: Shamanism with "The Rock-Star Shaman" Alyson Charles

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Show Notes

Alyson Charles is known all over the world as "The Rock-Star Shaman". She bridges the wisdom of earth-sky for modern times with her own sacred style of shamanism. She is an author, a podcast host, and a powerful speaker, and has many special offerings to the world. In this connected conversation, we talk about unfolding paths, listening to Spirit, Spirit Animals, her beautiful book "Animal Power" and so much more. 





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Hello, friends, welcome to you
are not alone. I am spiritual medium,

Erica. I'm so happy to be
hanging out with you today and and

to be with you today. This
has been a powerhouse week in self reflection,

which I feel like every week is
is a week and self reflection,

but this week I kind of put
it out there and shared it with you,

all things that I'm working on and
struggling with, and it was really

cool because everyone responded with I feel
you, I get what's going on.

I'm going through that too. And
what I love about this week, and

I had put something on instagram about
struggling with that idea of being fed up

with yourself over something that you thought
you quote fixed, right. So it's

like this idea of maintenance and maintaining
certain areas in our lives, right.

So sometimes we think, oh,
I healed that and that's done and I

control that now, right, and
then it comes back around and we go,

Oh God, this again really and
it's kind of this idea of maintenance

and that there are areas in our
lives that are something that we continuously are

working with and having grace with our
selves with and maintaining, whereas there's other

areas that come a bit more naturally. And what was amazing is the response

from from you guys and from instagram
was that we all have things that were

working on and maintaining and what's so
powerful about this community is that even just

listening to these podcasts and connecting with
these incredible healers and helpers and light workers

and opening yourself up to new ideas, new thoughts, things you love,

things you don't love, that is
a powerful expression in self care and maintaining

your own spirit and your spiritual journey. So to be here with you and

to get to share this incredible guest
that is here to kind of support everybody

and and and share her incredible way
that she's shining the divine in this life

is really powerful and I'm so excited
you guys get to meet her and be

with her. I want you to
know to anyone listening, you are not

alone. You are not alone.
The response that we get when we reach

out and we reach out for support
is overwhelming. So know that this incredible

podcast in this moment of time is
here for you and you are not alone

and there are other seekers out there
and there are other people out there that

are feeling what you're feeling. So
I just want to take a minute and

just send out shooting rays of light
to every single person listening today. You

are not alone, you are loved, and thank you for the support that

you've given me in my my continued
quest for maintaining and not being mad at

myself for having to maintain things.
So you guys know what I need,

especially those that follow me, and
God bless you. Also here I have

on a very special guest today.
Her name is Alison Charles. Many of

you probably know her already. She's
known all over the world as the Rock

Star Shaman. She is bridging the
wisdoms of Earth Sky for modern times.

She's the author of a powerful book. I have it right here in my

hands, called animal power. It's
beautiful too, so anyone that's watching on

Youtube, let me hold it up. I can't wait for you guys to

order her book if you don't have
it already. She's also the host of

ceremony circle podcast and she also has
many beautiful and sacred offerings, from speaking

engagements to her third eye certification.
And she's here to hang with us today

and and to support us on this, on our journey Alice, and thank

you so much for being here.
I'm so happy to see you the thank

you. I love your effortvescent energy. I have a lot of that in

myself as well and it's nice to
see that same kind of level in someone

else. It's refreshing and thanks for
having me and for the beautiful intro.

You're welcome. I'm so happy you're
here and thank you. Yes, I

like, I like, I like
high energy, especially, you know,

it's funny like this podcast were very
like it's organic and it's not super contribed.

You know, we just let spirit
go. But also to like when

I connect with you or when kind
of everything goes record, that is a

huge boost of energy. You know, it's exciting. It is. It

is. Yeah, before I had
my spiritual awakening, divine interment, I

come from the world's of live radio
and live television hosting and television producing,

and so most, if not all, of my professional career is that kind

of feeling of like okay, The
red light is on, the camera light

is on and your live and the
yeah, flood of energy and here we

go. It really acts in mind, body, Spirit soul, I mean

because there's no other option. Totally
and it's fun, it feels good.

It's like that. That like boast. You're like, Oh, yeah,

all right, what am I?
What am I shining? Yeah, what

am I shining right now? You
know, it's cool. So this is

so awesome. So you did that
work and then you had a spiritual awakening

with a did you have a dark
night and then a spiritual awaken I had

a dark twenty years. I mean, you know, it's I wouldn't change

a second of it and it's all
so beautiful and divinely orchestrated and aligned and

perfect and all of that. But
my awakening moment, which happened on one

singular day and the veil lifted in
a singular moment. It that time,

came from being in an almost two
decade long relationship that was filled with a

lot of toxicity, dysfunction at times
varying levels and degrees of abuse. But

you know, even before that,
I it's tough to whittle this story down

because it literally spans from the time
I incarnated here on earth until the time

I had that awakening moment, which
was like I was like thirty something,

I think. So there's a lot
to fit in there, but in essence,

I felt I had to make a
decision at a very, very young

age to suppress my spiritual and shamonic
gifts and abilities and in that suppressing and

an essence, betraying myself, even
though you know I have compassion for myself.

I was like a two and a
half year old little girl when I

made that decision. So of course
I sent her love and compassion and non

judgment. But at the end of
the day it was a self betrayal and

a betrayal of my connection line to
the divine to preserve some other earthly relationships,

which at that young age, I
felt I needed to do for survival.

But in doing that cutting off from
divine that set me on a very

long road and course of having my, you know, the veil pulled down,

you know, hiding my own third
eye and and intuition, and you

know, it really built a strong
EGOIC shell that was encased pretty strongly around

me and I lived in a lot
of denial and illusion. So so,

yes, I mean the ultimate awakening
story. I guess you could classify as

a dark night of the soul,
but that darkness permeated for a very long

time. I totally understand that and
it's so interesting too. As you're talking

about like that moment, that day, it's like every single day led up

to that day. It's not just
a day, it's your whole life story

and that so resonates with me.
People are like so how did you become

a medium, like at a cocktail
party, and I'm like really, yeah,

like you all want to go like
sit outside for two hours. I'm

like I don't know, it just
kind of came to me sweet like because

you can't. It's very challenging to
put kind of the unnamable into specific name.

But I get what you're saying and
I think you just crushed it.

Thank you. Yeah, I mean, oh, there's past life stuff,

of course, to you know,
and I know you know that. There's

just like bringing that in because my
exact awakening moment, I my clear audience

gift got turned on and I was
receiving messages from spirit which led me to

a phone and that phone was was
really my shamanic initiatory cave moment and what

I was facing in that Very Scary
Cave, Aka the phone, were my

greatest fears this lifetime. That a
lot spanned from past lives that I'm you

know clear that I had certain experiences
in and so you know, yeah,

the threads that culminated to this moment
are far reaching. HMM. Yeah,

through many lifetimes. Incredible. And
then so then the you felt the veil

lifted in that moment and you were
able to connect with spirit and a whole

new way. And at that moment, where you aware and opening to shamanism?

Or were you just like Oh,
I'm as spiritual being having a human

experience. I can hear the other
side, like, how did it lead

you to being the Rock Star Shop? The first thoughts and feelings that I

recall. I mean, it was
a lot happening at once, you know,

because my entire life got turned upside
down and when that ego ashell got

obliterated and that veil lifted and all
the denial and illusion that I've been living

in got viscerated, you know,
here I am this like raw new being

and honestly, my first thought was, Holy Shit, I'm not at all

who I thought I was. I
am not at all the well person that

I thought I was. So it
really just been me up to being willing

to have awakening moment after rude awakening
moment after awakening moment after rude awakening moment.

You know, I flew to Indiana
to stay with my grandma. I'm

from. I'm from Indiana, and
after this awakening I went to her home

to just try to process things,
and that in her back bedroom is where

I continued to, you know,
have additional experiences. But really, my

entire path that led me to the
truth of WHO I am and my true

souls calling that I incarnated with.
That whole path simply started with me very

humbly putting my hands up and saying, you know, I'm finally ready to

get out of my own way.
Great Spirit, great mother Earth, My

own soul, I'm ready to receive
in your support. Please show me the

way. And I just wanted to
heal because of an important thing that I

like to share, just to give
some people some context. You know,

and and this is where I came
up with this phrase that I coined,

winning but lost, because winning but
lost is what kind of explains my whole

pre awakening life. I was winning
on paper, I was winning externally.

I was a national champion Athlete,
top rated radio host, you know,

working in New York City and television, both hosting a national daytime talk show

and also working for major networks and
production. You know, I and before

I went into media I was a
division one college coach. So you know,

on paper the those are all like
pretty big successes. However, on

the inside, you know, I
was lost and I was struggling and I

was suffering, and so I just
really wanted to heal. I had no

intentions of becoming a shaman. I
mean, when I was in the astral

realm's devising this incarnation, of course
that was part of the plan, but

I wasn't too I wasn't connected to
that conscious awareness at this point. I

just knew I needed to heal.
So my first humble prayer was, you

know, show me how to heal, show me the way. And of

course it just so happened the first
two healers that I was led to and

instructed to go to we're both women, Shaman's, and in hindsight it's one

of many dots that connected and made
sense when you look back. The First

Shaman was I've had her on ceremony
circle to just honor our more than decade

of knowing each other and, you
know, just to chat with her of

witnessing me from the first time we
met and she's doing a shamanic healing session

for me and her name is Sarah
Bamford Seidelman. She's an MD turned Shaman

in Minnesota who I love dearly,
and so, you know, she gave

me my first shamanic healing and then
in the decade plus since, has witnessed

and watched me, you know,
receive my own, you know, visions

and and spirit led guidances and watched
me, you know, birth this book,

and so it was really cool to
reflect with her on ceremony circle.

And then the other woman Shaman happened
to be my aunt, and that's where

the power animal guides started to come
in. So they entered in right away

and were some of my first spiritual
support system. I love your book.

It's beautiful and even today it helped
me and and my very, very,

very first guide that I was aware
of was a bear. I was like

twenty years old, but I mean, it's scared the shit out of me,

HMM, and I was like,
what is this? Bears everywhere,

when I sleep, when I wake, they're all around me, and it

scared me and then I obviously that's
how a lot of spiritual information could come

in when you're not spiritually in control
or in charge of your energy. And

then I started to do some research. So my very first opening was my

bear and he means so much.
He, she means so, so much

to me and has stayed with me
this whole entire time. And and you

know, it's been over twenty years
and I keep on waiting. It someone

else going to come in and your
place? And it's a No. And

the bears just with me always.
I have other different animal spirits and animal

guides that are with me always,
but they kind of interchange, but not

the bear. And so in reading
your book at I learned new things about

bear from your book. I learned
new things about Hawk from your book.

I killed a net or a Leer, a math and I went like I

need to look in the book and
Lo and behold, Alison has met in

her book and I was like she's
wrapped, like I was trying to avoid

my security. And then molment or
what exactly what I've been dealing with today

that I talked about at the beginning. I do your book is amazing and

the way that you've laid it out
is so cohesive. It's so clear allison,

so many books I read I'm like, it is so almost too meety

for me to digest with my own
going on. Your book is so clear

and strong and cohesive. I love
this book. Thank you for bringing it

to me and the world. Really, my goodness, thank you so much.

I mean it really is nourishing medicine
for me to hear you, know,

your testament that you just shared in
too, you know, see people

sharing on instagram or sending emails in
just like sharing their own stories of the

journeys the Animal Power Book is taking
them on, and so much was entering

in and me listening to you is
taking me to Oh my good God,

like the the really, really strong, clear line that I chose to hold

and birthing that book. You know, it is truly my greatest honor to

have the power animal realm trust me
to be a voice for them, and

it was them who came to me
and asked me to write this book with

them. I you know, that's
the whole other interesting story and itself just

my journey and aligning with the right
literary agents, aligning with the right publisher,

trying to sort out for years what
is my first book supposed to be

about and always had been a very
powerful natural writer, but could not get

clear on book number one. Thought
I got clear on it with my agents.

flew to Bolli to write that book
and in my first morning meditation and

the Irony, that book is supposed
to be on surrender and the animals came

in and there and essence like you
need to surrender that surrender book idea.

That is not it. And so
yeah, I mean it's just like I

love to tell that nugget of a
story because it exemplifies truly the energetics that

built and are behind. What is

is the intention? What is the
foundational energetic that is that was guiding and

birthing animal power book. It was
them coming to me and and wanting to

cocreate it together. So I love
that. It was, you know,

the the idea, the inception was
from that place and it was just such

a journey. You know, anyone
who's written a book knows, I mean,

unless they choose to have a ghostwriter, which no judgment, but for

me I knew that I needed to
commune with the animals every day and just

the mindful this and the integrity and
the healthy embodiment and the purity that I

put into this and those incredibly strong
energetics that I had to hold for years

and years in order to have this
come out in the exact way and medicine

that I knew it needed to.
It was no easy feat and and I

had never known exhaustion like the exhaustion
I felt when animal power book was finally

out in the world. I like
truly and kind of collapsed for many,

many months and had to just learn
more than ever how to receive and recharge.

And so hearing stories like you of
how it's helping to bring in clarity

and supportive, empowering guidance like it
helps to refuel my system. I'm so

happy keep going because twenty, twenty
years into bear relationship and I open your

book I'm like, Oh, oh, I need to take note to I

have a highlighter? Do I got
to get a highlighter to this? But

so good. I'm so curiot.
Yeah, yeah, you're you know.

So my core power animal is who
is on the cover. The Black Jaguar.

Wasn't always ran that way. It
just so happened that she landed there.

And then of course I had to
laugh and be like, of course,

you ended up being the animal in
the cover. So she's my core

power animal. But my first three
support order animal allies who came in right

after my awakening was bear, dear
and frog, and so you know,

I really typically when I start talking
about these animals, I usually might crying

and sobbing just because, like I
feel like they saved my life, you

know, and I don't know what
I would have done without their deep care

and love and wisdom and support all
of these years. But bear really helped

me learn how to let go and
to the arms of the divine and really

helped provide that safe, supportive space
for me to trust in all that deep

surrender that I had to do,
to let go of all the old constructs

and identities and to trust the visions
coming in, as crazy as some of

them some of them were. So
I'm just curious for you, like how

what's one way that bear has supported
you? Gosh, through every way.

I mean bear basically opened the door
to the spirit world. For me.

It was like come on, and
I think connecting with bear energy gave me

the strength to start to actually open
the door right. So I've been a

medium since I was born and started, really you have an awareness of that,

at seven and then my whole life
story follows right, just as we

were talking about at the beginning.
But when bear came, he she was

like go deeper, you're safe,
go deeper, go deeper. And you

know the bear hibernates, right,
but when bear hybernates usually they emerge with

cubs and all kinds of great stuff, right, they're not actually asleep.

So I think for me bear said
you're safe, go deeper, I'll be

with you, I'm watching you,
I'm with you. So bear gave me

a lot of the confidence to move
through the ghost realm and the haunting realm

and to go up into the actual
spirit realm and connect with those that I'm

channeling to this very day. So
they're and myself and Jesus. Although I'm

not a Christian, I'm half Jewish. I know, I'm all. You

know, there's lots going on,
but I had a couple of key symbols

and light workers that helped me do
the work I'm doing today and I attribute

so much of that to bear and
bears also led me to meet a lot

of amazing people that have said like
Oh, there do you know things I'm

like to use. Let's talk.
Let's wrap. So, yeah, so,

so bear really and and he,
she is still with me to this

second. Right. So, yeah, I think, I think if you

feel if you need that assistance to
feel safe in the world and that grounded

energy so that you are safe,
journeying higher or deeper, whichever way you

visualize it, I think bear can
give you that, that vibration in that

feeling. So that's what it did
for me. Beautiful. Yeah, I

was just curious since I, yeah, saw your bear friend behind you and

yeah, it was. It's well, I should take you on a tour

around my office for all my bears. I have her. Let's see,

how beautiful is he? Oh Yeah, love, this is definitely a male.

That's why I can say here,
but I co he there has no

gender but my guy. But is
that a good way? So, yeah,

so I think. I mean what's
amazing? So how would you tell

people listening? Number one, how
to I know it's in your book,

but just some tools that they could
have to help serve them to find their

own power animal. Yeah, I
mean that's the cool thing about working with

the power animal realm is there are
truly so many different ways in which you

can open up that connection line to
commune with them with, of course,

reverence and sacredness and honor. And
you touched on one of them, and

that's in dream time that the animals
do love to enter in while we rest.

And so if this is resonating with
you and you're newer to working with

power animals, another important thing is
they love an invitation in. You know,

in general most spiritual guides do prefer
that and they prefer to honor our

free will. But there are some
spiritual allies, like Goddess Kali, you

know. I know whenever she is
entered into is come in with a very

strong force and it is incredibly ever
a parent who is with me and what

is going on. But for the
most part the power animal guides, like

they typically, I'll see a lot
of visions of sometimes when I'm you know,

depending on who I'm working with,
they'll have like hundreds of animals that

have just been hovering around waiting for
the person to finally say. Like power

animals, I would love to learn
from you, I would love to connect

with you. So, if this
resonates, you can just speak a simple

statement out loud, preferably, and
just say you know something like sacred power

animal guides. I hear you,
I would love to connect with you more

fully. I invite you in with
honor. I'm ready to receive your guidance

and messages more clearly. It can
just be something so simple, and then

it becomes our job to be more
consciously aware of it. You know,

if animals are like presenting over and
over during one week span and trying to

get your attention, and then it
becomes your job to, you know,

go to animal power book or and
your meditation. For those of you that

already have a very easy, strong
connection line into the unseen realms during your

meditation timing, just close your eyes
and and vite whatever animal you're wanting to

talk with in ask it questions.
The other most recommended way, especially if

you've never met who your core power
animal guide is and this is really your

first time doing this work, I
most recommend you going on a guided shamanic

journey with a trusted Shaman. And
if anyone listening is like well, you

know, I don't know any Shaman's
yet and I certainly don't know you know,

what Shamans I trust. If you
feel that I ambody trustworthy energy.

On my website, Alison Charlescom,
I have a free video guided shamanic journey

that I facilitate using my drum and
we set the specific intention to call forward

your current or core power animal.
Okay, so you have a free guided

meditation. That's amazing. That is
such a special thing that you do that

do do you still do one of
want sessions or not really larger? Yeah,

I mean, I'm glad you brought
that up. I think it's another

kind of intriguing to some people thing
to learn and hear is that not all

Shamans are one on one Shamans,
and I've actually never, never been that.

You know, on the rare occasion
when inquiries come in of people,

you know, wanting to be a
client or a student, I can always

tell. It's a very clear,
energetic feel that I get when I can

tell that spirit is urging asking me
to be with that person and help them

reconnect and remember certain things. So
I will, you know, sorted out

with them what the game plan looks
like. But for the most part the

way that my shamanic path is to
function is I'm really a bridge between two

worlds. I mean, of course, where the name rock star Shaman comes

from. I'm a bridge between Earth
and sky, great mother Earth and great

spirit. That's the primary means and
which I connect into to receive the medicine

message and messages and guidance that I'm
supposed to share. But then, beyond

that, I'm a bridge of the
worlds of Shamanism and consciousness into the world

of media. And so, right
out of the gate I had my awakening

in Brooklyn. And once I you
know, you know fast forward, you

know, through so much deep,
intense healing and fast forward through the conscious

awareness of who I really am,
now having more space and room and permission

to speak to me and and for
me as to who who I really am,

and getting clear that my calling is
is being a shaman. And also

another unique thing in this winding road
of an answer is that not all shamans

receive the call or feel guided to
call themselves Shamans. So there are a

ton of Shamans existing on this planet
that are really covert and undercover and you

would never know that they're even healers. And then there are Shamans. I

have many friends and colleagues who,
you know, refer to themselves as shamanic

practitioners or titles of that nature.
And then myself, and you know,

further many friends and colleagues that I
have, we have been given the direct

guidance and Instruction to specifically use the
word and title Shaman, which that has

been the case for me. So
I honor that. And then, yeah,

I mean my work has really been
doing a lot of huge events.

I've guided shamanic journeys for audiences,
you know, larger than Tenzero and Fifteenzero

people in New York City and I, you know, do a lot of

interviews. Obviously, right books and
the Animal Power Card deck will be out

in August. And and so,
yeah, my my medicine is meant to

reach the main stream to help them, you know, feel comfortable to crossing

into some of these spiritual gateways and
doorways. I'm a very relatable, warm

greeter that, you know, they
can they can maybe understand who I am,

and so it might feel like a
safe space for especially people over here

in the US that are so disconnected
to these ancient ways. Then they hear

of this woman Shaman from the Midwest, you know, who used to be

an athlete and used to be a
hiphop radio show host and they're just like,

wait a second, wait what.
So whether whether it's intrigue or whatever

leads them into me and the work
and the path, you know, doesn't

matter to me, as long as
it resonates in the and they do it.

But yeah, I really work with
large audiences for the most part.

That's amazing and thank goodness that all
of this happened after you trained as a

radio post and a media person,
right, because like, why did that

happen? And well, so you're
comfortable doing what you're doing and US having

this conversation, just spreading your message
in a way that really resonates with people.

So really it makes sense. But
do you ever look back and you're

like that's great, but it would
have been nice that it happened a little

earlier, a little less of the
dark night? Thank you. And I

there was, you know, there
were definitely some layers. I'm someone that

gives full permission for the allness to
enter, you know, I'm I am

very adept at not denying or resisting
or pushing away any thought or feeling that

wants to come in. I allow
them to all be expressed to a healthy

degree, and so yeah, earlier
on, for sure I did have a

bit of like a longing feeling of
like, oh my Gosh, you know,

I was in that relationship for almost
twenty years. It's a very long

time to allow myself to suffer to
that capacity, to be in a dance

with someone else, you know,
Co creating suffering for, you know,

for both of us. And so
yeah, I mean initially I was like

why, why did it need to
take that long, you know, but

I really trust and the exact stuff. Yeah, life lessons, not life

sentences. Yeah, I totally get
that. So what would you say just

to people? A lot of people
listening are deeply, deeply searching and searching

to feel more connected to self and
spirit and God in spirituality. And I'm

working with a lot of very,
very sensitive people who maybe are in situations

where they feel, you know,
societies telling them who they are and what

to believe. And I think a
lot of people, when I see a

collective dark night happening, it's kind
of like I'm not who I used to

be, I'm not who I'm going
to be. I'm caught in this in

between and almost like this shedding of
skin like a snake right I'm kind of

emerging, but I still feel the
old skin, but I see the new

ones coming, and so that's creating
this dark night in essence and some confusion.

And my question is, what would
you tell those that are listening who

are going through this time and really
feeling lost and searching, but no,

they don't want to be who they
were? Yeah, I would say that.

I know it might not seem this
way, but you're really in just

like the most beautiful, miraculous,
voided portal possible. And I understand because

I was there, and I was
there many times on my path. I

mean I I've crossed through countless shamanic
initiations, rights of passage, massive spiritual

fires to burn away untrue, slimming, limiting beliefs, all the things,

all the aspects within me that needed
to go for me to full more fully,

you know, be embodied in the
truth of who I am and in

order to be of greatest service and
to be a leader and a guide.

And so I know the feelings of, you know, confusion. It can

feel terrifying, tumultuous, yeah,
scary, it can feel so many things,

but if you can just devote to
the exploration, I always recommend,

you know, a surrender statement if
you've not done that. I used to

have an online course that one of
the SHAMANIC journey modules. We offered and

taught a specific surrender statement. But
that was really the biggest game changer for

me, you know, was speaking
to great mother Earth, great spirit of

my own soul. And of course
you speak to whoever it is. You

speak to God, Goddess, source, you know, guy O, whatever,

but those most potent divine connection points
that you believe in, you know,

speak out loud your readiness to finally
receive in their guidance and support.

And you know, the first you
know, those initial steps can feel the

most fiery and the most challenging just
because, like you said, there's so

much old disintegrating and dying off,
and that's a process to be honored.

It's a very real, real death
that's happening while simultaneously a whole new birth,

a whole new world attempting to open
itself up to you. So I

think having compassion and, you know, allowing yourself to be in whatever safe

space you can, what you know, if if you don't have friends that

can hold space as you're going through
initiations you know, devoting to whatever healing

practices that allow you to feel nourished. I took countless might seem so simple,

but at the end of the day
it's oftentimes the most simple spiritual practices

that are the most supportive, like
taking baths, healing nourishing baths. I

can tell you, when my veil
first lifted, how many baths I took

with oils and crystals and just allowed
myself to cry, allowed myself to feel

chanting, was really supportive for me. And another huge thing that always comes

in is having an altar in your
home. And you know, people sometimes

get a little overwhelmed, like what
is an altar, and they think,

like if they've seen pictures on Pinterest
of altars, are like so complex and

ornate and honestly, an altar space
can be a tea light, candle and

a feather. You know, it's
just a designated sacred space where you and

your soul feel safe to go within, feel safe to feel what needs to

be felt. And I think the
most important thing for me, my husband

and I were actually talking about this
in the car ride yesterday, because we

were talking about how, and we're
talking about this from a loving place,

but how? You know, there
are people that maybe they've been meditators for

twenty years, but yet they still
live in so much denial and just still

seem to have so many struggles and
Nero sees and dysfunctions. And in this

discussion, you know, what came
to me and that I'm sharing now here,

is what I chose to do was
really face myself. And there's a

difference in setting an intention to learn
to meditate as opposed to setting an intention

to, like, really do the
inner work, like to truly go within

and to truly, you know,
do the shadow work needed to bring aspects

of yourself that you've really tucked away
and some dark corners behind you and you've

been scared to look at because you're
embarrassed of those sides of yourself or whatever.

The the most powerful game changer for
me was inviting all parts of me,

all aspects of me, to come
forward to speak whatever they needed to

speak, and the second that I
heard you know where they're coming from and

what they're feeling, I'm then able
to understand and give them so much unconditional

love. And it's only through doing
processes like that that we can become whole,

healthy, truly embodied, healthily integrated
humans, and especially those of you

that are feeling called to be spiritual
teachers or right books and be guides and

leaders. That's where you have to
take that work, you know, extra

seriously and be an extra devotion to
that to ensure that you remain integrity.

You know, I still, you
know, look at myself all the time.

My husband would say probably too much, but I would rather air on

that side than then being cut off
and not not being real with myself.

So I could go on and on
for like three hours about this, but

those are hopefully some helpful tips.
I think what you're saying is so utterly

important, and what you said about
bringing all aspects of you to the table,

I think is so powerful, because
I think sometimes even just in daytoday

life or what I hear from people
is like, Oh, well, I'm

a self sabotager, or like Oh, I'm not good at that, or

like Nope, that's just how I
am, I'm me, so take it

or leave it. And there's some
kind of fear in that right, because

you're like, I'm just going to
define it as that, I'm going to

put it in a box and say
that it has to stay there, you

know, and I'm going to leave
it there because I'm not good at that

or I'm a self sabotager. So
I'm going to just hold on to that.

Right. But what? What is
that? What if there was some

part of you behind that, that
block, that you could unlock? And,

and I like what you're saying as
well, is that sometimes when you

open those doors, it's not as
scary as you may think. It's actually

just more love available as you open
that door and more self acceptance. Yeah,

and that's it. Yeah, yeah, sorry, I didn't mean to

interrupt you. You didn't at all, but I just love what you're saying

so much and it's resonating a very
deep level. Even what I would say

saying in the very beginning, those
parts of yourself that's like, oh,

this chick is still having trouble with
this, like to yourself right, and

it's like it's not about trouble,
it's an opportunity for growth and to learn

give yourself some grace. If you
connect with that part of yourself, there's

more love on the other side,
not more yeah, and I used to

guide some of the events that I
would do. They they would be like

specifically catered to this work that we're
talking about, and we would bring forth

in these guided shamanic journeys that I
would offer, we would bring forth people's

Gremlins and, you know, oftentimes
people for the very first time in their

whole life, we they would allow
themselves to hear their inner critic like really

loud and clear and hear how their
own inner voice speaks to them. And

when you can hear those things and
really shed light on those things, yeah,

it just an instant transmutation and alchymization
process starts to happen, and it's

not so scary. I mean there's
one aspect of me that was so venomous

and loud and would just scream at
me and be so demeaning, but at

the end of the day, his
name was timmy and like timmy is like

really not frightening, and I worked
with Timmy for years and when I would

feel timmy start to flare up inside
of me, because we had because in

bringing him forward, I got familiar
with him and his essence and how he

feels when he starts to try to
creep in, and so then so,

like this is where we're taking steps
on the path of doing this work,

it's like, okay. So as
I'm setting up for this event and I

feel timmy starting to tiptoe his way
in and creep in and I can feel

Timmy's essence starting to to well up
inside of me, that's where I'm allowing

myself to be inconscious, loving awareness. That's where I stepped to the side

for a moment and I talked to
timmy and I would give timmy permission to

just go play and have fun,
and typically Timmy would want to go off

to the beach and just play in
the sand, and I was like,

all right, you have full permission
to go do that. I'm going to

be doing this for the next two
hours. And then you know that that,

you know, more constricted timmy like
feeling, would let go and I

feel like there was something else wanting
to know. I'm so with it.

I'm so with it and and I
love the image you brought forward because I

think about this a lot. If
you have a little kid right like a

two year old, three year old, four year old, that's crying and

upset and throwing a fit and you're
like quiet, be quiet, sit down,

get out of here, they freak
out more. But if you go

over to them and you're like I'm
here for you, what's happening, it's

like they're like Oh, okay,
well, I just wanted this and okay,

I got you. Boom, like
I'm with you, you know.

So it's that acknowledgement. But we
get so afraid sometimes. And the other

thing I just wanted to say,
especially for everyone listening, if you are

choosing to do this type of work, just be really, really mindful of

who you're choosing to share your space
with and to trust as a practitioner.

I'm just going to say that in
a loving way, right because you want

to be in a safe environment and
a safe space when you're doing that kind

of work. It's really important.
It is. Yes, I definitely feel

compelled to share the same sentiments a
lot and interviews and it's really a process

of all of us learning to trust
ourselves too, because it's just like,

you know, I'm sure for some
people joining us there like well, wait,

like what do you mean? Like
how do I how do I know?

And it's like, you know,
when possible, just really take your

time and making decisions. If you're
feeling led into mysticism or the spiritual path

or specifically shamanism, and you're really
feeling a call into these areas of exploration.

And then let's say, you know, you speak your surrender statement,

and then let's say you you start
to hear from an acquaintance or a cousin

or a friend that so and so
facilitator is going to be in town,

you know, next weekend, and
they're they're offering is this or they're facilitating

this. It's like, especially you
know in the beginning, as you're cultivating

and developing that that much needed,
very deep, anchored trust and your own

self and trust and your ability to
discern and trust that your internal navigation system

is really clear and pristine. But
if you're if you have not reached that

place yet, it's like there's no
rush with this. You know, we're

forever students, where infinite beings here
to infinitely evolve, and just because you're

excited doesn't mean that that equates to
making quick, fast decisions. Because you

know, it's beautiful that people are
awakening more and more and more, but

it takes incredibly deep, nonstop devotion
to be a really healthy, integrated,

embodied teacher that really holds a safe
container and even people that have good intentions,

they may not be able to hold
that that type of container that were

describing. So really feel in,
you know, just because your cousin is

going to that ceremony next weekend.
Make sure it's right for you and what

your soul needs and with where you're
at on the path. And tune into

the facilitators, listen to them speak. If you can, look at their

pictures, really feel into their heart
and ask yourself, does this person feel

like someone who really walks the talk
like? Are they the living embodiment of

the lessons that they teach and that
they share? And, you know,

really tune into if they feel very
integrated or if they feel disconnected from from

themselves, and only say yes if
it feels like a clear yes. That's

awesome. Yeah, thank you for
that. I really I feel like everyone

that hears this podcast, if they
don't have it, is going to buy

your book immediately. I hope.
I've had it by my bed. I've

had it by my bed. So
I got this. I think I got

it several months ago and I literally
put it by my bed and sometimes I'll

book surf. I don't know if
you know about Book Surfing. I'm sure

you do, but so book surfing. Why? I read the book and

then sometimes I'll book surf. So
I'll just kind of go through the pages

and then when I here stop,
I'll stop, and then I'll stop on

that one I just landed on chrome
and then I'll read about that animal and

just kind of listen to its medicine
and its magic and and just kind of

connect with it and that moment and
then I'm like, okay, I'm ready

for bed now. But it's just
a beautiful book to connect with all the

animals, not just your power animal
as well, and to deepen your understanding

and also continue to Awakento synchronicities and
pay attention to what you see. So

if you're, you know, connecting
with the book and then all of a

sudden, you know, you're looking
out your window and you notice a crow

and then you you or whatever it
may be, I think it's it really

does open and a weaken a lot
of things, and I know that's intentional

because of all the unbelievable and sacred
work you did to bring it to the

world. So I'm excited for everything
and you so much. Yeah, I

hope if it resonates. You know, you can get it anywhere, books

or sold and, like I said, my web. You get it from

my website. That's for that free
guided journey is and you touched on one

other, you know, quick important
point. Animal power book features one hundred

animals and so, yeah, as
I use it as a divination tool,

like you were explaining as well.
Typically in the morning I'll just hold the

book up to my heart center,
you know, connect to my breath,

connect to the central line of my
being called forward the benevolent power animal realm,

and I'll just ask you know which
animal most wants to support and guide

me today. And with my eyes
closed, typically I'll just flip through,

scan through, until I feel I
should open and as you start to familiarize

yourself and just flipping through, scanning
through, you will start to learn the

different medicinal attributes and wisdom teachings that
every animal embodies, and then you'll know

if you're going into a certain life
situation, you'll be like, oh,

this is the perfect time to call
road runner in to help me, because

you'll know roadrunner means x, Y
and Z, and so it's a very

dynamic spiritual resource and the card deck
comes out August sixteen. I don't know

when this interview will be out,
but they do look really beautiful together and

work really beautiful together. You know, to pull from the card deck and

then to go deeper with the animal
that you pulled in the book. It's

always fun. I'm really excited for
your deck because, before we got on

the phone together, I have a
different animal deck that I think is really

lovely. But I asked, I
sat down with my guides and asked them

to reveal an animal for our session, like for our interview, because I

just wanted to know kind of the
energy ahead of time and I was like,

well, I'm going to use an
animal deck and I sat down and

I pulled one card and it was
a dove white. It does, which

is like a symbol of breath of
peace, serenity, slowing down, just

having this moment, and I really
appreciated that. I thought that was beautiful

for this interview and for this connection. Yeah, that resonates. Thank you

so much. Yes, hello,
Doug. Thank you
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