EPISODE 44: Communicating with Animals With Certified Animal Communicator Laura Marjorie Miller

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Listen in to this sacred conversation about connecting with our animal friends. Do animals reincarnate as people? Do our precious pets we lost remember us and know we loved them? What are animals in Zoos saying? Can animals be happy in captivity? All these questions are answered and so much more! Follow: @obestbelovedac Obestbelovedanimalcommunication.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Hello, friends, and welcome to
you are not alone. I am spiritual

medium, Erica Gabriel, your resident
medium. If you're just joining me for

the first time, welcome. Thank
you for being here and finding me and

hanging with me today. And if
you're someone that's that's listen to this podcast

a lot, welcome back. I'm
so happy to be with you and to

be on this journey with you guys. Really, I know journey is kind

of a cliche word because, like, what isn't a journey really, but

I do feel like this podcast has
been a journey and the messages that you

guys send me are just so cool
because there's something in the podcast or an

episode that you've heard that sparked a
new thought or new understanding or served you

on your path or journey in some
way. So we're kind of in this

together and I'm so happy you're here
and I'm so excited for my guest today.

So, you know, as a
medium like I get what I get

from spirits, so meaning I read
for someone, what comes through is what

will best serve them at that time. So I don't always like, I

don't get the same thing for every
single person. Every reading is so different.

So, for an example, like, I am not a past life

regressionist, but at times a past
life will come up in a reading if

that will really really serve that person
right. So something that has come up

is our animals. Like crazy people
want to know about their pets they lost,

and grieving a pet is so hard
because we feel like, did they

know that we loved them? Did
they know that they meant so much to

us? Are they mad that I
had to put them down? You know,

it's it can be so painful in
these pets, you know, are

part of our family, a huge
part of our family in our lives,

and so a lot of questions I
get are about pets. DO PETS RE

INCARNATE? Does my pet know I
love them still? Are they around me?

All kinds of pet questions and and
oftentimes pets do come forward and readings

and I've definitely, you know,
seen people cross over and their pet ran

up to them and greeted them,
along with their mom and dad or,

you know, loved ones. So
pets are huge part of our experience here

on earth as our animals in this
incredible network we have on this planet,

and there's just so much, you
know, so much pain as well when

it comes to animals, to about
how to treat animals. Do we eat

animals? There's just so much,
you know, and I know we all

want to live as much as possible
in harmony, and so there's so many

questions and so many thoughts and I'm
so excited to have Laura Marjorie Miller on

the show. She is an animal
communicator. She was certified through Animal Talk

Africa, which is an academy based
in Cape Town. She works with tons

of people on communicating with their animals. She's worked and kind of worked in

all kinds of different sanctuaries communicating with
animals and founded Oh best beloved, which

is her company of Animal Communication,
and we found each other just through a

really cool way and connected via email
and and she's here and so we're going

to touch on all kinds of amazing
topics about animals. I know a lot

of people have been asking for this. So so, with with no more

of me just chatting, let me
get to the interview, which was recorded

a little bit earlier. This is
my talk and my connection, my interview

with Laura Marjorie Miller, this incredible
animal, animal communicator. So I hope

you guys love it. I loved
talking to her. It was really just

a positive, wonderful experience and I
tried to ask her as many questions as

I could that I think that you
guys would want me to ask her,

you know what I mean, and
and questions I wanted to, but I

really focused on a lot of questions
that I think we all have and we

all have about our relationship with animals, whether there are domestic animals or animals

and zoos or dolphins captive, you
know, all kinds of things. So

I hope you guys like this conversation. Let me know. Make sure you

DM me and tell me how you
felt about this one. And here it

is, with with no further ADO. Is that Sud an expression? No

further ADO? I don't know.
Anyway, you guys know what I mean.

Here is here's my conversation with Laura. Welcome, welcome to you or

not alone, and I'm so happy
to have you here and when we were,

when we first met. You know, as a medium, when I

read for people, what comes comes
right from me and what comes through comes

through, and so sometimes people are
like, tell me my past lives,

or tell me this or tell me
that, and if it comes, it

comes, and if it doesn't,
it doesn't. I really kind of allow

the information that the persons meant to
hear to come through me. And one

of the mate, one of the
biggest questions I always get is about people's

animals. They would about their dogs
and their cats or their special precious animals

that have crossed over. And it's
so hard with animals because they oh my

gosh, we can't say goodbye.
Really we think we can't write because we

can't verbally talk to them. And
and you know, so many people come

to me and they're like, did
my dog know that he was the love

of my life and a soul mate? And you know, did he know?

You know, or she know?
And sometimes when I do readings I've

had a bunch of dogs come through, a bunch of animals come through.

I've read with a few horse horses
as well, but that's not my you

know, the main thing that I
do is not animal communication. And people

also want to know so much about
animal reincarnation and do it come back as

animals? Is there a special quote
unquote, with Heaven Right as just for

animals? People have so many questions
and then also all the questions about treating

animals with kindness and possibly veganism and
eating animals, and so much came up

when I saw your email and you
were so lovely and I'm like, I'm

so thrilled to have you on.
So welcome, welcome to you or not

alone, and thank you for being
here. Really, thank you so much.

Well, how would you like to
step? which put you want to

put in the water fromous? First
of all, let's introduce yourself. So,

so tell me about what company you
have and and kind of how this

all got started, right, because
you realize, like wait, I talked

to animals. Hold on a minute, what the what's going on? So

tell me how this all began and
and the name of the company that you've

developed now and then we want to
hear it all. I want everything.

Okay. So this has been a
lifelong journey and some of that is reflected

in the name of my company,
which is Oh, which is the letter

oh like a an Ode Yep,
Best Beloved Animal Communication, and that title,

the name, comes from Rudyard kipling
just so stories, which which are

all of these stories that he wrote
about animals and creation and how certain animals

came to be and and in the
voice that he's writing to the child,

that is the imagined audience. He
always refer first of them as best beloved

or Oh Best Beloved, and when
I was in kindergarten we did the kindergarten

play, was the elephants child,
which was one of those just so stories

and it was how the elephant gets
his long trunk and I was the narrator,

so I knew the whole story by
heart and those stories were a big

part of my childhood. One of
the things that's so beautiful about them kippling.

Whenever he's writing animals in jungle book
or just so stories, he writes

in this cadence where he almost is
embodying the animal. And when I was

conceiving of a name for my company, that just came through so strong that

that was what what I the energy
that I wanted to embody through the company,

because animals, the animals in our
lives, are our beloveds. And

it also gives me away that when
I'm communicating with the audience, when I'm

writing my newsletter, sometimes I'll call
them best beloved and be in that kippling

zone. And so it's a when
I say it's a lifelong journey. I've,

you know, I've loved animals my
whole life and a lot of the

stories that I love the most as
a child are stories where humans and animals

are speaking or humans are understanding the
animals and having what we would call now

is down loads and of you know, in information communication from the animal and

something happens to us. I think
a lot of children have this innately in

them that that seems great, very
natural. Yeah, my son is eight

and he's like, you know,
my special gift is that I talk to

animals right, right, and I'm
like totally, I really think you do

talk to animals. It's amazing,
you know, and we all can and

we all do right, you know, do and then we lose and then

we lose it and then lose it. It's it. We don't ever really

lose it, but we lose our
ability to believe in it and something in

it, and he's very lucky to
have you as a supportive mother. One

of the packages that I offer is
called Fam animals, and the reason I

created that package like that it's a
it's the whole family can do it together,

so it can be children, adults, everyone, you know, working

with their animal and one of the
reasons that was important to me to do

that was so, you know,
children, in their innate sensitivity and intuition,

feel supported in that, that it''s
a normal part of life and they

see their parents supporting them in that. And there are a lot of reasons

why children tend to, as they
grow, to lose their faith in their

ability to do that, to communicate
with animals, to hear animals, because

it's you know, animals hear us
really well. We're just not always very

organized in the way that we are
addressing them, and but it's our ability

to hear them that we I get. We so get socialized out of it.

To me, it's society. Yeah, I mean it. It's weird

to be like, Oh, yeah, I was. I was talking with

my dog the other day and he
was telling me this. People look at

you like you're crazy, that you
know, and right, it's not that.

It's not the norm and I love
that part of your message is to

bring that back to more normal,
to be open to that communication, just

like when I go for a walk
and I talk to the trees. You

know, that sounds so whackadoodle,
but I do talk to the trees.

Yeah, right. There are lots
of cultures still on the Earth where people

talk to trees, absolutely, and
talk to animals and and listen to what

the animals have to say. The
tend to be more traditional cultures, you

know, or more indigenous cultures,
but that's part of their culture absolutely and

they you know. So it's never
lost and we in our Western culture,

it's in Natan, inborn within us. We can reclaim it. It's available

to us. I love that.
That's so awesome. And so so you're

going along and your it's like,
is lifelong development. And then did you

have like a moment where was the
very first time when you were like,

Oh my God, I just heard
him or her? I had a long

gift and gap in my life where
it kind of dovetails with this idea of

being psychic and there was a long
period of my life where I didn't think

that I was sensitive or psychic or
intuitive, and I would characterize myself and

say, Oh, I'm just like
a block of wood or I'm thick as

a plank. And and one of
the reasons is stories we tell ourselves,

right, yeah, and we block
ourselves. Yeah, sure, and one

of the reasons for that. And
and is that because I would have these

super psychic friends who are very sort
of second sight, flamboyantly psychic, like

seeing aliens on the side of the
road, or probably more like what you

experience. And so I and it's
so sad because I just assumed that I

was turned off in a way or
that it wasn't available to me. I

wasn't able to appreciate that the kind
of oddness or weirdness or the synth the

feelings I would have were actually,
you know, transmissions. I just thought

my thoughts are my brain or whatever. And one of the questions you wrote

in your email is, what's it
like to talk to animals? It's a

dream come true because it's something that
we spend our lie dreaming about and longing

for. And I remember I enrolled
myself. I'm I'm jumping a couple stones

on the creek here, but when
I enrolled myself in a training academy,

I'd had this long build up where
I was. I started doing like intuition

classes, doing channeling, because I
had heard enough people say everyone's intuitive,

everyone's psychic, you can do it
you you know, train and trust yourself.

And I was building that up and
for some reason animals were the last

guard, and I believe it's because
they were so important to me that I

felt like if and I felt like
if I failed and if I couldn't do

it, it was going to be
this truth about myself that I didn't it

was would have been undurable. It
was epic. Yeah, yeah, so

funny. I had a friend who's
like the funniest friend, I know,

hilarious, funny, the best,
and I was always telling him, why

don't you go to certain acting school? It was like the best comedic acting

school ever. It is just like
where everyone came out of, like in

La. I was just so cool. And he's like because, like,

if I can't do it and I'm
not good, they're like he was so

scared, you know, to fail, because that was like his Everest.

You know those that's where you really
get a validation that you're really funny.

You know, and it's yes,
you, you're like, you know,

your soul was like you're an animal
communicated. You're like, Shit, if

I can't do this, I'm really
this is terrible, you know, screwed.

Yeah, right, but what's interesting
to you? Were saying about your

friends that were just like I'm psychic. There's alms everywhere, ghosts all around,

like, and you were just like
feeling these vibrations and downloads, but

it was more subtle, and I
love that story so much that you brought

up, because I feel like in
order to communicate with animals, you do

have to be more quiet and it
is more of a little bit, more

of a subtle or different kind of
frequency. So it makes sense that you

were kind of more like it was
a different vibration for you. You were

just like, I'm psychic. Right. It was right, more subtle vibration,

and that's so beautiful and just even
an energy in our conversation and how

you're communicating with me. You know
you have this, just this, you

have a piece about you and I'm
not surprised that animals are drawn to you.

I bet kids are very drawn to
you as well. That's so nice

to hear. Thank you. My
Gosh. I you were talking and I

was like, Gosh, I like
her so much, like I'm so glad

we're talking. I do remember,
I would say, the first official time

that I can remember, and it
but it was before my training and I

was in beminy on a dolphin on
a wild than swim, where you go

out on a Catamaran, and I
remember falling asleep, you know, because

we were looking for dolphins forever,
as one does when you're on those those

trips. Either you see them right
away or it seems like you're never going

to see them. And I've I
was dozing off, like in the middle

of the Catamaran and I remember falling
asleep. I had I'd Oh. I

remember I had this Adam ant song
in my head, Jolly Roger, for

some reason, and I stand in
my dream, all of a sudden I

saw the dolphin backs, like I
saw their their dark backs and their dorsal

fins in the water and and then
all of a sudden I woke up and

I knew that they were there and
it was and they were there. It

was when you wake up and you
just know, yeah, and and that

was I knew. I was like
they, you know, they sent that

to me. I had or I
got it from them. It was emanating

all around and you know, also
to appreciate sometimes that the ways that animals

are speaking or transmitting or communicating to
us, it's not always sentences. It

can be an e right, it
can be like an image. It can

be a song lyric. I get
song lyrics a lot because they're pulling out

of my catalog, and that's something
we can talk about maybe, because,

like, why would an animal know
like a door's lyric? Because they know

you know it. Yeah, exactly. Let me ask you this. What

do you let me? Okay,
let me ask you that. Say you're

on vacation, you go, you're
at a resort and they've got captive dolphins

in pools and they're captive in there. What do you feel when you walk

by that tank? I have it. I haven't done that because I I

wouldn't go to a resort that had
that right. I did when I was

like thirteen and I mean now I
would never ever go to one again.

But but yes, but I mean
I remember going one. Are Those animals

saying that are captive like that in
that tank, because especially dolphins. You

brought up dolphins. It's like poor
dolphins. They look happy, they've got

this smile on their face, but
they're not. They're not. No,

they're not, and there's no I
mean you can make a life wherever you

are and some people are better at
it than others. You know, you

kind of can make the best of
your situation. And if you think this

is in dolphins, obviously every one's
an individual, and that's an important thing

to remember too, is that there
are some of them who are better at

at dealing with that than others.
You know, for instance, dolphins,

who who can commit suicide? Like
we'Reco Bear Ry's Dolfin that he worked with

on flipper. Yep, I remember
that story. She closed her blowhole and

committed suicide, right. She just
decided not to breathe. Because they can

decide that, I know. And
or you can have someone, and I'm

referring to you know what I know
from other communicators to that there are some

who are like, okay, this
is my life, this is what I've

got to work with, and I'm
just going to try to make the best

life that I can out of what's
here, even though it's really hard and

you know. So really depends individually. But the thing is, you know,

it's it's enough to it's not to
let people have a pass because they're

saying, Oh, you'll just make
the best of it, because that's not

okay. You know, somebody surviving
is very different from their thriving, right.

You're saying. Not every single dolphin
is just waking up screaming, crying.

I'm so miserable. They have made
the best of it and some can't.

So what do you feel when you
walk through a zoo? What do

you hear? What do you sense? What do you do? You have

to tap in. So, like
say you're standing in a zoo and you're

in front of, you know,
a gorilla cage. Do you have to

psychically tap into that gorilla or do
you just hear him or her just out

loud talking? How does that work
for you? I would usually if I

was going to go all the way
and I would ask permission first, and

sometimes so. But sometimes they give
you something and you you get it,

whether you're, you know, tapped
in, and sometimes you know, you

can tell of somebody's miserable in the
moment. For instance, I volunteered to

wild life rehab and so a lot
of people are temporarily animal people are temporarily

housed and some of them are releasable
and some of them are not releasable.

And this is just an example.
There is an old man raccoon who had

gotten his foot caught in a trap. He's really old and that's center director

was, you know, she's like
this is your best shot and we're going

to ban it in. So he's
an amputee now and for a while he

was laying in his hospital cage and
you could just feel the misery coming off

of him because he had no comprehension
for anything going on around him, you

know, and and to you know, and I would just be like,

you know, buddy, it's you
know, this is temporary. It's hard.

Sometimes you have to and now he's
outside in and outside enclosure. So

He's you know, he's and I
knew she was going to do that,

but he had through that period.
And so yeah, so you you can

say that. I know a lot
of communicators who are always apologizing to everybody

either, like I'm so sorry we
did this to you. The one thing

that so your are do you feel
like, in terms of zoos, like

not all animals and zoos are miserable, same thing as like an in a

captive dolphin, like not all the
animals are. I would make it a

safe bet that most of the captive
dolphins are miserable and trying to make the

best out of a crappy situation.
There are some animals. I mean,

if you think about animals and zoos, and I'm going to kind of veer

back and forth with science, for
and everything in an animal is is evolved

to be in a wild ecosystem.
That's part of who they are. They're

bought and ways that are so subtle
that it's even hard for us to comprehend.

Wow, yeah, you know,
and and their body evolved to be

in this multidimensional place that's full of
different kinds of cells and microbes and micro

organisms and and bugs and birds and
everything inflecting on each other and that is

so panoramic and so detailed on a
the most minute level that that's where you're

really going to be comfortable. And
I don't think you know, we humans

are used to creating our environments around
ourselves and saying right, and it's like,

I'm fine, they should be fine, they should be fine, right,

and we'll put up fake plant that
to look like it's a cat dis

or right, I say, I'm
saying right, right, and and porstnately,

I take my kids to the zoo. I'm not trying, you know,

anyone that's listening to zoo. It's
like, I know there's a lot

of places. It's like they're rehabbing
these animals. They you know, this

animal was born in captivity. They
can't survive like I know that. I

don't. I'm not trying to demonize
zoos. I just want to put that

out there. I'm just these are
thoughts that I think when I'm walking through

the zoo or I just wanted to
know on your level. So, but,

but I hear what you're saying.
Is that like, ultimately, you

know, animals are not meant to
be kept in a in a glass cage,

you know. And Right, and
you think about the level of health

of just mental health, emotional health, you know, physical health, everything

in that is informed by that.
That really multi faceted. Is even too

big of a word. That environment. One thing I want to do in

Oh best beloved is I do work
with sanctuary animals and I really would like

to work with more zoos, if
all the zoos don't, you know,

burning fir way, just for saying
but to because one thing I learned from

working with sanctuary animals and have learned, is that there are things that the

keepers or caretakers can't guess about what's
going on in their environment, but the

animal is perceiving from their point of
view. So if you are doing communication

console Tahan or even in the future, I would love to be able to

train zoo careers to be able to
do those themselves. and the animals,

like I really want a water feature, I really would like to have something

to climb on over there, the
more that you can allow them to design

their environment, given the current reality
of captivity that we're in, even though

there's a wonderful, brilliant rewilding movement
that's happening, which is fantastic, but

the animals who and people who are
like, well, we're going to phase

out zoos in thirty years, that's
our aim, but the animals who are

there now, for them to be
able to direct and have choice and agency

over what their environment looks like is
a big would be a big deal in

the lives of those individual animals.
Of that. That's so. Yeah,

I hope that happened. So so
I wanted to ask you also, are

you a Vegan? I am not
a Vegan, but I have like I

was for a long time. Yeah, and this is why I'm not a

Vegan, because I've I was a
Vegan for a long time, and this

is so. But then I started
eating honey because my fan really keeps bees.

One of the things about bees is
it's really hard to keep bees against

their will because they believe wow,
if they're not happy, they will go.

And you know, so I so
to me local, you know,

local honey, or honey that you
know more or less where it's sourced in

a you know, is a really
I'm okay with that. That was a

choice I made. And you know, I had an issue with my health

where I wasn't getting enough protein of
a certain type. And write my this

is sounds so Hollywood eve, but
my acupuncture is at the where do you

live? You don't live in La
do you? I don't. But it

was just like, Oh, my
acupuncture is sad. No, it's complete

normal talk here. It is normal. That's normal talk. Yes, okay.

So he said, well, you
need to get some, you know,

some animal protein, and I'm like, Oh, yeah, he's and

I said, and he goes,
well, why don't you, you know,

think about getting eggs? And I
said, I know, I will

find somebody who I can get eggs
with. If they're not killing their chickens,

I will get eggs from them.
And so that's really what I do.

You do eggs in honey. I
do eggs. If I do locally

sourced eggs, that I know the
person and I know what's going on with

them in their chickens and and like
the lady I get eggs from right now,

she doesn't even have a rooster.
So the eggs that are later basically

like the hen in this period and
they're going to lay them anyway. It's

so crazy because I eat eggs and
I love eggs and when you just said

that I'm like fuck, it's just
but it's worse. So removed from our

food I am, you know what
I mean? Like I don't go out

and pick the you know, egg
out of there, you know, nest,

you know. So we're so removed
from our food. You know,

I don't hunt when I, you
know, eat chicken or fish or whatever,

I don't go hunted. It's so
we're so removed from it. So

when you said that, obviously,
yes, that's what that is. I

get it totally, but just hearing
it, I'm like, God damn it.

I have such an internal struggle with
Veganis. I was Vegan for years

and I'm not at all now and
it's just it's a struggle, you know,

it's trying to find that balance or
find, you know, where you're

where it lies. You know.
Yeah, really tough. Well, thank

you for telling me that about everything. It's good. Eggs the same way.

Ha Ha. Yeah, but that's
my problem because I eat eggs,

so I should be fully aware and
comfortable with what I'm eating. You know,

this is the thing with with with
industrialized meat our world right now.

You know, our we're so separate
from our food, it's true, and

their food, even the people who
the animal people who produce our food.

You know, I'm my family has
bee hives, so I can go see

those bees whenever I want. Yeah, backyard, so I'm actually knowing the

people who make my honey and to
go over to personally. Yes, go

you personally talk to your bees.
Yeah, that's well. Actually, just

as a side, side note,
back to honey. That is an old

tradition from druidism and which is,
and I think it's like a really old

tradition of bee keeping, that it
was called telling the bees, and beekeepers

would go and tell their bees the
news and tell them what's going on in

their family, and the idea was
to keep the bees happy. That the

bees one. It's so is this
ancient with bees? It's a very ancient

symbiotic and then mutually beneficial relationship with
a with a good beekeeper, that goes

way back and I actually has a
communication component to it. Wow, oh,

that's so cool. I love that. Well, this is amazing.

Okay. So, so talking about, you know, to people that are

listening and really want us to get
to their animals, like say they're domesticated

animals. Yes, so something that
I've been shown is like dogs, are

dogs and cats, but I'm just
going to talk about dogs really quick.

are like little white light, white
lighters, white light angels to just come

here to spread unconditional love and joy
and kindness and just like a dog,

you know, greeting you at the
door, loving you, just adoring you.

It's like their little angelic kind of
spirits. Yeah, have you ever

gotten a download like that? I
have had. I mean there are dogs

who have past lives and there are
dogs who even have you know. So

they're not I guess that they can
be complex as how I can say this.

Can Animals reincarnate as people? And
do people reincarnate as animals? Yes,

okay, people can reincarnate as animals
and I have had that. I

have had that experience in sessions.
It doesn't past life stuff doesn't always come

up, you know, and I
it's not something that I go looking for,

but it it does come up,
sometimes in a really in a really

strong way. The thing is because
it's so I mean, I've had experiences

where it was actually a past life
and and actually a couple layered past lives,

which was really interesting that and but
then I also have had experiences where

the animal was using that life as
almost a metaphor to convey to the human

client, like how they want to
be perceived or how they are. Like

I have a I've had a trend
of dog soldiers speaking of dogs, where

there will be dogs who, you
know, are showing themselves as and you

think about the loyalty and service and
Valor and all of the things that we

equate with being soldiers and having you
know, I've experienced several dogs that have

had lives, are either lives those
soldiers are using. I am like a

soldier, so that you will understand, MMM, how I how I spence

myself and what I need from you
and how I want you to perceive me.

Wow. So why would someone reincarnate
as a dog? Hmm? Well,

especially to a shitty family, you
know, I mean her shitty master.

Okay, I mean that's a whole
nother conversation about, you know,

the essence of suffering here on earth. But but why? So, why

would someone come back as an animal? And it what's intry? Yeah,

okay, go, okay, so
since to loot, back to the angelic

spirits, because this is this is
what I understand about dogs and I probably

in ten years I'll understand even deeper
about dogs. This is from where,

yeah, from where I sit now. Dogs Are Guardian spirits and they are

intrinsically involved with us, like they
want to help us. HMM. And

there's there's a few different dimensions of
that, but one is that their teachers,

kind of their teachers. But the
thing about doctors as they kind of

as I don't know what to call
them, a tribe or a race dogs.

In way they're because they put so
much they've get mixed in with our

car with our Karma and our issues
and ways. And this this came through

for me really strongly when I first
started to glimmer in my mind is that

they love us so much that they
let us do all kinds of outrageous things

to them, to breathe them to
being like really small and Juddery, to

do things where they have physical issues, because they love us so much that

they're willing to let us do that
to them so that they can be close

to us. That's like that,
that is that angelic spirit, that pure

love. Like I think of angels
as pure love and and as like just

rays of God's love in so many
ways, and and and I feel that

with dogs it's just like they're just
so I hear what you're saying. I

think we're saying something very similar.
It's yeah, we are that pure love.

We may have different verbiage for it, but but yeah, that pure

loving energy. You know, we
I just adopted a dog. He's he's

nine months old. Oh, he's
and he's a baby, but he literally

came in. We adopted him.
We rescued him from the the SBC A,

and he literally came to our house
and he was like all right,

so this is where we're going to
be. This is great, awesome,

cool. So where do I go
to the bathroom? Oh, out there,

okay, cool. And then where
do you what do you guys want

me to sleep? Oh, they're
okay, great, yeah, we're ship.

I put my stuff like he just
moved in. was like I'm not

gonna be any trouble to you guys, and I was like do you bite?

Do you nip? And he was
like, oh my gosh, no,

not at all. Never. And
like all the neighbor kids come up,

twelve kids will be like chasing him
and going crazy. Not One nip,

nothing, sweetest dog. He just
kind of rolled in like I'm good,

we're like house break you. He's
like no, not really all figure

it out and figure it out.
Yeah, he was just like what's up

here? I am so psyched to
be with you guys. Like he's just

the funniest, sweetest guy ever and
just you know, but that's what he

said. He's like all right,
cool, where should I put my stuff?

What's this? What's this? What? What is that? I'm like

it's a leash. She's like what's
what do I do with that? I'm

like we're going to go cruise around
the neighborhood. He was like Oh great,

great, that's so se get.
What's his name? Erica. His

name is teddy bear. Roosevelt,
Gabriel, you could tell my kids one

right that battle. His name is
teddy bear, Teddy bear from the original

Teddy Bear. Yeah, we wanted, we wanted to name him Indiana and

my kids burst into tears. They
were like, what is an Indiana?

That's the worst thing we ever heard. He's a bear, he's a teddy

bear. That's kind of look like
a teddy bear. So his name is

teddy here, Teddy Roosevelt, you
know, but teddy bear rose is about

Gabriel. Yeah, he might have
had something to do with that too.

He might have not wanted to be
Indiana either. Yeah, yeah, he

knows cool, but I do believe
that, like he came into to bring

us really he blessed our life.
Yeah, they come to be close to

us and it is mutually beneficial.
Dogs exist because of humans, you know,

they code, they evolved alongside us
and that's that's going into science,

but you know, it is important
to them. And of course, some

of the curse, like what we
would say is like the curses are issues

of dogs are sort of the shadow
side of that love, like separation,

anxiety. You know, somebody who
loves you so deeply, and then there

are dogs who you know it just
like a human who has abandonment issues or

separation anxiety. That is like the
flip side of their of their love.

I think you know, when people
ask in readings about their dog, they

just feel so bad because at the
end of the day we have to put

them down. So at the end
of the day we buy them or adopt

them and bring them in and then
we have to say goodbye to them also.

So people just feel so, so
guilty and just wonder so much if

their dog knows that they loved them. And that's a huge question I get

a lot and I want to know
what you thought. So they, the

dogs, know, and they know
again, like I like I was saying,

they they can hear us. We're
not always coherent because we have a

lot of conflicting thoughts and feelings and
ourselves, but they know that. They

know that we love them and they
know that we're trying to do right by

them and they would be that angelic
presence that you're talking about. I think

the thing that people, when they
grieve or feel guilt about making a euthanasia

decision is guessing whether you know the
second guessing themselves and hoping that they,

you know, get it right and
that the dog has a good end to

their life, but that that angelic
presence of a dog that you know you're

sensing that is also somebody who's going
to be incredibly forgiving of you for the

same reason that they loved you in
life. HMM, you know, it's

all a continuum of that same love
and sweet you know, I've had dogs.

You know I did a post about
this a few days ago. But

sometimes an animal it's not it's just
that they want the end of their life

to have meaning and to be meaningful
and satisfying. So if you're trying to

do your best by them, like
really, the universe is so forgiving and

they you know I mean if you're
trying and everything you're doing is motivated out

of love, they're not gonna like
anything any sort of hot dream haunting or,

you know, like lashing yourself is
coming from you. You know that's

not to say Oh, just being
casual, youth and Asia person to snap

it off a little, but I
hear what you're saying and that's such a

beautiful thing to say and I think
that's going to give a lot of people

listening a lot of peace because it
is so sad. And you know,

these dogs and cats just mean the
world to us. I mean so much

to us and I think to hear
that, you know, the Universe is

forgiving and they love us and they
do know and they do understand. I

had a mini Doberman, pincher,
and I had him for nineteen years.

Wow, isn't that insane? They
were like he'll live till he's like eight

or nine or whatever. I had
him for. It was nineteen years because

I got him, I mean before
I met my husband. I had him

before I had my kids, before, I mean before everything. There was

my little dog blue. He was
just as great little dog and when he

when we finally put him down,
I was holding him and I was talking

to him and we were hanging and
I closed my eyes and I watched him

get up out of his body and
I could it's almost like he took me

to see what he was seeing and
I saw him running, running, running,

and I looked out and it was
this big field. It was like

a green grass field. I saw
him get up out of his little old

beaten body and I just saw him
start to run and run and I was

like he's gone and then the woman
said, Oh, you're right, he

just he just passed. Now,
you know, is like this amazing moment.

So, yeah, I don't know, I just felt like telling that

story. I'm glad you did.
I feel I was thinking of like that

book title at play in the fields
of the Lord. Oh, just that

beautiful like in the fields of the
Lord and the fields of heaven. Absolutely.

Do you think that animals and people
go to the same spirit and same

place? Yeah, I mean it's
I say that you can reincarnate as each

other and animals can reincarnate again as
other animals. Yes, I've seen so

many people crossover and are greeted by
their dogs and get it either cats.

Yeah. Well, I don't know
what this Rainbow Bridge is. People ask

me like is it the Rainbow Bridge? I'm like, I don't know.

That sounds great. If you see
a Rainbow Bridge, I'm like, go

with it, baby, have you
that's awesome bow bridge. No, you

could. I feel like someone may
have sent that to me at one point,

but I I'm not I don't resonate
with I I don't know what it

is. You don't. I mean, yes, I don't have consciousness around

it. You know, okay.
It's this beautiful poem that is a consolation

for people who are grieving over a
pat and I don't even know. It's

an anonymous poem about, you know, when you die going at the Rainbow

Bridge, your animals will greet you
and it's you know, and it's one

of those things, you know we've
been talking about. Is like the piece

that people need because they, you
know, their lives are so much shorter

than our lives. They leave our
lives, their life to them, you

know, like why wouldn't? You
would incarnate as a dog, because you're

eternal. So it's like I'll be
a dog for five seconds, right,

right, right, yes, I'll
take I'll take thirty seconds in dog land.

Yeah, and and I'll get to
enjoy all these smells and scents and

odors and the loving and goofy and
that's a great sweet yeah, that's amazing.

You know, I don't necessarily conceive
of, you know, sort of

a map of heaven with a bridge
and that, but I think the reason

that that poem is so like powerful
and perennial is because it does have something

true in it that people are responding
to in their heart, that they know

at some level is true. I
love that. Okay, so I have

a few more questions before we wrap
up. Number One, have you seen

my octopus teacher? I have not
seen it yet. I haven't either,

but I think you would love that, because it's all about this man and

this his relationship with an octopus.
And I'll tell you, I feel like

octopus are just so intelligent, just
like dolphins. They're amazing, like spooky

intelligent, you know, like you
communicated tells. Yes, have you communicated

with an octopus? But I have
not yet know. Okay, I would

love to do that, though,
because I imagine it's, you know,

it would be like a totally a
Lee, quote unquote alien, but they're

from here, you right, but
an ex literally extraterrestrial experience, because they

are extraterrestrial because they're in the ocean
and they're, you know, so they're

not a terrestrial creature and everything about
their evolution is totally different, their perception,

totally everything. Guys, it's a
it's a movie on Netflix called my

octopus teacher. I haven't yet seen
it, so I'm not endorsing it or

anything, but it looks amazing.
I just had to ask about that.

Yeah, so before I ask you
about your sessions and how people can get

in touch with you and all that. One of my like main want,

my very first spirit guide that came
through to me was my bear. I

have a I have a brown bear
that that's my number one spirit animal and

since then I've I have come to
know one, two. I wrote them

down. One, two, six
main spirit animals that I work with,

but the bear remaining with me so
far through my whole life. I don't

know if he'll come in and outer, but he's been my main spirit animal

and I'm just wondering what your take
on spirit animals are and how they how

you connect with them. I have
had spirit animals who my my sense of

my experience of spirit animals is that
they are my higher self, for my

soul team, taking a particular form
and that it can it can phase out

as I go through that phase of
life. You know right, that's what

I'm saying. Like, I think
we do have like a main spirit animal,

but but yes, I've had different
ones come in and and recently I

had it unbelievable dream with a Fox
and I had never had any connection to

Fox before and that was the most
recent animal I've had. I've had really

wild experiences with animals, but I
see what you're saying. They take on

that persona to bring you their magic, their message. Yeah, but you

know, as you go through life, if you have an experience with an

animal, you know, for instance, at the Rehab Center there was this

baby bobcat who I would, you
know, going and feed on my volunteer

shifts and I grew to really love
this Bobcat, even though I was just

with her for just a few minutes, you know, a couple, you

know, once a week on my
rounds, and something happened to her where

she she failure to thrive and she
died mysteriously and I was I was just

broke. I was devastated. It
was such a sad week. And that's

the way Rehab Center is, because
it's this tide of life and death.

And but you know, I never
would have thought, oh, I'm going

to have bobcat as my you know, part of my team or animals,

but because I had that relationship with
her, now bobcats are very special to

me. Wow. And so when
I have you know, if there's an

image of a Bobcat, now I
pay more attention to than I did before,

and that's because of that, that
relationship. So that's a that's something.

It's also in the realm of spirit
animal. That's something slightly different from

total you know, your your guide
taking a form of an animal, right,

you get drawn to them, maybe
in your life or or yeah,

that's amazing. So so this is
so cool. So say someone wants to

have a session with you to they
have a beautiful animal they love. Maybe

they can't figure them out, or
they're worried about them, or they're leaving

them with a dog sitter, cat
sitter, snake sitter, whatever kind of

animal you have, and can you
go in and talk to their animal and

let them know what's going on?
Absolutely, I can do that. Okay,

cool. And how how can how
should someone find you work with you?

While I'm con they should with you. I'm on Instagram as Oh best

beloved AC. That's all one word, and my my website is Oh best

beloved and again that's the letter Oh
best beloved Animal Communicationcom and on my website

I have special offers that I have, you know, depending on you know,

like I have a post pandemic separation
anxiety kind of offer right now that

that makes sense because they people are
so used to being with their animals and

now they're going to go back to
work or yeah, trip, yeah,

okay, yeah, but the perennial
on the website, the perennials are always

there. Like there's what I have
the triage package, which is like the

very basic your it's a, you
know, consultation with me with a session

and a report and going over the
report and they're always action steps for the

person, the human person, to
take. And then I have another one

is the longer family animals, which
is a month, and that one is

actually coaching them, like I was
mentioning before, and anybody and the whole

family can be in it. You
know, I don't care how many people

it is. It's disban animals,
you know, and the more people the

better, because everyone in a family
has a different relationship with that animal and

and the animal has a different relationship
with each member of the family, and

the more people in a family who
can bought get in on something, the

more likely it is that you know, that problem is going to sort is

going to be solved because everyone's believing
together and everyone's acting together. So those

so through the website and also through
social media and or just search me,

Laura, Marjorie Miller, and and
yeah, I'm happy to do it.

And one reason I created fan animals
is because and eventually want to make a

course, because I don't want people
always to have to rely on a communicator

as somebody spect like special powers,
like I'm. I would be really happy

if everybody did this. And Yeah, specialized communicators were kind of obsolete,

because that would I mean, if
you imagine, what a better world that

would be for animals if we were
hearing them and making decisions based on what

we were hearing from them and how
much just kinder it would be for them,

more peaceful for us, because I
I don't I believe that that separation

we feel from them is not good
for us and that it's painful for us

in some ways. Yes, yes, I agree totally. That's why I

was asking you questions about zoos and
veganism and all those things. It is

painful. I feel sad every day
about animals, every single day, I

mean a single day. I mean
that's something I say. Is You know,

about to zoos. Just briefly.
Captivity is intense. It's intense for

animals and it's also intense for people
to be around, because you're picking up

on it. Even someone who's not
a professionally stamped animal communicator, you're picking

up on the stuff that's going on
around you. When you're going through a

zoo, totally and and and the
zoos that I've been to is like some

of them, it's like, oh
my gosh, this animal was abandoned or

this animal was troubled. I mean
they can do amazing things and like my

kids have learned so much about animals
through zoos and right. I'm not like

again trying to diagonize that, but
we're talking about that vibration of the spirits

that are in these animal. You
know, yes, I now, I

totally hear you. Okay, so
quick question you. Have you ever gone

to an animal and the animals like, lady, I'm not talking to you,

it just it's it would be just
like somebody again. That's why you

ask permission. Yeah, totally.
Again, it's like Lee, whether I'm

leading with my ego or yes,
you know, do I want this animal

to validate me? And if yeah, and of course they're going to be

like what, please, like leave
me alone, just like if you just

accosted somebody, you know, who
was like having a picnic in the park,

is wall okay, and you were
like, I want to talk to

you, in validate me, and
you know. So you ask permission,

you go where you're invited. If
they want to throw some throw a softball

into your brain, they certainly will
do that right, right, right,

right. When? Or what?
What is the wildest experience you ever had

communicating with an animal, like because
the animal was just so intense, or

it just completely shifted something for them, or what was like? What's what's

a wild experience you've had? Okay, well, I've had and I've had

intense ones, for the animal had
had a trauma. Oh Yeah, wow,

you know, and like a real
trauma, and that was like big

guns, you know, and that's
big because your I mean, as you

know, when you're connecting with somebody, you do all your protocols, you

do everything you know to keep them
safe, to keep you, you know,

to enclose the communication and to focus
and channel it. But at the

same time it's, you know,
it's hard, if somebody has undergone a

trauma, to not take that on
and and to because you're right there in

their core with them. What animal
was this of retired lab chimp, a

retired lab chimpanzee. Yeah, Oh, yeah, so that was, I

would say, able to help that
chimpanzee. Yes, yeah, so,

but it was something, you know, I had not I didn't go in

it with like Oh, this is
going to be easy, right. No,

of course, right, yes,
you know, because, yeah,

it was. It was. It
was heavy, hardcore, heavy duty stuff,

and that that poor our chimpanzees,
as smart as we think they are.

They are. Yes, they're very
smart. Oh my gosh. And

the day this poor guy was just
like, Oh my God, I've been

tortured. Well, yeah, it
was a you know, if somebody's been

in a lab and again, we'll
have to tick this up so we don't

end on like a super heavy note, but that, you know, if

you think about somebody being incarcerated for
years and years and the you know,

what's on to that formed on them. Yeah, but like one of my

favorite or honestly, what the good
note on that is that you help,

you were able to help the champ
and and were they in a better position

now because they're, you know,
their caretaker. It was a question of

why is she making these choices instead
of, you know, going outside,

like why does she want to stay
in her enclosure? And so they really

were just it was a pretty innocent
question and, you know, and that

gave them. She's doing. I
mean it's amazing. She's doing a lot

better now and she's adapted. But
what it did was it gave the caretakers

a whole new perspective on what she
was perceiving and where she was coming from.

And that's what, you know,
one reason this is so beneficial because,

especially with an animal who has a
past life history in this life where

they've been somewhere else, they've had
other things. You know, you can

understand more of okay, why are
they why are they interacting this way?

You know what's the story behind it, and I've and then you can make

decisions around that to make their life
better and make, you know, to

accommodate that and to see them,
you know, to be seen, which

is such an important thing for any
being, like how we feel when somebody

sees us. Yeah, absolutely,
and and really in the is okay with

what they see and and it just
changes. It shifts the way the caretakers

are being around her because they have
this extra information right about her immediately.

That makes that life, her life
better. This is amazing. I think

you're doing incredible work and I love
that. You know, your message is

not just come to me so I
can communicate with your animals, but more,

you know, let me spread this
information so that you can communicate with

your animals and we can have a
more harmonious world. Really. Yeah,

and that's such a beautiful thing.
I'm so glad that we found each other.

Oh my gosh, I don't mean
so good. I'm so glad you

came on the show and to anyone
listening, as you know, you know,

I hope you take this information to
your heart and and you know,

if something doesn't resonate with you,
that's okay. Take what you will,

take what you like and leave the
rest. I really hope, ultimately,

though, that you connect with Laura
again. She is at Oh best beloved

animal A. See, you know, Oh best beloved AC. Yes,

that's my twitter, that's my instagram
and twitter. It's just AC for animal

communication. That's right at Oh best
beloved AC. So please follow her on

Instagram and you can get her website
there as well and and you know,

get a session with her and hopefully
she can assist you in connecting with your

own animals as well. I just
loved talking to you. Thank you so

much and to everyone listening. You, guys, have been asking for the

you know so many of these questions, so many of these things, working

with with animals and what it means, and does your animal know that you

love them? And I hope that
you got some peace and some answers.

I know so many people are grieving
for lost pets. They're so precious and

special to us. So, no
matter what, though, guys, and

no matter what you take from you
know this connection or this conversation or these

ideas, just know and hold deep
in your heart that whether it's your love

when you're missing or an animal you're
missing, they are still with you,

loving you, supporting you, seeing
you around you. You are absolutely never

ever alone. I am so glad
to be back with you all. Please

remember to leave me a comment on
apple podcast, wherever you hear you know,

wherever you get your podcast, leave
me a comment. You can always

dm me at spiritual medium Erica on
Instagram, and you can, you know,

email info at Erica Gaborcom if you
have questions or want to connect with

me. Thanks for listening and hanging
out with us. Laura, thank you

so much about bless you, guys, and take care. Flush Erica
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