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EPISODE 11: Exploring Past Lives with Spiritual Life Coach and Past life Regression specialist Michelle Brock

Show Notes

This is an episode that gets into the answer of the very question "why are we here"?!  Spiritual Life coach and Past Life Regression specialist, Michelle Brock, who has studied under Dr. Brian L. Weiss, takes people on a journey through their past lives in her sessions which leads to powerful changes and healing in their current incarnation. In this episode, learn about the reasons we feel life we've "known someone forever" that we just met, why we are drawn to a certain place we've never been too, dejavu, incarnating in soul groups and so much more. This episode will elevate your understanding of the true meaning of being a spiritual being having a human experience. An incredible episode which delves deep into past lives and what they can reveal for us during covid and beyond! Follow @pastlifemichelle website: