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EPISODE 25: *Re-Release* Finding your power with Women's empowerment coach, astrologer and Modern Mystic, Natalia Benson

Show Notes

There are many voices in the Spiritual world right now but I don't know that I trust one more than this powerful and honest woman, Natalia Benson. Her gifts are wide and far reaching and she uses them to help and empower others. Do not miss this conversation about relationship to self through food, money and more. Natalia also gives us a window into the very unusual time we are having through the stars using her astrological abilities and gifts. I could have talked to her for hours, you will love this episode! We need to hear these messages now more than ever and this episode is coming at truly, the perfect time.  To learn more about Natalia check out her website: and make sure to follow her on instagram @natalia_benson Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and drop me a note if you feel the call.  From Straw Hut Media




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