10 Seconds To Air : Writing Your Bestseller With Author Janis Cooke Newman


Writing is a form of communication. It actually helps improve our non-verbal and verbal connection with others. When we write well we make a reader feel something.
Maybe you’ve thought about writing a memoir or a fiction book but you just don’t do it —it’s intimidating, where do I begin, how do  I make my readers feel something, and how do I get it to the masses once I am done.
Today’s guest is going to help us answer all of those questions and tell us how she communicates through her writing.
Janis Cooke Newman is an author and teacher.
Her books include Mary: Mrs A Lincoln, A Master Plan For Rescue, and a memoir The Russian Word For Snow.
She is the founder of the Lit Camp Writers Conference and the founder of Page Street, a co-working space for writers in San Francisco and Berkeley.
I (Alita) met her at a writing and meditation retreat I attended last fall. I found how she guided my group through the process of observing the world around us and then expressing that through story, was exceptional—so I thought it would be fun to share her with all of you.

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10 Seconds To Air
We are constantly communicating. How well we do it has a significant impact on our success and happiness. 

From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, we are sending emails and texts, giving presentations, talking to loved ones and co-workers, and interacting with our surroundings.
In this podcast, the globe’s top achievers and experts reveal their communication hacks and what goes through their mind 10 seconds before a big moment.

10 Seconds to Air host Alita Guillen brings her curiosity and common sense to each episode. Her fun and relaxed style makes you feel as though you are in the room and leads to an informative conversation that is both inspiring and thought-provoking. 

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