Behind the Shadows w/ Harvey Guillen : Live at NY ComicCon w/ Belissa Escobedo


Harvey talks to Belissa Escobedo aka Beli live at the NY Comic Con! They chat everything from Beli's recent role in Hocus Pocus 2, their upcoming DC film together, Blue Beetle AND What We Do in the Shadows! PLUS the struggles of working with difficult directors and their love of voice acting! THEN the mics are opened up to the audience! 
From Straw Hut Media
Behind the Shadows w/ Harvey Guillen
Harvey Guillen, AKA Guillermo de la Cruz, sits down with the cast and crew to discuss all things What We Do in the Shadows! Follow us each week as we talk about the latest episodes and behind the scenes shenanigans.
From Straw Hut Media  
Shadows still image courtesy of Getty Images. 
Hosted by Harvey Guillén 
Produced by Amada Sanchez, Ryan Tillotson
Edited by Tyler Nielsen, Daniel Ferriera
Music by Trevor Bumgarner & Chris Hendricks Vocals by Maggie Glass