Chanel in the City : Episode # 113: Samantha Ronson chats what it's like to be Jewish in 2024 in Entertainment and what she's doing about it!


Samantha Ronson, Celebrity DJ, Singer and Songwriter as well as human rights activist, stops by Chanel in the City to chat with host, Chanel Omari, on all things music, entertainment and what it's like to be a Jewish Entertainer in 2024.

Samantha opens up about her obstacles in the media industry being part of the LGBTQ Community and being Jewish wasn't the easiest for this talented Artist. 

Samantha is advocating for human rights, including Jewish and Israeli and Palestinian rights and is expressing how peace and love is what's going to put an end to the Israeli-Hamas war. She shares her thoughts on it. 

Samantha shares what it was like growing up with her successful siblings, Marc Ronson and Charlotte Ronson, both music and fashion artists. 

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