Chanel in the City : Episode # 113: Danny A. Abeckaser chats his new movie,The Engineer, which explains the Israeli/Palestinian conflict & how it relates to 2024


Actor, Producer and Director, Danny Abeckaser, A.K.A Danny A. stops by Chanel in the City to chat with host, Chanel Omari, on his new movies starring Emilie Hirsch; The Engineer, The Inside Man and his new movie about the Holocaust "Bardejov," starring in a new World War II drama, from a screenplay by Shmuel Lynn. It has already been picked up by Gravitas Ventures for North American distribution next spring. and why its so important for him to speak and create movies like this now, in today's 2023.

We recorded this episode before what took place on October 7th, 2023, which was a horrific massacre of killings of innocent Israelis lives lost in Gaza from a Hamas Terrorist attack. We are praying for Israel and for the innocent hostages to be released from Hamas back to Israel and their families. We are devastated by the acts of violence that Hamas, a sole terrorist group, set out to kill innocent Israeli civilians, leaving 1,400 of Israelis dead and over thousands injured.

The reason the Engineer is so important today is because it explains the terrorist attacks that have been happening since the beginning of time, since the 1990s in Israel where the suicide bombers would bomb buses and anywhere there were Israelis. The movie dives in to the history between the Israeli-Palestenian conflict that has been taken place for decadeds, since the beginning of time. It will put history in to perspective on the war on terror and what it means to be an Israeli and Jewish person living in Israel.

Danny shares his opinion on wanting peace in the Middle East, especially in Israel, his homeland and the solutions we need to come up with to attain this world peace and prevent further anti-semitism from happening, as well as putting an end to the Israeli-Hamas war.

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