Commune with Jeff Krasno : 519. Commusings: Sprouting as a Spiritual Revelation


In this episode, Jeff explores the interconnectedness of nature through the lens of sprouting. He walks us through the satisfyingly straightforward process of growing sprouts and how the simple act of watering seeds until they sprout on your kitchen counter connects you to the great oneness hiding behind all life in the universe.

In this episode we cover:
0:01:10 - Varieties of sprouts
0:01:30 - Equipment required for home sprouting
0:03:00 - Germination process
0:03:18 - Seed/plant cycle
0:04:45 - Structure of plants
0:05:52 - Pollenation
0:06:20 - Fertilization
0:07:05 - Fruiting
0:07:50 - Mutual relationships in ecosystems
0:08:40 - The democracy of nature

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Commune with Jeff Krasno
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