Conversations With Friends & Strangers : 10: Is it difficult for you that I know?


What does consensual non-monogamy look like in the real world? We’ll hear about how a young marriage left behind a big what if. Plus an inside look at an open marriage with pro-skateboarder and podcast host Jason Ellis. And of course, we’re all hands on deck with our experts Dr. Justin Lehmiller, Dr. Ian Kerner, and Dr. Martha Kauppi to talk about what a relationship needs in order for non-monogamy to work.
Sarah Elise Abramson
Jason Ellis
Dr. Ian Kerner
Dr. Ian Kerner’s best-selling book, She Comes First
Dr. Justin Lehmiller
Martha Kauppi
Conversations With Friends & Strangers
Welcome to Conversations With Friends and Strangers! Join Maggie & Noam as they take a closer look at the complicated relationships in the Hulu series, Conversations With Friends. They'll meet some of the cast and crew, chat with experts, and share their own kind of sexy, kind of uncomfortable, but relatable stories about the messy relationships we find ourselves in.
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