Conversations With Friends & Strangers : 12: That was a pretty solid email.


We can’t believe it’s over. We’re gonna miss our friends and our strangers. We talk with producer Jeanie Igoe about the differences between Melissa on the page and Melissa on the screen. We learn some conflict resolution techniques from certified nonviolent communication facilitator Ranjitha Jeurkar. Maggie tells us about a time she waited 7 years to apologize. We talk about our feelings about the series overall (obviously). And we ask producer Jeanie Igoe if there could ever be a season two of Conversations With Friends.
Ranjitha Jeurkar
Michael Amico
Michael Amico's The Evening Nudes
Martha Kauppi
Conversations With Friends & Strangers
Welcome to Conversations With Friends and Strangers! Join Maggie & Noam as they take a closer look at the complicated relationships in the Hulu series, Conversations With Friends. They'll meet some of the cast and crew, chat with experts, and share their own kind of sexy, kind of uncomfortable, but relatable stories about the messy relationships we find ourselves in.
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