Conversations With Friends & Strangers : 7: Is a penis just not absurd?


We’re still hung up on sex and love. Is there a biochemistry of love? And how do we talk about sex if it’s making us crazy with all these hormones? Dr. Justin Lehmiller helps us answer that question and shines a light on the role of sex education in learning to talk about sex. Noam tells the story we lovingly call ‘the art of the blowjob.’ Writer Lux Alptraum helps us feel better about our kinks. And then we look at the biological and cultural factors that color our views of sex and love with actor Tadgh Murphy, Dr. C. Sue Carter, and Dr. Martha Kauppi.
Dr. Ian Kerner
Dr. Ian Kerner’s best-selling book, She Comes First
Dr. Justin Lehmiller
Lux Alptraum
Lux Alptraum’s book, Faking It
Martha Kauppi
Dr. C. Sue Carter
Conversations With Friends & Strangers
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