Conversations With Friends & Strangers : 8: If there’s one thing you can say about facism, it’s that it had some good poets.


What role does it play in our relationships? Can it be a form of courtship? Music Supervisor Juliet Martin and director Leann Welham take us through the process of marrying music to the show. Noam tells us about the time she texted a link to Total Eclipse of the Heart over and over again and it worked. And a story about the sweetest mixtape that you’d probably never want to hear.
Conversations With Friends & Strangers
Welcome to Conversations With Friends and Strangers! Join Maggie & Noam as they take a closer look at the complicated relationships in the Hulu series, Conversations With Friends. They'll meet some of the cast and crew, chat with experts, and share their own kind of sexy, kind of uncomfortable, but relatable stories about the messy relationships we find ourselves in.
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