Don't Be Alone with Jay Kogen : Dana Gould Talks About Jay’s Newfound Irrelevance


Dana talks to Jay about the ego death of change. You think you’re something and then you’re not. He talks about aging, dadding, growing comfortable with being who is and being damn lucky to be that.

Bio: Dana Gould began his professional comedy career at the age of seventeen with six solo stand-up comedy specials and done all talk shows from LETTERMAN to CONAN. As an actor, Dana has had memorable turns on SEINFELD, PARKS AND REC, his live-action self on FAMILY GUY. Dana was writer/performer on the original BEN STILLER SHOW, a Co-Executive Producer on The Simpsons and a producer on NBC's PARKS AND REC. Dana is the creator of the IFC horror-comedy STAN AGAINST EVIL and created the YouTube sensation, Hanging With Dr. Z, “the talk show Dr. Zaius should have had in the 1970’s and didn’t but now does.” Dana’s podcast, THE DANA GOULD HOUR, and released 2 comedy albums MR. FUNNY MAN and I KNOW IT'S WRONG. He also made the comedy concert film Joy Ride! with fellow comedian Bobcat Goldthwait. His next stand up special, the third season of Hanging With Dr. Z, and the premiere of the Peacock series TED TV, upon which Dana is co-executive producer, are all on tap for 2024.

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Don't Be Alone with Jay Kogen
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