Don't Be Alone with Jay Kogen : Gary Gulman Explains Why Jay’s Latchkey Childhood Ruined Him


Comedian/Author Gary Gulman and Jay compare their latchkey childhoods with memories of being alone, watching endless TV and worrying about whether the real world would have more channels. We also talk about needing to be funny, the excitement of being on a soundstage for the first time, how one of us was built to play basketball, and how we owe our parents nothing but do a million things for them anyway.

Bio: Gary Lewis Weston Gulman is a comedian’s comedian. His legendary routine about State Abbreviations went viral on Conan a few years ago. His special The Great Depresh about his bout with severe depression broke new ground comedy and his new special “Born on Third” and his book “Misfit” look back on his childhood as a very poor Jew in the Boston area. Gary lives in New York with his wife Sade (not that one) and plays basketball everywhere he goes.

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