Don't Be Alone with Jay Kogen : Jim Colucci & Frank DeCaro Explain Why Jay Alienates Stars


This is our most gossipy episode ever! Jim and Frank, one of my favorite couples, spill the tea on the icons you want to know most if it were 1983. Sarah Mills, Andy Warhol, and yes, humiliating yourself in front of Merril Streep are all on topic. We discuss occasionally overstepping and finding their way to any and every premiere and the joys of being a fan who gets to talk to the people they love. We talk about overstepping and We talk about the exclusive chat forum known as The Stump and how it affected all our lives. 

Bio: Frank DeCaro is the author of the Rizzoli bestseller Drag: Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business, and the forthcoming pop-culture history, Disco: Music, Movies, and Mania Under the Mirror Ball. Other books include Unmistakably Mackie, The Dead Celebrity Cookbook series, and the pioneering queer memoir A Boy Named Phyllis. A graduate of Northwestern University, DeCaro writes frequently for The New York Times and Emmy magazine. As a performer, he is best known for his 12 years as host of The Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius XM, and his six-year stint as the movie critic on The Daily Show. In addition, he spent four years playing large venues across North America as the opening act for comedian Lisa Lampanelli.  DeCaro is active on social media at @frankdecaroshow. He and his husband, author Jim Colucci (All in the Family: The Show That Changed Television and Golden Girls Forever), live in Los Angeles and New Jersey with their puppy, Penelope Puggleston, who is the true head of their household.

Jim Colucci is a Los Angeles-based freelance entertainment writer whose work has appeared in such publications as TV Guide and CBS’ Watch! magazine, where he served as a Deputy Editor.  He has appeared on such shows as CNN’s History of the Sitcom, and for a decade delivered a weekly on-air entertainment report on his husband Frank DeCaro’s self-titled show on Sirius XM radio.  His books include the November 2021 release All in the Family: The Show That Changed Television, co-authored with Norman Lear, as well as Will & Grace: Fabulously Uncensored, The Q Guide to The Golden Girls and the New York Times best-seller Golden Girls Forever.  He recently completed his next book, Love Boat Forever, while being constantly interrupted by the couple’s cookie-demanding pug mix, Penny.
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