Don't Be Alone with Jay Kogen : Stephen Root Tells Jay Why He’ll Never Fit In


Stephen Root is a genius actor who brought humanity to the character of the outsider. Jay and Stephen share the feeling of being on the outside and how that makes being an artist more insightful but being a guy at a party more of a drag. Stephen talks about the art of acting and auditioning and what it’s like to finally be able to tell the producers “no” when it’s not something he wants to do. Jay, on the other hand, talks about whoring himself out for just about anything which explains why he’s on a podcast in the first place.

Bio: Yeah, Stephen Root will be in the business about 47 years this year. He started out in 1976 doing a lot of theater, touring, New York off Broadway, finally Broadway stuff, then some movies and stuff, commercials, what have you. He will probably be remembered for the first half of his career for a couple of Mike Judge projects, Office Space, and King of the HIll. In the second half he did lots of television, some movies and a lot of animation. Probably best remembered in that half for the movie Get Out, and a lot of HBO shows, the last of which was Barry, with Bill Hader and Henry Winkler. That was good, we think. He can be seen recently in the sci-fi show epic called Beacon 23 for MGM plus. Good luck finding that. Still working occasionally he does lots of animation projects, and again some TV and movie stuff. I think that’s it, it’s all we can remember anyway, as Harry Nilsson says, nobody cares about the railroads anymore.

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