Folklorica : The Bird of the Sweet Song


A story from the Azqueltán, Jalisco in Mexico!
Read it as it was published in the The Journal of American Folklore in 1912 here: The Bird of the Sweet Song
The book Maggie is reading is called How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny O'Dell. Buy it from your local bookstore.
Read more about the fight for the rights of the indigenous people of Azqueltán.
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Introducing… Folklorica! A podcast about stories hosted by two people who really like hearing, reading and even telling, you guessed it, stories. We’re your hosts Clayton Steacker and Maggie Boles. We are amateur ethnographers. Gifted googlers. We travel the world (metaphorically because we don’t really have money) and bring back folk tales and legends from far and wide. Have you ever heard the story of the legless knight? Well get ready for that and more! We read, we learn, we discuss, and of course, we struggle to pronounce names. But the important thing is WE TRY. Join us every Thursday for Folklorica! 
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