HeartBreakers with Elsa Jean and James Maas

Heartbreakers” with Elsa Jean & James Maas is a unique take on sex, love, dating and relationships from a former porn star and a gay pop singer. These two friends offer advice, share personal stories and sometimes give a little bit of tough love to provide guidance... View More

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Elsa Turns Into a Detective for Valentine’s Day

•  13 Feb 2024 •  Episode 41 •  23:55

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Please Don’t Leave a Snail Trail in the Ikea

•  06 Feb 2024 •  Episode 40 •  23:14

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Elsa’s Favorite Movie (No Not Those Ones)

•  30 Jan 2024 •  Episode 39 •  30:48

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Shallowing is Just The Tip (Don’t Try and Hoodwink Us!)

•  23 Jan 2024 •  Episode 38 •  31:37

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James is not Your Father (Don’t call him daddy)

•  16 Jan 2024 •  Episode 37 •  19:54

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This is a cool party but have you tried puzzles?

•  09 Jan 2024 •  Episode 36 •  19:04

About Host

Elsa Jean Elsa is one of the top adult film entertainers in the world and is a top OnlyFans creator. After leaving the porn industry one year ago today, the 26 year-old has continued to grow her brand into an empire with over 3M followers, top OnlyFans earnings and has graced the covers of Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, and Playboy.

James Maas James is an Australian born, LA-based pop singer, songwriter and producer who has created Gold certified records. James has collaboarted with world-renowned DJ R3HAB, CXLOE, JOJO, Brian McFadden & more. His solo project RIP Youth blends pop, dance and R&B. James is an artist to watch in the world, entertainment & pop culture.