HeartBreakers with Elsa Jean and James Maas : At Least You Didn’t Fall In Love With a Corpse


Hey, Heartbreakers! We’re back for another amazing Heartbreakers day! Or, you know, whatever day you end up listening. In this episode, the duo discusses the worst way to ditch a one-night stand. James discovers a chilling story of someone falling in love with a corpse, and Elsa gives practical advice to avoid getting your questionable decisions leaked to your social media.  
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HeartBreakers with Elsa Jean and James Maas
Heartbreakers” with Elsa Jean & James Maas is a unique take on sex, love, dating and relationships from a former porn star and a gay pop singer. These two friends offer advice, share personal stories and sometimes give a little bit of tough love to provide guidance and hope for listeners looking for love or just a little spice.