HeartBreakers with Elsa Jean and James Maas : Testing the Science of Relationships With Dr. Leslie Dobson


Hey, Heartbreakers! It’s time to put on your relationship investigation caps as Dr. Leslie Dobson, author of the Friendship Cleanse and Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, joins Elsa and James to discuss the psychological challenges of major relationship events, why women love trash TV, and how to stop a wife from pouncing on her houses family jewels!
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HeartBreakers with Elsa Jean and James Maas
Heartbreakers” with Elsa Jean & James Maas is a unique take on sex, love, dating and relationships from a former porn star and a gay pop singer. These two friends offer advice, share personal stories and sometimes give a little bit of tough love to provide guidance and hope for listeners looking for love or just a little spice.